To the country of death, there and back

In this accident, Frederick Trenk lost his soul.

The half-broken knife blade was no longer enough to cut through the last door with it. “But to break the last door with him, he was still fit enough: the one that opens into the afterlife for the suicide.”

The full moon shone through the prison fence window.

He said goodbye to the whole beautiful world. And then he returned to his prison. He prayed once, offering his soul to God, cutting his veins through his left arm and leg with the half-broken knife.

Then he lay down on that pre-made tombstone, letting his blood flow until the dreamy numbness stunned him.

He could have died nicely in the morning.

One day he woke up to hear his name being uttered.

He opened his eyes. The call came from above:-319-

“Frigyes Trenk!”

Where does a human voice come from here?

– Who’s talking here?

– Gefhardt.

– Where are you?

– I’m here at the top of the prison, talking through the window. How are you?

– I’m going. I swim in my blood here. I cut my veins.

– Don’t go crazy! Who would think to die? Stop the bleeding. I can set you free. It is much easier to escape from here than from the other prison. There is only one rhinestone inside the entire star chain, the other outside at the barrier. Now I’m on the inner guard. Trust in God! I’ll get you everything you need to get out of jail. Every two weeks, I get a watch here. I submit everything through this window.

This encouragement recalled Frederick Trenk from the land of death.

If Gefhardt had come a few hours earlier, he could have given him another knife, as he would cut through the outside door. But now, because of the great blood loss, it was impossible to think of it.

He suddenly tore his shirt apart and bandaged its bleeding wounds on his arms and legs.

Then he thought about what to do next?

If the tip and the supervising officer come at noon the next day, well, they’ll have a nice surprise.

You will protect yourself. Not in the hope of escape, but to squeeze out a decent capitulation from the enemy.

With the rod of iron that stretched his chains, he tore down the seat made of bricks and laid the bricks in the middle of the prison. And with his chains he fastened the second door, which was cut in half, firmly to the stop,-320- that it could not be opened from the outside: whoever wanted to come in through it had to hide in that gap.

Then he waited calmly for his fate.

At noon, at the usual hour, the Inspector Major arrived with the dust foot, the soldier bringing water and bread, and the purifying prisoner.

They may have had a nice little fright when they saw the second door open in front of them, but even more so when they reached the moat door and lit it with their lantern through its cut-out board and saw in the open prison door that nightmare, naked to the brim, its other clothes soaked with blood, a brick in one hand and a broken knife in the other.

– Back, Major! the prisoner squealed. Tell the castle commander I don’t want to live in handcuffs anymore. Shoot to death. People living here don’t come in! How many hide in the door, I hit it hard; and if they oppress: here is the knife, I will cut my throat with it.

The major snorted, running immediately to the castle commander; Trenk sat down under the pile of bricks.

It was not long before the castle commander himself came with the space commander, officers and grenades. It was great to be saddened to see the three prison doors cut through.

The castle commander wanted to impress with his authority.

– Open the door! ordered the prisoner to appear at the gate door.

Instead of answering, Trenk picked up a brick and had to jump fast for Mr. Bork so he wouldn’t get the head he deserved.

– You have to break the door! Bork ordered the grenades.

He also hid in the gap through a grenade purse, but Trenk then gave an example: he hit his head with the brick by falling down along it. Then he ran to the chained door and continued the bombing, chasing bricks and officers out of the yard into the atrium with a brick shower.-321-

– Shoot to death! You won’t catch it alive! he shouted at them.

Then they deliberated what to do?

The king firmly ordered that Frederick Trenk be kept in such a way that he could not commit suicide, and that he should not be killed unharmed, even if he escaped. – The priest was called to him.

The good Lutheran pastor appeared at his door, not receiving it with a stone’s throw. It began to speak to her soul, of the afterlife.

“Leave me alone, Reverend, with heaven.” If these my enemies are there too, then I will go to hell, there I will find different buddies!

The pastor retreated in horror.

Then the visiting major walked over to the doorway, to the rebellious prisoner with a spoken eye, a trembling voice.

“You see, sweet son, this stubbornness is ruining me.” If the king learns that I have examined you so carelessly that a knife is left with you, then I will also be infam-cassed, sent into captivity, my little children will all be beggars.

“All right,” said Frederick, “I will surrender for the sake of the Major.” But just for your sake. If the castle commander gives his word of honor that he will not report on this whole case and I will not be burdened with heavier chains than before.

The castle commander gave his word of honor for this.

Then Trenk opened the door. With that, his strength was exhausted, he collapsed half-consciously.

The whole case was indeed not reported. He was laid on Trenket’s bed, stricken with great blood loss; he was called up, he sewed his wounds together. He was given wine, broth, when he awoke for a moment from his days-long death.