What happened to the 1 euro house in Italy

In order to restore popularity and boost the economy, since January 2016, more and more small towns in Italy have sold houses at a symbolic price of 1 euro. The reporter learned from the official website casea1euro.it on March 1, that the official website for buying houses in Italy for 1 euro. At present, 28 small towns have participated in this activity.

Although the plan sounds like a win-win situation for home buyers and the local community, the implementation process has caused many problems. CNN reported on February 27 that the Facini family had immigrated to Canada since their grandmother’s generation. Now they heard that the family’s old house in the Italian countryside would be sold at a low price, so they sold it to Castroppi, Italy. The Giano government made representations. After a long wait, the government asked Facini to produce relevant documents to prove his house ownership. However, reports said that the house may have been passed on to other descendants or distant relatives who have never met in the family; in addition, people often avoid taxes. For Facini, it is very difficult for Facini to not follow the formal procedures when transferring or selling the property rights of the house and to produce relevant documents. Although the mayor said that the government has not given up looking for the owners of the old homes while pushing forward the 1 euro sale plan for more than 100 old homes without owners, but there are still many people who want to get the old homes back like Facini. The families of these original homeowners said they were afraid of losing their ancestors’ houses due to time, distance and legal disputes.

Although some small towns will set up special agencies to contact the original owners of the old houses and successfully sell the houses, according to the reporter’s understanding, many buyers have to spend a lot of money to repair the houses they bought, and the cost is much higher than the 1 euro sale. Some people joked that this is a “housing scam”.

According to Italian media reports, many houses sold for 1 euro (pictured) can only be described as “old and broken” from the exterior to the interior. The exterior walls are mottled, the paint has long been faded and black, and most of them are located in traffic. Blocked place. For this reason, the purchase cost of 1 euro seems to be low, but it hides huge renovation costs. Take the town of Sambuca in Sicily as an example. Buyers must comply with many restrictions, such as paying 1,000-5,000 euros as a deposit, and the renovation cost must not be less than 15,000 euros. Not only must they provide a renovation plan to the town council, but also Complete the decoration within the specified time. At the same time, the price of houses in some areas is not really 1 Euro. For example, Sambuka Town only auctions houses with 1 Euro as the starting price. Those who want to buy a house need to bid fairly, and the higher price will get, and in the end only a few One can buy a room for 1 euro.

When the beautiful Dona Isabel finished singing, Dona Luisa had already occupied the seat of disappointment, and with great grace she said thus:

—For my life, I don’t know what greater disappointment, beautiful ladies, you want to hear, than this sonnet that the beautiful Dona Isabel has now finished saying, because in it the Man has said that there is only one who must not be deceived, and the one who deserves only to be loved.

But, since I cannot excuse myself from saying what is my turn, I will put aside many circumstances in which I could stop myself if you knew the painful worries that I had with my husband, so opposed to my will that I never knew him grateful to her; Before, with many disagreements in the words and a large part in the eyes, he satisfied me when I most won him over and flattered him with caresses: but, because for himself no one is a good judge, in the eyes of others I will leave many my fortunes and I will tell the misfortunes of others, referring to a story so true that even today there are those who do not have it, remembering it, you wipe away your tears, giving no more rebuke to the knights than that which disappointment itself offers them; because I was so fond of my husband’s detachments and warmth that in him I respect everyone, and with this warning I say like this:

Due to the death of a great lord of Spain, they were left without the protection they had in their father, because their mother had lacked days before, a son and four daughters of beauty and virtues that one can believe they would have such great ladies: and although entering his brother in the inheritance of the states prevented his sisters from the protection of a father, he could not prevent them from freeing them from the unfortunate star in which they were born, because I can assure that each one could be told a disappointment; for neither beauty, virtue, understanding, illustrious blood, nor innocence served them so that they would not be sacrificed victims for the sake of misfortune.

The first, called Dona Mayor, married in Portugal: this lady took with her, when she left with her husband, the youngest of all: her name is Dona Maria, with the intention of giving her in that kingdom a husband equal to her greatness; but to one and to another his misfortune followed; becausep. 320Doña Mayor not being beloved of her husband, because of the sympathy that the Portuguese nation has with the Castilian ladies, in not trusting them, and thus, or for trying her, or, more true, for having an ailment to get rid of her with color of grievance, wrote a letter in the name of a Castilian gentleman, giving it to a page who would take it to the lady, who, doing so, reading it, amazed that such was written to her, entered the husband, who was waiting for this occasion, and drawing his sword to kill her, because the sad page, loudly, began to tell the betrayal, killed him, and then his innocent wife.

The sister, seeing the failure and having heard very well what the page had said, she and the servants, fearing death (that he would give it without a doubt), threw herself out of a window, and some of the Castilian servants escaped and others accompanied to his mistress in the eternal journey.

Doña María was so unhappy that she broke her legs, so that for some years that she lived she was always in bed; because when she fell, she could be seen by some Castilian knights who were assisting her ill-fated sister, who saved her and brought her to Castile; where, knowing the case by His Majesty, he punished the prisoner as the memory of his punishment remains to this day.

The second sister, whose name is Doña Leonor, married in Italy: this lady, already having a four-year-old child from her marriage, because she praised a Spanish captain very gallant, not with bad intent but he really was, washing the head, the husband entered through an outhouse door, and with his own hair, which was very beautiful, tied it to the throat, with which he choked it, and then killed the child with poison, saying no Doubtful son was to inherit his estates: and if the captain, advised by a lady of the same lady, did not escape, he would run the same fortune.

Dona Blanca, who was the third sister, and the first not only of the others in beauty, understanding and value, more than all those of that time, remained to marry; because that is how Dona Blanca looked among the most solemn of the court as the star among the other stars. For the convenience of the royal crown and the taste of her brother, her marriage was arranged with a prince of Flanders, whose father, who was still alive, was a great potentate of that kingdom.

The misery of her sisters had not happened, nor did it happen so quickly; because it is possible to believe that if it happened before Dona Blanca was married, without a doubt I must not accept it, before she entered religious; but she had to continue for what the others did, and for this reason cruel fate did not execute her wish until Dona Blanca was held captive in the bond that only death breaks for her.

