Three queens

Madame Godin had three daughters: Anais, Gabriella, and Salomé. All three were very beautiful. There was an age gap between them.

When they were very young, he took them to the card thrower to tell them a future.

He himself no longer needed the horoscope: he had already received his own; her husband, Monsieur Godin, was a housekeeper and a shoemaker beside her; and she herself is a washerwoman; but a lavish woman born for fine lingerie. He could have been pleased with his fate.

A woman familiar with the secrets of the future laid the cards on the camel’s skin for mamzell Anais and positively claimed that mamzell Anais would sooner or later become queen.

Well, that’s good for one. Mamzell Anais was the eldest. It also fits the firstborn to start at the top.

But then the second card, the mamzell, brought Gabrielle the news that she would be queen too: if she could wait a bit.

But Madame Godin has already shook her head: two queens! That’s a lot in one country, well, in another family?

The scholar again asked the dodona rerk about the future for Miss Salome. And the infallible card also gave the encouraging answer that she would be queen.

Madame Godin may have been great with the predictions she won. Three prezumtiv queens had never walked along-273-on the asphalt under «a» parapel. He told the good news to his lord with great boasting.

However, the honest shoemaker did not intactly share his wife’s triumph.

– What for me: queen? It can be anyone in the world. How do I give my three queens food? What should I buy for myself in their queen? For we are like ice in winter: no one gives anything for it. Although at least he would have predicted one to be a baker.

Well, Madame Godin would have liked it better; but what can one do about fat? We know from the Greek tragedies that what they have read to us must happen.

The prediction on the largest girl was fulfilled as soon as possible. Mademoiselle Anaist was once heard by a singer who lived there in the house; she liked her voice: she encouraged her parents to teach her to sing, she would become a famous artist.

– It’ll be good! Said Father Dad. “So at least we’ll reach him soon.” In the theater, the queen is handed out the cheapest. There are still queens of queens in that province.

However, Mamzell Anais had not even become the queen of the atrium: she was one province below that to the æquator; but she became queen of balls, exercising her power in the Clozerie de Lilas and the Moulin rouge. Sceptrum instead of thyrsus.

Learning from this example, Ms. Godin, with her second daughter, took care more tightly. He placed it next to the washbasin. She raised a waist, good-natured, hard-working girl.

Surely a beautiful and noble profession!

The cult of purity!

Where does one start?

At the white shirt. Below that is the people of Darwin.-274-

Mamzell Gabrielle was perfectly suited to this noble mission. Wash lace ruffles to snow white, knit embroidery to bulge; no one could iron ironers on a steel plate.

He also won his well-deserved reward.

She was barely nineteen years old, when she was honored by the fact that on the occasion of the great procession on Meatburn-Tuesday, she was elected by a general majority as one of the queens of the laundry of the great cosmopolitan city. “La reine des blanchisseuses!” He was carried along the great procession on the boulevards of Paris, in a chariot towed by four Traken paripa, surrounded by the insignia of his calling. She became a really beautiful washer-queen.

Well, this also achieved what was written in the book of the future under his personal section. She became queen. And it must be admitted that the washcloth in his hand is a much more proud badge than the particular chatter that the Pierrets rotate in their hands.

There was still a third girl left, the youngest: Salome. It was the most beautiful of them all. She has saffron blonde hair, a porcelain body color on her face, pomegranate-red lips, a beautiful fit nose, and a deceptive smile on her entire face. Then what eyes! The number of times they flashed, they changed so many colors. There was green, blue, garnet in it; evening, daylight; bile, seduction, daydreaming; heartache; all.

And this girl was a model of virtue.

It required neither maternal supervision nor paternal rebuke: you took care of yourself. She was employed by a mandoletti shopkeeper as a saleswoman.

But it was so harsh on the visiting gentlemen that he didn’t even accept the centimeters he had forgotten there as a gift, and what compliments the young and old gommeuxs told him made him all unheard. As he sat there in that high armchair, surrounded by scones, pâtés, and bottles of liqueur, he really looked-275-like a queen. And when he poured someone a chartreus into the long-necked little glass and found it to kiss his hand, he said to him with majestic dignity, “Lord!”

Among the everyday habituates who marched there in the mandoletti shop from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m., there was a regular guest whom the others believed to be, «Don José».

He looked like a young man under the age of twenty: with a strongly oil-brown complexion, a dense crescent-shaped eyebrow with gazelle eyes: his mustache had barely sprouted.

