Sarkozy sentenced to three years in prison

Acourt in Paris, France, ruled on former President Nicolas Sarkozy’s alleged corruption and abuse of power, and sentenced him to three years in prison, of which one year cannot be suspended. Sarkozy became the second former French president to be convicted after Chirac, and the first former president to serve his sentence in prison.

According to the French newspaper Le Figaro on the 1st, French prosecutors accused Sarkozy of providing high-paying positions to Judge Archiebel in exchange for internal information about Sarkozy’s illegal receipt of political financial aid. Sarkozy has always denied the relevant allegations and defended himself in court, saying that he “never engaged in any corruption.”

When the music ended , the beautiful Phillies took the seat that had already been disengaged, very afraid of going out of the effort as gracefully as the others who had disappointed; and shocked by this, covering her beautiful face with new and pink alexandrines that the drowning caused her, she said:

“True, beautiful ladies and discreet gentlemen, and you, divine Lysis, to whose government we are all subject, who would give in at will to anyone who would want to get me out of this endeavor that I am in, this place;” because having to disillusion in time that so many deceptions are used, that everyone lives from them, of whatever state or quality they may be, is strong rigor; And so I say that women are not deceived, that one thing is to be deceived and another is to be deceived; nor should men be to blame for everything that is imputed to them; And so many women see today, without the past cases, cry and moan for having been mocked.

What better disappointment do we need? But they will say what a high school student once said, hearing about a misfortune that had happened to a married lady: “It was good that because of a ship that was flooded, the others did not sail.” And it is true that, although it is said that free will is not subject to the stars, because taking advantage of reason we can defeat them, I believe that, if we were born subject to misfortunes, it is impossible to get away from them.

It is well noted in Camila and Roseleta, that neither one with her prudence was able to free herself, although she was silent, nor the other with her throwing, speaking, did not get rid either; and although I look at Carlos and Don Pedro as two very cruel friends, I cannot persuade myself that all men are the same way; Well, I judge that neither men should be blamed in everything, nor women either. They were born with the freedom of men, and they with the modesty of women; And thus, for what they should be more blamed, leaving aside that they are more unfortunate, is that, as they are the ones who lose the most, the crime shines in them more; And because of this, as men consider themselves the most offended, complain and condemn them in everything, and thus they are today more dejected than ever, because they must be the greatest excesses.

Other than this, like men, withp. 273the empire that nature gave them to be, afraid perhaps that women will not take away from him, because there is no doubt that if they did not give themselves so much to composure, effeminate themselves more than nature, they effeminated them, and as instead of applying themselves to playing the weapons and studying science, they study curling their hair and shading their faces, and it could be that they happened in everything to men: then blaming them for being easy and of little value and less profit is because they are not raised with the power; And so, when the girls begin to have a speech, put them to work and make vanillas, and if they teach them to read, it is by miracle; that there is a father who has as a less valuable thing that his daughters know how to read and write, assuming that if they know it they are bad; as if there weren’t many more who don’t know it and are;

It would be good that if a woman wore a sword, she would suffer that a man wronged her on any occasion; It would be funny that if a woman professed letters, she would not oppose both doubts and positions with men: according to this, fear is to bring them down and force them to do home-made things.

This proves well the value of the sisters of the Emperor Charles V, who do not want to take hold of the past, but of the present; because the understanding of the serene Infanta Isabel Clara Eugenia of Austria, because with being the Catholic King Don Felipe II from so much knowing that he acquired the name of prudent, he did not do or attempt any action that did not take advice with her: as long as he estimated the advice from your daughter; for in the government of Flanders he well showed how great was his learning and courage.

Well, the most excellent Countess of Lemos, senior chambermaid of the most serene Queen Margarita, and aya of the Empress of Germany, grandmother of the most excellent Count of Lemos, who lives today, and lives many years, was of such excellent understanding, in addition to having studied the Latin language, which had not written to match it.

Mrs. Eugenia de Contreras, a nun in the convent of Santa Juana de la Cruz, spoke the Latin language, and was so quick in grammar and theology, having studied it, that she admired those who were most eloquent in it.

Well, in addition to these there are many others that the world enjoys today, excellent in prose and verse, as seen in Mrs. María Varona, a nun in the Concepción Jerónima convent, and Mrs. Ana Caro, a native of Seville: and Madrid has already seen and experienced her understanding and excellent verses, since the theaters have made her esteemed and the great understandings have given her laurels and cheers, labeling her name in the streets; And it will not be fair to forget Mrs. Isabel de Ribadeneira, lady of my wife the Countess of Gálvez, so excellent and unique in writing verses that justice deserves the applause among the past and present: because she writes with such success that it takes only women, but men, the laurel on the forehead; and many others that I do not name for not being verbose.

It can be believed that, if heaven granted such divine understandings as these who studied, if they all did the same, some more and others less, they all knew and were famous.

So I am not going out of the way where men, out of fear and envy, deprive them ofp. 274 letters and weapons, as the Moors do to the Christians who have to serve where there are women, who make them eunuchs to be sure of them.

Ah, beautiful ladies, and what could I say to you if I knew that as I am heard I should not be whispered! Hey, let’s leave the finery, roses and curls, and come back for ourselves; some with understanding and others with weapons; and it will be the best disappointment for those who are today and those who are to come; and of course I have said what I think, and since I am in this seat, I have to disappoint, it is a force that, fulfilling the commandment of divine Lysis, must be my disappointment against the knights; and if one day I need them, I ask for your forgiveness and permission.

With great pleasure they all listened to the beautiful Phillies, who after thanking her, and granting what she so justly asked, began like this:

If my sorrows could be measured

They were not sorrows, no, what glories they were;

With more ease they could count

The birds that are lost in the air.

The stars on account reduced,

Truer than they had number;

For impossible, easy they will be seen

The scattered sands are counted.

Without you, sweet and absent owner of mine,

The night I spend wishing for the day

And in seeing the day, at night I cry.

Tears, where are you, I gladly send,

Glory I feel for you in my sorrow,

A certain sign that what I lose I adore.

I hope, I despair, I moan and cry,

That without you, beloved owner,

The river tires me and the meadow saddens me.