With little pleasure the beautiful lady accepted to marry without knowing or knowing with whom; because he said, and he said well, that a woman was of great courage when she married just for convenience and another’s taste with a man whose condition and customs she was ignorant of; for whose sake he envied those who married, preceding the finery of lovers first; for, when she did not accept her will, she could not complain about anyone but herself; And seeing that he could not achieve this way of marrying, at the time of signing the capitulations, he determined by condition, before granting them, that the prince had top. 321come to Spain, and before marrying he had to woo her and serve a year, in the same way and with the same finesse as if it were not granted by his wife, but fell in love with her with walks, music, tickets and gifts, as if pretended to excuses and dint of finesse; because she wanted to love for the treatment and to know through him the understanding, condition and graces of her husband.

His brother laughed a lot and all those who knew the conditions under which Dona Blanca accepted the marriage, which even in the palace was counted and laughed; but her brother, who loved her very tenderly, to please her and because losing her would delay, came as much as Dona Blanca asked, and thus, the prince was advised, who did the same with great pleasure, that since he was a little older that Dona Blanca, to see Spain, although to her father’s discontent, then put his departure into execution.

Among the ladies who attended her, Dona Blanca had one who had grown up with her since she was a child and whom she loved more than anyone, with whom she communicated the most secret of her thoughts. Well, one day when Dona Blanca was touching herself, and all her ladies attending her, she asked them (as she was so affable):

“What have you heard about what is said in court about the conditions under which I accepted this marriage?”

Doña María (who was the name of the lady so dear to hers) answered her, as the one who trusted her love spoke more freely:

“If I am to tell you the truth, my lady, I hear everyone say that it is madness;” Because being able to enjoy rested tastes with your husband, you want to condemn him and you condemn yourself to the pain of procrastination and the anxieties of loving, hoping to possess the very thing that is yours.

“And who are the fools, Dona Maria,” asked Dona Blanca, “who call a reason founded on good speech madness?” So do you think it is better to marry a woman to a man whom she has never seen or spoken to, and who happens to be ugly, foolish, lackluster, or poorly composed, and then finds herself hated and desperate for having misused, than not being warned of the wealth that carry on your husband? All the things that are bought are tried to see, and what views please the taste, such as a dress, some jewel: and a husband, who cannot get rid of it like the jewel and the dress, has to be for the taste alien? How much more successful it is that, gallant, the will wins her, and she, well found with it, pays it to him; No, as we have seen many who marry without taste, and living without it they pass from life to death, without having lived the time that the marriage lasted,

There is no more firm love, Dona Maria, than dealings: with it, the defects or graces of the one who has to be a companion for life are discovered. And to those who use the vulgar adage, “that whoever marries for love lives in pain,” I consider ignorant, because their very ignorance denies them, because one can never forget what they really loved; and by loving, they feel neither the pains, nor the needs, nor the discomforts: love gilds and sweetens everything; and if perhaps there is distaste, it is caused by the inequalities that in marriagesp. 322for loves there are; but, if they are equal in the nobility and in the goods of fortune, what disappointments or pain can there be that all love does not supply?

It is like saying many that the husband should not be jealous: it is a remarkable deception, because not being so so much that he sins as a fool, and he does not lack the love and gift of his wife out of jealousy, with that the excuse that it is not easy; Well, the one who has a careless husband is more quickly thrown into any mischief than the one who is careful about him, because he knows that he has, or does not have, a place.

I, at least, I want to know in my husband, in the fineness of the gallant, how affectionate he will be when he is a husband, and in the punctual hits without possession, what he will act on her.

“I’m fine with that,” said Dona Maria: “but you, ma’am, even if you know different conditions in the prince than the ones you promise yourself in your idea, can you stop being his?”

—There is much to find out about this, because I am not the one I promised myself, that if that is the case, he will not try to notify me of what I charge in him: he has been promised gallant, well understood, affable, liberal, with a thousand other prerogatives the letters are filled with; and as many hyperbole as the portraits say, it has been seen infinite times to be misleading. I find out something else: then I will have no obligation to comply with what I signed, because they do not give me what they promised; and for that there are convents, because I don’t have to captivate myself with another one different from the one they told me; and I can be deceived, saying that I promised myself to a perfect man, and that, of course they give me imperfect, he is not the one that I should deserve.

Come the prince, and begin the loving labor, that will not allow the sky that is less than as I wish; and know how to be a good gallant, so that later on he is not a careless husband; and if it is not as they have painted it, time will tell me what I have to do, and each one follows his opinion, that I am not going to depart from mine.

With these and other colloquia, Dona Blanca and her ladies entertained the time it took for the prince to arrive, who came and seen, in terms of presence, size and dress, with the beauty of his face, it was not necessary to despise, and even doña Blanca seemed very good to him, and I do not know if the concert weighed on him in terms of the delay, as he gave it to understand when he saw him through some small lattices, and later hearing him speak with his brother, so that an ante-door could cover her .

They had forewarned him an inn on the same street where Dona Blanca lived, who in industry, to get what was arranged, did not lodge him in their own house. Among the other graces that the prince had was to speak our language very well, because the lords always have teachers who enable them in all of them.

Dona Blanca did not want the prince to see her that day, giving as an excuse that she was not warned, excusing the courtesy visit that should be made, perhaps because she was more eager for her sight, or because of course she was not marrying with pleasure: and staying summoned for another day, the prince and his people went to rest.

When morning came, doña Blanca got up very melancholic, so much so that it seemed as if she was holding back the tears that her beautiful eyes were bursting to leave, having her maids confused, and more to doñap. 323Maria, missing not giving her part of her grief; and thus in mockery he said:

“What severity or sadness is this, lady, in times of such joy, how is it fair to have for the coming of the prince my lord?”

To this, Dona Blanca replied:

“Until now, it is no reason to give him this title, there is still a year until it is.”

“And even that must be,” replied Dona Maria, “what makes you sad, if it is not the fact that you did not like the boyfriend.” Tell us, so heaven makes you very happy with it.

“For your life, Dona Maria,” answered Dona Blanca, “and for mine too, which is neither one nor the other;” because as for having seemed good to me, I can swear that I am the passionate one; And as for wishing that the year of the concert was fulfilled, I give you my word that I would like it to last an eternity; And I also assure you that I do not know what this upset comes from, if it is no longer to think that I have to leave my country and my brother, and go to lands as remote as they are where I have to go; but it does not seem to me to be the cause, nor can I reach it, although I try harder.

