The soul the who does not capture

He will spend four years during this outbreak of World War II. Adding to this the three that Frederick Trenk had previously spent in his prisons was the seventh year of his misfortune.

Seven years from the fairy era of happy youth! Continuation between chains! Day in the irons, night under the ground.

And in the meantime, they were informed of everything that was happening in the outside world. About the varied luck of the war. Neither version had any luck. He could only hope for his liberation from the peace treaty. And that went even further after each new triumph.

Yet once something happened in the campaign that could bring relief to the prisoner. After the battle of Collin, in which the Duke of Lorraine won a bright triumph over King Frederick: a corps, under General Hadik, advanced all the way to Berlin. Accompanied by the new free troops, who bravely surpassed even Trenk’s pandurs, their leader was Beleznay. (Whose name is the Conversations-Lexicon-339-editors, even Hungarians, ignore it. It would be good for the latter to take into account the names of Iván Nagy’s Hungarian families, and to insert the excellent Hungarian typical figures in their proper place.) (Done in 1898.)

The bold campaign was brilliantly successful. The linden promenades of Berlin became acquainted with the feather turnouts of the Hungarian hussars, and the Berlin courtyard fled to Magdeburg. The Queen and the Royal Duke, Marshal Henry – and Princess Amalia all ran here.

For the first time in the autobiography of Frigyes Trenk, we find this name erased: «Princess Amalia».

He will not reveal his heart secret even then.

But you can guess from the consequences.

He writes that the tyrant Bruckhausen was at once kind to him because he would hear in the court that Trenk was not deserted.

(Though he had only recently wanted to pierce it — with a chained hand — with a sword he had pulled from the side of his aide.)

And at the same time, the furious Bork in the castle government was replaced by Lieutenant Colonel Reichmann: a philanthropist, honest soldier, whose very first fact was to open Frederick Trenk’s two inner prison doors so that the sun and fresh air could break in from the porch window.

Frederick Trenk got the sun and the air back seven years later.

Who would have made this out if it weren’t for a hot loving heart that still sympathizes with the unfortunate? Even so much infidelity, even after the betrayal?

They were here so close together again. He could feel the closeness of his «day» from the spring breeze in his prison. They were given a stove in his prison, a firefighting tool — for the first time in eight years of captivity. Then a cup of cin for what to drink. He filled that cup with poems; he engraved allegorical images, biblical stories, a sharpened nail-340-he had his tool added. They were great works! The supervisors stared at the prisoner’s art. As if he had drawn a chalice, another was brought to him, he put it under his artistic chisel. The ore-cut strings were so tiny that other people could only read them with a magnifying glass; which he scratched at the shimmering light, by the fire of the furnace, into the shimmering metal. It’s a wonder he didn’t get blind.

These goblets of chiseled by Trenk penetrated all the way to the royal treasuries and became living advocates for the wretched prisoner, who carved them out for bitter days.

Such a cup fell into the hands of Prince Lobkovitz, who then arrived in Magdeburg as a prisoner of an Austrian general. After his release, the prince took the chalice to Vienna and presented it to the emperor. The Queen first learned from that chalice that Frederick Trenk was sitting in a Prussian prison. Until then, it was hidden from him.

During this time he gave up the vacancies.

His guardian angel, while in Magdeburg, also found a way to send Frederick six hundred gold by an officer.

The sun’s rays have miracle power, love has more miracle power! That they may bring to life that which is buried under the earth!

Did the sunlight do it or the memory of love? Or maybe both? Frigyes Trenk was now even more impatient in chain-wearing.

In his memory, in his dreams, the tricks of the happiness he once experienced accompanied him. The fountain of pleasure in which he once bathed, deified; now he thirsted even a drop, how much a man would become an animal.

She hadn’t seen a female face in eight years, only in her dreams. Yet his heart was full of him.