When will the day come

That I see you again, my lady,

That until I see you,

There is no taste for me what taste it is!

Thus he sang to amuse his sorrow, being as great as one who knows what absence is, Don Martín, a young gentleman, noble, gallant and well understood, a native of the imperial city of Toledo, whom they had absent from his homeland, desiring to increase honor apart from a gallant and beautiful lady, his cousin, whom he loved as his wife; when he sailed the return of Spain, honored with courageous deeds and increased by great services, acquired in Flanders, where he had served his Catholic king with courage and heroic courage, and from whom he expected, arriving at court, honorable prizes, binding of I walk my free neck to the yoke of marriage, a kind and soft bond for those who take it with pleasure, as he hoped to do with his beautiful cousin, judging the eternal path, for preventing him from coming to enjoy and possess his loving brap. 275Zos, resembling the prosperous wind with which the ship flew lazy calm.

But fortune (cruel enemy of rest, who never does anything to the liking of desire), having closed the dark, gloomy night and revolted with frightful thunder and lightning, with furious rain, turning the gentle wind into a rigorous storm; The sailors, afraid of getting lost, wanting to weaken the sails because the ship did not hit a rock and shatter, it was not possible for them, before it began to run, without order or path, where the furious wind wanted to take it, with so much pity of all that seeing they had no other remedy, kneeling, calling God to have mercy on the souls, since the bodies were lost; and thus, putting the helm on the route of Sardinia, it seems to them they would not prosper very badly if they reached it, with lost hopes of taking lives, With great tears, each one was entrusted to the saint with whom he had the most devotion; And it is true that, if it were not for the courage with which Don Martín encouraged them, the same fear would end them: but he was from Toledo, whose breasts do not know him, and thus, making the same face to good as to evil, putting all their hopes in God, they waited with courage what would happen.

Three days passed in this way without the darkness giving them place and going engulfed in the high seas to know where they were going; And since this assured them the fear of breaking the ship to pieces, they did not give it to the land of the Moors, when on the fourth day they discovered land shortly before nightfall, but it was to increase their fear, because they were mountains so high that, Before evil happened to them, they had already foreseen it; And trying to subside, it was impossible, because the sad ship was so furious that before they had the place to do what they were trying to do, it hit the rocks and broke into pieces, so that, seeing themselves lost, each one went as best he could to save his life. and even that they considered impossible to free her.

Don Martín, who following the exercise of arms, this was not the first fortune in which he had been seen, cheerfully grabbed a board, each one doing the same, with whose protection and that of heaven they achieved, despite the furious waves, land where they could most comfortably; And as they saw each other in it, although knowing their manifest danger because the waves came to beat the rocks themselves, because they were angry and out of mother, they thanked God for the favors he had given them.

Seeking how they could find shelter, Don Martín and another passing gentleman, who the others straightened out to other parts, took refuge in a hole or bank that there was in the rock, where, because it was well concave and dug, the water did not reach.

They stayed until morning, when the air having calmed down and the frown removed from the sky, the sun rose and caused the waves, retired to their cerulean shelter, to discover a sandy beach, up to two yards wide, so that it was possible to very good to walk around the rocks.

Seeing this, Don Martín and his companion, fearful that the coming night would not find them there and anxious to know where they were, and in need of sustenance, for not having eaten since the morning of the day before, left that dangerous shelter.p. 276And walking along that path, they were looking if they found somewhere to climb to the top, being very careful that it was not a land of the Moors, where they would lose the freedom that heaven had granted them, although it seemed more civil death to end their lives. at the hands of hunger. I don’t know how sweet this sad life is that, even with work and misfortunes, we crave it.

Hunger gave Don Martín and his comrade more war than hoping to be captive, and they felt more the loss of maintenance, which had been lost with the ship, than the dresses and clothing that had been flooded with it: although Don Martín did not need the money, because in a pocket that he carried in his pouch he had saved a good amount of doubloons and a chain.

More than half a day would be spent when, walking along the seashore, they discovered a badly used path that climbed to the top of the rock, and entering through it, not with little fatigue, at about four in the afternoon they reached the top, from where they discovered the flat and delightful land, many very fresh groves and in them orchards with a pleasant view, and many sown lands, and in them, or near them, some beautiful farmhouses; but they did not see any people, so they could not get over their doubts as to whether they were among enemies; But, at last, subject to what fortune wanted to make of them as they found what to eat, they continued on their way, and a little more than a league, when it wanted to get dark, they discovered a great and beautiful castle, and they saw in front of him walking walking a gentleman, who in his size, dress and good looks seemed to be.

She had, over an expensive and rich dress, a crimson velvet overcoat, with many gold handrails and Spanish use, that our wet and hungry walkers were not a little happy, thanking God that, since with so much work He had led them there, it was a land of Christians, because up to that point they had feared otherwise.

Leaving for the gentleman, who stopped to wait for them, judging in seeing them come like that what could be, and as they got closer they could see that he was a man of up to forty years and something dark, but with a beautiful face, a mustache and black hair and somewhat frizzy. Coming closer, then, with a stern and cheerful countenance, he greeted them with great courtesy, and continued saying:

“I have no need, gentlemen, to ask you what luck has brought you here, since I already judge from the way you come, on foot and poorly lean, that you have escaped from some defeated ship that in the past storm has been lost, shattering into pieces. these rocks; and it has not been a small mercy from heaven to have escaped with their lives, many others have already perished without being able to land.

“That’s right,” replied Don Martín, after having returned his courteous greetings, “and I beg you, sir, do me the mercy of telling me what land this is, and if we will find a place nearby where we can repair ourselves from past work and from that which wears us out.” , which is not having eaten two days ago.

“You are, gentlemen,” replied the gentleman, “in Gran Canaria, although where fortune made you take it, it is very difficult to know it, and from here to the city there are two leagues; and of course that the day is already going to the last day, it will be impossible to get there in time that you can accommodatep. 277give what you lack, and even more being outsiders, which is strength, ignore the way, and of course the need you have for sustenance and rest, because you seem to me in the Spanish language, and I have a large part of this happy land, which is of what I am most honored, I beg you to accept my house to rest tonight and all the time that you like the most, that you can send as your own in everything, and I will have it for a very great favor; that later I will go with you to the city, where I sometimes go, and you will be able to accommodate what you will need for your trip.