Speaking of this and other things with which her ladies tried to amuse her, she dressed herself and took such care of her and everyone else that she looked like an angel, and she went out where her brother and the prince were waiting for her, who fell so much in love with the beautiful lady. Blanca, or did she pretend, that the heart of man has cunning for everything, that she made us understand with her eyes and words how much it weighed on the delay that there was to enjoy such beauty; and starting from this point the courtship in the praises and in the view, the visit ended, and Dona Blanca retired to her room so sad that she no longer only tried to stop the pearls that appeared at the windows of her eyes, but letting how many wasted her eyelashes fell to the ground.

Oh, what a prophet the heart is! He seldom forgets to warn of the misfortunes that are to come if we believe him. Because confessing that he liked the prince, not denying that he loved him, having seemed good to him and not wanting the possession, before regretting that to get it was a short term of one year and that he wanted it to be longer, things are that they admire.

She went to bed immediately, not wanting to answer what her ladies said to her, and she did not get out of bed for four days, admiring everyone, especially her brother, who did not know to what to attribute such different effects as they saw in her; in which days of indisposition, the prince informed of which was Dona Blanca’s most beloved lady, and knowing that it was Dona Maria, spoke to her and gave a paper and a rich present of very seasoned things from her country, and for her a jewel of great value, with others for her to share with the other ladies, what Dona Maria received; And having taken him to her mistress, after giving the ladies their jewels, Dona Blanca dressed hers, very pleased with them, and read the paper that said in this way:

«He who does not sanitize his audacity with the desire to be a husband should not be admitted gallant, nor will he be a good husband who is not a very fine gallant; Well, it is strength that is everything to be perfect in everything. Let your mind shine well, my most beautiful lady, in differentp. 324To put that the glory of deserving you is conquered with the pain of desiring you: that I am yours, you already know: that you are mine, I do not know, because I have not yet reached a state of such good; And so, I beg you to order what I have to do to deserve mine; Well, I already know what I have to do in order not to die until you are; and because I have no other objection to the blows of your beauty but hope, encourage me with it, so that I do not die with the delay of your glorious possession. Heaven keep you. ”

Having read the paper, Dona Blanca praised the understanding and solemnized the good taste of the present, but she did not respond in writing; He only sent Dona Maria to tell him how she had received him with the estimate that was due.

After the four days, Dona Blanca got up, her sadness already somewhat tempered, and she listened with more pleasure how they told her that the prince was walking the street and that he had come out very handsome in his colors; And that night she went out to hear a music that he gave her, singing this sonnet most excellently in six voices:

He does not want, beloved owner, my pain

As harsh remedy as absence,

That there is neither courage, sanity nor patience

To suffer, although to suffer stubbornly.

Treat me with disdain, with deviation,

With jealousy, although its violence is so much,

You will make a clear experience of firm love,

Although I turn a river with my tears;

That as I see myself in your eyes,

Sweet north of love, my stars,

In whom the misfortunes of my luck I hope;

Happy, sad, with a thousand angers,

They will give breath to my weary spirits,

But when I don’t see you, I despair.

If I don’t love you more than me,

If seeing you gives me life

Have it, if I do not see you, for loss.

The prince well knew that the bars were occupied, and he did not doubt that Dona Blanca would be in them, and with much carefree and grace, as one who wooed with the faith of a lover and the security of a husband, he said, coming closer:

“Will I be so happy that among so many stars is the sun, and among so many Northerners the white and silver Cynthia?”

“Yes,” replied one of the ladies, who as these loves went with the conveniences already mentioned, and with the public, they did not want to haggle favors, nor were they afraid of backbiting.

“Well, how, my lady,” he continued, “do you cover your divine rays and lustrous candores with the darkness of silence?” I deserve a favor from you, even if it means sending me to die.

“May you live many years,” replied Dona Blanca, “and let the music continue is what I command.”

And with this, warning the musicians, they sang this romance again:

p. 325I want to tell you my happiness,

Sweet and loving jungles,

Instead of what did you hear

With a pleasant hearing my sorrows.

The sun came out in my eyes

Of a divine beauty,

Such that deity worshiped him,

To not know the eternal.

To its accents the soul,

With such attentive sweetness,

Moments he judged the hours,

Thousands counted the complaints.

Love, banishing doubts,

Although he was a child, he gained strength;

Who says love lies

It is greater with offenses.

With the tenderness it is raised,

If with sight it is engendered;

With firmness he encourages,

The finesse feed him.

Grudges make him faint,

Unreason freezes him,

Sick with fears

And die with offenses.

And being so that love

With favors it increases,

Who has received so many,

Strength is wanting with more truth.

Who will see, white divine,

Your beauty and gentleness,

That I don’t give you as a tribute

A thousand souls, if I had them?

Such an empire your beauty

It has put in me, that I would like

Give you my soul again,

Unless this garment is yours.

To have so many to give you,

How are your clothes,

None free will be left,

Let them all surrender.

Oh, owner of my soul!

If you estimate it as yours,

Mistreat her with love

Do not kill her with her absence.

If more than I do not value you,

I pray to God he doesn’t see me

In possession of those eyes,

Always be in your disgrace.

Jungles, if you see the beauty of Blanca,

Tell him my firmness,

Refer my sorrow to him;

Beg him, jungles, that he hurts me.

When she finished singing, Dona Blanca withdrew and Dona Maria remained to tell the prince that her mistress was very well served by his delicacies: with which the prince very gladly went to his inn.

This disappointment would never end if the things that happened in this entertainment of love and proof of understanding had to be told often, as Dona Blanca called it that way; because they came to write to each other well understood and tender papers, to speak to Dona Blanca through a fence, granting him no more favor than that of her beautiful hands; wishing the ladies, and more doña María, that it would last as many years as the days of the concert had; because in addition to enjoying the most nights of music, and the days of walks, bulls, canes and jackets, masks and other parties that the prince made in the service of Doña Blanca, they were very much invested in finery and other gifts, also enjoying his wooing ; and thus, they wished that the year would not end.

Dona Blanca wanted him more; because every day that went by cost her a lot of waste of pearls: she felt so sorry to imagine that she was going to get married; And in addition to this, she loved the prince so tenderly that, when he came to see her, the lady or page who gave her the news, he gave, in delight, a jewel. Who ever saw such different effects of love and heartbreak?

These loves were counted at court out of admiration; Some said that Dona Blanca had good taste in making his beauty cost the prince so dear, and that he bought it at the price of delays: others that it was madness, and that beingp. 326truly hers and that she could possess without pregnancy, delay it for so long; so that each one spoke as he felt about the case.

