Harry and his wife’s talk show interviews frequently explode

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) reported on the 8th that the British Harry and his wife were invited to accept an interview with Oprah, Queen of the American talk show, and received great attention. The show premiered on the evening of the 7th local time in the United States. Compared with the previous preview, the complete interview content is obviously more exciting-the Harry and his wife talked about the journey of leaving the royal family during the interview. Megan confessed that he was very depressed in the royal family, “want to commit suicide”, accused the royal family of lying, and claimed that he and his son were racially discriminated against by the royal family for their skin color. The Associated Press stated that this was the “most sensational” interview show for the British royal family since Princess Diana was interviewed in 1995. At present, the British royal family has not commented on this show.

Tucao royal life is too depressing

The Associated Press said on the 8th that this is the first official interview with the Harry and his wife since they resigned from the royal family. Due to the delicate relationship between the two and the British royal family, this interview also received high attention. The trailer released by CBS has greatly stimulated the nerves of the outside world, especially the British royal family and its related parties. The complete interview content is even more frequent. According to the Associated Press, the interview show between Harry and Oprah revolves around Meghan’s marriage into the royal family, the birth of Harry’s son Archie, and their decision to abandon royal life and move to the United States. The outside world clarified that his decision to leave the royal family was a “forced and reasonable choice.”

At the beginning of the interview, Megan said to Oprah that “I’m ready to tell” and that accepting the interview was a kind of “liberation.” Meghan said that before marrying Harry, she “imagined too naively” about royal life and “know nothing about all future obligations and responsibilities.” After that, her passport, driving license and keys were all confiscated, and she had to endure the loneliness and helplessness of royal life, as well as media siege and false reports. She said that she was “on the verge of suicide” and confided her feelings to Harry.

Harry also said that, like his father (Prince Charles) and brother, he was trapped by the royal family until he met Megan. He also compared Meghan’s experience with his late mother, Princess Diana, saying that he could no longer let his wife suffer the same treatment as his mother. “(The decision to leave the royal family) is incredibly difficult for both of us, but at least we have each other.” The Harrys also disclosed that Meghan is pregnant with a daughter and this will be their second child.

Megan: Kate cried me angrily

The BBC said that when criticizing the royal system for putting pressure on them, the Harrys recounted many little-known details. For example, Meghan said that there had been news that Meghan was crying Princess Kate at the wedding, but the fact is that she was crying because of her quarrel with Kate, but Kate has already apologized to her. In addition, because of Megan’s black ancestry, the royal family finally considered not granting their son Archie the title of prince. When Megan was pregnant, some people in the royal family guessed whether Archie’s skin was brown, and he and Megan were married. Harry has talked. Megan claimed that the royal family is a “community of interests” and is willing to lie to protect other family members, “but they don’t protect me and my husband.” However, she also said that Queen Elizabeth has always been very good to her. She once gave her pearl earrings and matching necklaces as gifts, which reminded her of her grandmother.

Harry said that members of the royal family did not publicly defend Meghan and opposed the “racist reports” of his wife by the British tabloids, and he never thought that the royal family would cut off their financial support and withdraw security personnel. “Considering our special identity, (withdrawing security) means a huge risk.” Harry also said that his father, Prince Charles, once refused to answer his phone because he left the royal family, and he has never contacted his brother Prince William.

The British “Guardian” stated that Harry and Meghan were interviewed publicly and dropped an unprecedented blockbuster in public opinion. In 1995, Princess Diana accepted a BBC interview and failed marriage with Charles, which caused a public outcry. The same is true of the public revelations of the Harrys. Although the Harrys tried to distinguish royal family members from “staff working for the royal family” and blamed the latter on the latter, it is clear that their direct attacks on the royal system inevitably caused great controversy. Some revelations are extremely sensitive and even touch the political bottom line, such as the issue of “racism” in the royal family. Australia’s “Sydney Morning Herald” stated on the 8th that Harry repeatedly stated in interviews that he did not want the tragedy of his mother Princess Diana to repeat itself. However, in fact, this interview may evolve into a “recession to the British royal family” after the death of Princess Diana in 1997. The most destructive scandal”.

Attitudes of the United Kingdom and the United States: Two Heavens

CNN reported on the 8th that after the Harry couple’s interview was first broadcast, the accusations of the two against the British royal family “almost immediately triggered the anger of Americans on social media”, and a large number of celebrities tweeted them. He expressed support. But British public opinion is split. The British royal family responded with silence. But obviously, the royal family can hardly tolerate such behaviors that challenge the royal dignity. When Megan married into the royal family in 2018, people were discussing that this marriage might lead the British royal family to a new era that is more tolerant and diverse. However, more than two years later, the development of things seems to be the opposite of people’s wishes.

British media reported that some people in the royal family have regarded this interview as a kind of revenge. Although the Harrys claimed that it was based on the “pursuit of freedom”, their remarks not only brought negative effects to the royal family, and further deteriorated the royal family. Outside of the internal relations of family members, it seems that it cannot bring any positive consequences. “Daily Mail” quoted the royal biographer as saying on the 8th that it is currently the “worst case” for the British royal family, and the result of the interview is that “no one is a winner.” There are also many people who eat melons that they look forward to the royal family’s response, and wonder if this debate will be a “continuous battle.”