They thanked the noble knight Don Martín and his comrade with courteous reasons for what he offered them, accepting, due to the need they had, his pious offer; and with this all three and some servants who had left the castle entered it; and closing and throwing the bridge, because it was already late and those badly secure fields of robbers and bandits, they climbed to the top.

Our heroes were noticing that the gentleman must be very important and rich, because all the rooms were very dressed with rich hangings and excellent paintings, and other curious things that said the value of the owner, without missing women who came to put lights and see What were they commanded regarding the gift of the guests that their lord had, because they came out, having called them, two maidens and four white slaves with shod on their faces, whom the knight told to go to his mistress and told her to have two good beds prepared for those gentlemen, together in a stable, and that supper be prepared, because they needed to eat and rest; and while this was being done, Don Martín and the companion stayed with the knight, recounting their journey and the way they had arrived there, judging,

After dinner had been prepared and the tables had been set, as they were about to sit down, two things were offered to view, of which they were well admired, without knowing what had happened to them; And it was that, when the gentleman told them to sit down, and doing the same, he took a key from his pouch, and giving it to a servant, he opened with it a small door that there was in the room, where they saw leaving, when they waited or that some hunting dogs or something similar, came out, as I say, a woman, at the same time that, through the other where the maids entered and left, another, that the sight of any of them caused Don Martín and his companion such great admiration that, suspended, they were not reminded of what they were going to do, nor did they attend to the fact that the knight was hurrying them to sit down.

The woman who came out through the small door seemed to be up to twenty-six years old, very beautiful with such a great extreme that Don Martín judged, having seen them very beautiful in Flanders and Spain, that she exceeded them all; but so skinny and colorless, that she seemed more dead than alive, or that she showed signs of her near death.

On his very white and delicate flesh he did not bring but a sack of very coarse slang, and this served him as a shirt, skirt and dress, girded with a piece of rope. The hair, which was more like skeins of Arabia than anything else, parted in a braid, as they say, in the village style, and placed behind his ears,p. 278they thrown a very coarse linen cap. He carried in his beautiful hands (which looked like snowflakes) a skull.

Don Martín, fed up with seeing her distill strings of crystalline pearls from her beautiful eyes, judged that if in that suit the carats of her beauty were so revealed, that in another more precious one it would be the wonder of the world; and as he got close to the table, he went under it.

The other one that came out of the other door was a black one, so ink that jet was white in comparison, and on this, so fierce that Don Martín judged that if it was not the devil, it should be his portrait; because its noses were so blunt that they imitated the bracos dogs that are now so valid, and the mouth with such a large snout and bezos so thick that it looked like a lion’s mouth, and the rest in this proportion.

Don Martín could very well notice her face and expensive dressings in the time it took her to arrive at the table, because the two maidens came before her with two silver candlesticks in their hands, and in them two lighted wax candles.

The fierce and abominable black woman was wearing a full skirt with pointed sleeves, made of red gold satin, so resplendent and rich that a queen could not have better; shimmering diamond shoulder and waist necklace; on her throat and wrists, thick and very white pearls, as were the earrings that hung from her ears; on her head, many flowers and precious stones, such as the rings she carried in her hands.

So she arrived, the gentleman, with a cheerful face, took her by the hand and made her sit down at the table, saying:

“You are welcome, my lady.”

And with this they all sat down, the black woman next to her and Don Martín and his comrade opposite, so admired and amused in looking at her that they hardly remembered to eat.

The gentleman noticed the suspension well, but not for this reason did he stop giving and caressing his black and demonic lady, giving her the best bites of his plate; and the unfortunate beauty that was under the table, the bones and crusts, which were not good even for dogs, but being so in need of sustenance, she gnawed at them as if she were one of them.

After dinner, the black woman said goodbye to the gentlemen and her lover or husband, who could not guess what it was, and returned the way she had come, with the same solemnity that the maidens left with the lights; And as the battered beauty came out from under the table, a servant, one of those who attended to serve, poured water into the skull that he carried in his hands, and returning to his shelter, the servant locked the door and gave it to him. to his lord.

After this, and the servants gone to dinner, the gentleman seeing his guests so suspended thinking about the things they saw in that house, without daring to ask the cause, he spoke to them of this fate:

“Although, good friends, your work at sea has made rest and rest necessary for you more than hearing events, you see you so much admired of what you see in this house that I am sure you will not regret hearing mine, and the cause of the extremes that you see, that you will judge them enchantments of which they are counted there were in the first age of the world; And because you come out of the admiration in which I see you, if you like to know it, with your permission I will tell you my prodigious story, making sure that you are the first to whom I have told it and have seen what in this castlep. 279 happens; Because since I retired to him from the city, I have not allowed any of my relatives or friends who come to see me to pass from the first room, nor will my servants dare to tell anyone what happens here, pity that they it will cost your life.

“Before, my friend and sir,” replied Don Martín, “I beg you to say so and take me out of the confusion in which I am, that I cannot have the rest that you say my fatigue has needed without first knowing the story that contains such prodigious mysteries .

“Of course that’s what, I’ll tell you,” said the knight, “stay tuned for me, it’s like this:

My name is Don Jaime de Aragón, which was my father’s, who was a native of Barcelona, ​​in the kingdom of Catalonia, and of noble knights of it, as my surname says.

My father had with other gentlemen of his country some competitions on the courtship of a lady, and it was by luck that they came to draw swords, where my father, or for more courageous, or rather fortunate, leaving one of his opponents in the Last but not least, he escaped on a horse to the kingdom of Valencia, and embarking there, he went to Italy, where he spent some years in the city of Naples serving the king as a brave knight, where he became captain; and already tired of walking outside his homeland, returning to it, with a defeated storm, like you, in those rocks and saving his life in the same way, he was repairing himself in the city of past work, he saw my mother, who having died her parents had left her young and rich. Finally, after two years that he wooed her, he came to marry her.