Perhaps that the maids spoke with the prince’s servants, trying to know from them how their owner carried these delays; They told them that he was desperate, and that, although he really loved Dona Blanca, if it weren’t for his brother, he would have undone the concerts and returned to his homeland, that is how his father wrote him to do so; And when Dona Maria said this to Dona Blanca, her eyes flushed with tears, she replied:

“I am more desperate for the deadline to be met so quickly; that if they are late, I judge them early.

Anyway, he arrived (that there is no one who does not arrive, and especially the one who brings misfortune as a godfather, who seems to spur him to be fulfilled more quickly); Dona Blanca married with the same rejoicing of the whole court; and when they thought that the wedding was to be with the same joyous applause, it was with tears and mourning; because almost one after another came the sad news of the unfortunate end of his sisters, bringing to his eyes the smallest, unable to walk; because from the knees down he had neither legs nor feet, the bed having to be the theater where while he lived he represented at all hours the adverse star with which he had been born; With which Dona Blanca was so fearful and unpleasant that it is certain that, if she had not married, out of fear, interest or convenience, she would marry,

Anyway, full of mourning and regrets they finished celebrating the weddings, and then they began to discuss the departure. Doña María was trying to marry the waiter of Doña Blanca’s brother, and when she found out that he wanted to stay, since he loved her so much and they had grown up together, and he found her a relief in her greatest sorrows, she felt it lucky that, by moderating her Disconsolate, an order was given that Don Jorge (this was the name of the waiter of the brother of Doña Blanca) go in his service with other servants that Spaniards had, with a promise that on arriving there he would marry them and do mercy: with that within Two months married, she left Dona Blanca to Spain, with such a tender feeling of separating herself from her brother and sister, and from her beloved country, that the prince showed great anger at it: because as she was already in possession,

At the time that Doña Blanca left Madrid, the innocence of her sister Doña Mayor had been found out and the king had severely punished her husband, with which the pain of her death was partially moderated, judging her to enjoy the crown of martyr.

In short, she set out on the road, with the feeling that I say, was honored, the days that the road lasted, by her husband, but not with as much affection as when she was at court, that she, with strange admiration, gave part to her beloved Dona Maria, who as a rope encouraged, advised and entertained her sadness that she had left her paternal shelter and went to live forever exiled from him, and more with the detachments that she began to see in her husband; because they barely embarked and it seemed to himp. 327 that the innocent moth was out of its nest at all points, when it detached itself from it with such a display of warmth or anger that many times they had quarrels about it, and to the complaints it gave it, it responded:

—Don’t be vicious, Spanish, or lament so much about what is beginning now: what do you want: to see me always with you? Someday you will wish to see me far away.

I don’t know what misery Spanish women have with foreigners, who never esteem them, before they get tired after two days and treat them with contempt; and this for having seen it in many I say.

The trip came to an end, and when they reached their states, Dona Blanca found herself with less pleasure than before; because the father-in-law was a severe man who played more cruel than pious; and angry at the long time that his son had stopped in the courtship, even the same day they arrived in his presence he did not hide his anger and received her saying:

“When was this coming to be?” Enough, you Spanish are crazy: I don’t know which foreigner you fancy if it is not that he is desperate.

And other reasons, that Dona Blanca corrida did not manage to answer, knowing clearly that she was in the power of her enemies; and if her grief was relieved by anything, it was with a sister of her husband, named Mrs. Marieta; that in those countries or in Italy, no one is called a “gift”, but only the clergy, because no one flaunts the “gifts” as in Spain; and more so today, that they have hit on such a great vanity that even the coachmen, lackeys and kitchen girls have it, the black “gifts” already being so dejected, that the tavern and fruit shops are “Dona Serpiente” and ” doña Tigre »; that of my vote, although not the most correct, no main person had to put it, that not many days ago I heard call a dog in skirt “Doña Jarifa”, and a cat “Don Morro”, that if His Majesty (God preserve him) were to cast an invoice on the “gifts”, he would take advantage of more than one percent; because there are houses in Madrid, and I know them, that boil with “gifts” like the graves of worms; And they told me quite truely that a sly female farmer from Vallecas, selling bread the other day in the plaza, at whatever sway the donkey gave, said: “It’s cool, Don Rucio”; and wanting to leave, he began to say: “Don Arre”; and wanting to stop: «Don Jo». “Don Arre”; and wanting to stop: «Don Jo». “Don Arre”; and wanting to stop: «Don Jo».

Senora Marieta was a very beautiful girl, although she was married to a cousin of hers; and the best thing she had was to be very virtuous, and she lived with her father. Doña Blanca made a great friendship with this lady, the two of them charging so much love that, if it was not to sleep, they would not divide one from the other, communicating their sorrows between them; that they had so few tastes that they were not very tired to count them, because her husband esteemed Senora Marieta so little as the prince didña Blanca.

The prince had a page, a boy, a gallant, and that the years did not exceed sixteen, so dear that his wife exchanged his entertainment for that of the page; And he was so proud with the privacy that he seemed more like a lord than a servant: he had everything the prince esteemed, with him he communicated his most intimate secrets, everything was governed by him, and he was so bitter with everyone, that they tried to please him more than the prince .

Well, as Dona Blanca often asked what her husband was doing and they answered that he was with Ernestop. 328(that this was her name), and some, who either from mockery or you will see, told her that she loved her page more than not her, was the cause for Ernesto to hate Dona Blanca so that it showed not only in displeasure with that he always assisted her, if necessary, but in answering her on several occasions some freedoms; and Dona Blanca likewise hated him, as she was certain that he served as a third party in some love affairs that the prince must have had, and that from this the freedom and pride of the page was born.

With this thought she became jealous, with which she ended up losing; because she was openly disliked by Ernesto’s things, speaking to him with dryness and detachment, and he with freedom and ease, Dona Blanca and the prince came to have many annoyances over this cause, and all because of being less loved by her husband and more hated from Ernesto, and even from his father-in-law, who often heard very unpleasant words from him.

They did not call her by her name, but the Spanish; and although Dona Blanca returned by herself, not allowing herself to lose respect, she was worth little; because they were all her declared enemies, with none on her side, assuming that the servants that the Spaniards had were as oppressed and ill-liked as she was.

