The star of luck

The empress’s court was in Moscow. Frederick had to take the letters of recommendation he had received from his uncle, General Liewen. He had two travel companions: Oettinger and Weisman. Lieutenant Colonel Amaz, this is Lieutenant. Both are German. They were already familiar with the Russian court and were able to give advance notice to the new man.

Oettinger was a housewife with the chancellor, Bestuseff. The Chancellor is a proud beauty. Well, he’s just so proud of his appearance. Frederick promised that he would respect the rights of the ancients and remain hors concours.

Oettinger himself introduced Frederick Bestuseff to Chancellor, who was very pleased to welcome the young man at the suggestion of his household.

Moscow was teeming with foreign officers at the time.

Barely wandering down the street was Frederick, who had already found an acquaintance, Count Hamilton, known from Vienna. It led him again to Count Bernes, the Austrian ambassador. He was also a cheerful buddy: he became a captain from a captain. He knew Trenk from his reputation. This, too, and his brother. He invited her to lunch. “There he met again an old acquaintance: the English ambassador.”

It was the same Lord Hyndtforth who, before King Frederick, praised Frederick after his famous hay-straw conquest in the camp tent.

Lord Hyndtforth laughed and greeted Frederick when he saw him.-248-

– Ah! C ‘est and matador de maunesse!

– Tempi passati! said Frederick. Then they all laughed a lot. It seemed that his adventurous life so far had been a rumor.

From the feast of the Austrian ambassador, Lord Hyndtforth took Mr. Frederick with him and took him into questioning with paternal care.

“What brought you here, my boy?”

– I came here to seek bread and honor; I lost both in Prussia without having any sin.

– Leave it, my boy! I know full well what your sin was, why you were persecuted back home. Well, here in Moscow, just bring out your sin, because it is counted among the virtues here. Do you have a lot of money?

– I only have thirty gold.

“You recently won six hundred gold at Liewen’s Feast.” Have you eaten it yet?

– I do not. But the one hundred and fifty ispites who were entrusted to me. I don’t have to let the wretched eat the dry rusks, I made stsi soup for them every day so they don’t get scurvy.

– Here’s ni! The old nonsense! Treat the soldiers with stsi-soup! Another officer would have let half of the Lazarus die in scurvy and pocket their transition. Well, listen here. With modesty, virtues, you do nothing in this country. In higher circles, begging is forbidden. You have to pop into the bright companies at once with great prominence: not begging, but conquering. You need shiny uniforms, beautiful paripas, diamond rings, generous tips.

“That’s what I understood sometimes sometimes during the day.” But how does this turn out to be thirty gold?

– Don’t you have a big name? A Baron Trenk! a direct heir to the famous Pandur leader Trenk, who will be beheaded in a few days and then become a multiple millionaire at once-249-you will be. You get credit for that. Don’t ask how much usury.

“But one day I have to repay the loan, and then my honor goes to waste.”

– Don’t be upset! Until then, luck will find you. Then, in the end, I’ll be here, too, and your other friends: we won’t let you sink.

Frigyes Trenk took the good advice and bought all the splendor, uniforms and paripas. And in front of the south tower was every door with two wings; his name was surrounded by an auraola with the double title: «heir to the pandur leader Trenk; Maiden of Princess Amalia, to whom the Prussian king is angry ». Amaz the men, it enchanted the ladies.

One evening, Frigyes rushed up to Lord Hyndtforth, warmed up and almost drowned.

“What’s wrong, baby?”

“Allow me, my lord, to shake my gratitude.”

– Why?

“Mylord helped me out of great embarrassment.” I should have paid tomorrow and I was not the master of a ruble. At this hour, a bank agent knocks on me and presents a bill of exchange, for which I will immediately count a thousand gold. He also counted it.

– And how do I get into this case?

“I thought my lord was so gracious.”

Lord Hyndtforth laughed.

– No, little boy! I’m not in love with you so much! Find your secret benefactor under another curtain. “Didn’t you look east at that paid bill?”