It was constantly there next to the beautiful cake traitor’s sideboard and it didn’t make a secret that she fell in love with it.

All they knew about him was that studiosus medicinæ, who goes to the Sorbonne to listen to a lesson and to the amphitheatrum, for autopsy lectures.

Everyone knew him as a very serious, gentle boy.

He did not make friends with anyone, did not go to any student company, did not take part in the entertainments. What he consumed, he paid in cash; but did not spend too much. His whole luxury consisted of bringing Miss Salome a thread of white sesame every night, which he had set between the accepted and the ruffles.

Then he once told Don José Salome:

– Miss. In the country where I was born, the custom of giving a girl a man a year and giving him a hedgehog every day for a day declared herself that she would marry her.

“But are you in a position to marry me?” She asked.

– Not yet; but I will.

– When?

“Well, I have to study at the Sorbonne for another year: then I’ll put down the rigorosum.”

– And then?

“Then I will be a bachelier and work for two years as an assistant to the protomedic.-276-

– And then?

– Then I enroll as an associate professor and deal with private tuition for two years.

– And finally?

– I am finally getting my doctorate and can advertise in the news that Dr. Don José is curing nerve ailments and chronic catarrh.

“It’s been five years, Don José.” So let’s put this theme today on ice now and then heat it up again in five years; when you will have something.

– Well. But promise me you’ll wait for me until then.

The girl shook hands. He also really liked this young man, with that dreamy, delightful look.

It was barely a few months before Don José reappeared at his usual place, next to the sideboard; he made the sorbet himself, and when he spooned it, he said to the girl:

“Well, I’m something now, Mamzell Salome.”

“What happened to you, Don José?”

– “King”.

Well, the beautiful Salome laughed at that word.

“What kind of king did you become, little José?” Carnival King, Lawn Tenny King?

And that seriously reinforced what he said.

– I became a real ruler. My father was too. Now he’s dead. And they call me home to take his throne and rule over his kingdom.

– And where is your country?

– In Africa.

– What is the name?

– «Khémi.»

– Hahaha! It is not there that «chemicals» are created.

– In Arabic: «Mazr».

– I can’t even say that.

“Do you want to be my queen?”-277-

– I’ll talk to my parents first.

– Decide for yourself until tomorrow; for in three days I must depart into my country. My warship, “Tadikani Hakika,” is waiting for me in the port of Marseille.

With that, José paid like a king, with gold for my hachepete and that for a glass of sorbet: not waiting to be returned from it.

Mamzell Salome wrote these two words on his notebook: «Khémi and Mazr» and then he who came to him for a glass of liqueur asked everyone where on the globe was a country called Khémi or Mazr; but biz everyone replied that his mouth remained open. Yet there were enough bachelier, associate professor, philosopher among the guests; there was even a commis voyageur who traveled the whole folder with buckskin, but he also replied to the inquiry that if there had been a Khemi-Mazr country in the world, he would have long endowed him with buckskin.

The beautiful Salome made sure that little José was just risking a lifeless joke with him.

It might have occurred to the beautiful Salome that every time little José entered the patisserie shop, a minute later a gray-bearded, brown-edged gentleman opened it, who then took himself into a window recess, brought himself a glass of lemonade, and took a newspaper in front of him. he didn’t put it out of his hands until the young José said goodbye and headed for the door. Then the old gentleman took a franc out of his pocket, put it on the tray: ten centimeters to the waiter and went out.

Once a table neighbor asked me what was the latest telegram from St. Petersburg, in the newspaper he was holding? to which the old gentleman replied, “I do not know; I do not know any of these letters. ”

The waiters gave him the name «monsieur Schachmatt».-278-

This figure was not taken into account by Mamzell Salome. “Well, buffet hebes don’t care much about gray-bearded gentlemen who spend only one franc a day.”

The next morning, while Salome was still at home with her parents (the patisserie only opened to the public at six in the afternoon), three cars in a row stopped in front of the ornate house where Madame Godin’s husband was seated as housekeeper and shoemaker.

He only had one suite; but it was divided into three parts by an architectural furfang and two Spanish walls in such a way that the outside was the kitchen, the intermediate was the workshop, and the innermost was the bedroom and the toilet room.

Madame Godin manchets were ironed on the outside, monsieur Godin heels were sewn in the middle on a woman’s shoe, and the novel mamzell Salome was read on the inside.

Four men in a row got out of the three carriages and all four entered the concierge’s door.

