Here has a back of friends

Matus saw through the attic that the Baron was gone. He also saw that she had now changed; he also left his gun here. He immediately came down from the attic. He also brought the reeds.

The liverster and drabant were shredded into the magazine with the accumulated fur goods.

The suits taken off by the baron lay there on the bench; then he will come back for them once, (if he can come back).

Matus stood for him and beat the baron’s silk pulider with twenty-five with a reed wand that if he had been in it himself, he would have mentioned it.

Before completing the ordalia, the master also emerged from the magazine. He was angry with Matus for not coming down from the attic at his command, he had to struggle with himself and expressed his guiding opinion by tapping his fist on Matus’ head; but what did not prevent the knight from continuing to settle accounts with the pulider was, “twenty-three, twenty-four, twenty-five!”

– Well, you sibenyecz! why didn’t you come when i believed you?

– I didn’t hear from the dust.

“But have you heard ‘this’ already?”

“But at least I filled my revenge!”

And with that, the order of the world was restored. At least for a while.

And the two ally companions walked further along the banks of the Szinyva.

The baron, (now quite dressed as an autochthonous Hungarian gentry in beech), and the comedian.

“Please, please,” said the Baron, holding his palm back to keep his companion at a respectful distance. -67-warn you. On the street, even outside, only a strand of floor formed the walkway.

“But, please, I want to tell the Baron something, and I can’t shout out loud that the whole street can hear it.”

(The whole street was made up of a potter from Osgyány, who shouted from his mat’s cart to “buy a mug, a bastard!”)

“Well, I don’t mind, you can come with a cloth, but then hold your hat.”

That’s right! He who is a comedian wears his sipka in his hand when he speaks to a lord of rank.

“I might even think we belong together!”

– It was a long time ago.

The comedian, then, presented his entire plan of discovery.

There is no county folder. If it were, it wouldn’t be worth anything. On the other hand, right in the middle of the Bükk, I have a far-prominent ridge, which can be seen even in Gömör. It is called “Swirl, Pagan Altar!”

He who climbs to the top of that cliff top, like a rag, sees the whole county of Borsod spread under him, with all its mountains, valleys, rivers and localities. Then it will be quite an easy task to find one of the places called Barátfalva.

What can you guess? That that place doesn’t have a tower. Even in the smallest village, where the priest himself rings, there is a tower where he can ring; but of the place which the Levite hath, the bell, and the tower, is not in it;

They will recognize this. Even from something else. About coal-burning, lime-burning furnaces. The plan works.

Now all you have to do is take a good guide to take the tourists from Miskolc through the many Bükk, bypassing Hámor, Diósgyőr and Paulinus monastery to the top of the Altar Stone.-68-

“It will be difficult,” the Baron commented. Tomorrow is Christmas Sunday. On such a great holiday, this bigoted people do not undertake guides.

The comedian vomited on this scrupulus.

– Christmas, whose Christmas! But we Greeks only have Eustra Day tomorrow; our Christmas falls twelve days back. And my master is also Greek; it leads us to the Altar Stone if we pay well; my master, the Peasant.

– And you know the country well? the beech forest?

“Who knows, if not Peasantevich?” My patriot! The Macedonian-Greek! Believe it is the pickup. That’s his office.

Did the baron know what gubics were?

Samson then explained to him that this is what the tanning larvae cannot live without.

Mr. Peasantevich lived in his own house, he was one of the Greeks whose offspring represented the class of half a million in Miskolc in the middle of this century, (with fair speculation).

It just started on the hub.

As his guest, Samson introduced him to the Baron, the Greek welcomed him very much. The two compatriots spoke new Greek to each other, which the baron did not understand. At the first words, the Greek summoned the baron to his table for lunch and placed in front of him the precious good caviar, followed by the oily beans, which had been overwhelmed by the huge onion; but as Samson spoke even more, even then germinal juice and snuff came to the table, (the former made of sprouted wheat, the latter made of walnuts dipped in must), and in the end the hospitality went so far that he even put pig cheese in front of the baron with a fasting violation. , since it is then perfectly saturated. The march served as a drink. (It hardly comes from honey.)

During this time, he baked the plan into the two Greek handles.

Two nail golds are the prize for leadership service.-69-

And that ‘s the plan.

The Greek leads the two researchers through the forests to the Altar Stone; from there they will find the place they are looking for with the naked eye.

“But is Mr. Peasantevich so familiar with the Bükk forest?” The Baron asked.

– How familiar is Pasztevics with the Bükk forest? The Greek replied hurt. Because for the sake of Peasantevics, the Palóccs even made a song.

He also danced it with a huge saw noise.

(It would be a shame if this beautiful song was not captured by our folk song collections.)

