How Hong hate is born

Hate speech!

Chimæra! Paradox!

A word that does not appear in the dictionary of any people.

And intact in Russia, where patriotism is clear with the law, with religion, coexists in its own barbaric primordial power with the rule of law and the – pitcher.

What Muska fidelity was best understood by Frigyes Trenk from the history of the Bestuseff family, what the beautiful Anna whispered to her in her hours of confidential loneliness.-274-

The chancellor had a brother: Bestuseff Riumin Ferencz.

Its wife, along with Princess Lapukhin, uttered some offensive mendem about Emperor Elizabeth’s bodily charms.

Therefore, the Empress exiled both Duchesses to Siberia until she died. But first, both undressed half-naked, they squatted in the market in front of the crowd. And then they cut out their tongues.

… And the husband of this whipped, mutilated woman — she remained in the service of the Empress: Elizabeth entrusted her to the office of the most important embassy in the Viennese court. Frigyes Trenk had many times seen Prince Ferencz of Rusein Bestuseff in Vienna during his existence.

Such a monster is loyalty to the Russian nation.

… And now comes a very silly story, ours is just to annoy man.

At that time, the Ambassador of Prussia to Moscow was a Count Goltz.

All the countries of Europe competed for the friendship of the rising Russian Empire. All the ambassadors hurried to squeeze the palms of a chamberlain junkie.

Mr Goltz tried to do the same. But Frigyes Trenk took three steps back and thanked him for making friends.

With this, he became even more angry with his patriot than with that certain bastion of Dancka, for which Goltz uselessly urged redress at the Tsar’s court. There he was told that he had not even had the power to decree the sticks he had received into sticks.

And the influence of exiled Trenk grew in the Russian court.

To break this, Mr. Goltz came up with a very low, childishly silly intrigue.

Lord Hyndtforth, who was well acquainted with Frigyes Trenk, especially his skill in architectural drawing, asked -275-him once to draw Kronstadt for him, along with his harbor, mamelon and galleys. He himself handed him the blueprints and galley pictures that formed the basis of the picture, which could be bought in every bookstore for two rubles.

Frigyes Trenk then compiled a cozy drawing from these, which faithfully depicted Kronstadt without him seeing it in nature.

This picture was hung by Lord Hyndtforth in his room.

One day, the Saxon ambassador, Mr. Funk, visits the English ambassador, sees Frederick’s drawing with him, likes him very much, and asks him to copy it for himself. Hyndtforth gives it to him.

While at Funk’s apartment he is copying a drawing of a pictorial by Frederick, to which Mr. Goltz is added; sees the picture, highly praises it; then both ambassadors in a duet begin to lament over what a pity it was to repel such beautiful talent as this one by Frederick Trenk from his homeland.

Finally, he asked Mr. Goltz ur Funk to give him that drawing for a few days. He also has such a picture, but it is flawed; let him adjust after that. Mr. Funk handed over the drawing to Mr. Goltz.

And then Mr. Goltz sled straight to Bestuseff with the pocket-stuffed image.

“You’re feeding a snake in your chest, Duke.”

– Just one? asked Suseon with a smile Bestuseff.

– Well, that’s how we take it. Maybe two. But the most angry viper is Trenk.

– Don’t hurt me. She is the minion’s benefactor and my wife’s house friend.

– She’s a traitor to the Empress! She’s a lover of the chancellor.

– Nono, sir! That’s a big word! That should be proven.-276-

The ambassador began to tell the fired chancellor a tale.

– See, my prince! I am proving that Frigyes Trenk is a traitor tangible, visibly. To touch the teeth of this adventurer who betrayed his own king, I called upon him to make for me the secretly drawn drawings of the port and fortifications of Kronstadt — for two hundred gold. And these pribes accepted the proposed penalty. Here is the finished work.

And with that, he placed Frigyes Trenk’s drawing in front of the chancellor.

Bestuseff came in disgrace at the sight of this picture. What he knew was the difference between a fortification blueprint and a panorama. This is already flagrans delictum.

