The mysterious death of South Korean “transgender soldier” causes controversy

Bian, a soldier who was forcibly retired from the South Korean Army at the beginning of last year due to sex reassignment surgery during his service , was found dead at home on the evening of the 3rd. The Korean police initially judged that Bian had committed suicide. According to Korean media, this incident exposed the discrimination and intolerance of the LGBT (a collective term for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) in South Korean society, and that Bian’s death was a homicide made by South Korean society.

According to South Korea’s “World Journal” report on the 4th, South Korea’s Chungcheongbuk-do Fire Department reported on the 3rd that a dead body was found in a community in Cheongju at about 5:49 that night. The deceased was caused by a sex reassignment surgery last year (male to female). ) Bian Mou was forcibly retired by the South Korean Army. It is reported that the caller is a staff member of the local mental health management center. According to this person, Bian has rarely contacted his family since returning to his hometown of Cheongju last year, and often said that he was under “a lot of mental pressure” when receiving psychological counseling, so he was classified as a key management object. However, since the 28th of last month, the staff member could not contact someone above, so he asked the fire department for help on the 3rd.

According to a firefighter, after entering Bian’s residence, they found that Bian was lying in bed and had no vital signs. Based on the degree of corruption of the corpse, Bian had been dead for many days. No suicide note was found in the residence. A neighbor revealed that Bian tried to commit suicide in mid-November last year, when the police were dispatched. The neighbor also said that a few days ago, there was a bad smell in Bian’s residence. According to the report, in view of the fact that no traces of outsiders have been found in Bian’s residence, the police initially judged that Bian had committed suicide.

“Bian’s death exposed the unbearable side of South Korean society’s discrimination and violence against LGBT people.” News1 reported on the 4th that in November 2019, Bian used a vacation to go to Thailand to undergo sex reassignment surgery and returned to the barracks. Later, he applied to the army headquarters and hoped to continue serving in the army as a female soldier, but was rejected and forced to retire early last year.

After that, Bian held a press conference and publicly called on the military to give him a chance to continue to be a soldier to defend his home and country. In February last year, the South Korean court approved Bian’s “gender change” application. Since then, Bian has officially become a female. After that, Bian continued to apply to the military for administrative reconsideration, but was rejected. In August last year, Bian filed an administrative lawsuit with the Datian District Court, demanding that the Army Headquarters revoke the “compulsory decommissioning” sanction. The first trial of the administrative lawsuit is scheduled to be held in the middle of next month.

Regrettably, after Bian’s related news was reported, South Korean cyberspace and extreme right groups continued to produce mocking, slanderous, and ridiculing Bian’s remarks. The most typical argument was that “transgender people do not deserve human rights.” Moreover, when the National Human Rights Commission ruled that the military’s decision to force Bian to retire was a “human rights violation,” these people even demanded that the National Human Rights Commission be dissolved. The Korean National Daily also stated that the overall attitude of South Korean society towards LGBT groups is full of discrimination and violence.