U.S. plastic surgeon under investigation in video court appearance while performing surgery

A plastic surgeon in California recently filed a lawsuit for violating traffic regulations. However, the doctor arranged an operation during his remote court trial, which led to his failure to show off his skills and led to an investigation by the industry association.

According to a report by the New York Post on February 28, a court in Sacramento, California opened a trial of a traffic violation on February 25 through a remote connection. The defendant was named Scott Green. After the video conference was connected, the court staff was surprised to find that Green was wearing a surgical gown. Upon questioning, he admitted that he was indeed “operating”, but said that this did not prevent him from attending the trial, and he did not mind that the trial was broadcast live. . The judge who accepted the case expressed concerns about the safety of the patient and said that the trial can be rescheduled. But Green still stubbornly said that this operation was performed by two doctors and could handle it by himself.

The California Medical Council said it will investigate this incident. The committee issued a statement saying that it hopes that practitioners in the medical industry can follow professional ethics and treat patients properly. Dr. Green’s irresponsible behavior has also triggered boycotts and condemnations online. Some netizens said that he not only violated the practice rules, but also suspected of contempt for court. Someone sarcastically said: “Is this guy watching TV series like “Doctor House” too much?”

At the last echoes of the chorus, the beautiful Nise rose from her seat, and with a courteous bow, she passed over to disappointment, and with much grace and clarity said:

“By decree of the beautiful and discreet Lysis I have the fourth disappointment tonight; And although this audience could be closed with those referred to, since they are enough for the ladies of these times to be prevented by the example of the past to keep us from falling into the misfortunes that they fell by allowing themselves to be overcome by the deceptions disguised in love of the mens; Why don’t you think of me as any of the deceived, because if my short understanding helps me I hope I am not, and although my disappointment is not as erudite as those referred to, I occupy this place, warning that, assuming that the beautiful Lysis commands that they be true cases, those that are said, if it seems that the disappointments referred to up to here, and those that are missing, you have heard elsewhere, will have been counted by someone, like me and the other disappointing ones,

It is a different thing to novelize only with inventiveness a case that neither was nor could be, and this does not serve as disappointment but as entertainment, to tell a true case that not only serves to entertain but to warn; and as our intention is not just to amuse but to advise women to look for their opinion and fear, with as many freedoms as they profess today, what happened to those they have heard and will hear does not happen to them, and also for defending them, having given the men the opinion, not to say weakness, of being against them, speaking and writing as if at all times there had not been everything, good women and good men, and on the contrary, bad and bad , and thus do not see a book or comedy in which they find an innocent woman or a man with defects.

The entire burden of blame is on the female sex, as if the male sex were not greater, assuming that they want to be the perfection of nature. Therefore, a greater crime will be the one who does the perfect than the imperfect; heavier is the folly of the discreet than of the fool; and thus, it is well known that, as there are light women, there are changeable men, and as interestp. 256sadas, deceptive, and as free, cruel; and if you look closely, the guilt of women is caused by men.

Gentleman who requests the maiden, leave her, do not worry her, and you will see how she, even if it is only out of shame and modesty, will not look for you: whoever seeks and disturbs the married woman, do not do it, and she will see that when she does not The honesty, respect and fear of her husband compel her to make her not request or seek you; and the one who worries the widow, do not do it, she will not be so daring that she ventures her modesty, nor seeks you, nor pretends; And if you look for them and ask for them, and you make them fall, now with begging, now with gifts, or with gifts, don’t say bad things about them, because it was your fault that they are weak.

This is with respect to women of honor, that those who try to live with freedom, what do you want to get out of them but what you want, which is to entertain yourself and take your money, which is why they allow you? And well, you already know, why do you blame them for making their property and destroying yours, and then you complain that they cheat on you? You do want to deceive yourselves, and the cause of all this I will say now.

You find a woman on the street; Say it four words; listen to them without finding out if you mean them or making fun of them; paint yourself honored and not seen by the sun; believe it, fool; invite her to your inn; accept, go to her; Well, how about a woman who so easily surrenders to your desires can you believe that she does not do the same with others in turning away from you? And if you think differently, you are the one who is deceiving yourself; that she warns with her same ease.

Well, why do you complain about her or insult her? She does her job: if she begs you and seeks, do not admit her, that her very dishonesty warns you very clearly that you are not the first; and if you liked something, and you follow it, don’t complain about anyone, because you know very well that each one has to act as who they are.

Here is how women are not to blame, but men, in whom sanity, good language, modesty and understanding must be; but these virtues are no longer found, quite the contrary. Oh, what good would it be if men left them! But they talk and they listen, and from well jeweled lies, who does not allow himself to be defeated? And more so if, once the claim is turned into a topic, it is inciting them at all times.

This is enough, and it would be good to God to be an amendment; And to show that, if Camila lost with her husband by silencing don Juan’s claims, in the disappointment that I will now say, it did not serve another lady to secure her credit with her husband to notify her of the claims of another don Juan, although heaven paid their cause; and with these precautions I continue in this way:

In the city of Palermo, in the kingdom of Sicily, there were in past times two noble, rich, gallant, discreet gentlemen, and above all, so that these graces of nature and fortune were more lucid, they were children of Spaniards who, having their parents passed to that kingdom to exercise positions that their king entrusted to them, they married and settled there, as happens every day to the Spaniards who pass there.

