In the family prison

Genius cannot be denied to the mighty gentlemen who had the task of punishing the Trenk family.

After betraying Frederick’s attempt to break out, it was ordered that such an extraordinary villain should build a prison like never before, just for him, for his own private use.

The plan of the prison was drawn up by a master who knew it, and then Countess Waldow was shown whether she liked the prison to be built for her «brother»? Because he will pay the cost of this!

Devilish humor! With the nurse to build her brother’s torturous pile! And the cost of building the prison eroded all the property of the Countess: she herself went mad and died in grief, her children were depraved.

Frederick Trenk only saw the inside of this sad building, which was suddenly erected in a few weeks. There, the bandage was removed from his eyes.

What he saw in front of him was worse than the bloodbath.

A narrow mosquito without all the furniture. A seat made of brick instead of a chair; a marble slab on the floor instead of a bed; a tombstone with a relief with a death’s head and crossed tibias engraved underneath in large letters: “Frigyes Trenk rests here!” – Great joke! He rests above him, while he lives, below him when he dies.

In addition, you can read the name of Frederick Trenk, laid out of red bricks among the yellow bricks of the naked wall.

It’s a real honor for him!

But if the furniture was not for the new prison, it had other equipment. Chains.-313-

There were two blacksmith blacksmiths waiting for him, with a fiery pan and a hammer.

First of all, frogs that could not be opened on their two legs were forged, the chain of which was hung in an iron ring fixed to the wall. Then a wide iron belt was beaten around his waist, tied with a chain with a thick iron rod, to which two handcuffs were attached, into which the prisoner’s two hands were clamped.

Then they left him there in the dark: they didn’t say a word to him. He could hear four prison doors slamming after the departures.

Then there was a deep silence around him; he wouldn’t even hear the pitcher’s pitcher, like in the other prison. Only the knocking of two alternating drops of water interrupted the silence, one falling to his seat and the other to his bed, so that whether he sat or lay, he was always soaked by the lime water seeping down from the bench.

When the tip came into his cell the next morning, the candle in his lantern was simultaneously extinguished by the thick steam, a torch had to be brought. And before that, the door of the prison had to be left open for half an hour, because an honest man could not stand that “fuss”.

Though it would have been daylight, some light shone from the window carved into the vault, but it left this nest so vaguely that he needed a prisoner whose eyes could see in it.

Over time, Frederick became accustomed to this twilight, but in winter there was a whole darkness in his prison.

He couldn’t step off his handcuffs if he wanted to warm his body up, all he could do was spin back and forth, bouncing was forbidden by the frogs teasing his legs.

How hard it was for him to get used to his chains!

After the first awkward day, the castle commander visited him.

He was satisfied with the care of the prisoner.

He asked him if he was satisfied?-314-

– Perfectly.

– Well, if you’re calm, I’m very happy about that. I was just waiting for that word. The grace of His majesty is long here in my pocket, which I can take immediately, as you reveal that He is at ease.

– Will your majesty release you? Trenk asked with joy.

– Well, not that. But he will allow you to be brought to bed and a blanket in your prison and then, not to complain about hunger, you will receive a whole prophet every day.

Well, that was a great grace too! You can cover in a warm blanket in a wet blanket! And then a whole commission of bread! After eleven months of cruel fasting. Tiger to his prey, lovers don’t run into each other’s arms as fiercely as Frederick chips out that dip. He devoured the whole thing in a sitting place and under it blessed his tyrants, who would one day be satisfied with soft bread.

Yet this, too, was only calculated as refined torture. The suddenly engulfed soft bread in the starving stomach did not cause such horrible cramps for so long that the prisoner bit his chains in agony. And there was no living soul that heard his torment.

The next day, the tips found the prisoner torn in agony.

They brought him all the bread again. He pushed him away in disgust. They saw that he was suffering a lot. They said to one another, “Well, and then God will make the straw easier.”

They could have wished him no better than to finish this damned life as soon as possible, which is a burden for him as well as for his guardians.

Then the doors were locked again, a drop of lime indicating the running minutes.

Another famous man has a family crypt, a mausoleum, Frigyes Trenk had his own family prison.-315-

Despair gripped the soul of the unfortunate young man.

These chains were unbearable.

He was determined to kill himself.

He was able to hide the knife he had received from Esther in some wonderful way without being found in it when it was examined. This knife will be good to open the door to the afterlife.