They had me only by the fruit of their marriage, who, coming under his education at the flourishing age of eighteen, was so inclined to arms that I asked my parents for leave to go to Flanders to spend a few years in them and see lands.

My parents thought it good, because I did not lose the honor that by so noble exercise I could win, although with paternal feeling they accommodated me as necessary, and taking their blessing, I embarked for Flanders, arriving there, I settled my place and went to what was necessary in the practice that I professed, and in this I spent six years, and I think that it would be until now if a case had not happened to me, the most horrible that you have heard.

I was twenty-four years old at this time, the size according to the flourishing age I was, the finery like that of a soldier and the graces like that of a young man, accompanied by the value of the noble blood that I have.

Well, while one day in the guardhouse with other comrades and friends, an elderly man came to me, who apparently professed to be a squire, and calling me aside, he told me to hear a word from him, and saying goodbye to my friends, I turned away. with him, that when he saw me he just put a piece of paper in my hand, telling me to read and giving him the answer by word of mouth.

Read to him, and it contained these reasons:

«Your size, Spanish, along with the other graces that heaven gave you, force me to want to speak to you: if you dare to come to my house with the conditions that that servant will tell you, you will not regret having met me. God bless you.”

p. 280Seeing that the paper did not say more and that it referred to what the servant said, I asked him how I could obey what was commanded on that paper, and he replied that I should not be warned any more than if I resolved to go That I was waiting for him at ten o’clock at the same station, that he would come for me and take me away.

I, with the youth that I had, the faculty that I professed, and helped by my noble blood, did not look at risks or fear dangers, it seemed to me that even if I went to the abyss I did not venture anything, because I did not know the face of fear, I accepted the Ida responding that she would wait for him.

The shrewd messenger warned me that in this case there was no risk other than communicating it with anyone, and thus he begged me not to tell a comrade or friend, that it mattered to me and the person who sent him.

Assured of everything, and without calm until seeing the bottom of a case with so many cautions governed, I scarcely saw that it would be ten o’clock when, stealing from my comrades, I went to the designated post, and when the clock struck ten, my old man arrived in a brave horse, which allowed itself to be seen by making the night clear, and getting down from it the first thing it did was to blindfold me with a taffeta that it had been aware of, whose action sometimes I doubted was safe and other times I laughed at such transformations; And telling me to get on the horse, he got on his haunches and we began to walk, it seemed to me, in the time we walked, that it had been two miles, because crossing streets and alleys, as if his eyes were covered, he could not see where he was going Many times I thought that we were walking again what we had already walked.

Anyway, after more than an hour we arrived at a house, and entering the hall, we got out, and so, blindfolded as he was, he took me by the hand and took me up the stairs.

I confess that on this occasion I had some fear and I was sorry for having put on one occasion, that she herself, since it was founded on such caution, was threatening some serious danger; But considering that I could no longer go back and that it was not the worst thing to have left my dagger and sword, and a small pistol that I carried in my pouch, I charged again, because I judged that, having to defend myself, since I died, I could kill.

We have just gone up, and in the middle of a corridor, to what seemed to me to have tempted the railings, with a key that he had he opened a door, and moving, when entering through it, my hand, which in his led to another Apparently from touch I judged better, without speaking a word it closed again and left, leaving me more enchanted than before; because the lady to whom he delivered me, as I judged by the roar of the silk, walked with me three more rooms, and in the last one, reaching a dais, she sat down and told me to sit down.

Cheer me up when I heard her speak, and tell her:

“Thank God, my lady, I already know that I am in heaven, and not as I have believed that they were taking me to the infernal abysses.”

“Well, how do you know that here is heaven?” He replied.

—In the glory that I feel in my soul and in the smell and sweetness of this hostel, and that, although blind, either I am of bad knowledge, or this hand that I have in mine cannot but be of an angel.

“Oh, Don Jaime!” He replied again, “don’t judge easep. 281this that you have seen except by force of love, from which I have often wanted to free myself and have not been able, although I have tried to arm myself with honesty and the quality that I have; but your gala and bizarreness have been able to do more, and thus they have come out victorious, surrendering all the defenses I have tried to put at the feet of your courage, with which, running over inconveniences, I have brought you the way you see; because both you and I care to live with this secrecy and modesty; And so, to get this loving job, I beg you not to communicate it with anyone, that if you Spaniards have something bad, it is not knowing how to keep a secret.

With this he uncovered my eyes, although it was as if he did not, because everything was dark; and I, thanking her for such sovereign favors, with the audacity to be alone and without light, began to try by breath to know what sight could not, bewitching parts so enhanced that I judged her in my imagination by some deity.

Until one o’clock, I was with her enjoying great favors, whenever the occasion gave rise, and it seemed like time, as she would have given me a large pocket and with good bulk, since it was so full that it could hardly be closed, she said goodbye to me with loving feelings , and blindfolding me again, saying that the following night I should not neglect to be in the same position, he went out with me to the door through which I entered, and surrendering to the same one who had brought me, closing again, we went down where the horse was. , and getting on it, we walked another as long as on the way out, until I was in the same position from which it had taken me.

When the servant was leaving, I arrived at my inn, and finding my comrades already in bed and sleeping, I entered my room, and making thousands of crosses of the event that was passing through me, I opened my pocket, and there was in it a chain weighing two hundred gold shields, four diamond rings, and a hundred doubloons of four. I was absorbed, judging that she must be a powerful woman, and thanks to my good fortune, I spent the night, giving another day a chain around my neck and gleaming hands, playing long and spending liberally with friends: so much that they told me what Indies had come; whom I satisfied with saying that my father had sent it to me; And the next night, waiting at the post for my guide, who was very true at the same time, whom I received with my arms, and with giving him what his care deserved,