Regarding what was said, Don Juan and Don Pedro (these are their own names) were such great friends, because they had been raised together since they were children, through the friendship of their parents, that in saying “the two friends”, it was already known that they were Don Pedro and don Juan: together they walked, dressed in the same way, and not beingp. 257Don Pedro was found in his house in don Juan’s, and if this was missing from his, it was certain that he would be in Don Pedro’s; because for a moment they were not divided, because, although they lived in different houses, most of the time they were together.

It happened, then, in the middle of this extreme of friendship, to treat Don Pedro to a marriage with a rich and main lady of the city, with such extreme beauty that no one named her other than with the applause of the beautiful Roseleta, that this was her name .

The marriage took place, so that this lady would be like a beautiful wretch, who for the most part craves the same thing that becomes the knife of our lives; and although don Juan was found at his friend’s wedding, which was celebrated with much party and apparatus, he must not have looked at Roseleta’s beauty, grace, and grace; and if he looked at her, it was like his friend’s wife: if it lasted forever, it would be considered true.

Not out of fear of himself, that until then he had not even imagined that Don Pedro’s least offense would fit in him, but to excuse gossip, that this is what true friendship must look at, considering that it does not seem right to attend as much as he used to. Don Pedro’s house excused everything he could go to it; and as this, being newly married and with such a pretty lady, was in love as a lover and careful as a husband, he could not go as often as before to his friend’s house.

He felt it most tenderly, and with this feeling, the time he saw don Juan, he gave him heartfelt complaints, telling him that if he understood that by marrying he would lose him, although his wife’s merits were so many, he would have excused him, and with this he begged him to move. the purpose, coming to his house in the same way as before, that he was certain that Roseleta would have the same taste that he knew was in him.

With sane and affable words don Juan excused himself many times from his friend’s request; But seeing it was impossible to report him, she had to condescend to please him, entering Don Pedro’s house with the familiarity that before, eating and dining most days with him and his wife: which, seeing how much her husband loved Don Juan, received him with an honest pleasure.

I have already said that don Juan had not looked at the beautiful Roseleta, although he was found at her wedding; And here it is known that one thing is to look and another to see: he violates don Juan on these occasions, and he admired in her such a singular beauty that he unintentionally brought and attracted the sight of all who looked at her, and he judged don Pedro by the man most blessed of the world.

Hence an envy of not having deserved such a garment, not lacking in him merits to have achieved it, that he fell in love at every point with his friend’s wife so madly and hopelessly that, although he wanted to refrain from looking at her, it was not possible for him , because when he looked at a human woman with hints of divinity, he was lost again; mostly when contemplating under an honest gravity such grace and grace, mixed with a divine understanding, and he not only ventured to lose his honest designs, but life itself; in such terms that, no matter how hard he tried, he could not with the bridle of reason restrain the unbridled horse of his will.

With great anxiety the sad gentleman was, and in seeingp. 258alone, he rebuked himself, saying: «What is this, traitor don Juan? What vile thoughts are these? What mortal enemy of my friend Don Pedro had them? Or who did you know who was trying to hurt your friend, not to tear him to pieces? For what will the world say about you if it finds out, if not, either that you are not of noble blood, or have you lost your mind? Oh, friend Don Pedro, and how deceived you live in the love you have for this disloyal friend, who has given rise to such vile and infamous thoughts! It was better to tell you, so that you would take revenge on such a disloyal and treacherous friend. Ay Roseleta, my unfortunate eyes will never see your more than heavenly beauty, accompanied by so many graces! Oh, if you were born ugly! Oh, if you weren’t Don Pedro’s wife! No, your beauty will not defeat me: long live my friend’s honor, and I die,

For this purpose, he determined not to love Roseleta, but in vain, because when he saw her again, all his strength was on the ground and, surrendering his powers with her, he put everything at Roseleta’s feet.

With these fights he was so sad and distracted that, if he ate, he would forget the bite from hand to mouth, and if they spoke to him, it seemed that he did not understand or responded nonsense. Don Pedro noticed his friend’s sadness; alone, and in front of his wife, he would ask the cause of her; but he excused himself by saying that he himself ignored her.

Don Juan spent many days with these imaginations, already losing himself and now recovering, until, surrendered to them, he fell into bed with a dangerous illness in which he came to the end, don Pedro assisting him and Roseleta visiting him a few times.

In short, now in good health and returning to his friend’s house as before, he resolved, even if he ventured as much as there was and honor, which was the most, to tell Roseleta his love when he found the occasion; and come to him on purpose because one day, eating with Don Pedro and his wife, being as sad and amused as ever, Don Pedro said to him:

“It is true, my friend don Juan, that I can be truly complaining and aggrieved at your friendship, since the two of us do not feel sorry for having it from our earliest age, as everyone knows, and that you keep quiet about the cause of your sadness, making me suspect many things about you.” She who aggravates your quality and mine: because, what thing can force you to be, as I see you and I have also seen, in terms of losing your life, that you cannot communicate with me even if it was against your honor? By God I ask you to get me out of this confusion.

Seeing don Juan that if he was silent he could imagine something, and also as he began to lay the first stone in the foundation of his claim, he said:

“It is true, my friend Don Pedro, that having restrained me from having told you my sorrow has not been a lack of will, much less having your friendship as suspicious, but rather out of shame that no one knows my weakness, which is very great for having surrendered.” to a thought that costs me what you see and have seen; And so, to get you out of that care, with the permission of your wife, I will tell you. Know that since I saw the beauty of Angeliana, a lady of this city whom I think you know, I am the way you see, because her severity and deviation towards me is so great that evenp. 259I have tried to let him know my passion, he has not wanted to hear or receive paper or a message from me, and this makes me so sad and desperate that if it is not to take my life, I have nothing else left. This is the occasion, and no other; see if it was right to shut her up; Well, it is vile that the heart of a man surrenders to a woman with so much extreme that I put him in what I see myself.