He had already set a day to end his life: it was a very happy life.

But then, when he had that opened knife in his hand, that thought flashed through his mind:

«Wow! Couldn’t this knife be used to do something smarter than to cut a man’s spaces with it? »

The prison has four doors, all four made of wood, to see if the locks could be carved out of these doors?

A man’s heart is squeezed when he hears it! Cut four doors through a wretched little pocket knife during a short June night. And then run from the unguarded prison to the ramparts, throw yourself into the water with a deadly leap and swim ashore.

But what about the chains, the frogs, the iron rod, and the waist tire?

He tempted to rid himself of his irons.

It was already a Herculean work.

First, he forced his right hand through the handcuffs. Blood came out under her fingernails, but she succeeded. By then, one of his hands was free. “But the iron brace on his left hand was much tighter than he could have pulled through.”

Then, with a piece of brick torn off his seat, he polished the head of the nail that held the frog together until it was worn off, then the nail could be pulled out of it and the iron shackle stretched out.

Now both hands were released.

This was followed by an iron belt on his waist.

He got rid of it in such a way that the two legs of the -316-stretched against a wall, he forced the strap until it opened at the soldering and then he could get out of it.

There was still a chain tied to his legs, which was attached to the wall. He twisted this chain, squeezing it into his two hands, until two links at the same time broke out of it.

Then he could go to the door.

Groping in the dark, he figured out that the lock was nailed to the door from the outside and the folded-back tip of these nails just had to be straightened and then the lock would no longer last. And for that, the broken link will be good.

However, the night was already very advanced, the remaining time was not enough for the planned work.

So I had to hide back in the handcuffs again.

He connected the torn chain with a piece of hair band. The tip never examined the handcuffs. Who would have come up with the idea that such a heavily ironed man can free himself?

So pull up the sleeves again.

The iron shackle was easy to put on again; also fold the open clamp on the left hand; but his right hand was so swollen that he could not force his frog back on him.

At last, after much torment, he was somehow able to pierce his fist over the iron brace again.

When the tip came for the examination, he found everything okay.

However, for a few days he had to wait with the big work until the swollen right hand flew off.

On the fourth day of Julius, the day he set for the time of his suicide, he set out to fight the fat and win life by force instead of death.

He had a knife. Good for one, for the other.

As at noon, the visitors left with their lanterns, whose minute wick could not notice anything of the prisoner’s preparations, Trenk began his work immediately after the key to the last door squeaked.-317-

The iron clamps were now quickly laid down, and the plank was quickly cut through the front door, which opened inward.

There was a gádor here, but the door opened outwards, and in addition to the lock, it was even secured with a locked crossbar. He already had to cut through an entire plank board. All with that one knife. He or she made it. He could hide through the gap in the plank. – He saw the light of day. – He was in the atrium of his prison. – An open window let in the world.

He climbed up the window and looked away.

From there, he saw that his prison was built in the main ditch of the Stargate. From there, you still have to climb over the rampart and climb up the outer rampart.

You could have jumped out of this window; but the trouble was that a guard had been set up in front of the pallisade.

His expertise in military engineering drawings led him to be able to escape this star rampart through the doors.

So he started at the third door. It was also such an honest, well-meaning door that it opened inward. All he had to do was carve the board around it and then it opened easily.

By the time he was done with this torment, he had fallen in love. The dusk was shining in his face.

The beautiful fiery sun! But he didn’t see his majestic face in a long time! How many years has it been? He looked out the window until the end image disappeared on the horizon, and then only the remaining green hemispheres danced before his eyes.

To cut through the last door, he had to wait all night long.

And how long such summer night darkness awaits.

He remembered a fairy-like night in the crumb garden when he was so impatiently watching the rising of the stars to embrace a divinely beautiful lady.-318-

Hajh, now in a hurry to embrace an even more beautiful goddess whose name is “freedom!” and who is so impatiently guarded by his mighty tyrant. Hey! if horns could be put on this too.

At least until then, he rested himself.

As he finally got dark, he caught the fourth door. It was also an outward opening, with a cross on it. So the whole board had to be cut out of it.

He looked out of the carved opening. He was very happy. There were no strata in front of the prison door.

Then the blade of his knife broke in half and the tip fell out of the fissure. All his work failed.