The fasting lunch

It was the Friday before Christmas.

This was very often celebrated in Miskolc at that time.

In the towers of the three Roman Catholic churches, the bells inviting piety ring alternately. There are thirty-three reasons why they do not roar in the towers of the temples of the Reformed and Evangelicals. The first is that they don’t have a bell. They don’t have a tower either; they also have only one church, up on the Avas hilltop, an old strong edifice; not far from it is a tower, but it is just a watchtower to observe enemies. It was only fifty years later that it was built in the middle of the city.

But his county hall was already a nice two-story building, inhabited by the first sub-dean. The second alispan resided in the guardia of his own noble salva.

He didn’t have a castle yet. The judge kept his office in his own house, which was easy to find on the pallet next to his door.

At the county hall, he strassed with a blue-legged haired strass with a drawn sword, walking down and down the footpath at the bottom of the long gate. Whenever he gets to the gate, he sticks his head out of it.

Then, once he looked out the gate again, good luck not sticking his eyes out of its stumbling block. -7-figure, with whose triangular hat he struck his cock.

– Holberdo! Who are you if you are from God?

The newcomer was indeed a scary figure. As tall as the Old Testament goliath; the three-pointed hat pressed all the way down to his eyes, and the long plentiful black cloak tucked over to the tip of his nose.

– Pardon! rumble from under that cloak.

– Nothing pardon! What’s under the cloak?

The tall lord had to unfold his cloak to discover his shape.

And the armed guard had quite a lot to discover.

– What a fuck! What foam! You don’t have a puller? What is in this leather case?

– Hunting rifle.

“Doesn’t the gentleman know that you can’t enter the county house with a rifle?” Give it to me!

And the visiting lord had to allow his strass to take the rifle hung on his shoulder; then he gave him an additional part of the armor, the hunting bag; but even entrusted his cloak; they were all hanged on a nail by the watchful guard of the order.

Then he asked, “Where is the gentleman going?”

– To the deputy. Where is your accommodation?

“No, the fool?” Do I already know where the vicissan’s accommodation is?

– Don’t you know?

– There are two. First vice-span, and second vice-span, one lives here, the other there.

– Well, the first vicispane.

– Well, I can tell you. Well, let me talk like that, sir. You got word of mouth. Well, just go in this gradient here, then down the hall, you’ll find your door right away.-8-

– How many numbers?

“There’s no number here, just go after the smell;” which, through the room door, smells of pine seed smoke, is the quarters of the first vicispan.

That pine seed smoke is for killing the peasant stench.

The uri man, who seemed stranger and heard his pronunciation even more, hurried up the stairs, crossing two degrees at once; he did find the real door on which the statarium was nailed from the outside. He opened it. He found no shit in the hall. There were long rafters next to the wall, worn out from the seat on it, the wall brown enough to lean on. This is where the smell of pine seed smoke reigns.

From there, he opened another room. There was no one there. At the window were two desks with four chairs. Large lead calamari, with wooden dusters, large scissors, which were chained to the railing of the table so that no one could take it. The floor is pretty variegated from ink drops. This room is dominated by the aroma of tobacco smoke.

He penetrated even further into a third room. It was already a room with open alarms full of packets of files, heavy pandeks, a long green table in the middle, and thirteen leather chairs next to it. In this room, the junk paper doha rose to prominence.

He didn’t find anyone in the third room.

Well, they could steal everything from here.

If there were any foolish thief who would steal all this.

He finally heard a nest of people from the next room: a rattle of plates.

He opened it there. There he was already receiving a pleasant smell: it had been smoked with vinegar.

The glass chairs, alarms, plate holders revealed that it was the dining room. But even more so was the long table in the middle, which was covered all the way with a white striped tablecloth, but there was only one place on it: on the head of the table; two silver plates stacked on top of each other, with a silver-handled knife, fork,-9- small spoon, large spoon, ladle, salt shaker, wine holder and a gilded silver cup.

At the table was a hairy man in a blue mondur, with green braids, yellow dandelions, red pants, yellow boots; her hair was black, braided at the back, her mustache was also black, waxed sharply forward.

– I’m looking for the first vicissan! He hurried to justify the alien’s arrival in front of the staring hair. – Report to him!

“The respectable first vicispan is in worship at church.”

– Is she the vice-chancellor?

“And the respectable vicissan does not live in the county hall, but at home in his dominion in his own castle.

“The vice-chancellor just has a chancellor or secretary to talk to.”

“Yes, there are four bastards, but today, as a holiday, they have a vacation, they have lunch at home with their moms.

“Well, then I’ll wait for Mr. Vicispan until he comes home from the church.”

Without waiting for the «do», he placed himself on the large leather sofa, stretching his two legs apart with the cappenstiblik.

– My name is Baron Viktor Kadarkuthy.

– My name is John.

Hajdú thought it fit that way.

“Don’t you hear, cloth, John, is the vicissan’s room always as damn cold as it is now?”

They had not been warmed up that day, and the Baron was very sorry that he had left his cloak down in the guardroom.

“But it’ll be hot here soon, just let the prisoners come up.”

And not long after there was a clatter of what the prisoners did -10-they are made with thirty-three important irons forged on their feet and the first banging in the dining room stove.

They heated every stove from the outside, from the hallway to the kitchen, that was the real lord.

That furnace was a real Ossian gelatin medal with a large Roman urn on the side. It can hold at once a fertile kills wood.

János hajdú took a glazed pot from the cupboard, then a zinc spoon.

Mingyár explained the matter to the Baron.