That was not how don Juan said, that on this occasion he had already enjoyed Angeliana, although since he saw Roseleta that love had warmed up.

Don Pedro and his wife consoled don Juan, hurt by his grief, advising him that since Angeliana was of the quality that everyone knew, and had no parents, that he should ask his relatives for a wife, who all would consider having her as such.

To this don Juan replied that it was true what they advised him; but that, although he loved her dearly, he had no will to marry until she was older.

In this way he spent more than two months without having a place to declare his love to Roseleta, if it was not with eyes and anxious sighs that she did not understand, nor did she believe that they were but for Angeliana; until one day, while he was eating with Roseleta and Don Pedro, a gentleman came looking for him with whom he was to find out some accounts; And because he did not go inside where he and his wife were eating with don Juan, he got up from the table and went outside.

Seeing don Juan such a good opportunity, he did not want to miss it, and since his loving will was already resolved and determined, his voice trembling and with a sigh that seemed to surrender his soul to him, he said:

“Oh, beautiful Roseleta, and how unfortunate and happy was the day that I met you and saw your enhanced beauty, happy for my eyes to have enjoyed your heavenly sight and unhappy to contemplate you as a stranger, because I was deprived of the good of deserving you!” Angeliana is not the cause of my sadness, but you, beautiful lady, who are the angel in whom she idolizes my will; I’m not telling you this because you give me a remedy, that dying for you is my longed-for life, and lovingly I plan to reach the end of it, but because if you see me sad, you are the cause and not Angeliana; I wish you would favor me as she favors me, but I no longer esteem her since I met you.

Don Juan would like to say more, and I still think that his audacity would be prolonged more, because Roseleta was out of her sense of anger, if at this time don Pedro did not enter and hinder don Juan from being more daring. The meal was finished and Roseleta withdrew, raging with anger, and Don Pedro and his friend went for a walk, Don Juan being very happy for having declared his love for the lady.

Many days passed that don Juan could not say a single word to her again, because she was so modest, and fled from not giving her more daring, that he was already regretting having had them for not losing his sight; because Roseleta many times, by not going out to eat with don Juan, would pretend sudden accidents; and others that she could not excuse it, she did not raise her eyes to look at him.

One day when all three of them had finished eating and were on the table talking, Roseleta having been unable to excuse not being present, don Pedro asked don Juan how he was doing with Angeliana’s love affairs.

“Very bad,” don Juan said. Well, because in the past days I had a place to intimate her with my passion and the sleepless nights that herp. 260beauty, it has been denied me so that it can hardly be seen; and if I see it, it is with a frown that takes my life, to whose anger I have made some verses that, if you like, I want to read them to you.

“You will give me great pleasure,” said Don Pedro, although Roseleta felt weighed, as one who already knew whom Don Juan was addressing all those things: and if it weren’t for her husband, she would get up and leave.

And don Juan taking out the paper, he read the following:

If it is impossible to live,

Beloved owner, without you,

That asks the time to fly,

It will not be a big mistake.

The glory that I have in seeing you,

That I give thanks to love,

In missing you, it’s a shame,

Because you are my glory.

If we don’t live without the sun,

And you, my good, are the sun,

Strength is that without you I do not live:

Look at your obligation.

Not because of interest

The sun of our favor,

He comes to give us life,

This is a well-known question.

You know we need

So heaven commanded,

That gives breath to life

With its light and its warmth.

Well if the sun does this effect,

And without you dying I am,

Not for you but for me

Give remedy to my passion.

I lack confidence

My few merits are:

Just as I know how to love you,

Know if I am loved.

To these eyes that adore you,

Do not cut them off, for God’s sake,

The good that they receive in seeing you,

Which is to give them mortal pain.

I’m not mine, ungrateful beauty,

I am yours; if you are ungrateful,

Very soon you will see my life

Lost by such rigor.

Who can, if you hide,

Suffer being without you?

Eyes, cry, for you are clouds,

And the sun has hidden from you.

If in another east you go out

And I am left without you;

Night I’ll be from Norway

For your light I lacked.

In having you absent,

I’m dead

Life is running out for me;

Oh what rigor!

Don Pedro praised the romance, and I am not scared, he was passionate about the things of don Juan, his friend, that even if it was worse, it seemed good to him: but his wife, who since he began to tell him was suppressing anger because he saw The target he was shooting at, and with it he left and took his face a thousand pink alexandrines, with a face between smiling and haughty, he said:

“It is true, Señor Don Juan, that your love ceases to be so and plays in madness or recklessness;” If you know that that lady does not like that you love her, or because of her honesty, or because she does not like your pretensions, because they are not good for her honor, which is the most true, because not because a woman knows that a man He loves her, if it is to the detriment of his opinion, she is obliged to love him. because when they see that a woman resists them, not for loving her, but for overcoming her, turning love into a theme, they persevere to take revenge for the scorn she has done to them; And they want a woman, even if she doesn’t want to, to love them, and I don’t know what law there is so that, if she is sane and has honor, she hates herself for loving another: and morep. 261if you know that such love is not to give honor but to take away. If she does not love you, leave her and love another, who will love you and will cost you less care, and you will excuse yourself from risks; Well, I say that if I understood that there was a dare in a man to put thought into me, what do I say thought? my hands.