And what tormented us even more than the captivated desires, the thirst for glory! To be chained with so much action, to be buried! “Right now, when the world is shaking from the noise of battle.”-341-

One day, leaning against the wall of his prison, he was shocked to feel the wall tremble. What makes you tremble? Maybe from a cannonball?

The investigating officer told him that the French army was standing here under Magdeburg, pushing forward triumphantly.

And there was nothing in Magdeburg other than nine hundred insurgent armies against the hostile armed forces: under the leadership of disgruntled, patterned officers.

King Frederick’s fortune star declined: the French were under Magdeburg, the Hungarians were in Berlin, the Russians defeated the Prussian army in a decisive battle, but even if luck left, his own great spirit remained and he regained his fortune.

He could not send a rescue army against the French under Magdeburg, but he sent rescue chariots, loaded with money. He bribed the French warlord to turn from his triumphant advance and leave Magdeburg, the ripe palm fruit that wanted to fall into his lap.

Frigyes Trenk already hated his homeland. Your homeland! How could he hate the land which he had to dig with his ten claws to get out from under it; with all his stones and iron lying on his head. And if this whole homeland has to be broken to pieces so that he can get his head out of this tomb!

Planned treason!

And his plan was easy to implement!

There were sixteen thousand prisoners of war imprisoned in Magdeburg at that time. They farmed in the dungeons. Among them were seven thousand Croats.

The Star Guard’s guard, along with his officers, was defeated by Trenk for the conspiracy plan.

One night Trenk is released, an officer’s uniform is placed on him, a sword in his hand; they break out of the star rampart into the city: Trenk rushes to the dungeon of the Croats, he knows their language; he shouts them into a gun: the armory is there-342-in the same mower. The name Trenk has magic in front of Croatian soldiers. At the head of them, he frees the other thousands of prisoners of war. The militia will not resist and if tempted, they will be crushed. In the morning, Magdeburg will be occupied with the entire food depot and the royal treasury and occupied by an Austrian army of seventeen thousand.

The success of this plan was all the more probable because the captains of the people’s army at the time of the harvest leased the peasants to the peasants for a number of days per head.

But the bigger question was, so what happens next?

To occupy Magdeburg by conspiracy is only a stand-alone military, which, if not followed by a major operation, could all boil down the throats of the conspirators.

Frederick Trenk still trusted people. Even in diplomats.

One of the officers inaugurated in his plan was sent to the Russian army, the other to Vienna, with written and verbal orders to win the involvement of the two Allied Powers to advance the plan to hand over the focal point of the Prussian campaign, Magdeburg.

However, the Russian army was already retreating at that time, the victorious Apraxin was returned by Bestuseff, who, lurking on the death of the Empress, became a traitor to the Alliance, and was therefore exiled by the great soon-to-recover Empress. Trenk’s envoy had already found the defunct protégé on his way to Siberia.

And Vienna’s diplomats betrayed Trenk outright.

Why? To share the wealth in their hands.

The letter to them was sent to Berlin.

One day, at an unusual hour, the prison door opened.

Frigyes Trenk was shocked to see Prince A. Z. enter with his entourage. The one who had so much reason to take revenge on him.-343-

– Sweet Trenk! The prince said in a good voice, you are breaking your head in some stupidity again, which will not save you. You wanted to occupy Magdeburg Castle by rebellion and deliver it to the Austrians. Well, don’t bother with it. I had already arrived with a division and secured the castle at all points.

Trenk was scared to death.

Here, only bold denial could help.

However, the prince calmly took out the letter of Frederick Trenk, which he had written to the lords of Vienna and held it before his eyes.

“Who wrote this letter?”

– I don’t have a piece of paper to write about.

“Who sent the verbal message to Court Counselor Kempf in Vienna – by Lieutenant Kemnicz?”

“I swear to God and my honor that I have never seen Lieutenant Kemnicz.”

He could have sworn to him. His comrade-in-arms sent to Vienna had so much housework that he did not say his real name there.