Dona Blanca was the most excellent musician, and she sang divinely, having no need to search for the tones to sing, because heaven had given her the grace to know how to do them; and more on this occasion, that as he had a flow of jealousy, he did it with more feeling. With them, then, he encouraged his nature, and so one day that Mrs. Marieta asked to sing something that they did to her jealous passion, she sang this romance that she had made, and I will tell you here why it was the cause of a great displeasure that she had with her husband:

What do your eyes taste like

To see the eyes, what a time

Owners called yours,

Two copious sources facts?

How nice does it give you to know

How little they occupy sleep;

Well they are crying

When yours sleeping?

Very at my expense you take away

The empire they had;

But you get the glory

And they pass the torments.

I don’t know what this enigma is like,

That the snow is on your chest

And without it unraveling in it,

It is already distilled by them.

But I already get to know

Of this doubt the secret,

That another fire undoes you,

And the damage results in them.

That among the dead ashes

From that your past fire,

Do not keep an ember

Let him revive for some time!

If you have the heart

Made for me of ice;

Come closer, ungrateful, to mine,

That soon will be undone.

Look at the fire that you burn

It is an apparent fire,

Not mine, which is love,

And it is your true warmth.

I don’t know how a noble chest

You can live satisfied

When he sees a surrendered soul

Throw the violent blows.

I don’t quite understand you

I don’t even understand myself;

I only understand that I adore you

I only understand that I suffer.

My tears make you hard

And it becomes a new case,

The water fall on the ice,

And not leave him undone.

p. 329Only in you, because I die,

Let love such an extreme;

Well you should know

That you lose me if I lose you.

I’m sure you will have

Whoever loves you; but I warn

Whoever loves you will find you;

But no more than I love you.

You are very greedy with me,

I owe you very few tastes,

That even for denying me love,

You are always pretending to be sleepy.

Cold you told me yesterday

What did you have: high story;

Well when are you hot

To give me comfort?

Don’t kill me so fast

Until jealousy kills me;

Sorrows, that when there is love,

They are more than hell.

Hide the lukewarmness,

That, if not love, is respect;

Do not pretend to be cruel

When I price yours

Tell Circe that you love it

Something that I deserve;

And ask for faculty

To not be so rude.

Who would ever tell me

This ingratitude that I see?

Ah, ungrateful man’s subtleties,

And how in smoke they went!

I remember when the sun

Found you on the street, coming

More than ever to see

What you are hating.

And I see that now you are

You resting on the bed;

And me feeling and crying

Your warmth and my contempt.

Well I hope that one day

Heaven will punish you

And that the same that you estimate

It must be the instrument.

And then you will know

What you have in my chest.

Which pelican is

To give you open.

And you’re still so rigorous

So ungrateful and so severe

That you do not keep my arms,

In case you are missing those.

My sorrows will kill me,

Because my suffering

He is so lacking in strength

That almost to live I am not right.

It is not a great victory to kill me,

When you see that I’m dying

At the hands of your rigor

And by force of my jealousy.

Take pride in your cruelty,

You will sing like another Nero,

Watching the soul burn

Where you have your empire.

Oh if it were in my hand

Hate you! Though i think

That, instead of punishing you,

Lisonja would have made you.

But it is character of the soul

The love with which I love you;

Well, who wants the impossible

You will not be able to achieve your intent.

But if you plan to show off

The rigor of which I complain,

Dying from grievances

It will be the last remedy.

So Blanca sings and cries,

But its owner does not listen to it,

What tears in the absence

They are of very little use:

And more with an ingrate,

That in another happier he is worshiping:

And although he sees her cry, he does not soften,

Because it is cruel, and tears do not feel.

Dona Blanca wasn’t right at anything, even if she was the right one, because since she was badly received, she made her angry anyway; And thus, entering at this point the prince and his father who came from outside, as in the last verses he said that dying would be the last remedy, he replied:

“So it will be, otherwise I can’t get rid of your anger.”

And continuing with great anger, he said:

“What crazy things or what lies arep. 330Are you, Blanca, that in verse and prose, with ailment and color of lamenting, are you saying against me? What! Isn’t it enough to secretly get tired and torment myself with them, but by singing the public ones? You are very tired Spanish women, a great punishment deserves the foreigner who mixes his blood with yours.

To this, as Dona Blanca was certain that it had been, as the one who had her so illustrious, her deception was greater than that of the prince, she responded with vigor:

—The Spanish woman deserves to be older, who understanding comes to be a lady, leaves her homeland, where she is, to become the slave of someone who does not deserve her.

“Don’t be daring, Dona Blanca,” replied the father-in-law, “I’ll clip your wings: with what arrogance do you soar, that I don’t know how you, or your lineage, thought to come to deserve to be my son’s wife?

Finally, not to tire, saying some and answering the others, the father-in-law was turned on so that the prince broke down with Dona Blanca, not only with words, but with deeds, mistreating her so much that it was a miracle to get out of her hands with life , and that could be owed, after God, to Mrs. Marieta, who with her authority put truces, although not peace; To the displeasure of this day, many passed that neither the prince saw her, nor Dona Blanca got up from the bed; but at the end these annoyances ended, making friends, I don’t know if for greater enmity; because Dona Blanca was, like such a great lady, dissatisfied with past contempt, and the prince less affectionate than before; because among the vulgarity, these quarrels between married people, when the anger comes to an end, they no longer remember them; but in the greatness of the lords it is different, that although they are married, they have mourning; And so Dona Blanca said to Dona Maria, because although she loved her husband most tenderly, every time she saw him the colors that her daring hands had put on him came out on his face.

A case occurred within a few months, the most atrocious that can be imagined, and it was, in the first place, dawn inside the same palace one morning stabbed to death by a gentleman of Mrs. Marieta, who shook her hand when she went out, waiter of great gala and nobility; and then, after two days, when the feeling that Mrs. Marieta and Mrs. Blanca had of this violent and disheveled death was still not moderated, and more so seeing that the old prince had not consented to do the errands that were very fair in an event so disheveled, before he ordered that no more be said about it, where it was thought that it had been done for his pleasure: as I say, within two days his father sent to call Mrs. Marieta to her room, who went to the point, and entering where she was, she found him with her husband and cousin.