Don Juan did not feel good about the reprimand that Roseleta gave him, because she threatened him with it; but Don Pedro laughed a lot at his wife’s anger at returning for Angeliana: and taking don Juan with him, he left home very unhappy with his lady’s disdain; but for that reason he did not depart from his claim; Before, the more impossible he looked at it, the more he lost, and he determined not to stop loving and persisting until he conquered or died: and with this very disloyal intention, for what he owed to the true friendship of his friend, without fear of putting himself at risk. that Roseleta had intimated him, he wrote her four papers on different occasions, which he made reach his hands out of caution and with the support of a maid; But none of them had an answer, nor could he even know of the third, that he was deceitfully giving them to him, if he had read them, until the fifth, Roseleta,

Don Juan was not afraid of the lady’s threat, since it seemed impossible to him that no woman would dare to inform her husband of such a case, so that she could lose with him, assuming that he warned him of the damage to which she was exposed and of the quiet that she must have a married man, because of the trust that is right to have and it woke him up to jealous, a very dangerous disease in the married couple, and so he thought that he would not do it, although he proposed it, and that it was more because he excused himself from bothering her; and with this he sent him the sixth paper, which read like this:

How little my sorrows feel

Your diamond heart;

How ungrateful you look my love,

My ills oblige you little.

I have a volcano in my chest;

But since yours is Alpe,

Flee the fire from the snow,

And in me it dies as it is born.

Who would think that my love

In wars so unequal

How is my fire and your ice,

Wouldn’t he have died a coward?

Who sees him escape surrendered

Of such great ingratitude,

That he thinks that he has to return

Again to venture?

If it’s not me, ungrateful beauty,

That I am who his strength knows,

And I know that if he flees,

It is for more encouragement.

Not because it never departs

To love you and adore you,

That life will be missing before,

That I lack this faith in me.

Trembling into your eyes I arrive,

What love has such tricks,

In daring teasing,

Fearful in the truths.

Who loves, cowardly esteem,

That the same love to the lover

The daring shortens,

And pride undoes.

When I speak to you in my chest

A thousand things I say in your image;

That, to listen to them, ungrateful beauty,

Strength is that you estimate them.

p. 262I’m sad, I feel a thousand sorrows,

All of your rigor are born,

Even if you say that my love

Try recklessness.

Give me the death penalty;

But what does it matter if you kill me?

Well die because of you

Death is one that can be envied.

I love you so much

That I will love what you love,

I will estimate what you estimate

Just because you send it.

Some secret cause

That the prophet soul knows

(That in guessing misfortunes

There is no sage who can reach more),

My lady, it forces me

Bitterly to complain:

May heaven she lie,

I want love to deceive me.

If my sorrow does not force you,

You know well what you do;

I don’t deserve more favor

Well, you don’t dare to give it.

God knows, if I eat him alone

Is bound by wills,

You will force mine,

Knowing what it is worth.

That although cruel you mistreat me,

You come to force yourself

Of the life that you hate,

And your cruelties will end.

Oh my! How will i say

My love? but my tongue is silent,

That if you don’t have to pay him,

It will be fairer to ignore him.

The anger that Roseleta received in this last role was so great that without looking at risks or fearing dangers, with the cruelty of a basilisk, taking this and the others that she had saved, she went to her husband, and putting them all in her hands she said:

“So that you can see the friend you have, and whom you trust and bring to your house, your friend Don Juan tries to take away your honor, requesting your wife with the samples that you have seen in him;” And notice that the Angeliana for whom she publishes sleeplessness is me, and it is to me that she directs all her words and verses; that if I told him the other day what happened in front of you, it was to scold him for his audacity; And neither this nor threatening to tell you has been of any use to me, since he has dared to write to me as blatantly as you will see. Now see what remedy has to be put, because I can not find another but to take his life: I have done what I have to do, now do what is convenient for you.

In the discourse of this disappointment you will see, gentlemen, as those who were born unhappy, nothing excuses them from not being unhappy to the end; Well, if Camila died for not having notified her husband of don Juan’s claims, Roseleta, for notifying his of her lover’s daring and carelessness, she is not out of the same; because in the estimation of men the same place has the one who speaks as the one who is silent. God forbid if they discredit us, that all pass through one measure.

How would Don Pedro look when he heard Roseleta there is no language that says it; Let the one who hears it judge him, because on the offense he was offered to be his greatest friend who was made to him: he read the papers over and over again, and anger no longer gave him room to wait time for his revenge, but the love that Don Juan had stopped him from taking it: but, finally, determined that such an offense would not go unpunished, he decided to give it to him in such a way that it would not be known by the city, because his honor would not remain in opinions; and so he ordered Roseleta to respond to don Juan a very tender role, excuse mep. 263giving him her ingratitude and giving him to understand that she was sorry for the disdain she had shown her up to that point, and that to give her more certain satisfactions she was waiting for her, the next day at night, in her fifth, which he very well knew, because her husband the next day he was going out of Palermo to a business where he had to stay for two days; and that he should not enter through the door of the farm but through a gate that was in the garden, to excuse that the farmers that there were in said farm did not see him; that in the same orchard she was waiting for him alone with that maid who was witness to his thoughts.