In this way I spent more than a month, without missing any night my guide, nor did I enjoy my enchanted lady, nor did she fill me with money and precious jewels, which in the time I say at length gave me more than six thousand ducats, with that I treated myself like a prince, without, in all this time that I have said, allowing himself to be seen; and if I bothered her to do so, she replied that it was not convenient for us; because seeing her and losing her had to be one; but as the fortunes founded on vices and perishable delights cannot last, the fortune of my happiness tired and turned its wheel against me; and it was because my friends and comrades saw me sop. 282grown and powerful, they suspected badly and began to speak worse; Because by making judgments and making speeches from where I could have so much jewelry and money, they gave in the smallest, saying that I was a thief or robber, and this was spoken behind my back so blatantly that it came to the ears of a comrade of mine, called Don Baltasar : And although on several occasions he had come back for me, and put himself in many risks, angry to see me in such a bad opinion and perhaps fearing what they said was not true, he separated me one afternoon from everyone and taking me out to the field he said:

“True, friend Don Jaime, it is impossible to excuse telling you my feelings, for what I have brought you here, and believe me that loving you well causes it, because I am so sorry to hear people speak ill of you, as is done between all of us.” those who know you and have seen you are not as abundant as you are; And to say it at once, know that after they see you with so many increases and improved finery and jewels, as you flaunt for a few days in this part, among the soldiers, all together and each one for himself, making conjectures and judgments Where can it come from, they say publicly that you have it, where even I am ashamed to say it, but it is no longer the time for it to be concealed from you; They say, in short, that you must steal and weather, inferring that they see you missing from home every night: I have had many annoyances to come back to you,

I beg you, for the friendship that exists between the two, which is more than kinship, remove me from this doubt, so that since the others are deceived, I am not deceived, I am also a man and it may be that seeing that you keep yourselves and you are cautious of me, create the same deception that others believe, and knowing the opposite, I can surely return for your lost opinion and support mine.

I laughed very willingly listening to Don Baltasar what he was saying, and I wanted to apologize by giving the case a different color, for not discovering the secret of my beloved garment, which already at this time, with the burdens of the obligations that I had, although not he saw her, he loved her; But in the end, Don Baltasar pressed the difficulty so much that, asking him for the friendship that existed between the two of them, he kept my secret, warning him of the risk that I was running, I told him everything that had happened to me and was happening.

Don Baltasar admired and returned to admire, and after having given and taken on the case he said to me:

“Is it possible, friend, that we don’t have to know where this house is, even for the safety of your life?”

“I doubt I find it,” I said, “from the way they carry me.”

“Not very doubtful,” said Don Baltasar, “because you can take a sponge soaked in blood, and it is accommodated in a glass, and making a sign at the door with it when entering or leaving, it will be easy another day for us to find the right for it.” home.

In short, in short, that same night I brought the sponge and pointed to the door, and another day Don Baltasar and I did not leave any street or square, corner or alley in the whole city, which we did not look for; but we could never discover such a sign, and turning back to the inn, tired and amazed at the case, not twenty houses from it, in some very main ones, we saw the sign of blood, that we were confused and astonished, and that surrounding , when they took me, so much, we judged it was by dazzling me, so that I judged that it wasp. 283 far away.

Let us find out who the said houses were and we knew that they belonged to a prince and great potentate of that kingdom, already very old, and who only had one daughter, heir to all his estate and wealth, a widow, but a very young woman, for having married her as a child, and the most beautiful ladies of that country. We looked at everything very well and noticed that, although there were many bars and balconies, they were all with very thick lattices, where you could see without being seen.

Let us meet at the inn talking about the case, and after having dinner, we left, I to my place, to await my guide, and Don Baltasar to hide in the same house until satisfied, and at last we found out everything, because my old north, I went to my dark glories, and Don Baltasar waited until he saw me enter, with which he returned to the inn and I stayed with my lady, with whom, making new caresses and showing her greater returns, I was able to achieve , although against her will, to let herself be seen: thus she herself went through the light, and taking between her beautiful fingers a lighted wax candle, I saw, not a woman but a seraphim, and sitting next to me, she said to me:

“You see me, Don Jaime, may heaven not be to lose me: I am Madame Lucrecia, Princess of Erne, you will not say that you have not achieved with me what you have wanted, look what you do.”

Oh, what a mess young people make! If I had these words in my memory, I would not have reached the state in which I am, and I would have greater, because killing the light, he continued saying:

—My father is very old, he has no other son but me, and although I have many marriages, I do not accept or will accept until heaven gives me room to make you my husband.

Kiss his hands for the favors he gave me and the ones he offered me again; and when it was time, full of happiness and money and very much in love with the pretty Lucrecia, I came to my inn, giving an account to Don Baltasar of what had happened; although careful that I met in Lucrecia to remain sad and confused.

Another day in the morning I dressed even more gala and care than other times and with my comrade we went out to the street as usual, and as a poorly managed and in love waiter, we began to walk around the street, now up and down, looking at the windows because the eyes could no longer excuse themselves from looking for the beauty they had seen, and after eating we spent the afternoon on the same thing.

Woe is me! And how already my misery was pursuing me, and my fortunes, tired of accompanying me, wanted to leave me; Because not having seen even a shadow of a woman in that house all day, we got to mine, and while Don Baltasar went to the guardhouse, I stayed at the door.

It was a little before nightfall, as they say between two lights, when a woman in a flamenco dress came to me, with a mask on her face, and told me in Spanish that everyone in that kingdom already knows it through communication that there are with Spaniards:

“Badly advised waiter, get out of town at once; Look, you are not less than life, because tonight they have to kill you on the orders of the one who loves you the most; and because of the pity I have for your youth and gallantry, at my own risk I warn you.

And saying this he left like the same wind, without waiting for my answer, nor could Ip. 284 follow her, because at the same point Don Baltasar arrived with other friends who were posing with us; and if I have to tell you the truth, even if they did not come, I could not follow it, according to what was cut off and fainted, their words left me; Although I decided that my beloved lady was the judge who condemned me to such a precise and near death: with all that, as my friends arrived, I charged myself something, and after having dinner, I pushed Don Baltasar aside and told him what I had said. It had happened, that casting a thousand judgments, sometimes fearing and other times with the courage that such things required, we stayed until three-quarters of ten, that already tired of thinking what it would be, with the pride that my courage gave me I said:

—Ten will give; Come on, friend, and come the world, that even if it costs me my life, I will not leave the company started.