It was not possible to know what happened between them, more than the doors of the room were closed, it was heard for a space to cry Mrs. Marieta, after this she called God, and then everything was silent; And it was that, to what was later seen, they had a stick tied to the back of a chair, and making her sit on it, her own husband gave her a stick in front of her father, that this so cruel sentence against the beautiful and unfortunate lady came out in agreement of the two, father-in-law and son-in-law; and for more than an hour that they had been talking alone, nothing could be known; and it was only suspected for havingp. 331died to his gentleman, which would be for some testimony, because Mrs. Marieta was so noble and so honest that no lightness could be thought of her, if it no longer damaged her being so noble and loving Dona Blanca so much every time he came back for her. In short, he died barely twenty-four years old, the judge being his father and the executioner his same husband.

Doña Blanca was careful what Senora Marieta would do in there, who already knew from her ladies that she had been called by her father; and not having opened until noon the door of the room where the cruel evil had been executed, which was the one in which he ate, they entered, and as it was opened, the servants set the tables; but even though they saw the sad spectacle, none of them spoke, because they had been told to do so or because they were all one.

The prince from outside came, who was not found in the pitiful case nor did he know him, that it was true he did not consent or save her, because he loved his sister very much and he was not the one who had felt less the death of the gentleman.

So when they had come, they told Dona Blanca to go out to eat, as she did it in a hurry to see if she saw Mrs. Marieta and to know what enigmas were those that passed in that house, and it happened that at the same time the prince entered through a door Dona Blanca came out through another that corresponded to her room, which had also been closed until then, with two more inside; and so he saw the sad corpse, saying “Jesus be with me!” He fell from a fatal swoon.

Her ladies, who had gone out with her, although very faint from what they were seeing, came; and the prince, who, as I say, had entered at the same time, seeing on the one hand his dead sister, on the other, Dona Blanca fainted, and his father and brother-in-law sitting at the table, there is no doubt but pierced with pain and frightened of such a case, with mortal color he went to doña Blanca, saying to his father:

“What cruelties are these, sir, or what do you want from this sad Spaniard, that you have called her to see such a pitiful case?”

To which the father replied:

“Hush, coward, you look more like the son of some Spaniard than not mine, who then let yourself be defeated by Spanish exploits.”

The ladies withdrew Dona Blanca to her chamber, accompanied by the prince, who did not want to sit down to eat with his father; before showing tender feelings of the death of his sister and evil of his wife, attending the remedies that were made to turn her into herself; After an hour, everyone believing she was dead and crying for such, she came to her senses with so many sighs and tears that she touched a marble, and seeing the prince who held her by one of his beautiful hands, encouraging himself as much as he could, He said:

“What does your father want from me, sir, or what is his thought, that since he did a cruelty like the one he has done to his daughter today, being so holy, honest and virtuous, he sent for me to see her?”

If he wanted to set an example for me, there is no reason, assuming that my royal blood and my honor have not needed him, since everything is like my name; other than in that of Senora Marieta your sister, because it is purer than the sun, it is not necessary to put fraud, that for me it has been killed more by malice than by reason.

If neither you nor he arep. 332 Well with me, send me to Spain with my brother, I give you word that, in undoing His Holiness the marriage and reaching her, I will become religious, because it will not be very difficult to break a bond that so gently tightens us.

She did not let her say more, of which the prince, touched, consoled her, assuring him that he was as oblivious to what had happened to his sister as she was; but that she believed that, since her father and husband had been determined to such cruelty, that some secret and quite cause would compel them, and with some lukewarm caresses he ate with her, and leaving her more still, in his opinion, he left, because he called him Ernesto his private.

With the prince gone, Dona Blanca called Dona Maria and ordered her to bring a desk where she had her richest and most precious jewels, and to call all the ladies who had come with her from Spain, there were six of them, since all the others They were flamenco, and having ordered them to close the door, crying with great tenderness, he told them:

—I have already seen, my dear friends, in the cruel and disastrous event of Senora Marieta that my death will not be delayed for long, because whoever has been so cruel with her daughter, it will be better for me, and even more so with the little protection I have. in my husband; And in case I was scared like she was, I don’t want you to be left without some reward for the work you have taken to accompany me, leaving your homeland, parents and relatives; And thus, these jewels that I will now give you, always bring them with you in part where no one will see them, so that if God returns you to Spain, taking you out from among these enemies, you will have to take state: take you, Doña María, this chain and diamond necklace, and this string of pearls, which belonged to my mother, which is well worth two thousand escudos, and marry Don Gabriel, because until now, due to my misfortunes, I have not been able to fulfill what I promised you; and blessed are you, who will have a husband of your nature, and not like me, who gave myself to an enemy; And you, these that remain, you can distribute among all, and forgive me that my wealth is not worth more, that otherwise I thought I would pay what you have served me.

That said, giving her all a thousand thanks, crying as if she were already seen dead, she asked to write a message and wrote a letter to her brother, giving an account of what was happening, and after closing it she gave it to Doña María, so that on his behalf giving it to Don Gabriel, he sent it to Spain with a confidant person, and embracing them all gave them his blessing, they kissed his hands.

For four days, Dona Blanca was in bed, while Senora Marieta was buried, at the end of which the soul rose as covered in mourning as the body; because her eyes were hardly wiped or she was happy about anything, not even at the sight of her husband; but this was not much, because he was so dry and detached with her that he thanked God the day he did not see her.

In this way she spent more than four months, things being quieter, and it seemed that the troubles were more moderate and Dona Blanca more comforted: but, although she was with some carelessness, her fatal misfortune and the star rigorous of her birth, which promised her no more joyous end than her sisters;p. 333Because in the time that seemed to be more quiet, he wanted to execute his bloody coup, and so he arranged that one afternoon after eating, the prince not having entered, as he used to do others, to take a nap on the dais, missing Doña Blanca that the table If he had retired to his room, which was on the ground floor, he asked one of the Flemish ladies if the prince had gone out, and he answered that he had not, and that Ernesto had gone to his room; suspecting that he had the lady in him, because of his jealousy, taking from a desk a key that he was aware, that a heart jealous of everything is forewarned, he descended a spiral staircase that from his room corresponded to that of the prince and that never It opened; and opening slowly and entering very calmly because she was not felt, she reached the prince’s bed, where she ordinarily slept,

I would like, beautiful ladies and discreet gentlemen, to be so well understood that, without giving me to understand, you would understand me, because what you found is such a huge and ugly thing. She saw her husband and Ernesto lying on the bed, in such awkward and abominable delights that it is baseness, not just to say it, but to think about it.