The prince kept a record of the testimony of Frederick Trenk, who washed himself clean of all conspiracies.

– Well, he’s fine. The prince said. This case is settled. You were slandered by the bad guys in Vienna. However, you are really ill-equipped here. No wonder he wanted to escape his prison at all costs. How much iron was put on it! They even nailed the window!

Trenk thought the prince was making fun of him.

It wasn’t like that. At the order of the prince, the heavy iron straps were immediately removed from the prisoner’s neck and waist, the iron rod was removed from his hands, and the boards were removed from his prison window. They were no longer chained to the wall.

The prince didn’t even stop here.

Then he even brought decent clothes for the prisoner: a white linen shirt, a sink with clean water, a towel. (Trenk was not part of it for eight years!-344- Heavenly God! That for eight years no water other than his tears should wash a man’s face!)

Trenk cried like a child.

“Then, so as not to spoil your eyes, from now on all four doors of his prison will be open all day, with only two guards walking in front of him.” The nightly call is also left: they can sleep quietly. “And then, to have something to write about, get a concoct of clean paper fiber and stationery; not to write with his blood.

Trenk kissed the hand of the offended old man, who had more reason to hate him than the king, for his sin — why he was never interrogated and what he kept silent in his biography as if he had no idea. Did you consider it intact?

The prince continued to speak to him:

“But to find out what you’re going to write on this paper: as an sheet fills up, it will be brought to me and my wife will read its contents to me.”

Well, both what Trenk now comes up with, writes down, and what he suffers, why he longs, will be read first by Princess Amalia!

Frigyes Trenk imagined himself in this happy era, as the Hungarian proverb defines it: “it was when even the stone was soft and the heart was hard”.

To him too – his prison widened and his heart tightened.

He could not find words to express his gratitude.

So they didn’t talk to him, so they’ve never treated him in eight years.

And it is the man against whom he has sinned so much. And who needs to know what he has done against him?

“And I’m only asking you one now,” said the prince. Neither a prison door nor an iron clamp will lock you from now on. But give me your word of honor that while I will be commander-in-chief in Magdeburg, you will not be tempted by any escape attempt.-345-

Frederick Trenk found himself extending his hand to the prince.

With that handshake, he was handcuffed better than when the heavy irons were pinned to his hand.

However, the prince, still holding Frigyes Trenk’s hand in his hand, said to him:

“And now I promise you that I will do my best to soften the king’s heart for you and give him back his freedom.” If not first, this will surely happen at the time of the peace treaty. Until then, be patient: remember the multas and trust in the future.

With this, he left the prisoner, left with all his escorts, wide-open forgetting every door behind him.

Frigyes Trenk now felt really prisoner.

Instead of the iron handcuffs so far, he was chained to his prison with a tied word of honor; instead of heavy chains with a feminine hair. – Tear it off, who knows!

He already had all the comfort that a prisoner could enjoy in his prison. They kept it with human food, they spoke human words to it. He could have come to light all the way to the threshold of his prison. On that threshold lay nothing but the words of honor of Frederick Trenk. – That Mont-Blanc! You can’t go through that.

Physical suffering does not have to break down your body of life. This spiritual tortura slowly withered away. He fell to bed: he got a fever, became terminally ill because of spiritual bondage.

And during this time A .. Z. Prince sent his own doctor there for his healing; he kept a regular nurse beside him, sending him the food from the property table; while the vitality of the disease prevailed again: Frederick Trenk recovered again; he could have left the bed.

But this disease made him so exhausted that, recovering, he barely resembled his former self: he was like a -346-skeleton. If he had wanted to, he could not have thought of escaping. It was already cold out there. She was cold in the fresh air. You asked for the prison doors to be locked.

After all, he already had a stove and the fire was a house friend with whom he could talk for days.

Now he thought of nothing more than to write poems and telecrack his glasses with allegorical images. He had no strength for anything else. Then he dreamed, daydreaming and waiting.

Eighteen months have passed in this wait.