Finally, Don Pedro noticed the role and Roseleta wrote to him. The maid took him, unaware that he was ordered by her master, but believing that Roseleta, already defeated by don Juan, was answering him.

The loving young man received the paper, doing and saying a thousand crazy joys, satisfying the messenger with his care; and sending to tell his mistress that she would be obeyed, he dismissed her.

Oh blindness of a lover, who did not notice the danger, nor admire the lightness of Roseleta, who, after so much disgust, so soon showed herself passionate; before he praised his happiness, giving thanks to love because after so much pain he had given him such glory!

The morning of the postponed day arrived, and Don Pedro, with two servants, sensing his way, set out, finding Don Juan present, who falsely offered to go with him, but Don Pedro, not accepting, left Palermo through a different gate of the one that went to the fifth, and then twisting the road, he and his servants hid in it, which was not more than three miles from the city, which is a Spanish league.

Finishing eating, Roseleta got into her car with the maid, the third of her loves; and in view of Don Juan himself, who was not careless, he set out on his way to the farm, and lingering in the countryside until it was night, he turned the other way and returned home, the maid admiring what he saw.

Shortly before nightfall don Juan got on a horse, and alone, he walked towards the villa with so much happiness to go to see the beautiful Roseleta that he had no thought of chance, and when they left the city they touched Ave Maria, who hearing it Don Juan, although amused by his loving cares, was stronger than devotion; and stopping where he heard the bell he began to pray, asking the Virgin Mary, our most pure lady, that not looking at the offense she was going to do to him, she would free him from danger and obtain forgiveness from her precious Son; and finished his devout prayer he went on his way.

It is used throughout Italy to execute criminals in the same part that they commit the crime; And that same day, a mile from the city, three men had hanged, and on one side of the road where don Juan was going, because there they had killed some walkers for stealing them; and as there, and even in many parts of Spain, they are left on the gallows, these three that I say were in it.

When don Juan arrived almost in front of the fatal tree, he heard a voice that said: “Don Juan!” moon, though somewhat cloudy, passed forward, seeming to him that he had been deceived; and a few more steps he heard again thep. 264same voice, which said again: “Don Juan!” He turned his head everywhere in terror and not seeing any person, crossing himself, continued on his way, and arriving in front of the gallows he heard the same voice for the third time that said: “Ah, don Juan!” With this last accent, and already almost angry at the mockery they made of him, he reached the gallows and seeing the three men in it, with incredible spirit he told them:

“Can one of you call me?”

“Yes, don Juan,” answered the one who seemed more handsome, “I’ll call you.”

“Well, what do you want me to do?” Don Juan replied. Do you want me to do you some good, or to make you say some masses?

“No,” said the man, “I don’t need them for now.” What I’m calling you for is to get me out of here.

“So what, are you alive?” Said don Juan.

“Well, if I wasn’t,” replied the man, “what need did I have to ask you to take me away?”

“When did they hang you?” Said don Juan.

“Today,” the man replied.

“Well, how have you been able to live up to now?”

“Is it impossible for God to be?” When he wants to save a life, even buried he can do it, whatever his will.

“Well, how are we going to do it,” don Juan said, “that there’s nothing to go up there with, and if I cut the rope you could fall and hurt yourself?”

—Return the haunches to the horse, and as you cut the rope with the sword, I will stay after my feet on it.

The admired knight did so, and as he cut the rope, the man remained seated on the horse’s haunches.

This done, they returned to their path, seeming to don Juan for centuries what had stopped: he had so much desire to get to where he expected to enjoy all his glory in Roseleta’s arms; and going for him, he said:

“Tell me now how it was that having hanged you are alive.”

—I was innocent of the crime that they raised me, I confessed of fear of the torment, and thus was God served to save my life.

“The strangest and most miraculous thing that has been seen is this,” don Juan said.

“Yes,” said the man, “but it has already happened in others, as seen in the miracle of Santo Domingo de la Calzada in Spain, that until today the memories of the rooster and the hen are kept, which were resurrected to the credit of that the boy who had been hanged for fifteen days was alive, that God as a father of mercy goes with her to whom he needs, as he has done to me, and even to you, because he wanted to bring you through this part in time that you could help me and you were the hand through which the divine will was carried out.

“Blessed be it,” don Juan said, “that he ordered it that way, because when it was not my coming for the pleasure I hope to enjoy it, for having helped you at such a time, I consider it very well employed and I promise you as a gentleman not to abandon you while live, because necessity does not force you to do where you see yourself again in such an unfortunate place as you have seen yourself.

“I kiss your hand, sir,” said the man, “and I thank heaven that she led you this way.”

At last, trying on this and other things, they discovered the fifth, which was in the middle of a delightful grove, because there were very beautiful gardens in that land, and the fifth had one of the best of all there were in that meadow. At archery from her don Juan got off his horse, and doing the same, the man said:

“Stay here with this horse, andp. 265 wait for me, I am going to a specific business, which is the one that took me out of my house tonight, that I will soon turn around so that we can return to the city, or I will tell you what to do.

“No, don Juan,” replied the man, “you are not correct in what you are sending me, that to that business to which you are going that matters so much, I have to do it and you are the one who has to stay here with the horse.”

Don Juan laughed willingly, and replied:

“Well, do you know what I am here to do, or how can you make up for the lack that I will do?”

“That is the grace,” he replied, “that I know what you come to do, and I have to supply what you come to play.”

“Finish,” don Juan said, “you’re stubborn in vain and we’re wasting time.”

