The wolf hunting

A good result of Kadarkuthy’s nightmare was that the baptismal ceremony planned for the second day of Christmas was missed.

When a person is awakened from a deep sleep and then he cannot fall asleep again for a long time: then he is normally possessed by awake thoughts, he brings out the better mind.

Guthay Lőrincz was a graduate lawyer and theologian.

He thought that that baptism was not done at the pitcher and the pool: then came the calamari. Whatever the angle of Barátfalva, the act of baptism must be reported to the senior in Miskolc so that he can report it again to the tract, the tract finally to the superintendent, and this report must be accompanied by the dock of the baptized neophita, who states that in reality it was the faith of Moses. For the baptism of a Jew is allowed stante pede as he pleases; but if the convert were to be found to be a Roman Catholic, he would first have to go through a six-week ordeal, which if the Calvinist pastor did not respect, he would certainly be in deficit, he could even be cold.-119-

Thinking about this in the hour of insomnia, and comparing it with other indications, Guthay Lőrincz came to the reassuring decision that her Hermina would not be the godmother of this guest gentleman.

It is likely that that motherhood was the strongest argument, though it is not included in the jus ecclesiasticum or in the Komi canons.

Therefore, on the morning of the next morning, the Levite surprised his guest with the enunciation that he was “my dear brother in the Lord; I declare to your mercy that the baptismal ceremony will be missed from today’s holy day, as I must first make an official request to Bözöd-Ujfalu. ”

– To Bözöd-Ujfalú? the guest shivered. (You’ve never heard the news!)

– But there. The Zion of the Hungarian Jews of Szeklerland: there is their rabbin and matriculation; I have to get the official extract from it, according to which Áron Barra was inaugurated among the members of the Hungarian Jewish community. I can’t baptize me without it. And while the post office turns from Szeklerland, it will take a couple of months.

Kadarkuthy hit the table angrily. He was already expecting this comedy in the church. This he would have given him a nimbus, which is dangerous to women’s hearts.

As a comforting indemnity, the Levite then assured him that if baptism was not done in this way, so would the passover; no need to eat all the way through, drink a peasant feast: you have an hour more time to walk through the cuts; after a short collection, they can immediately begin to catch up with the guest’s actual goals. The noon hours are especially suitable for examining cucumbers. They will also bring a magnifying glass with them.

So you had to calm down in that.

But all that the guest did did was go to the Calvinist church; at least he could have accompanied the beautiful-120- woman: and there he admired him, sitting opposite him on the presbytery bench.

It was also proper for him to learn the customs of the Calvinists, who, when they pray, do not kneel down, but stand up, and while their pastor preaches, the women wipe their eyes, the men snooze fervently, the school children sing.

And after the service, spending the soup adorned with sausages in the apartment of the Levite, the three of them immediately began the exploratory expedition: the Levite, the guest, and Mr. Judge.

They walked the mountain gorges until sunset; in some places they blew each other on a rope; they also brought with them a pick and a hammer for trotting.

Kadarkuthy had to enjoy it all along. Because he needs all these! Meanwhile, he betrayed his expertise, naming Flusphat as frog salt.

He threw them home in the village late at night. Mr. Biró said goodbye to the two gentlemen in front of his house. The guest thanked him nicely for the kind guidance.

– May God give you good from it; Blessed is Mr. Danavár.

The Levite and his guest returned to the guest room to rest.

Makka brought the ham and the hot beer soup to the table. He rescued the Reverend, the measured cannot come. She cares for Laczik. The child burdened his stomach with gingerbread, but luckily he vomited everything, now his mother drank herb-milk herb milk with it. Then the trouble will be gone tomorrow. That’s why you don’t have to worry about Dad.

During the snack, the guest brought out to him that he was quite satisfied with the discovered mine, settlement, forest, and now he only asks the reverend lord to write a letter of recommendation to the landlord of this estate for the entrepreneur’s glass cold, which is this forest. would be willing to use the price to be paid annually for thirty-two years or at the same time. -121-pledged for the price to be paid. Make this friendship.

The Levite turned pale. A staring expression froze on his face.

“I’m sorry, I can’t do that, in a fluttering voice.”

– Why can’t you?

– I confess honestly. This surrounding estate, the forest of one thousand two hundred acres, is owned by Baron Viktor Kadarkuthy.

The Baron was unaware of this. The forest of Bükség was left out of the destruction of his father’s estates.

Maybe old Kadarkuthy deliberately left it out to hide Guthay Lawnament better? or maybe because he didn’t make a profit anyway? It is also possible that it was one of the forests over which half a century of processes took place between the chamber and the owners and it was only written under the name of their owners under Emperor Joseph.

– Well then? the guest asked, if the owner of this estate was Baron Viktor Kadarkuthy, why shouldn’t the Reverend write a letter of recommendation to me?

– I also confess.

– Is your grace confessed? For your grace is Calvinist.

“Well, this is also one of my dilemmas that disqualify consecrated priestly dignity.” I consider confession to be a good institution, and I don’t understand why Luther and Calvin left it to their followers. For me, too, a heavy burden presses on my soul; has been pushing for a long time. I’m relieved once I’m forced to tell someone. Now is the compelling moment. I have to say that years ago, it was true that with an immature youthful mind, it was true that under seductive and persuasive influences, I took the name of Viktor Kadarkuthy, and during this disguise I piled insane sins on each other: I brought shame on big, bright-named families, and among my own decent agg parents. He went mad on my adventures-122-my own father uttered this death sentence: «did you not think that once the real Viktor Kadarkuthy would stumble in front of you, he would ask you to account for what you had done in his name? and kill! Will he kill without mercy, with a deserved death? »

(The guest knew more. At the death of the agg pastor, the aggressor told the aggressor that he could find his son.)

“That wasn’t enough,” the Levite continued. The real Viktor Kadarkuthy has come home from abroad to the news that someone here in Hungary is making his name even more famous.

(“Like he did it himself abroad.”)

“The old baron did not want to recognize his son: he captured him with his Hajdús as a burglary robber and locked him in the county jail. And he married me to its fiancé, a girl of angelic beauty and kindness from the most noble family.

(The guest stuck the tip of his knife between his teeth so he wouldn’t grit them.)

“After the wedding, my father came to the wedding consolation to capture me, the groom, to beat him, to frown, to take him away, and to exchange him with the real Viktor Kadarkuthy in prison. There was no way out of this insane situation other than suicide. It was night when we crossed the Danube by boat; I took the frogs off my hands and threw myself into the waves. I wanted to die. My soul wished. But this stupid body contradicted. As he felt the gravel of the water’s bottom, the instinct for life came to power. I was an excellent swimmer and diver, I swam ashore so that those in the boat didn’t notice the big waves. I was dead to everyone, only not to the angel with whom we swore allegiance to each other. Now this angel is here in the Levite of Lakfalva and shares with me the scarce joys and thick sorrows.-123-