We left, I arrived at the post, ten o’clock struck and the one who was waiting did not come; I waited until eleven o’clock, and seeing that he was not coming, I said to Don Baltasar:

—It may be that if they have seen you, they will not come for that: get away and cover up in this alley, let’s see if this is the occasion.

And as soon as Don Baltasar deviated where I told him, when six armed men with masks came out of a house below where I was, and two of them firing two pistols, and the others reaching for their swords, they attacked me, surrounding me everywhere. parts: of the pistols, one was overlooked, but the other hit me in the arm, which although it did not incarnate to tear me to pieces, it was enough to hurt me very badly: I reached in and wanted to defend myself, but it was impossible, because with stabs and Lunges, as there were six against me, knocked me down, mortally wounded.

At the noise my comrade returned and people left the neighboring houses, and my friends, who were not yet in bed because they had started playing, and the traitors, seeing what was important to them, fled, if not, I have no doubt that they did not leave until I’m done.

They took me to the inn half dead, they brought doctors at the same time for the soul and for the body, it was no small mercy of God to remain so that I could take advantage of them. Anyway, I came to the point of death; but heaven did not want this sentence to be executed then.

As much care was taken in my healing as I found the money to do it, that I came to get better from my wounds and be ready to get up; And when I started to do it, the general sent me to tell the sergeant major that I should try to leave that country and return to my homeland, because he made me certain that whoever had put me in the state that I was there was not yet avenged, who told him that way because of a paper they had given him, without knowing who; and that they told him that he had been crazy and a bad guardian of secrets; that he did not make judgments, that everything had originated from the hand of a woman.

In this I learned from what part my damage had come; And so, without waiting to be more convalesced, I set out, and with a lot of work, due to my poor health, I arrived at my homeland, where I found that the angry grim reaper had already cut the thread of life from my mother, and my father, old and very ill, so within a year he followed his beloved consort.

I was rich, and in the best of my age, since I was thirty-three to thirty-four years old at the time. Then many marriages of high-quality ladies and wealth were offered to me, plusp. 285I had no desire to marry because the adored image of Madame Lucrecia still lived in my soul, lost the same day I saw her, because although it had been the cause of as much evil as I suffered, I could not forget or hate her; until one Holy Week, going to the main church to the divine offices, I saw a sun, I mean little, an angel; I saw, finally, a portrait of Lucrecia, so similar to her that a thousand times I wanted to persuade myself that, regretting having put on the occasion I said, she had come after me: I saw, finally, Elena, that this It is the name of that unfortunate woman whom you have seen eat the bones and crumbs of my table; And just as I saw her, I did not love her, because I already loved her; I adored her, and then proposed, if there was no cause to hinder it, to make her my wife; follow it, inform me of its quality and condition; I knew it was noble but so poor that even for a mediocrity it lacked; She was a maiden, and her virtues were the same as I could wish for, because the dowry of beauty was close to that of honest, collected and well understood: she had no father, who had died a year ago, and her mother was an honest and holy lady.

Content with everything, realizing that virtue and beauty were the greatest wealth, and that having Elena had more wealth than Midas had, I married her, leaving mother and daughter so grateful that they were always repeating it; and I, as more of a lover, had deserved it for the happiest of men.

I took Elena from the greatest misery to the greatest greatness, as you have seen in this black woman who has been at my table tonight, making the noblest ladies of all Gran Canaria envious, both with the beauty and the greatness in which they saw her; the beauty of Elena wearing the ornaments and rich jewels so much that those who saw her were enthralled: and I fell more and more in love every day, seeking new yields to further oblige her, I loved her so tenderly that the hours without her judged centuries, and the years in his company, instants. Elena was my heaven, Elena was my glory, Elena was my garden, Elena my slacks and Elena my recess.

Oh me, and how you will think me crazy, seeing me recreate with the name Elena, and mistreat her as you have seen tonight! Well, Elena is already my amazement, my horror, my hatred; Elena was a woman, and as a woman she caused her misfortunes and mine. Her mother died six years after Elena was married, and I feel it more than she does: let heaven live, that perhaps in her shadow it was her daughter who should be!

Elena had a first cousin, the son of her father’s sister, a handsome and well-versed waiter; but so poor that he did not have to be able to continue his studies and dedicate himself to the church; And I, that all Elena’s things were considered mine, so that she could get her studies, I brought her to my house, eating, dressing and succeeding at my expense, and I gave it to her with great pleasure, because I had her instead of a son .

We had already been married for eight years, it seemed to me that there was not an hour: we lived in the city, although in summers we came to this castle to collect the farm from the country, as everyone does; and that summer, when my misery began, Elena happened to not be good; and believing that they were pregnant ailments, as I wished,p. 286 I did not allow her to come here: I came alone, and since living without her was impossible, eight days later, prompting me the desire to see her, I returned to the city with the greatest happiness that can be imagined: I came into her arms, and I was received with the same.

When I consider the betrayals of a woman, my life ends: with what dissimulation she caressed me, asking me that if I had to return to the castle, I should not leave her, that being apart from me she did not live! Well, as soon as I was calm in my house, this black woman that you see here called me aside, who was born in my house to another black woman and a black man, who being both slaves of my parents, they married them, and she told me crying:

—Yes, sir, it will not be a reason to cover up the evil that happens, that it would be to deny me the upbringing that your parents and you did to mine, and to me and the bread that I eat: God knows how sorry I am to tell you this, but it is not fair that being able to remedy it, by keeping my silence, you live deceived and without honor; And for not stopping, I fear that my life will not be more than what they see me talking to you, because that is how they have threatened me, my wife and her cousin treat your offense and illicit love and, in the absence of you, your cousin occupies your place. bed; I had suspected it and carefully looked at it, and it is the evil that they felt it. I have warned you of the betrayal they do to you; now put the remedy in it.

How I turned out, good friends, heaven only knows, and you can judge it. A thousand times I wanted to stick my tongue out at the vile messenger and other times not to leave anything alive in the whole house; but seeing that it was to scare the game if it did, I reported, and concealing my unfortunate sorrow, I tried another day, no longer having patience to wait to see my injury in sight of my eyes, that we came here; and implying that it mattered to me to be here more slowly than other times, I sent all the household goods, servants and slaves first, and then we left.