“I see,” said the hanged man, “that we lose not only time, but words, and you are the stubborn one, and that’s how the horse takes, that this has to be;” I have to go and you have to stay.

“You are tired, and knowing this would not have brought you with me, that if you knew the moments of pleasure that you take away from me in stopping me, you would not pay me rudely the benefit that I have made you tonight.”

“You don’t really know how I pay you,” said the man, “and the likes that I get in your way; and so that we do not get tired, that you want that you do not want to, I have to go where you are going; and more, that you must not stay here where we are, that you have to tie the horse to that tree that is there deviated, and you have to climb to another section of it, where you cannot be seen: pay attention to what You see and hear, and then you will know which of the two matters more whether I go, you or me.

Don Juan was enraptured listening to him, with a thousand frightened palpitations that his heart gave him, which made his whole body tremble without being able to quiet him, although he took advantage of all his courage and courage, everything he saw seemed prodigious to him; And without replying more he took his horse, and tying it to the tree that the man had pointed out, climbed into another not far from him, waiting to see where the persistence of that man stopped, which in seeing him put in part safe, walked to the fifth; and what don Juan marveled the most was to see that he did not go to the door; Before, going around the walls, he went to a gate that there was in the orchard, which was where he was advised that he had to enter, so that he would not be seen by the people who were in the villa, remembering very well that he had not told her this circumstance.

The hanged man arrived at the gate, and scarcely jumped over it, which was like something less than a man’s state, when Don Pedro and his servants, who were on sentry, appearing to be Don Juan, firing at the same time the pistols knocked him down When they saw him lying, they went over to him and, stabbing him many times, seized him and threw him into a very deep well, throwing over him a number of stones that they had anticipated.

Don Juan was left without sense hearing from the place where he was the noise of the mouths of fire, without being able to imagine what it was, and he did nothing but cross himself; And his admiration grew even more when, a quarter of an hour later, he saw the doors of the villa open and three men on horseback come out through them, who, as they came to pair up with don Juan’s and felt them, whinnied; to which one of the three said:

“It is the lord’s horse, he will no longer climb on it,” and his friend Don Pedro seemed to him in his voice and waist.

“Good heavens, what’s this!” Said the frightened knight,p. 266What has happened to me and what is happening? Don Pedro and his servants in the fifth! Not letting go of that man I took off the gallows! Hear the noise of guns! Say Don Pedro those expressions!

And with these thoughts, just as he lost sight of them and that they had taken the road to the city, he got down from the tree and, wanting to go towards the fifth, the man arrived all bathed in blood and wet, giving his coming to don Juan. new admiration, who told him:

– Pídote by God that you untie me of so many doubts and remove the care in which I am with the things that tonight have happened to me; that, or I think that I dream, or that I am enchanted.

“You are neither dreaming nor enchanted,” he replied, “I’ll clarify everything for you.” Didn’t you see Don Pedro, your friend, and his servants? Didn’t you hear what they said? Well, are you so ignorant that you don’t get what it can be? See me as I come; Well, all these wounds have given me, believing to be you, and then they threw me into a well, and many stones on me, and I still think that Don Pedro was not avenged for your betrayal and false friendship, that Roseleta, his wife, She gave an account by putting your papers in her hand, and by her order she wrote to you so that, by coming here, her husband would give you the punishment that your daring deserves; and look at what sinful Christians owe to the Virgin Mary, Mother of God and our Lady, who by coming, as you came, to offend her precious Son and her, He was obliged to that Hail Mary that you prayed when leaving the city they touched to prayer, and to a mass that every Saturday you make him say in your chapel, where you have your funeral and that of your parents, and he asked his precious Son, free you from this danger that you yourself were going to look for; and his divine Majesty, by his will (perhaps so that this case being so prodigious and of admiration, you and the others who understood it would be more truly devoted to his Mother), he commanded me to come in the way you have seen so that, Taking your form in the eyes of Don Pedro and his servants, take it for granted that they leave you dead and buried in that well, and you have a place to repent and make amends: I have already freed you and said what has so admired you: stay with God. , and look what you do and that you have a soul, and that tonight you have been close to losing it with your life: I am going to where I was when God told me to come to free you, that I am dead and not alive; and remember me to do me some good.

Saying this, leaving don Juan more confused and amazed than before, he disappeared from before him; and it is true that if he did not use all his courage he fell there without sense; but making the cross on his forehead a thousand times, and giving many thanks to God and his blessed Mother, he unleashed his horse and, getting on it, took the road to the city with new thoughts, very different from those he had had until then; and as he arrived in front of the gallows, he looked towards it and saw the three men as they were before.

He entered the city entrusting them to God, and arriving at his house he lay down, without speaking anything to any of his servants, who were amazed at his delay because it was already more than midnight, which passed until it was day with great concern. .

As he saw the light, he dressed and went to the house of his friend Don Pedro, who was sleeping with his wife, withp. 267He was tempted to have revenge, and so no one knew what don Juan had done to himself; And entering the street, as Don Pedro’s servants who had attended his death saw him, more admired than don Juan had been the night before, they went to their master and waking him they said:

“Lord, the greatest wonder that has ever happened in the world!”

-And what is? Don Pedro replied.

“That don Juan is alive, and he’s coming here,” they answered.

“Are you in your judgment,” said Don Pedro, “or have you lost him?” How can don Juan come or be alive? Well, if he did not die from the wounds we gave him, it was impossible to get out of the well with the stones that we threw on him.