«You can’t go to Barcika,
You can’t eat there:
Three are polka.
Óváry lives there,
Waiting with a loaded rifle:
Three are polka. ”6)
“I just wanted to know,” said the Baron, “because if Mr. Peasantevich knew all the corners of the woods so well, perhaps the gentleman could lead us straight to Barátfalva.”

– To your friend !? Cried the Greek indignantly, “did the Baron learn physics?”

He didn’t even expect the baron to let him learn.

“Well, if you’ve learned, you may know that gubics only grow on oak; and he that burneth coal shall burn coal from beech wood; how to look for gubics in the Peasantevics beech forest?

The baron was now really poisoned.

– But, hear you, Mr. Peasantevich; the many, the many! All men carry me by the nose,-70-six of the six kinds of science prove that they know nothing about the Levite of the Friendly Village, corpus juris, geography, logic, even though all six know where they are? And now there is still a smear coming out of physics to prove that he can’t know? Devil’s sledged soul! For the dog to get acquainted with a cloth!

“Well, don’t the dignified gentleman sled the devil out of my soul;” let not the dog swear at me, our very great swearing, for the dog swears when it feels the death of someone. Well, I’m the seventh who doesn’t really know where that Levi of Levi lives, but who will lead the Baron straight to him. I will give you my noble password for this.

(With this word he had to make sense to the baron not to talk to the landlord about per «kend», because he was a noble man.

“But I’m giving the Baron some good advice on what to take.” My coma, Titanides Samson, has already told me what kind of intentions you have in common with that friend of the Levites. For since he had offended that Baron, no one in my former country would have forgiven him. My glorious ancestors started the Trojan War for a much smaller reason. So if you want revenge for it, I agree; but I do not command the planum. If two of your dignities now set up in Barátfalva, with the intention of pulling the Levite out of the parish, it will grab the many rude lime-burning, coal-burning picks, axes, and beat both of them to death so that the rooster will not roar after them.

“There’s something in that,” Kadarkuthy growled.

– Well, my plan is next. Don’t go to the Village of Friends together. The Levite already knows the coma of Samson. But let the baron alone go, and let Samson be left with one of the greater ones-71-in the village where the inn is located; I put it in Kazincz or St. Peter and wait for the end of the thing there.

– That’s right.

“But then the baron should not break into the Levite with the words, ‘I am Baron Kadarkuthy, I will bring the thundering stallion.’ But say something else!

– It’s to lie. It is a waist province where everyone is taught what to lie.

– Well, of course! To lie only «stone.» If people didn’t lie to each other, there would be such fuss in the world that it would never end. Well, I’ll put it up, the baron says that he came from Transylvania, choose one of the Szekler names Bara, Barta, Barna, and then indulge in a glass frost. He says that he is looking for a place for a glass hut in Bükk, from the chamber in a legend, or if he owns a lord, as a pawn, for thirty-two years.

“I’m afraid the Levite knows what glass is made of.”

“Well, the baron can find out.” Didn’t you learn technology?

– I don’t even want to learn!

– Well! Well, don’t talk about anything other than these three things. First, to look for a sand quarry that produces a quarry for glass; second, a forest where ash burning costs very less; thirdly, a limestone quarry which is not mixed with iron. Is that all the Baron has in mind?

– Well, that’s it.

– Well, then the rest will come by itself. The baron asks the Levite, as a knowledgeable guide who knows the countryside, to look for sand and limestone, what is certainly enough there.

“But I can’t tell the sand apart from the lime.”

– Well, it won’t happen. The costa is always ready to guide the stranger; its so-72-passion for dog racing like a gavaller’s kalamajka. And this time, it will also be promising to him that if a glass hut attacks in his area, he will have a great deal of earnings. Then he also gets his rifle on his shoulder – because without a rifle one doesn’t walk in the Bükk – and they start looking for a stone in the mountains in a pretty quiet way. Then when they walk deep into the dense forest and then find somewhere in a clearing, ours takes fifty to sixty steps. Here the baron then stops his escort and tells him: «Do you hear Lőrincz Gutay, I am not Aaron Barna, glass frost, but I am Baron Viktor Kadarkuthy, whose name you kept, who you married and whom you they put you in jail for you. Do you know what a vendetta is? »

The baron hit the Greek on the shoulder.

“You’ve hit this well, noble sir.”

“Well, because in my former country, that’s how the real klephts orient their discussion.” Well, then the baron will say to his opponent: «Now measure sixty steps out of this clearing for yourself, stop there and take the gun in your hand and then let’s shoot at each other until one of the two of us bites into the mossy grass . »

“He speaks from my soul, noble sir!”

