This puts a padlock on his mouth for something and demonstratively

From that day on, he could no longer hear Miss Florinda’s song being recorded through the window of the workshop opposite.

This puts a padlock on his mouth for something and demonstratively.

But why do you resent it? Is it because she, the young lady, encouraged her to go from carpenter to tenor? Get out of it! The carpenters are great aristocrats. The planer looks down at the stage. Or maybe he understood French and understood the relevant saying to the banker, “this is an idiot!”

Miss Florinda walked down the street many times, even on the side where Little John’s house was. He also met the master a few times; but it was the custom of our ordinary Hungarian peasant that if he came face to face with a gentleman, he would only greet him when he had already passed by and was behind him. One day, he greeted the opposite master before he could sneak past him.

– Good afternoon, sir!

For this, the master also had to talk to the lady. His conversation with the carpenter on that street could not deviate. Outside the house, it was just a form of gentleman like any capital committee member.

“I haven’t heard you sing in so long.” Maybe he’s mad at me?

– God Save! How would I be angry with the miss?

– Maybe something else?

– Nobody; but I’ve been working on a drawing ever since, and you can’t sing alongside drawing.

– What are you drawing?

– A blueprint for a stall (canonical chair) ordered from me by an art-supporting priest.

“Ejnye, but I’d like to see that drawing.”-206-

“If the young lady doesn’t agree to enter my poor house.”

How would he have passed? Because his companion was with him, he was able to visit the neighbor, who was already an acquaintance, according to any propriety.

So Master János Little turned back nicely, his house was not far away, he accompanied the ladies to that point, then introduced him to his clean room, not to his workshop; the drawer’s desk was there. On the table was a wide drawing board, on which the large regal sheet of Japanese paper was stretched out, and on it is a pattern near its completion, a drawing of a magnificent carved piece of furniture, which is called stallum. An armchair for a lord and a priest! It brings great benefits! Whoever sits in there will receive a salary due to the minister, without any allowances due to the minister.

The blueprint was really nice. Miss Florinda had to admit it was going to be a masterpiece.

“And you planned that out of your own mind?” asked the master.

– I’m not sure, miss. I don’t boast of something that isn’t mine. I imitated this, as I recall, on the model of one of the khorus chairs of the Rouen (Rouen), which are known as «miseri cordes».

– Ah! Have you been to France?

“I studied my craft there for three years; I traveled all over the country – on foot.

(He says he needs to know French well.)

Miss Florinda held out her hand to the master.

– Aren’t you mad at us?

(You have now addressed the matter in the plural.)

“I’m not used to being angry, miss.”

Florinda squeezed the craft’s hand; it was a real honest handshake.

And János Kis forgave the offensive word “idiot” from this handshake.-207-

Maybe he would have even kissed the squeezing hand if he had been bare; but he had a glove on it, twelve buttons, and it could not be pulled off so quickly.

From then on, János Kis was able to play with the drawing board.

But only with the window closed.

But it would not have been possible to lure honey to the opposite palace with honey cake. He was already betting that he wouldn’t put his foot in there anymore.

It was common for a carriage to stand in front of the banker’s house at night. Either she herself came home from the orpheum, or her miss from the crappy fix, or the carriage was waiting for guests.

But one night it happened that three gentlemen, wearing uniforms of police officers, got out of the carriage at the stop in front of Heuteroth Palace, and from the buck, next to the driver, a policeman, whose clothes showed the end of the swords. – They all went through the gate.

After an hour, all four returned; but they even brought a fifth with them. And that was the Heuteroth banker. His face, though, could not be seen because it was obscured by the folded sea otter fur coat. The three uniformed gentlemen and the banker sat in the glass carriage, and the armed policeman picked him up next to the rental car, and with them they ran away at night.

Early the next morning, even before their smell, he ran into the room of Elder Kristóf, the young master, with a large wound, where he was working hard on his drawing.

“It’s a terrible case, what happened next door.” Banker caught by police! He was a thief, he was a thief; embezzled, cheated, stole a lot! Everything was sealed in his quarters, even spukktrigliks; they took a banker into duty. Now shut up, Heuteroth!-208-

The first thought of this poignant news was that of János Kis: “Is it better to be an idiot?”

But the second word, which was uttered in his soul, was: «but what will happen now to the poor girl who has been a mistress so far, and who now has nothing left of her father as a disgraced name? Now who is above, who is below the social ladder? ”

He tried to get the thoughts that followed out of his head.