“The villain gets a peck on his neck and a pitcher on his back.” He shouted in anger.

But Mr. Goltz talked about it. There is no need to sue the gentleman because it is patronized by the Empress: it would surely have mercy on him for his beautiful eyes. It will be best to surprise him nicely at night in his bed and then, without telling anyone, to plant him in the closed troika and take him nicely to Symbyrsk or wherever. “This time, Your Excellency will at least be convinced of the thoroughness of that other accusation.”

With that, Goltz ur pocketed the picture again and left.

But to Mr. Bestuseff, damn hell! he was also reluctant to be convinced of the thoroughness of that other charge; but he ran straight into his wife’s room and his anger, in a fiery mood, ignited the disgrace he had brought to his house, beginning an adventure with a traitor from nowhere like this Trenk.

Anna asked with cold dignity:

– Where do you get this suspicion?

– I had the certificate.

– What kind of certificate?-277-

– A drawing of the Kronstadt fortress.

“Am I the Kronstadt Fortress?”

“It’s a pain that you’re not the Kronstadt Fortress.” But the traitor could only get it through you to copy it.

– And why would he do that?

“Because he got two hundred gold from Goltz for it.”

Then his patience left the Chancellor as well. He knew best how much money Frederick had and how honestly he earned it.

She did not replicate with her husband any longer, but was bundled like a child (she was a small, skinny lord) and carried her out on her lap, slipped her into her bedroom despite all her kicking, laid her there on the bearskin, then shouted at the butler: «believe the surgeon sir, the guta bypasses ».

Ms. Anna could have done that by the German rumor saying, «Ihre Mittel erlaubten ihr Solches».

Then he let the chancellor rage in his own room.

However, he hurried to write a letter to Frederick immediately.

«You are in great danger. Don’t go home today. Stay at Lord Hyndtforth’s house until further notice. ”

With this letter, the Chancellor sent her private secretary to the palace of the English ambassador, knowing full well that Frederick used to have lunch.

Trenk told the lord the mysterious scene of Mrs. Bestuseff.

The ambassador immediately drove to the chancellor.

As he entered her room, the chancellor received with fierce reproaches that he had introduced a traitor to his house.

– What did Trenk do? the lord asked.

He drew Kronstadt’s fortification plan in a whisper and sold it for two hundred gold to the Prussian ambassador.

– That is impossible! Lord Hyndtforth interrupted. (He knew -278-that Frederick is rich: he had his money deposited.) Who said that?

– Goltz yourself! He was here with me. He also showed the drawing. The name of the artist is written below.

– Is his name signed? Then I already know something about it. Please call Mr. Goltz here with that drawing. If this is indeed the secret blueprint, I will deprive the traitor of all protection.

Bestuseff immediately wrote to Goltz to visit and bring the blueprint with him. The ambassador said back that he could not go, his leg hurt.

During this time, Lord Hyndtforth informed Trenk, who was in a shelter at his house, that «Snail Blood! It’s not about Anna, it’s just about Kronstadt ».

At this, Frederick’s conviction of his innocence returned at once: – he immediately left his shelter and hurried to the chancellor.

Lord Hyndtfort was found there in the Chancellor’s room.

The ambassador shouted with real British pride at the entrance:

– Stay where you stand! Don’t approach me until you clear yourself of the accusation. “Did you draw Kronstadt’s fortification plan under me?” And you sold it to Mr. Goltz?

“I drew a picture of Kronstadt, what your Excellency called for, after the sketches available at bookstores, and gave it to your Excellency,” not for a fee, but out of grateful respect.

“And how would that have fallen into Mr. Goltz’s hands?” the chancellor asked.

Lord Hyndtforth motioned for Frederick to listen, and whispered in the Chancellor’s ear. For this, Bestuseff told Trenk to go into the bathroom and wait until they were called. The key was turned on the door.

