The British police station is half closed for ten years

According to the “Daily Mail” report on March 2, the United Kingdom has closed 667 police stations in the past 10 years, accounting for about half of the total, at a rate of almost one per week. Several cities, such as Bath, now have no police stations at all.

The British Home Office stated that the reasons for closing the police station are more complicated. For example, more and more people report crimes online instead of going to the police station. According to the City of London Police and Crime Office, between 2006 and 2016, the number of people reporting crimes at the police station decreased by 22%. Budget pressure is the main reason they closed the police station.

According to reports, many people have a negative attitude towards the closure of police stations, and many places in the UK have initiated joint petitions to protest. Alan Johnson, the former British Secretary of the Interior, recently issued an article on this matter, saying that it is both a betrayal to the public and an abuse.

Yes! He didn’t realize it: because when he entered his room again, three of his students rattled after him for the afternoon lesson. He didn’t want to research Sulc’s upbringing systems (as he might have looked for them in his own way), we only mention this afternoon lesson that the older boy was telling history, he was painting the younger beauty, the little girl was studying the break again. between movements, and in addition to all this, the instructor lay for him the doctrine of peace-keeping. We also ignore Mr. Sulc’s periodic outbursts of poisoning, as they have already become commonplace with him, and to list everyday is just boring.

And this afternoon teaching lasted from three to five. However, this fifth hour is not over-35-all the way, and the educator and the pupils were still sitting together in a pleasant group of orgonasip, when the door of Sulc ur’s room opened at once. The instructor happened to find so much to yawn that the incoming tens woman was exposed to the clear danger of bodily and soul swallowing. And perhaps trouble could have happened if ur Sulc had not soon noticed himself and had not immediately returned his gaping jaws to their natural position.

“How are you sitting, Idácska? – Straight! – Don’t press your breasts to the table! – Gustic! how do you hold the pen “Don’t push so hard !!” etc., the ingenious instructor came up with such dictations.

“Yeah, my sweet children, just obey Mr. Sulc nicely, and then we love you too. “I just want to say, sweet Sulc ur, that it wasn’t a good time like today: maybe it would be good if you walked out with the boys after school?”

“I had a real intention, Tens woman!” He replied, that is, Mr. Sulc lied more, because Mr. Sulc had no idea of ​​walking, as Mr. Sulc wanted to read a drama after class.

And they went out after five hours to walk in the open, far from the city, and were beaten with the good rain, and were cast down as molten ground; but needless to say, for the whole world knows that this is already the case, on walks like this. For those who do not believe, read the people of Pest outdoors -36-jerks, which are described in newspapers and books, and in most of which the rain causes deep hurt to the hikers and great joy to the reader.

So they got drunk and came home; no other misfortune occurred; they didn’t even scramble-chicken and even have beer on the road, as the capitals used to. When he arrived home, Mr. Sulc’s first thing was to replace his soaked coat, because the hour of going to the theater was here, and he wanted to see one of the first-time members of the Pest stage, who was a guest on the stage there, as Hamlet, and it was certainly huge. compensation for his smoke-going intentions from his future all-day drama reading. He was ready with Sulc ur toilet, all he had to do was pick up a glove ( put on he wasn’t used to it, as if it didn’t matter whether he pulled them on or not, because in both cases most of his hands were really naked), he just had to grab a hat and a stick: and the door would open again and the woman of the house would hook up again.

“Sweet Sulc ur, I’m going to the theater with Ilka, please stay home with the children.”

“Yes, you are fine,” said Mr. Sulc, and his ears dropped like a sad willow from their straight position, and he thought to himself that he was not well. -37-biz is, your grandfather! – Sure! – so twisted the string of his thoughts – he had been to the theater another time and I was gone. Let the children stay with their fathers, it never needs a theater! “They barely chirped through the brains of these reckless flashes of thought, and im the boss entering too, dressed quite as if he wanted to leave the house.

“Amice, my wife went to the theater, I am invited to Mr. Latovics’s soire (this is only said by the ténsur so openly that others know), and it will be good if you spend the evening with the children and find out he takes care of the whole house so that nothing goes wrong. (The lawyer did not care much for ur verbs.) Good night, amice! ”

“His servant!” Mr. Sulc trembled, and that his hat had not fallen out of his hands and that he had not fainted, only because of his habit, only his tremendous progress in peace tolerance, and only the encouragement that immediately flashed in his mind that he, if no you can get rid of it, stay home, and then read the drama as you please.