Trang, Thailand, the “obsessed” breakfast city

There may not be many places in the world that take breakfast as seriously as Trang, Thailand. This is a city that is “obsessed” and “crazy” for breakfast. At 4 am, when most of the residents of the world are still dreaming, this city in southern Thailand is already full of fireworks, and people will walk to tea restaurants, old-fashioned cafes and street food stalls in droves to enjoy them The most important meal of the day.

BBC reporters have personally felt the love of Trang people for breakfast. Spacious tea restaurants provide diners with various types of snacks; some restaurants use steaming noodles and porridge to attract diners; cafes and street stalls may sell curry-made food, stir-fries and soups Wait.

The most famous food in Trang is its special roast pig. After the chef removes the bones of the pigs, they put them on a marinade made with 5 kinds of spices and bake them for over an hour. When it is out, the deep red pork skin is crispy and tender and melts in your mouth. At around 4 in the morning, this delicacy will be sold by the catty at the Trang morning market. In addition to refreshments and roasted pigs, the favorite breakfast of Trang people is fried dough sticks.

Even in Thailand, the country of gourmet food, Trang’s breakfast is abundant and the breakfast time is surprisingly early. A local restaurant owner and amateur food historian explained that rubber is an important industry in Trang. Many workers have to get up at 2 in the morning to pick rubber. They may have to eat two meals before the sun rises. Created a prosperous breakfast culture in Trang. In addition, since the 15th century, some Chinese immigrants have come to Trang and other Thai cities. In Trang, you can hear Chinese dialects such as Hakka and Teochew at the same time. However, it is the Cantonese who have the deepest influence on Trang’s breakfast. It is obvious to all that they attach importance to morning tea, which may be the reason why there are so many types of breakfast in Trang.