He didn’t take a newspaper in his hand anymore so he wouldn’t read from him the whole shameful story he’d told about himself for so long.

The beautiful Miss Florinda also disappeared from the bright apartment in which all the furniture was sealed. Nobody asked where he went? He didn’t ask either.

He only knew the end of the mournful story. On a ugly lukewarm day, figures of all sorts of confiscated jaws tucked in front of the gates of Heuteroth Palace: these were the hyenas of the auctions.

The banker’s case is over. A wide variety of impure treatments have been demonstrated. He was sentenced to five years in prison for not even being remanded in custody. Damaged customers received barely twenty percent of their bankrupt assets. Now his furniture is being scrambled: perhaps the lawsuit costs will be out of it.

Little John even drew the curtain in front of his window so that he would not see this sad scene: how one piece of furniture is pulled out after another at the gate of the opposite palace and placed on a forklift. A stranger’s heart also wilts when he sees one.

Suddenly, however, he is knocked on the door by a police officer, and it means with all due respect that he greets the executive, to get tired of getting to the scene of the auction for some testimony.

Master János Kis, therefore, by official summons, -209-yet he only went up once more to the house where his reception kept him from entering.

The policeman led me straight to Miss Florinda’s boudoir.

It was full of the auctioneer’s Cretaceous and pleated eyeballs, who used to pick up their sharpest ridicules on such occasions to scare away decent auctioneers with their disgusting looks.

All the furniture had been taken out of the room, only the desk was still there. On that, the bailiff wrote the auction register; but the straw chair, as it sat, was borrowed from the janitor.

Little John was shocked to see Miss Florinda among this stinking, stinging group. It’s true that he pulled up into a corner with a veiled face. But he still recognized it.

The bailiff shall immediately inform:

– Please allow me, honorable Member, to be tired here. Miss Heuteroth appeared at today’s auction for the purpose of claiming everything from the seized items that could be proven to be her personal property. The law gives him the right to do so. Miss Heuteroth claims that this desk is her personal property and refers to you as a competent witness.

Little John could answer in a good spirit, “Yes, I made this desk for Miss Heuteroth.”

The executive was a good man: he settled into this testimony. But his assistant was a wolf-toothed fidget: it didn’t let the prey out of his jaw so easily. He asks the master:

“Yes, but who did you get the price for this piece of furniture?”

Little John was not persuaded by his soul to lie if he could help him with any beautiful miss. He told the truth.-210-

“I got the money from Banker Heuteroth.”

“Then it also belongs to the bankruptcy estate,” the executive said in a dry voice. – This will also be auctioned off.

There was a muffled sob in the corner.

The assistant shouted the price of the piece of furniture: “five forints.”

So much was appreciated for the great furniture in an official way.

The jackals started crawling on top of each other: six forints! seven forints! seven forints fifty pounds! Eight forints!

Little John waited, his hands tucked in his chest, while the auction hyenas beat the price of the desk to sixteen forints for seventy-five pennies: then he shattered between them with his two elbows, and breaking himself to the desk, shouted “a hundred forints.” And with that, he threw the hundred he had taken from his wallet in front of the clerk.

“Nobody more!”

No more! They all ran towards the door as if a lion had slammed between them.

“You’re an idiot!” shouted while running. A minute later, the room was empty.

The bailiff also did his job as an assistant together and left without saying goodbye. Well, in such cases, the usual forms of expression do not work: “I ask permission for my incompetence!” “I’m glad I was lucky.”

There were only two left in the room: the carpenter next to the purchased desk, and the veiled lady in the corner. But as they were left alone, the lady lifted the veil from her face and hurried over to the master and grabbed her hand with both hands, now handsless.

– Sir! you bought my desk: now marry me too.

Little John was quite frightened by that word.

“Miss, I’m an ordinary craftsman.”

“You are the first noble person I will meet alive.” Take me as a woman. I am your faithful wife-211-I will be. I bring nothing to you: just a true loving heart and a hand ready for anything.

– I’m poor…

“You once said here, in this place, ‘I’m rich because I’m satisfied.’ Let me be so rich.

“I can’t give you anything of our precious, our bright.”

– You can give me our most precious, brightest: a craft’s pure, honest name is greater than all the treasures of Darius.

Little John held out his hand to Florinda.

– I’ll take you.