What was the big change

Kadarkuthy arrived on foot in the morning in front of the restaurant in St. Petersburg, where he left behind his travel companion, his former principital, the comedian. He was sitting there in the drinking room next to a bottle of alaska.

The baron was warmed up as he walked, took the cap off his sweaty head, and placed the wolf-skin rams on his shoulders, entering the morgue room.

Well, as Hercules saw the entrance, he jumped up from the bench; as one who sees a ghost, he jumped through the table and ran out the door of the cast, looking backwards, his eyes bulging with fright.

The baron cried out after him, and the marshal took it; but he repulsed the freak man and ran away in such a way that he could not be chased.

– What did you find? The Baron asked, staring.

– But although his czech13) would have paid! The freakman lamented.

He was comforted by the Baron; placing on the table the marys covering the two daily allowances.

“But create a cart for me right now, so I can go to Miskolc!” The Baron ordered.

There he was bacon intact while standing by a matyo carrier who had returned from the Dédes fair with an empty chariot; it had four shaggy-haired turquoise. There was soon a bargain between him and the Baron.-136-

“All right, my old lord,” the coachman said. “I’ll take your grace flying to that Miskaócz, just be well caught in the gunfire so you don’t get out of the corner, my old lord.”

“Then stop in front of the Tósó barber in town.” Do you know, where is the Tósó barber’s workshop?

– Believe me, that’s what it takes! How can I not know the Barber of Tósó, my old lord?

“But don’t call me my old lord;” my address is dignified baron.

“All right, well, my dignified old baroness.”

The four shaggy taltos did indeed fly the baron to Miskolc, setting him down, as he wished, in front of the Tósó barber’s workshop.

The baron entered the officzina and told the principal to run someone for his clothes left at the judge, while correcting his hairstyle.

Master Sósó clapped his palms.

– But Baron! What did you do with your hair?

– What did I do?

– Look here in the mirror! He held the hand mirror in front of him.

Kadarkuthy is not known to himself. Her whole hair was dove white. In those horrible minutes, it turned gray at once.

He shrugged.

– At least I don’t have to dust my hair anymore.

According to the fashion of the time, white hair matched the young face well: for both men and women. A man civilized by the chase of property has not appeared to the world before. If the author of the pentateuch knew this, Adam and Eve would have emerged immediately, ab origine, with white hair from the womb of the earth — and from each other’s sides.

Viktor Kadarkuthy, dressed in his European costume, hurried to visit the Second Pane.

The respectable woman welcomed the Baron with great pleasure.-137-

Kadarkuthy began by kissing her hands nicely, telling the waist matron from the beginning all that had happened to her in those few days. All the way to mutual reconciliation.

The vicissan listened with great interest to the attention-grabbing sale.

From the Baron’s speech a deep feeling and pure truth emerged. The handsome lady often wiped her eyes.

After all, in a kind of maternal blessing, he put his hand on the Baron’s head.

Then he said in amazement,

– Just look! The baron’s head is not powdered, yet white.

– That’s it! He went gray that night.

“Then you really take my mother’s blessing with you.”

For the first time in his life, it hit Viktor Kadarkuthy’s head. Maybe he was conceiving.

The ordinary world knew nothing of the whole obscure story. Those who knew fell silent. Many of these secret stories are hidden in our family chronicles.

The next spring, however, a bag with extra-courier arrived in the post office from France, addressed to the Levite of the Friendly Village. That bag was filled with the seeds of «robinia pseudacacia», which was unknown on this land at the time. This is what the whole of Hungary now knows under the name «acacia tree». Blessing the unblessed earth! This is the tree that becomes established in all steppe soils, in those in which the wild chihuahua no longer remains, and then in spring it floods the whole country with its fairy scent and enriches their beehives with sweet honey.

With this acacia tree seed, Lórincz Guthay brought back the area of ​​the rain-covered arable lands for his hives, so that they could once again be happy arable sowners, rejoicing in the earing and harvesting.

And there are people for whom it is also a pleasure.