“I’ll say one more smart thing, I learned that from the klephts.” When facing a rifle enemy, be careful to see if you see two flames or just one when the rifle fires? If you see two, don’t move, because the shot goes aside; but if you only see one, jump aside because the shot is aimed straight at your head.

– All right, I’ll do it.

“Then only two things can happen.” Either the Levite kills the Baron or the Baron kills the Levite. In the first case, if my coma will wait in vain for two days for the baron in the village inn, he will come straight to Miskolc and report-73-to the servant judge that Baron Kadarkuthy had been assassinated. The persecutors come out, they take the Levite, they chain him, they accompany him; they see the law above him; here is the statarium, it will hang in three days. Don’t grieve the baron! You will have statisfaction! Your killer will hang!

– Thank you very much.

“And if the baron leaves his opponent, he will walk nicely.” It will be cleared by the wolves. Sooner or later, this is the end of the wolf hunter.

“But how do I deal with the Levite then?” Samson jumped.

– You’re an ass, you stay that way! The woodcock planted. But there is one more thing to do, Baron.

– What else do you need?

– Well, that’s the hairstyle. However, it is not possible to play Szekler with this hair twisted into a braid, because this is not how the crow wears its mane.

So even I had to visit Tozso, the barber; it was also Greek.

The master of scissors and razors found great beauty in the transformation of the Baron’s hair; but there was even more joy in speaking out the fuser work of the foolish ignorant foreign hairdressers.

– How they ruined this beautiful hair! With that baking! He was completely beaten. The end of the hair is full of moths. Each thread is split in two. Well, Tozsó will fix this. Just go to Tozsó for a week. I bet there will be no such beautiful hair in Europe. Well, let’s rub a little parchment oil in between. What a chestnut-colored hair it will be.

From the mirror in front of him, the baron could be convinced that his figure had really gained a lot from the hair falling on his shoulders in Hungarian. Tozsó got a mary for it.

– I’ll be lucky again tomorrow.

The nobleman then returned from the barber’s workshop -74-to establish a war plan for his house. Samson was sent to the market.

“Let’s start the journey today,” said the Greek, “because the Whirlwind is a long way off.” Today we can get to Hamor.

– What are we lying there? Kadarkuthy asked.

– We say we want to buy raw iron.

Samson is back from the market; purchased chips, bacon, onions; filled the bottle with slivovicza, all we needed for the trip. He chipped the crab.

You also need a rifle for such a forest walk. The baron had his own there; the Greek had a double and a simple. He wanted to give Simpson to Samson.

– I don’t need a rifle; if the wolf attacks me, my brain is stoned; I can throw it worth more than a rifle. And if more people come to me, I get one of the two hind legs and beat the rest to death.

– No coma! That bragging is not good. My patriot, Milo, was only bigger than Hercules in shawls, even torn apart by wolves. That stupid ugly worm.

In the evening they did indeed flock to Hammer. They were given accommodation there and then cut to the forest road in the early morning.

In winter, the forest walk is very monotonous, it does not sound like any other bird word like crow’s rooster. The dullness was increased by the fact that as the road went up, they came into a thick mist: the higher they became, the higher they became; the man could barely see the banduku in front of him.

Once upon a time a bell rang from somewhere in the valley, (it was Christmas day) the Greek already knew the sound of bells: «there Mályinka» – «this is Barinka» – «now they are ringing in Tardona. “Jesus is praised everywhere!”-75-

And they go hunting people.

The road led up more and more steeply. Something shook in the thick fog. “It was just a deer!” the Greek encouraged the Baron, who had already received his rifle.

– Not a wolf?

– Well just don’t rabbit run across the road; for it means misfortune.

Finally, towards the south, the fog began to thin out, the shadows of the leafless beech trees became visible, and then, as the wanderers ascended a fence, the huge Altar Stone rose before them, the bald forehead of which stretched beyond the thinning fog into the clear sky. .

– Well, thank the priest! just that we’ve gotten out of the fog! The Baron boasted.

“Oh, alas,” the Greek shouted, “you don’t have to mention a priest as a hunter!”

Did he know better what they came from?

It wasn’t a fog, it was a cloud. They broke through the land of clouds. And the Greek already knew what the end of this would be.

As they reached the grassy area surrounding the large mass of rocks, the Greek said:

– Well, here we have fibers.

– Why? The Baron growled at him.

“Well, we’ll put it on fire, then we’ll fry bacon and bread.”

“But I didn’t come here for bacon, I want to go up there!” I want to see where the wall I’m looking for is. I came to watch, not to swallow!

– Did you come to watch? Well, he’s fine. Let’s go to the Altar Stone. Koma komoma, Samson, put a fire under it, good big. Don’t let it go out until we get back.