The first was little Don José, the second was Monsieur Schachmatt, the third was a very old man with a beard up to his waist, and the fourth was a martial figure whose old face was the site of an old wound.

All four wore some exotic military uniforms with stars on their chests, swords on their sides, and red fez on their heads.

– Who do you like to look for? Ms. Godin asked.

– Godin urat.

– That’s me. Take a walk.

– All four went into the inner stage.

– Who should I be lucky with? Ms. Godin asked.

The gentleman known as Schachmatt spoke instead of all three.

“I am Ali Keremet Dsihanogli Hojja, the educator, chief adviser, treasurer, high priest of His Majesty King Yushuf: in short, sheik-ulizlam. This is my king. And these are his chief and admiral.-279-

And how can I serve your majesty and your majesty? Mother Godin asked.

“We have come here to ask His Majesty, King Yushuf’s first daughter, for grace, Princess Salome.”

But even at that word, Master Godin also came out of the strap.

– Come on, gentlemen! I also know what a custom carnival on the last day! But I ask myself such a masquerade. I myself was a Turkish basa and danced with the persa shah kadina in the gallop infernal when I was a bachelor. I know this province.

Madame Godin warned her husband that this was not even the same as an opera prank. Turkish clothes are easy to get, but you can’t borrow such a waist beard and a sword cut through the jaw in the masquerade warehouse. It will be best to ask the mammoth yourself if you know any of these alien gentlemen.

Mamzell Salome was brought out of the third compartment.

– Ah, believe this little Don José! Said Salome with a ringing laugh, who asked for my hand. This is the monsieur Schachmatt.

“This is the first King Yushuf here to ask for the princess’s hand and to whom the princess promised to be married.”

– As soon as he has a job.

– He will not have a job, he will have a seat on the throne. You owe your word. You will be queen.

– Do you hear their father? Madame Godin shuddered, apostrophizing the shoe to the side with her fist. “Didn’t the cardholder predict this?” Isn’t that right?

“I’ll tell you what is true?” Daddy Godin reasoned. – Bring the Figaro here!

And there went out unto the inhabitants of the house many sheets, which they had laid down at the door; but of these, Father Godin used to read only Figaro.

What is in Figaro is «there»; what is not in Figaro cannot be.-280-

His oracle was brought there. He put his pope’s eyes on his nose.

There is something magnet in the letters. If our own name is printed on one of the columns of a large sheet of sheet, we see it at once: it catches our eye.

– Here’s ni! It’s printed! Father Godin shuddered. – Printed in sparse letters. «Dying, the king of the land of Khem elected the deceased son, Yusuf, as his successor. The sultan, who ruled the country, confirmed the election and today the two main dignitarians arrived in Paris to serve the young king athnam. For the young king had studied as a medical student at the Sorbonne and was a diligent visitor to the autopsy amphitheater. To this historical fact we can attach our data drawn from our own most authentic well source. The first Yusuf, known in the Sorbonne as Don José, is about to take home a finished queen; for mamzell fell in love with the beauty of the buffet at the patisserie shop in Lepelletier-utca, engaging himself in form.

This is scripture!

– No! Now I’ll take off my slippers! Said Mr. Godin, convinced of the truth. Indeed, he was well aware that it is the custom of the peoples of the East not to take off their hats but to take off their shoes from their feet as a sign of greeting.

“Then my blessing is on you!” Mrs. Godin shuddered, placing her daughter’s hand in the young hands of the beggar, who pulled a magnificent diamond ring on the middle finger of this beautiful hand as a pledge of engagement. Miss Salome immediately tried solitaire on the glass panel of the closet to see if it was a real diamond?-281- Indeed, he split that bottle, bringing out the JS monogram from the merged prefixes.

Then the accompanying gentlemen all reached into the pockets of their coats and pulled out the wedding presents; one handed the magnificent robe, the other a beaded wedding tree to the bride, and the third a double silk purse, the creases of which shone with gold. This was put in Father Godin’s arms. Because it is a clever custom among the Orientals not to give money to his father-in-law to his son-in-law, but to the father-in-law to give money to the father-in-law for the daughter.

Then it’s worth being a father-in-law!

However, not even the splendor of all the treasure was able to dazzle Father Godin’s eyes.

– Not Buda, gentlemen! (He probably said this “not Paris!” But that sounds nicer). If I marry my daughter, like a king, I want her to be his wife.

– Well, it will be; and even «Assisi» – ass Godin assured Sheik-ul-Islam.

– What is the Assisi?