Elena, with pleasure in what I had him, even if it was out of caution and dissimulation, that I am in that it was, and even if it was not, because to the honor of a husband only that he suspects it is enough, the more having witnessed by sight It agreed all over pleasant.

The first thing I did, blind with furious anger, when arriving here, was to burn Elena’s traitorous cousin alive, reserving his head for what you have seen, which is the one he carried in his hands to serve as a glass in which he can drink the acíbares, as he drank the sweetness in his mouth.

Then, calling the black woman who had discovered my betrayal, I gave her all Elena’s jewels and finery in front of her, and told her, to give her more pain, that she was to be my wife, and that she would serve herself as such. and sent from the hacienda, servants and servants, sleeping in my own bed, although I do not execute this, because before Elena is finished, I have to take her life too.

Elena wanted to apologize, but I did not allow it. I did not kill her later, because a brief death is a small punishment for the one who did such evil against a man that, taking her out of her misery, put her in the highness that I have told you about.

Anyway, from the luck you see, I have had it for two years, not eating more than what it has eaten and drunk today, nor having more than a few straws for bed, nor that corner where it is is greater than its lying body fits , that even standing cannot be put; his company is the skull of his traitor and beloved cousin, andp. 287 that is how she must be until she dies, seeing every day the slave she most hated adorned with her finery, and in the place that she lost on my table and at my side.

This is what you have seen and what has you so admired. I don’t ask you for advice, I don’t have to take it even if you give it to me, and so you can excuse yourself from that work; because if you tell me that it is cruelty that I live dying, I already know, and that’s why I do it.

If you say that it would be more pity to kill her, I say that it is the truth, that is why I am not killing her: because I pay the grievances with the penalty, and the likes that she lost and took away from me with the troubles that happen; With this, they have gone to rest without saying anything to me, because, having brought these things to mind, I am with such deadly anger that I would like today to be the day when I learned my offense, so that I could once again carry out the punishment. Tomorrow we will see each other, and it may be that my passion is more human and I will hear everything you want to say to me; not because I have to change my purpose, but because I am not rude to you.

With this he rose from his chair, Don Martín and his companion doing the same, and sending a servant to take them to where they had their beds, bidding them good night, Don Jaime retired to where he had his.

Frightened were Don Martín and his companion at the event of Don Jaime, admiring how a gentleman of such noble blood, Christian and well understood, had the courage to delay such a cruel revenge for so long on a miserable and sad woman whom he had loved so much, judging, as discreet, that it could also be testimony that the damned slave had raised her mistress, assuming that Don Jaime did not make sure of it; and Don Martín resolved to make him understand another day, they began to undress.

Don Jaime, already retired to another block where he slept, with the passion, as he had said, of recalling the shipwrecks of his life, began to walk through it, sighing and striking one hand with the other, which seemed that he was without judgment.

Being in this, God, who does not forget his creatures and wanted, having already given (as will be seen later) the prize to Elena from suffering so much, that the body should not be left without honor, ordered what you will now hear: and it was that As soon as they had all been collected, when the black woman, who was lying down, began to shout loudly saying: “Jesus, I’m dying, confession!” your lord.

They all got into an uproar, and entering where the black woman was, they found her battling with near death. His face and body were covered with a deadly sweat, and after that with a tremor, the bed shook, and from time to time she remained dead, it seemed that she had already given the soul, and then she returned with the same pains and anguish to shiver and sweat at the same time.

Seeing then that he said that they should call his master, that he cared to speak to him before leaving this world, they called him, and so he, as well as Don Martín and his companion, had, to the uproar of the house, gone out, and all three entered, And some of the servants who were found dressed, where the black woman was, Don Martín noticed the richness of the bed in which the abominable figure slept, which was made of blue damask, velvet drips with silver fringes and fringes, which at the account judged to be the bedp. 288 Elena herself, who had even been made the owner of that by the ill-advised husband.

So the black woman saw her lord, she said:

—My Lord, in this step I am in, there should be no lies or deceptions; I am dying, because in a great hurry I feel that my life is ending, I had dinner and went to bed good and healthy, and I am already finishing; I am a Christian, although bad, and I know, although black, with the speech I have, that I am already in time to tell the truth, because I feel that the judgment of God is threatening me; and since in life I have not feared him, in death it must not be that way; And so I swear to you, due to the rigorous pace in which I am, that my wife is innocent and does not owe the guilt for where you have condemned her to such a rigorous penalty; And may God not forgive me if what I said was not a testimony that I raised her, that I never saw her anything that deviated from what she always was, holy, honest and honest; and that his cousin died without fault: because the truth of the case is that I fell in love with him and I was persuading him to be my lover, and since I saw that he always talked to my wife and that he did not love me, I gave in that bad suspicion that they must love each other, because that The same day that you came, my wife quarreling with me, I told her I don’t know what freedoms because of this, that outraged by my freedom, she mistreated me in word and deed, and while punishing me, her cousin entered, who, knowing the case, also helped to mistreat me, both swearing that they would tell you, and I, fearing your punishment, went ahead with those lies so that you would avenge me on both of you, as you did; but God no longer wants my wickedness to be more concealed; There is no remedy for what has been done: what I ask of you now is that you forgive me and get the same from my wife, so that God may forgive me, and return her to her state,

“Yes, I will,” Don Jaime said, his eyes red with fury, “this is the forgiveness that you deserve, deceitful and bad female, and it would please God you had more lives than that you have to take them all away.”

And saying this he jumped over to the bed, and drawing the dagger, he stabbed it three or four times, or enough to speed up death more quickly. The case was made with such alacrity that no one could prevent or hinder it, nor do I believe they did, because they judged that punishment well deserved.

Get out, this done, Don Jaime out, and very thoughtful he paced the room, from time to time giving deep sighs. At this time Don Martín arrived, and very happy he said:

“Well, how, Senor Don Jaime, in a day of so much joy, in which you have gained honor and a wife, being able to realize that today you are marrying the beautiful Elena again, you go to extremes;” And the time that you have to enjoy yourselves in his arms, do you let him lose? You are not right; come back to yourself and rejoice as we all rejoice; Give here that key and let’s take out this sad and innocent lady.

