American dog walkers explode details of “star pet dog robbery”

Recently, the well-known American singer Lady Gaga’s pet dog suffered unexpectedly-was snatched by two gangsters. Dog walker Ryan Fisher was seriously injured as a result of resisting. Although the two dogs were quickly found after LadyGaga offered a $500,000 bounty, there are still many people who are very concerned about the matter. On the 1st local time, Fisher, who was out of danger, told the media for the first time the thrilling scene that happened that day.

According to a CNN report on the 1st, Fisher stated that he was “recovering from the danger of escaping from the dead.” He posted a picture of himself still lying in a hospital bed in Los Angeles. He was seriously injured when he was sent to the hospital for treatment, and his breathing was weak. Many people thought at the time that he might not be able to survive. Fisher admitted on the 1st that it will take a long time for him to recover, but he is looking forward to meeting Gaga’s three pet dogs again. He also said that the police will definitely bring the murderer to justice.

Fisher thanked the people who first responded to the shooting, including the neighbors who helped out and the Los Angeles Police Department, especially Gaga himself. He said, “Your children are back, and this home is complete! Throughout the crisis, you have given me and my family a lot of support.” Gaga also thanked Fisher on social networking sites before,” I love you, Fisher, you risked your life to protect my family. You will always be a hero.” The “child” in Fisher’s mouth is Gaga’s three French bulldogs-“Corgi” and “Asia” Miss” and “Gustavo”. She has always been fond of these three pet dogs, often posting pictures on social media (pictured). However, because of busy work and unable to walk the dog every day, Gaga hired Fisher as his “dog walker.”

The surveillance video released by the Los Angeles police restored the scene of the day. Last Wednesday (February 24) at about 10 pm, a white car suddenly stopped beside Fisher, and two men rushed down from the car to try to snatch Gaga’s pet dog. When Fisher tried his best to protect the puppy and entangled with the gangster, one of the men suddenly shot Fisher in the chest with a gun, and Fisher fell to the ground. “Koji” and “Gustavo” were robbed, but “Miss Asia” managed to escape and was returned to Fisher after being found by the police. Fisher also restored the scene on the 1st: “When the car drove away, I fell to the ground with a gunshot wound, and a little angel (‘Miss Asia) ran over and lay next to me. His wound was bleeding, but it was calm. It also calmed me from the panic screams. Thank you for the incredible adventure with me.”

Fisher’s neighbor, Buck Angel, called the police as soon as he heard the gunshots. A report issued by the Los Angeles police on February 25 showed that the two suspects who shot the dog walkers and took the bulldogs were both black men between the ages of 20 and 25. Judging from their speed of action and escape route, it should have been planned for a long time. So far, the police have not been able to capture the two hijackers. In addition, the police has no clear evidence to show that the two men’s target is a dog of the type fighting, or a dog specifically targeting Gaga. An ordinary Fadou sells for between 3,000 and 5,000 U.S. dollars, while Fadouyi with genealogical blood can only sell for 10,000 U.S. dollars, and there are also cases of stealing a Fadou in Los Angeles recently.

American magazine “Hollywood Life” reported on the 1st that Gaga’s agent stated that Gaga was filming in Italy at the time of the incident. On February 26, she tweeted, “The night before two days ago, two of my pet dogs were robbed in Hollywood. I was so distressed that I hope everyone will do good deeds and reunite my family. As long as they I’m willing to pay $500,000 for the safe return.” Gaga left his email contact information and added that the rewards include those who find their dogs or unsuspecting buyers.

But Gaga’s “heavy money hunting for dogs and offering rewards” caused controversy. Some people understand her feeling that her pet dog is like a family member, but some people think that as a public figure, Gaga’s “reaction” is inappropriate. Former FBI agent Montoya believes that “her’heavy reward not only increases the difficulty of the work of Los Angeles Police Department investigators, but also opens up a new market for criminals-stealing celebrity dogs in exchange for high ransoms.”

Fortunately, on the night of Gaga’s post, the Los Angeles police informed that the two bulldogs that Ga-ga had been robbed, “Corgi” and “Gustavo”, had been lost and recovered and returned home safely. The dog is an unidentified woman. The police said she probably had nothing to do with the shooting, and the dog was not harmed. Some American netizens said on social networking sites that there have been many pet robberies in the United States recently, and it is hoped that this time Gaga’s encounter can promote the improvement of relevant laws and regulations.