“Whose firstborn will follow his father on the throne: provided he becomes a son.”

“Well, I don’t know the Turkish marriage laws;” for it is not taught to shoemakers in school; but I know French law, to my own peril, from experience. In our case, the marriage must be concluded before a civil authority.

– Well, it will.

– But something is still going on. The marriage to be contracted must first be announced: the engagement with the name of the couple in love must be nailed there for two weeks to the town hall gate: what is it that the groom can take a bottle of liqueur every day for fourteen days in his future father-in-law’s forgetfulness. Then you just add them to the notary.-282-

– That is impossible! Said the dignitarian. – So much theory!

“Well, if it’s impossible, let’s go to Transylvania: there are still musicians who play without sheet music and brides who get married without announcement.” That’s what the Figaro says.

“Our warship is anchored here in the port of Marseille!” could we not take the notary and the gate of the town hall with us: in two weeks we would retort with a postal turn?

Father Godin asked himself to make a frivolous joke with such sacred things.

– Eh mit! King Yusuf cut the Gordian tangle in two. “Well, if it’s the custom in Frank to have the name of the groom and bride posted for two weeks, we’ll stay here for two weeks.”

All three court dignitaries were horrified by this.

“How will the country remain without a king for two weeks?”

“Wow, the country is easier to get away without a king than I am without a queen.”

(It was such a great saying that it was immediately recorded by Father Godin and sent to Figaro. With it, King Yusuf became a popular figure in the great cosmopolitan city at the same time.)

This resolved the difficult issue. The dignitaries remained there in Paris for two weeks and it cannot be assumed that they were very self-conscious.

At the end of the legal period, the marriage took place between King Yusuf and the beautiful Salomè, while maintaining the legal customs of France. The formally issued marriage certificate was enclosed by Father Godin in a frame and hung on the wall, showing to everyone who entered through the concierge door.

So mamzell Salome became a real queen. But even beyond that, something: a real beloved wife. Even after that, she called her husband “little José” face to face. It is true that they were both children. The-283- such should not yet play royal, marital.

Although Yusuf did not have much trouble with the first task; Arriving in the capital of his country, he found that all the difficult tasks of the reign were performed nicely in his place by the aliens enlisted there. But he took his second vocation all the more enthusiastically.

The Sultan of Assisi did not need a fenced serpent or an exam-eyed harem guard; the husband himself was all his wife, lord and servant. The old Mohammed customs were not fashionable in the court of the new king, his wife did not wear a veil on the street. No one spoke for it, only the softwares.

Salome saw nothing but European figures around him: the wives of foreign ambassadors and consuls visited him and gossiped in a whole civilized manner. He could also go to the theater and shop at the bazaar, if the four rows of palm trees in the courtyard in front of the Royal Palace had not warned him, he might have thought he was in Europe.

Faithful love was not left without a blessing. One fine day, she whispered shyly to her husband, Salome, that he hogy had two hearts.

Yusuf was glorified with joy. He told all his ministers, some three times, the good news.

And from that day on, he treated Salome as tenderly as if it were made of crystal glass: whatever he might look at.

And Salome was a smart woman: quite fin de siécle upbringing. A month later, he began a serious speech with Yussu, who rocked him in his lap.

– Do you hear José, this Turkish religion is an honest religion: it allows a husband to have more wives. For us Christians, this is forbidden; therefore, then the husband does so to circumvent the law in a forbidden way. If you can’t find your pleasure at home, look outside the house.-284-And the Turk says honestly, “My treasure, I just thought one thing: I’ll bring another wife to the house.” And then they’re nicely together on three.

– Would you agree? Yusuf asked.

“I’d be very happy about it.” Then I wouldn’t be alone. Gloomy, sad. We would be two: laughing, joking, singing and conspiring against you to annoy you.

“Well, I’ll talk about this with Sheik-ul Islam.”

Salome kissed her husband for that word and applauded in delight.

“Only then will you choose someone who is prettier than me.”

Yusuf talked about this thing with Sheik-ul-Islam and then a few days later he said to Salome:

– Well, I’ve already chosen a new wife.

– Is he prettier than me?

– I do not know that. A Turkish girl’s face is not seen by a man until he is introduced to the wedding room.

– But do you know his name?

– I dont even know.

– But would you like to add it to you?

– I don’t know.

“It’s an Eastern riddle, isn’t it?”

“You’ll figure out Mingyar if I tell you who my ministers are for me.” One of the sultan’s daughters, of whom I do not know if she is beautiful, I do not know what her name is. And I don’t know if they give it to me?