– But yes. Berlin was inscribed from above.

“And would you have such a faint imagination (not to say your memory) that you couldn’t figure out who the prosperous fairy could grab into your hair and pull out of the water if Berlin was written on her gear?”

Frederick blushed.-250-

“I confess I didn’t dare think of him.” I thought he had completely forgotten about me. I received his last letter and sign of his noble sympathy during my stay in Elbing, after my release from captivity. He has not written a letter to me since; and I wrote to him several times from Vienna: he gave no answer.

Lord Hyndtforth turned his speech to a serious voice.

“See, sweet son, you would be pretty good if your fools didn’t bring the balance to fluctuate.” You are amazed that Princess Amalia has not even answered your letters to Vienna. What did you do in Vienna? Just stand in front of the mirror and ask yourself. You ran to the aid of the Trenk, the pandur leader, whose name is the most hated in all of Germany, who left behind ruins and cemeteries everywhere he appeared with hordes of robberies; who ruined a campaign of King Frederick with his devilish adventures, kidnapped his treasures and boasted of them; whose name was brought into contemptuous, ridiculous association with King Frederick. And when this dæmont, hated and dreaded by all, finally wants to be drowned by its own government in the water, in the mud: then you rush there, lift it out of the water, cleanse it from the mud, while in this foolish service he will overthrow you to climb out on your back. Do you think you were loved in Berlin for that?

– But when he was right!

– That’s a misconception too! He may have had justice against the charges that the judges had cast against him; but he was condemned by the public. The aquatic animal is also wronged when it is shot in the head. They kill him so he doesn’t bite. Believe me, your zealous effort to free your uncle in Vienna has caused you more desperation against you in Berlin than any of your other winds. That’s why the princess didn’t respond to your letters either. “He’s turning his old piety on you again.” You got that money from him. If he himself can’t make you happy, he wants you to invent your happiness with someone else.-251-

Lord Hyndtforth henceforth took his protégé into real schooling. Frederick had to walk around for a few hours a day, during which time he provided him with so much valuable information about the inner life of European courts, the customs and weaknesses of rulers and ruling statesmen, the intrigues of competitors, rise above other mortals.

The lord immediately warned the young seladon that here in Moscow, the upscale world was divided into two parties. One is the lawsuit of Bestuseff, who is now in government, and the other is Woronzoff, who wants to overthrow him. At the Empress’s great court evenings, Frigyes will find both party nobility together: but beware of making friends with the Woronzoff gentlemen or dancing with their ladies if you do not want to risk your luck. He was also introduced to the names of the nobles to be avoided, even after a very authentic source. Whenever an ambassador of a foreign power gave a dance party in his palace, he was first asked by the Russian Chancellor for a list of guests to be invited. When he then sent the register back, the names of that Bestuseff party were marked with a red playboy and the Woronzoffians with a blue. These do not need to be invited. In a reading, Frigyes Trenk learned that in the Russian yard you have to make a compliment in front of you, to whom you have to turn your back, which Countess’s slip is awkwardly trampled on, which fan to pick up skillfully if you drop it? – And this is a very useful science!

Shortly afterwards, the anniversary of the Empress’s accession to the throne came again.

Last year, too, Frigyes Trenk celebrated it with a pistol punch: his palm regretted it. This time he found a smarter way to pay homage. “At the instigation of Lord Hyndtforth, he wrote a beautiful name-day ode in French to the Empress, and the Ambassador handed it to the Empress through Bestuseff.-252-

Empress Elizabeth really liked the beautiful onomastics: she introduced herself to the author of the poem. He liked it even more. The mistress was able to estimate the value of a six-foot-tall captain.

This time Frederick only records that the Empress gave her a cute sword worth a thousand rubles for this poem; however, it can be compiled from the scattered notes of the imitt-amott that a thousand-ruble sword was worn only by the guards and their captains were endowed with the rank of major in the army and drew a colonel’s salary.

After the award of the Empress, they began to court Frederick in high societies.