During that, while Frederick was in captivity, Lord Hyndtforth -279-he told Bestuseff the story of the whole Kronstadt drawing: the chancellor summoned Mr. Funk, the Saxon ambassador, and Mr. Schwert, a representative of Belgium, and with them sent Lord Hyndtforthot to ask Goltz for information.

First, Mr. Funk returned the rented drawing from Mr. Goltz. When it was in its pocket, Lord Hyndtforth told Goltz to show them now the blueprint he had bought from Trenk for two hundred gold.

The ambassador punched in, last snapped:

“I have orders from my king to prevent this Trenk from forging his fortune in Russia. I did our duty as a minister.

– Have this dictated to the secretary.

The three ambassadors also brought with them the first secretary of the chancellor. It immediately described Mr Goltz’s statement.

“By the way, my other accusation: in the Kremlin’s garden, under the hornbeam trees, I meet the high-ranking lady.”

The secretary also described this faithfully.

“Sign it,” said Lord Hyndtforth.

Mr. Goltz put his name there.

“I’d like to have an official stamp under the name.”

(The wafer didn’t want to grip the letter well.)

“I’ll spit on you and grab you,” said Lord Hyndtforth, and did so.

With this evidence, they then returned to the Chancellor’s palace.

The innocence of Frigyes Trenk was completely revealed: Bestuseff recognized in the picture he had taken the same thing that Mr. Goltz had secretly shown him. He rested so hard that he couldn’t tell the difference between a landscape and a blueprint. Frederick Trenk was released from his captivity, congratulated, hugged. Bestuseff-280- he hugged him too, but then still hit one with his fist on his back.

“It’s the encounter under the hornbeam trees!” We’ll talk a word, sir!

Frederick Trenk was then given a knight’s word that he would not be rude to Mr. Goltz if he met him.

Bestuseff rebuked the gentlemen at the feast. The Chancellor also appeared at the table and listened with an unchanging cold face to the Lord’s and the two ambassadors’ lectures on Mr. Goltz’s intrigue. He pretended it was a whole new thing in front of him. “And if he does not get into the reins of the horses of destiny, they have been flying Mr. Frederick to the Urals ever since!”

Only Bestuseff growled at each other.

– Well, under the hornbeam trees…

The feast was still in progress, when the empress’s court master entered the room and handed over a letter to the chancellor, which the empress wrote by hand.

The guests stood up and listened to the contents of the letter. It was addressed to the chancellor. The most lovable queen expressed her deep resentment over the unworthy accusation with which she sought to inflict a wound in the name of her beloved follower, Frederick Trenk. To remedy this unjustly caused pain, the mistress orders Frigyes Trenk to be paid two thousand rubles from the state treasury, and next year this faithful young person will be relieved of all espionage and lewdness.

“Long live the Empress!” it sounded from all lips.

The letter was handed to Frederick Trenk so that he could kiss the name of the queen.

The Chancellor returned to his good mood at once.

He patted Frederick’s shoulder.

– All right, my boy. Only you walk under the hornbeam trees of the Kremlin. Let’s not say a word more about this.

… And all this was listened to by the beautiful woman Anna with a goddess apathy.-281-

This poorly executed intrigue almost ended in amusement, but left behind slag sitting deep in the moods of interest.

All we know from the diary of Frederick Trenk is that the beautiful Mrs. Anna took revenge on Mr. Goltz for this knightly betrayal with an insult that cannot be written off; and that this ambassador fell ill with this disease after this incident and died a short time ago. The mystery of his death is obscured.

But Trenk himself was also overwhelmed by this rude ploy.

That King Frederick persecutes him, his former favorite, even in a foreign country and allows such ambassadors his ambassadors to make the object of his wrath unhappy.

In his own words, “starting from this ploy, he would have been able to turn his own country into a wilderness if he had had the opportunity.”

So he was ready to draw his sword against the flags of Prussia.

Homophobia was born.

And he raised this monster child even greater with his daily temper.

The fulman of jealousy also burst into the chancellor’s heart. From time to time, he kept a constant eye on every step of his wife and Frederick Trenk, not only with his own eyes but also with his spies. They could hardly be met uncontrollably elsewhere, as in the Kremlin, and then in Lord Hyndtforth’s palace; or sometimes at Bernes, the Austrian ambassador. The Chancellor’s spies could not have entered here.