“Is that why you’re falling for it?”

“Because my ministers believe that if I become the sultan’s son-in-law, I will be able to shake off the aliens who now rule in my country instead of me.”

The beautiful Salome was very saddened by the word.

A sultan girl will not be good to a wife: she has long nails.-285-

But Yushuf himself was not happy with this decision. He was in a good mood there. He barely showed himself among people. He always sat there in his wife’s room, as if afraid of losing.

He devised all sorts of excuses to drag and hold the sultan’s visit; but at last Sheik-ul-Islam forced her to fulfill the indulgence of her people, to go to a maiden.

Before embarking on the ship, the little king wept well in Salome’s bosom and left all his kisses with him: and he entrusted his wife to a scholar woman who was very scholar because she already had a beard. She was thought to be a woman of Sozima.

Salome, the closer he got closer to the fulfillment of his hope, the more sad he became. They took out all the heavy conjectures that haunt the blessed woman. He was afraid of death.

“Tell me, Madame Sozima, will I not die?” He asked the scientist.

The infallible science of the scientist woman consisted of tossing cards. He told Salome in advance about the future.

– My Queen: if you will give birth to a girl, you will surely survive, but if you give birth to a boy, Allah will be behind you.

Salome just didn’t understand anything from this riddle.

He should have known Turkish in order to understand the tale.

According to traditional Turkish custom, the throne of a Mahomed prince is always inherited by the firstborn son: even if its mother was a slave. The mother of the first boy is «Valideh.» And it is given great power over the other spouses.

And if a sultan’s daughter is married to a vassal king, she is required to make this the «Sultan of Valideh».

And if there be an older sultan in the house, who is the mother of a son, what shall they do?-286-

Well, the sages of the states are wise so that they can meet this.


King Yusuf was received with great splendor at the high gate.

He was held there for weeks and during that time one ceremony passed to the other corner, which was arranged in his honor. He saw fireworks in which the flyers drew his name with fire letters on the sky, received bright orders of merit and a cute saber, waved a glass with the ambassadors of the powers of the world, and a guard of honor saluted him in front of his palace. He gave her a kiss on the padisah.

Sheik-ul-Islam brought new good news for him every day… High politics took a positive turn. The influence of good friends over their enemies is beginning to predominate on the divan council. There is only one «small obstacle» that needs to be overcome. Then success will be complete. But in order for him to travel to King Yushuf’s capital himself.

Once upon a time, the telegraph finally meant to King Yusuf that that difficult hurdle had now been removed.

Then the farewell coma was kept in his honor, he was escorted to the ship with a great musical word, he was greeted with a cannonball, he was released. All ships were flagged in the Golden Horn Bay. And if the promises had had the weight and volume, King Yushuf could have loaded them with another ship.


When King Yushuf arrived with his warship in the port of his capital, he was shocked to see that the flags of all the ships anchored there were lowered to half-masts. This proclaims that the country has a large dead body.-287-

He had not received any news of Salome since his departure. All his letters and telegrams were intercepted by his minister.

He approached the shore uneasily; every blow of the paddle’s paddles sounded to his ears as the music of a mortuary starter.

And when he ran up the steps of the shore, the mourning music of the dead sounded quite close. On the wide street leading from the harbor to the royal palace, a sea of ​​people rippled, a moving sea full of heads in which a mourning procession could move forward with great difficulty: dervishes in front, then cavalry soldiers, then musicians, rifle soldiers, then a mourning carriage with the coffin, in which the dead lie uncovered from the ceiling and the eyelids. Not one dead, but two. A woman and a baby. Mother with her child, then again soldiers, dervishes in a large group.

It was impossible for Yusuf to advance against the sea of ​​people.

He was forced to wait for the mourning procession.

It was headed by Sheik-ul-Islam on horseback.

When he saw Yusuf, he ordered the procession to stop and opened the way to the coffin by the chaos.

Then the king learned who the great dead were to be buried with such splendor.

The beautiful Salome lay in the coffin, next to her newborn son.

The scientist prophesied to him, “If your daughter is born, you will live; if your son is born: Allah is with you! »

… Well, that’s the higher policy!

… The obstacle has been removed.

… And then Yushuf did not even receive the sultan’s daughter. Mazr remained under the aliens.

* * *


When Father Godin learned of the sad end of his daughter from Figaro, he said to his wife:

“It would have been even better for him to be a baker than to be a queen.”