The poor gentleman calmed down somewhat and taking out the key, he gave it to Don Martín, who, opening the narrow door, called the lady saying:

“Come out, Mrs. Elena, the day of your rest has arrived.”

And seeing that he did not respond, he asked that the light be brought closer to him, and he said well, that Elena no longer had it, and entering inside, he saw the unfortunate dead lady, lying onp. 289a few poor straws, the arms crossed over the chest, the one hand outstretched, which was the left, and on the right, formed with her beautiful fingers, a perfect cross; the face, though thin and haggard, but as beautiful as an angel, and the skull of the unfortunate and innocent cousin by the headboard, to one side.

So great was the compassion that came to the noble Don Martín that tears welled up in his eyes, and more when he arrived and touched her hand, he saw that she was cold, that on account, as well as from his painful prison, he must have heard her husband tell his pitiful story, it was his pain so great that the painful life he was passing was never enough, seeing the credit he gave to such a great deception, to ending his life.

Seeing then that there was no longer a remedy, after good Don Martín had told him with tears:

“Blessed are you, Elena, who has already finished with your unfortunate luck;” and unfortunate that you did not even know how heaven returned for your innocence, so that you left this world with some consolation.

He called Don Jaime, saying:

“Come in, sir, and see what has caused your cruel deception: come in, I beg you, for now there are tears and feelings, that Elena no longer needs you to give her the prize of her martyrdom, because God has already been given in heaven.

Don Jaime entered excitedly and with broken steps, and when he saw Elena how lucky she was, crying like a skinny woman who had had a beast’s heart, he threw himself on her and kissed her hand, he said:

“Oh, my Elena, and how you have left me!” Why, madam, did you not wait to take revenge on this traitor, who gave more credit to a falsehood than to your virtues? Ask God for it, I deserve any punishment.

Don Martín, seeing him with such passion, came warned to take away the dagger that he had in his waistband, fearing that he would not do some despair; And it is true that he did it, because, reaching for it and not finding it, he began to fist and pull out his beard and hair, and to make many mistakes.

They all came crying and almost by force they took him out; but, because of the things they did, they couldn’t calm him down until he completely lost his mind, which on the other sadness seen, this one put the seal; and those who were present, letting go of the reins to pain, shouted as if each one lacked the most beloved garment of his soul, in particular the maidens and slaves of the late Elena, who surrounded her crying and saying a thousand pitiful reasons, subscribing it and publishing his virtuous life, who, because their lord did not want to hear them, had not done so before.

Don Martín seeing the confusion, ordered the women to retreat inside, and by force between him and the servants they took Don Jaime to his bed and put him to bed, tying him up so that he did not get up and throw himself through a window, that was his he was afraid that they would let him take his own life to go where Elena was, ordering two servants not to turn away from him or leave him alone.

Let us find out if Don Jaime had any relative in the city, and telling him he had a first cousin, the son of a sister of his mother, a rich gentleman of great quality and nobility, then one of the servants sent a letter to come and arrange the necessary in so many failures; and knowing the case by Don Alejandro, and informed of everything, he andp. 290His wife, with many people from his house, both raised and maids, with other gentlemen who knew the case, came to Don Jaime’s castle, where, finding so much pity, all together they cried with tenderness, and more to see Elena than every hour it seemed to be more beautiful.

They took her out of where she was, which until then Don Martín had not consented to touch her, and placed in a box that he had brought from the city, after having buried the black woman, who looked like a portrait of Lucifer, there, in the chapel From the castle, with Don Jaime, Elena’s body, and everything else related to the property and people, they came to the city to Don Alejandro’s house, and Don Martín and his comrade with them, whom they all did much honor; and after Elena was buried with a general feeling, they discussed with famous doctors to give remedy to Don Jaime; but it was not possible. Don Martín spent a month there waiting if Don Jaime was relieved, and seeing that he had no remedy, fired from Don Alejandro, he embarked for Spain, and taking a prosperous port he arrived at the court.

Seen by His Majesty the occasions on which he had served him, he rewarded him as he deserved; and arriving in Toledo he married his beloved cousin, with whom he lives today happy and chastened in the event that he saw with his eyes, so as not to be deceived by the entanglements of bad maids and servants; and in the parts that were found he recounted the event that you have heard in the same way that I have told him, where with him the opinion is clearly proved that, as far as cruelty is concerned, men are terrible, for she herself drags them in such a way that they do not wait for second information; and it is also seen that there are women who suffer innocents, since not all of them have to be blamed, as in common opinion they are.

Now ladies see if it is a good disappointment to consider that if those who do not offend pay, as Elena paid, what will those who, following their crazy fancies, not only give rise to punishment, but cause them to infamous all, not deserving it ? And it is well to note that, in the current era, we are in such an adverse opinion with men that neither with suffering do we defeat them, nor with innocence do we force them.

Here the beautiful Phillies put an end to her disappointment, touching all who heard her with the patience with which Elena had carried her long martyrdom; and the gallants, grateful for the courtesy Phillies had shown them, gave her courteous thanks; and all, each giving his opinion, spent some part of the night, which he was already walking at a hurried pace to his shelter, to make room for the day, which was also walking at full speed; And this was while they took out an expensive and well prepared collation that, being so late, Lysis did not want it to be dinner, being advised that they would meet the next day earlier, because they would take place after said the four disappointments, to receive a sumptuous banquet that was planned.

With this the night ended, with Dona Isabel and the musicians singing these songs:

As Tantalus I die,

The glass to the mouth,

p. 291And when the lip touches,

And I want to like it,

From me it is moving away,

Without looking that I’m raging with thirst.

Did I steal the ambrosia,

Oh angry Jupiter,

Why have you punished me

With so much tyranny?

Oh, what fierce rigor,

That being next to the good, for the good I die!

Oh my thought!

What have my eyes done to you

That, filled with anger,

Is each one a river?

And you, deaf to my complaints,

Without hurting their evil, you leave them crying!