Doña Blanca, in view of such a horrendous and dirty spectacle, was more deceased than when she saw the corpse of Mrs. Marieta, but with more courage, because she hardly saw it, when she had gone more quickly she left again, leaving them, not ashamed or sorry that he had seen them, but more decomposed with joy, because with great laughter they said:

“Mosca is wearing the Spanish.”

Dona Blanca came to her room, and sitting on her dais, putting her hand on her cheek, she spent a long time as enraptured as if she had seen visions from another life. Seeing her like this, her lady Dona Maria arrived and, kneeling before her, said to her:

“What did you find, my lady, how careful I see you?”

“I found my death, Dona Maria,” answered Dona Blanca; and if up to now I saw it in shadows, I see it already clear and without them: I well know that what I have seen will cost me my life; And of course I am no longer excused for dying, since this has to be, it will be with some cause or I will stop being who I am.

“Ah, my lady!” Said Dona Maria, “and how good it is to live, even if it is suffering, even until your brother remedies these tasks.” And since you wrote to him, giving him an account of them, you had his remedy in him, why do you want to risk everything? It is better to disguise, making yourself unaware, until it comes, as it warned you, to these states, and then with its protection you will be better able to execute your revenge. Many times I have begged you with many prayers to hide your passion with these cruel people, so powerful, with being such great lords, who neither fear God nor the world, and now I ask you again with more truth, and since I do not you want to do it for yourself, because I am not scared that you have so much hated life, at least for your sad servants, that we will be left without your protection in perpetual captivity,

“It can’t be anymore,” said Dona Blanca, “that although I judge what you say to be true, what I have seen, with no crime other than seeing it, has sentenced me to death; and of course you no longer have to wait, it was to degenerate from who I am if I understood these infamous peoplep. 334that I went through such a great evil. I have to die avenged, since not in the prisoners, who are reserved to be my executioners until the justice of God is theirs, at least in the theater where their offense and mine are committed with such clumsy and abominable sins, which even the devil is ashamed to see; and since the crime that they commit condemns me to death, it is not necessary to advise me, it will serve to annoy me and no fruit will be obtained.

Saying this, without wanting to declare herself further, leaving Dona Maria as confused as she was discontented, knowing that the prince had gone out with his father and that Ernesto had been writing, in the same room as his master, some dispatches that had been sent to him, She went down to him, and calling herself the most humble servants, who did not want any of her servants to be included in the execution of her revenge, she ordered the bed taken out to the patio and burned.

The daring page asked why this excess was made. To whom Dona Blanca replied that the cause was his taste, and that he was grateful for not doing the same for him; more than one day I would, or it would not be Dona Blanca.

Take this to your room to prepare to die, which would be true; because when he turned his back, having told Ernesto what had been told, he heard him say through his teeth:

“You will do well, Spanish, if you can;” but I will not give you a place for it.

As he did, since the princes, father and son, hardly came when Ernesto told them how much had happened, pondering it with such reasons that he swelled with poisonous fury the damaged breasts of his masters, and more so that of the old man who, burning with anger, responded :

—Don’t be afraid of that, the daring Spaniard will pay for these excesses before tomorrow at this time.

In short, they resolved to take her life before her brother arrived, who already had notice that the arms of those kingdoms were coming to rule.

That same night Dona María spoke to Don Gabriel through a gate, through which she spoke to him at other times, giving him an account of what was happening, telling him how, if God did not remedy her, the death of Dona Blanca was undoubted; And because they did not execute the same with him, as they knew that Dona Blanca esteemed so much, he hid in part so that he was sure to see what he was up to, because his forces or those of the other Spanish servants were not powerful against such arrogant and powerful enemies, and more being within their state; and giving him the jewels that Dona Blanca had given him, she said goodbye to him with many tears, asking God to deliver them. Don Gabriel immediately, taking a horse, set off without notifying anyone, so as not to make a fuss, the return from Antwerp, where if he had not arrived, doña Blanca’s brother would arrive very quickly.

That night Dona Blanca did not see her husband nor did they call her, like the others, for dinner, when the anger they had with her was known; and because she was more alert, she did not go to bed; Before, when it was daylight, like the one who had his death so certain, he sent for his confessor and confessed, receiving the Blessed Sacrament with great devotion; And giving the confessor a chain and the rings that he carried in his hands, he told him to leave that place afterwards, because, being Spanish, he would not do better than her, and asked him if he saw his brother that he would tell yourself what I was dying for.

This done, he went top. 335 her dais and, sitting on it, began to talk with her ladies as if she were not waiting for the departure of this life, appearing to all of them more beautiful than they had ever seen her, because the mourning that she brought for Senora Marieta made her more beautiful.

Thus it was until about half an hour, that as the princes father and son dressed, then they wanted to execute the sentence against the innocent lamb, as they had already determined; The two of them entered with their bleeder and Ernesto, who had two large silver basins, wanted that even if he was also a minister at his death, they would give it to him with more cruelty.

They ordered all the ladies to come out and, closing the doors, they ordered the bleeder to exercise his office, and without speaking to Dona Blanca a word, nor she to them, but calling on God to help her in such a rigorous step, they opened the veins of both arms to that for such small wounds the soul wrapped in blood of that innocent victim would come out, sacrificed to the rigor of such cruel enemies. Through the hole in the key, Dona Maria looked, in tears bathed, at such a sad sight.

A little while after the blood began to flow, doña Blanca fainted so beautifully that it was a pity for whoever hated her most, and she was so beautiful that the prince, her husband, who was looking at her, or moved to see the stripped lily, or in love with such a beautiful death, turning to his father, with some pious signs in his eyes, he said:

“Oh sir, for God’s sake, don’t let this cruelty go ahead!” your anger and my anger may be satisfied with what you suffered; because I give you word that, as long as I have known Blanca, she has not seemed more beautiful than now; for this beauty he deserves forgiveness for his daring.

To which the cruel and rigorous old man replied in an altered and rigorous voice:

—Hush, coward, traitor, half a woman, who conquers beauty and has more power in you than grievances; shut up, again I tell you, die, that of your enemies the least; and if you have no courage, repair your weakness by removing yourself from the front; jump out and do not see her, how badly she will defend or offend men who faint at seeing a woman die: even if she had all of her nation as I have this one.

And saying this, he opened the door for him and led him out; To which the prince, drowned in tears, did not reply: in which it was known that the detachment he had with Dona Blanca must have caused him his father and Ernesto.