And with that he himself led Kadarkuthy to the Altar Stone.

Biz is the arduous little journey! The Altar Stone can only be climbed from one side, which is ingrown with shrubs; so you have to climb into the branches to climb the goat’s walks-76-on the path. An hour’s work is strong, until one ascends to the top of the ridge, from where he is then supplied to the mountains of Gemer and the chain of the Carpathians.

This time, however, nothing more could be seen from this sublime height than a vast white sea that also obscured the horizon all around.

“What is this under us?” The Baron asked.

– This is the cloud. We are above the cloud.

And that sunny cloud mimicked the ocean so wonderfully. It was just so wavy; the foams flew, swollen on the surface; one mountain of snow rose visibly higher, the other sank; it was a fairy landscape painted all white and even whiter.

Kadarkuthy angrily slammed his cap to the ground and burst into expressions that did not fit the holy holiday.

“Is that why I climbed to heaven?” Is it not only all the dog houses down there on the ground, but even the sky itself hides from me the man I have to kill?

– Slowly, Baron! The Greek whispered. “We don’t have to roast with the sky when we’re in the sky ourselves.” However, our effort here was not wasted. I’ve already learned something, even from this big thalass. This is how we Greeks believe in the sea. Look, Baron, where I point with my finger. He doesn’t notice a small brown-red spot colliding in this big sea of ​​snow. This patch does not go further with the clouds that flow continuously, but stays in one place. This brown spot is the smoke from coal burning bonfires. They also burn on Christmas Day. This is not work. Where this smoke comes from, there must be a Friend Village. Its inhabitants make a living from burning coal.

“Well, if that’s true, I’ll shake your head, Mr. Pastevich.”

“Then we just have to be patient.” Jajh! He who is a hunter must not get bored in the ambush.-77-This cloud will not stay down there for days. As the sun, which we call Helios, ascends, the cloud rises to higher regions. Do you see the baron already putting a lot of fog on this up? Now he is about to reach the Altar Stone, and after a while we will be in such darkness that we will see neither heaven nor earth. But then down there, the valley will slowly liberate. In a few hours we will see the whole landscape as if we were birds. Only patientia – friend dance! And now it will be best if we go down from the Altar Circle and hit the homestead by the fire, and toast bread and bacon. We can also see this place, from where that smoke rises, from the slopes, when the weather clears up.

This advice really had to be taken. It is much easier to get off the Altar Stone than to climb on it. It’s good luck to have only one path, you can’t get lost; for, as the Greek had prophesied, a few minutes later the ascending sky covered the altar stone and the whole surrounding forest, so that there was nothing to see in it except the great beating of fire by the bonfire loaded by Samson from the large faders.

Samson had already mastered how to burn the fire; for in a flame it is not possible to roast bacon, but in a cremated embers.

– We’re on track! – the Greek roared to his coma, who carved a wooden skewer for all three of them.

In the dense darkness, there was nothing smarter than to split the fire and first toast the chunks of bread pierced on the long stalks, then hold the slice of bacon over the embers and drip the fat onto the bread. During this operation, a bottle of plum brandy was in line. It is also a clever invention.

And in this heavenly darkness, this hellish light -78-he gave the Greek wise education to his faithful disciple, the Baron.

“Well, Barátfalva is already here, we’ll hold the Levite’s ear.” But the baron must start the siege very wisely now. You know, that the former Greeks brought that certain village through the walls of Troy.

– I never know!

– Well, I’m saying that if the baron just sets up for the Levite house in the village of Förvafalva, then, as a kind of priest, the first question will be: do you translate when all Christian people sit still and worship? ”

– I told you I was an atheist.

– That’s not a good qualificatio. We Christians are not disgusted with the Gentile, nor are we disgusted with our careless faith. With this, the Levite will compliment the Baron at the door and there is no question. But the baron tells him with a whole series of physiques, “I am certainly a Sabbath. In the case of Szeklers here, this is the number of villages. We only confess my Old Testament from the Bible; for us, Jesus is not the Messiah. However, we will not celebrate Christmas either. ” Well, for this sincere confession, the Levite will not be angry. Moreover, he condemns his guest all the more, who then has an official duty to convert from haeresis to true faith. Well, I’m telling the baron to stand up for him. Allow yourself to be converted from a converted pagan religion to a true Christian faith. With this, he will finally gain the trust of the Levites, as he can lure him into the forest.

The baron hit the Greek in the back.

“Well, Mr. Pastevich, I can say that in my life I have become acquainted with many one-handed squids from whom I have learned one another;” but among all the anointed is the professor of deceit!

… During this, the clouds cleared up from the landscape.