Even better than Russia

“But now, sweet Captain, let the winds take you out of Dancka!” Frederick Scheerer, a Russian resident, told Frederick after this adventure. Here is your galley in the harbor, pack up your Marodias, then emerge with the news of God into the sea. You’ll be lucky if you don’t drown.

Frederick gave another bucsulacoma to his comrades in Dancka, where they ate and drank well, all of which are not necessary preparations for the sea voyage.

The consequences of the great Darius were not left behind; as they were led out of the Vistula estuary to the flat sea, and there the sails were stretched, a strong west wind began to blow, the sea swelled, and the ship was thrown from one side to the other. Frigyes Trenk also experienced what the great heroes already famous testify that all heroic temperament at sea disappears.

Trenk now had two butlers: in addition to Janko, he now brought Branko, Captain N. left his butler behind, to whom he was committed in gratitude for the revealed intrigue. Luckily for these two boys, they were seaworthy: they didn’t get the heavy bastard on board. Not so their master-245- the kit was immediately taken out of seasickness, as the ship began to sway in the waves.

Towards midnight, however, when he moaned most bitterly in his hanging bed, Jankó came up to him and said with a frightened look:

– Sir! There is a big problem!

– I know, woodpecker! even if you don’t report. We’re sinking.

– It’s still a mess we’re sinking. There is a bigger problem.

“You’re a mess because you don’t drown in water, gallows candidate.” So what’s the bigger problem?

“The fact that the helmsman is directing the ship to the port of Pillau wants to escape from the wind.”

– To the port of Pillau! Frigyes was startled and at the same time forgot about the seasickness by jumping out of the ashes. The great horror ended a heroic devil on him. Then we are there from the village! Prussian port of Pillau: every officer knows me there. If we go there, they will be on my neck and will have me for my dunghome in Langfuhr.

With that, he suddenly got dressed, put his pistols in his belt, and his ducklings armed and ran up to the deck.

– Where are we going? he asked the patron sailor.

– To the port of Pillau.

– I forbid you to deviate from the straight line.

– I do not depart; but the wind takes it there.

He didn’t waste any more words on this, but rushed up to the wheelhouse.

“Are you about to turn the boat against the wind?” he shouted at the helmsman.

– I didn’t go crazy. Who is commanding me?

– It’s a pistol mouth!

And with that, he nailed the pistol to the helmsman’s forehead.

It was a choice between a certain death and a possible death.

With that, the two butlers also clung to the timon rod, and the helmsman was forced to change the direction of the ship and return it to the high sea.-246-

One hundred and fifty Marodian soldiers roared khorus in the depths of the ship in the agony of torment and despair; but not one hundred and fifty sick men, too, have the courage to oppose a single reckless man.

The ship was tossed to the skies by the wave.

Good luck it was just a running thunderstorm. Before dawn the clouds broke, the sky turned out, the sea slowly calmed down; the sails could be stretched again and then the ship sailed to Riga with a favorable wind and luckily ran into the port.

Frigyes Trenk transported the one hundred and fifty prisoners entrusted to him and reported them to the Governor of Riga, General De Lacy.

However, the naval cartridge also came around the corner, presenting his bitter complaint of the mult-night domination.

The general questioned Trenk for daring to risk the lives of one hundred and fifty men in such a reckless manner.

– Sir! answered Frederick. I had an order from General Lieven to bring one hundred and fifty soldiers to Riga on the back of a ship. I learned that Russian soldiers should not pick in the ways and modes, but should go in a straight line to where they are being sent. I brought the soldiers: here they are on their feet. My own life was only in danger as theirs. I think it was done quite Russian.

“Even a little more Russian than you need to,” de Lacy said. Then he growled at the boat cartridge, “You can go, cloth! He has no earnings ».

But then, in the face of four, Governor Trenk realized that now, as a boy to his father, he was really telling us what had led him to this heroism.

Frigyes Trenk then explained his thing to him.

“I’m more afraid of the Prussian prison than of the seabed!”-247-

But Lacy gave him the truth and released him to Moscow with a favorable notice.

The arrival of Frederick Trenk was preceded by news: a hero who defies and remains a hero even with the stormy sea!