—I am in my judgment, that I have not lost him; and I say it comes healthy and good, “said the one of them,” and you see him climb the stairs.

—And God lives! Said the other, “who is already in the anteroom, I don’t have all of them with me, dead or alive.”

When this was finished saying don Juan was already on the block, leaving everyone as those who have seen visions, and more to Don Pedro, who could not believe but that it was a fantastic body.

Don Juan therefore entering, threw himself at the feet of Don Pedro, asking forgiveness of the wrongs he had not committed, although he had tried; and Roseleta of her daring and crazy pretensions, telling without missing anything of what had happened to her, leaving everyone so confused that they could hardly answer her; And done this, saying goodbye to everyone, first removing the bodies that were on the gallows, and making them an honorable burial, commanding them to say many masses, he went to a convent of barefoot Carmelite religious, and entered a friar, taking the habit of that woman. Most pure Lady who had freed him from such obvious danger.

You will well think, gentlemen, that these prodigious events would cause Don Pedro to esteem and love his wife more, knowing how honest and honorable she was: for she had not only defended her honor from don Juan’s persuasions, but also warned him of them so that remedy and take revenge: it was not like that; that with the cruel and hardened hearts of men, neither good nor bad works are worth; that in the same way, unless it is to their liking, they esteem one over the other, since in them the will is not durable and for this reason they tire even of the women themselves; and if they do not throw them away as those who are not, it is not because they love them, but because of their opinion.

This is what happened to Don Pedro, who, either because he got tired of Roseleta’s beauty (because he had her as an ordinary dish, and wanted to change and see a different face), or because he found himself running from what had happened with Don Juan, seeing that It had been spread throughout the city, because nothing else was said about it; and as the common people are novelists and not all well understood, each one gave his opinion; Some, if Don Pedro had satisfied his honor with what he had done, because although the guilt was not supposed to have had an effect, for the honor of the married man only the threat is enough, without giving the blow: others, putting it in the honesty of Roseleta They said whether it had been or not, judging whether she was motivated by different accidents than honesty to warn her husband of don Juan’s claims, and to this they put before entering his house so ordinarily: others, that he would not comply with the honest law if he did not do so; by way ofp. 268that everywhere people were talking and there were huddles about the case, pointing their finger at Don Pedro. “This,” they said, “is the one who killed the hanged man again.” Others replied: “He made a good haul, he was well relieved.”

All this brought Don Pedro ashamed, and with such discontent that, without looking at how heaven had been the author of Don Juan’s defense, and that he was already under the protection that had been given to him so that he would not execute his revenge was paid by his innocent wife, hating her so that, in his eyes, she was a monster and a fierce beast.

He opposed the beautiful and unfortunate lady so that she would be so completely, if it was no longer enough to see herself abhorred by her husband, Angeliana, that lady whom at the beginning I said that don Juan loved when he fell in love with Roseleta, and that he had enjoyed her with words. of husband; the one who, as she learned of the event, angry at having lost don Juan because of Roseleta, wanted to take revenge on both of them; of the lady, taking her away from her husband, and of don Juan, aggravating her with his friend.

He was free and he had erred, a cause for some to give themselves more to freedom; that this was what men had to look at when they disturbed the maidens, that it is up to them to teach them to be evil.

She put herself in the most occasioned parts for Don Pedro to see her; And although she was not as beautiful as Roseleta, her free gestures, with other gestures that she made to him with lascivious eyes, as he already hated his wife, attracted him so that he came to get his bid, so that Don Pedro fell in love with she, entering his house, not as a demure lover, but with more freedom than if he were her husband; and as a new affection he assisted him more, lacking in his house not only the gift and entertainment of his wife but also the support of his family, his property and that of his wife were not enough for Angeliana to destroy; that always for the things of the devil there is plenty and for those of God there is no.

This friendship became so public that the city murmured it and Roseleta did not ignore it, whereby, impatiently, she complained, coming to have between herself and Don Pedro the usual dislikes that there are between married couples about such cases; And because of this, and seeing that her property was diminishing, she did not enjoy it, she determined to write a paper to Angeliana, threatening her that if she did not withdraw from her husband’s friendship, she would take her life.

This role Angeliana gave Don Pedro with great feelings and tears; and to harm him more, she told him that she knew for sure that don Juan had enjoyed Roseleta; that when she gave him the papers and an account of the claims she had, she was jealous for taking revenge on him, because he wanted to marry her, and that those papers were among the first that don Juan had written to her; that those who later wrote to each other, full of loves and caresses, as she had seen some of them because she had taken them from don Juan, who had not shared them with her.

Finally, the traitor Angeliana arranged it in such a way, asking her to avenge her wife’s audacity, and if it had been the cause of her not being that of don Juan, that don Pedro, giving her credit, promised it; And to execute him, so that they did not blame him or Angeliana, they agreed on what they had to do, and it was that Don Pedro withdrew from the industry of his lady’s house, and attended with more punctualityp. 269 and take care of hers and Roseleta’s gift, with which the poor lady, her jealousy calmed, began to have more pleasure than she had hitherto had, seeing that her husband had calmed down and removed himself from Angeliana’s occasion.