And this fear, this annoyance, also had an impact on Russian politics itself. Bestuseff was angry with Lord Hyndtforth and Mr. Bernes for advocating for Ms. Anna’s love affair with Frederick. Although they had the least desire to promote the happiness of two loving hearts, they were-282-they had a plan to win Catherine Elizabeth for the English and Austrian Armed Forces, and for a joint campaign against Prussia. And the surest means of this was the Chancellor, whose hatred for Prussia was best maintained by his passion for the young man unduly persecuted by King Frederick.

This twenty-four-year-old child formed the corner of European politics around which all diplomacy was forced to revolve.

The mistress also pampered the boy and kept no secrets from him.

Around this unconscious political corner, Russian diplomacy itself turned around.

Chancellor Bestuseff, his jealousy in cold rage, turning away from his allies so far, the English and the Austrians, approached the Prussians. Ms. Anna, who also had her own secret police, was informed of all her husband’s secret plans. The Secretary of Defense, Apraxin, himself was initiated into these.

The secret plan was for Russia to join the English, Austrian, and later French alliances and launch a large army under Apraxin’s command against the Prussians. However, in the very first encounter in which the Prussians will fight, pretend that Apraxin has lost a waist battle and retreat, leaving the Austrian alone, who cannot come into contact with the English or the French when the Russians stand aside.

Ms. Anna learned this whole complex in advance and told Frederick that this child already knew in advance what the outcome of the next great war would be?

Frigyes Trenk reached a dangerous slope. He allowed himself to be used as a tool for a great diplomatic intrigue that moved the whole of Europe, in which he had the sad role of being the enemy of his own country.-283-And if Coriolan’s hatred of home had erupted in offering his sword to the enemy of his homeland, there would still have been some brutal chivalry: the heroic deed would forget its reasons. But he was awaited by the role of Ephialtes: guiding enemy legions against his countrymen. He helped incite hatred in the spirit of Empress Elizabeth towards the Prussians. The heir to the throne, later III. Tsar Peter was a staunch opponent of the policy that incited Russia to fight the Burks. Bestuseff and Apraxin knew that too. But the Empress did not seek the advice of the heir to the throne, until she was under the influence of the Chancellor, who in turn boiled an unforgivable revenge against King Frederick for the humiliation he had committed on her.

So the chancellor and his wife worked on two political intrigues against each other.

It was a very tragic end to this high comedy.

Five years later, the great campaign against King Frederick did take place, in which, in addition to the Russians, the Austrians and French also took part. – General Apraxin set out for Prussia with a huge army and won a great victory over King Frederick near Grosz-Jägerndorf. “At the same time, however, Empress Elizabeth fell ill with a terminal illness.” “Bestuseff, with a bold determination, suddenly sent an order after Apraxin not to push forward: to return to Muscatia with the entire Russian army. He hoped that by this he would win the grace of the next Tsar who had supported the Prussian king. “However, by the time Apraxin returned with the Russian army, Empress Elizabeth had recovered from her deadly illness and took over again.”

When the Empress learned that her minions, in anticipation of the death of their queen, had caused such a fatal turn in the campaign, in their worthy anger they brought both before a court-martial and sentenced them to death. – Elizabeth changed this punishment to exile by grace. Ms. Anna followed her husband into exile, where-284-Bestuseff Alexej Petrovics, deprived of his rank and merits, was engaged in compiling gracious sentences selected from the Bible, while his brother, Bestuseff Riumin Ferencz, gave himself up for pharmacy. (He became the inventor of the infamous Bestuseff drops, also known as «golden drops», which cured all migraines). “If Frederick Trenk, who had risen with these mighty ones, had been found there by the great cataclysm, he would have been as falling a star as they were.” – He would have lost what was irretrievable: honor.

He was fortunate to have been overtaken by misfortune earlier.

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