So the prince gone, the door was closed again and the cruelty continued, the two assisting it with the spirit of tyrants until, bled, like Seneca, surrendered his life to the cruelty of the executioners and his soul to his Creator. .

The beautiful Dona Blanca died so unfortunately because she did not envy the misfortune of her sisters, if it is a gift to be envied, leaving well to cry in those states; for the ravages, which touched on cruelties, that the Duke of Alba did in them, was in revenge for this death.

They left her on the dais as she was, and opening the doors that corresponded to her ladies’ room and closing those of the other party, the ministers of this cruelty came out; And so Dona Maria and the others were able to go out where she was, they did not refuse, before crying they all approached her, Spanish and Flemish, who in thep. 336They both showed her feelings, because as she was so affable, she was equally loved by all: some kissed her hands, others shook her, thinking that she was not dead, and all made pitiful mourning over the deceased and beautiful body, and in particular Dona Maria, who tore her hair and pulled pieces out of her hands with her own teeth, saying pitiful tenderness; And it is to be believed that she would kill herself if it weren’t for not losing her soul.

They stayed that way until night, when they took the body of Dona Blanca to the vault of the prince’s chapel, to accompany that of Senora Marieta; and Dona Maria and the other Spanish ladies to a tower, having the Spanish servants at this time at another, with the confessor, who had not had a place to leave, least of all Don Gabriel, who had left the night before, where many had been days, and they would stay until they were over if Don Gabriel did not complete the way of his freedom, because when he arrived in Antwerp he found there Dona Blanca’s brother, who had arrived that day, and realizing what was happening, mad with pain, gathering the people of war, he came against the prince, thinking that he would arrive on time because, as all the servants were imprisoned, they did not know if the death of doña Blanca had been executed, until near the state they caught one from the same city, who told them what was happening, since it was already public, and also how the princes, father and son, being warned of his coming, were put in defense; But it was not worth them, that they and many of their supporters paid with their lives for the death of the innocent doña Blanca, his brother being a fierce lion for them, such was the deadly rage he had: but all this was not done so quickly that the poor servants and maids were not imprisoned for more than four years, spending a thousand wounds and jobs; but God saved their lives in so many pains so that they would go out to enjoy their beloved freedom. that they and many of their supporters paid with their lives for the death of the innocent doña Blanca, his brother being a fierce lion for them, such was the mortal rage he had: but all this was not done so quickly that the poor servants and maids did not they were imprisoned for more than four years, spending a thousand wounds and jobs; but God saved their lives in so many pains so that they would go out to enjoy their beloved freedom. that they and many of their supporters paid with their lives for the death of the innocent doña Blanca, his brother being a fierce lion for them, such was the mortal rage he had: but all this was not done so quickly that the poor servants and maids did not they were imprisoned for more than four years, spending a thousand wounds and jobs; but God saved their lives in so many pains so that they would go out to enjoy their beloved freedom.

They also removed Dona Blanca’s body to bring her to Spain, which was as beautiful as if she had just died then (a sign of the glory that the soul enjoys); and the things that his brother did and said were capable of touching a marble.

Don Gabriel and doña María, already married, with the other ladies and servants came to bring the beautiful corpse, where, already calm in their beloved homeland, they had a daughter whose name was the same as her mother’s; And this daughter, reaching the age of becoming a state, due to her beauty married a very close relative of Dona Blanca, who was my parents, whom I, together with my grandparents, heard tell this so sorry story and true disappointment that you have heard, I give such a long account of it because you believe its truth, as those who saw it with their own eyes told it.

Now ladies see if there is good in this disappointment to be disappointed, and the gentlemen in what to retract their bad opinion that all women suffer guilt.

The sentiments of the ladies and the admiration of the gentlemen were so tender to this occasion, which Dona Luisa ended, that, although they saw that it had ended, all were silent, if it was not with their eyes, tongues of the soul; until Don Juan, seeing the suspension of the entire auditorium, turning to the beautiful Dona Isabel, said:

“Sing, ma’am, something thatp. 337amuse this passion, so that Mrs. Doña Francisca begins with another to renew our tenderness; that I, on behalf of all these gentlemen and myself, say that the opinion of the disappointing ladies is so well aired and concluded, and that with just cause they have taken up the defense of women, that because of knowing him thus we give up and confess that there are men who, with their cruelties and deceptions, condemning themselves, excuse women; And when all the knights heard what don Juan was saying, they replied that he was right; With which, without giving rise to the ladies who moralized about the aforementioned, since they saw that the knights, surrendered the arms of their opinion, were given up for theirs, the beautiful Doña Isabel and the musicians sang thus:

I’m sorry, my eyes,

That you are blind and tired

To feel contempt,

And to pure cry grievances.

If you already live satisfied

That you serve an ungrateful owner,

That the gold of your love

He pays you with fake lead.

And that when you wait for him

With caresses and gifts,

Despite your sorrows,

It rests in other people’s arms.

Why do you torment yourselves,

Why are you getting tired

If in a cup of bitter jealousy

Does it give you disappointments to drink?

If you cry, my eyes,

Ventures that have already passed,

Warn, that of those glories

You will find no path or trace.

And if you plan to restore

What was lost with crying,

Know that in water you write

The tastes that have already passed.

When he sees you most surrendered,

He does not pay attention to you;

Than to treat the humble badly

It is the condition of tyrants.

If you see that it does not hurt,

Although it excuses your crying,

Tell me now: what are you waiting for,

Or what is the use of getting tired?

It will be safer to flee;

But you will answer, crying:

How am I to flee from life,

When I have it in your hands?

But then you see that you do not prosper,

Eyes, seek a new master;

With tears you answer,

You don’t want to run it.

Well warn that if love

Surrenders to new cares,

With whom it serves the most it has

The condition of villain.

Well, you cannot be deceived,

Although you want to apologize,

How well you know the damage

Whose is your slave.

Well, suffer and suffer

Subject to a blind deception,

That is taking your life

With dilated torment.

Glorious lives Castalia,

You die raging;

Well, how can you not see

What is a great sorcerer the deal?

Oh, take care of you,

What little remedy I find for you,

If you are not going to withdraw

To the temple of disappointment!

Well if you wait for time

Do a miracle in you,

It passes in the goods hurries,

As in the evils slowly.

Say, what do you intend to do?

But you already answer by shutting up,

That prisoners of will,

They never left the prison.

Die loving,

That the brave in the fight

It does not leave the field.