For more than two months, the false Don Pedro waited for the occasion he desired, not viewing his lady but with great caution and modesty. At this time Roseleta fell ill from a tight throat, that it was necessary to bleed her, as was done; And that same night the ungrateful and cruel husband, after collecting the family, seeing that Roseleta was sleeping, removed the bandage from the bleeding, and uncovered the vein, from where it bled until it surrendered the beautiful life to the beast and rigorous death, and as he saw that he had already executed the blow and that she was dead, shouting loudly, calling servants and maids to bring light, he disturbed the house and neighborhood, and entering with the light, that he had deliberately died when he did the good In fact, they found the beautiful dead lady, who, as she had bled to death, was the most beautiful thing that human eyes had seen.

Her whole family mourned her, and the city also lamented such misfortune, cruel don Pedro helping everyone, who, screaming and crying false tears, made and said such extremes that in many he credited feelings, but in others caution.

“Where have you gone,” he said, “my beloved wife?” How have you left the sad body of your Don Pedro without a soul? Presto will follow after you this despised man. Oh, my angel, how can I live without you? Who will gladden my eyes, lacking the beauty of my dear and beloved Roseleta?

He threw himself on her, kissed her hands, and did not want anyone to console him, since he was comforting himself.

They buried Roseleta with the general feeling of all, and that same night Angeliana came to console Don Pedro, and she did it so well that she stayed home so that she would not be disconsolate again, with which everyone began to know that he had her. dead; but since it could not be found out, he stopped only to murmur it, and more so when within three months he married Angeliana, with whom he lived in peace, although not sure of God’s punishment, that if it was not given to them in this life, they would not I would reserve him in the other.

Don Pedro looked for don Juan, already professed, to kill him; but God did not allow it, that the one who had once kept him always kept him, because with permission from his elders he passed into a narrower life, where he ended up in peace.

Now see the ladies of these times if, with the example of the past, they find themselves in the spirit to trust men, even if they are husbands; and not be disappointed that he who says he loves them the most, hates them; and he who praises them the most, sells them the most; and the one who more shows to estimate them, the more despises them; and that the one who shows himself the most lost for them, finally gives them death; that with women they are all one; and this is seen in that if it is honored, it is hated because it is; and if it is free, it tires; if she is honest, she is finicky; if daring, dishonest; They do not like their costumes or their customs, as can be seen in Roseleta and Camila, who neither was right, neither one was silent nor the other spoke.

Well, ladies, let’s be disappointed, let’s go back for our opinion, let the men die in ourp. 270memories; Well, we are more obliged than they are to ourselves.

With much carelessness, relief and grace, the beautiful Nise put an end to her disappointment, giving the ladies, with her well-understood document, to fear and warn that it was fair that they all look.

Nise lived free of love, which although she was beautiful and desired by many to deserve her as a wife, had never surrendered her free will to anyone, and therefore with less embarrassment than Lisarda had spoken; And as they saw that it had already ended, the ladies and gentlemen began to give their opinions on the said disappointment, claiming if Don Pedro was easy to believe what Angeliana told him against the decorum of his wife, since he should know that, being his friend and being angry at the role she had received, the truth is that she could not speak well of her.

The gentlemen excused her, claiming that a husband is not obliged, if he wants to be honest, to find out anything; for when the sane were without guilt, the ignorant would not excuse him; And when he wanted to hide what Angeliana was telling him, because it was a secret case, it was enough for him to think that she knew it, and more so by claiming to have seen different papers from those he had been given: and when he was very certain of the innocence of Roseleta, Angeliana already seemed to question her, even if she lied, and left her honor obscured.

The ladies said the opposite, affirming that he had not died for honor, because what more disgraced and darkened did he want to see his honor than by having married a wife who was spoiled by don Juan and then enjoying him, but rather by being discharged by marrying him. the one guilty, the one without guilt had died; that what could be most admired was that God had delivered don Juan in such a cautious way, and allowed Roseleta to suffer.

To which Lysis replied that it was no longer necessary to feel that God cannot be asked why he performs these miracles, assuming that his secrets are incomprehensible; and thus, some pounds and others let suffer; It seemed to her, with the short flow of her ingenuity, that God had given Roseleta heaven, suffering that martyrdom, because she must have found her in time to deserve him, and that don Juan was kept until he deserved him with the penance and that he had a longer life, and so many disappointments to amend it: with which, all of them subjecting themselves to his opinion, they gave place to the beautiful Dona Isabel and the other musicians, who were waiting for silence, to sing this romance:

Despite fortune

That his sight took me away,

Without being aurora in my arms,

Yesterday Phoebus woke up

Pouring laughter into the flowers

With its divine splendor,

Giving pearls to the fountains,

Luster, being and admiration.

Who saw, between red clouds,

Get out, rule the sun

The flaming horses

p. 271What did Phaethon break?

Who saw Jove decree

The punishment that was given

The waiter misunderstood

What did he fall for being proud?

And who saw the wise Mercury

Put the pastor to sleep

That watched with a hundred eyes

To unfortunate Io?

Who saw holding Mars

With your extreme courage,

The warlike squads

Whose owner and lord?

Who saw venus surrender

The superb condition,

Courageous among soldiers,

Tender trying to love?

Who saw conquering the world

That great emperor

That he reached so much mounts,

Glories, title and blazon?

Who saw the impossible beat

That boy who burned,

To punish their weakness,

His arm with such courage?

Thus, jungles, in my eyes

A beautiful sun offered,

And having seen him, jungles,

My bliss I am praising.

Send me the fortune

If I am from the east of such a sun,

Being a diamond that I reach

To its rays more value.

But oh! how about a favor

In dreams fortune offered me;

Because never my love

If not sleeping, this is what he deserved.