Onlookers around the world watch the Harry and his wife’s “burst of family scandal”

It is known to everyone to make household chores a disaster, not to mention the grandson and granddaughter-in-law of the Queen of England. British Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, and his wife Meghan Meghan’s interview with Oprah, the “Queen of Talk Show” of the United States, was broadcast in the United States and Britain, which triggered a global crowd of spectators. According to British media, the original royal family drafted a statement on the 9th in response to the Harry and his wife’s allegations, emphasizing the royal family’s love and care for the two, but the queen stopped the statement and said that more time was needed for consideration. The British “Daily Mirror” believes that the British royal family is facing “the most serious crisis in 85 years” since Edward VIII, who “loves beauty and does not love the country”, gave up the throne. Either support the young couple, or sympathize with the old grandmother, the global “melon-eating” people stand in two distinct teams, even the spokesperson of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Zaha

Rova did not miss the excitement. She posted on Facebook saying that after reading the interview, she understood what democracy with the characteristics of the British monarchy looks like. Insecure”.

Charles and William are “very sad”

“Daily Mirror” quoted a source from the British royal family on the 9th as saying that Harry’s father, Prince Charles and his brother, Prince William, were “very sad” about what Harry and his wife said in this interview. Not only that, but the accusation of Harry and his wife that their son Archie’s skin color was “discriminated by members of the royal family” has caused the British royal family to fall into “fear and frustration”. According to reports, the queen, who was almost 95 years old, immediately held a crisis meeting with her son Charles and her eldest grandson William to discuss how to respond to the allegations. “The Independent” said on the 9th that the British royal family will break the tradition of keeping silent in the past, and may issue an official statement on the matter on the 10th, focusing on responding to the Harrys’ accusations of racial discrimination against anonymous royal family members.

According to the “Daily Mail” report, before the interview with Harry and his wife was broadcast, the Queen of England issued a “Commonwealth Day” statement on the 8th local time, emphasizing the importance of keeping in touch with family members and “performing duties.” She said that although the epidemic in the past year has prevented many family members from being together, keeping in touch with each other will eliminate barriers and differences.

“British people are generally sad to see the royal family develop to this way”, the British “Daily Express” said that the shocking accusation of Harry and his wife was made public, which coincided with the 70th anniversary of the Queen’s accession to the throne. .

In fact, this interview caused another wave of doubts about the monarchy around the world. Meghan McCain, the daughter of the late U.S. Republican Senator McCain, tweeted: “Since 1776, the monarchy has been an ancient and harmful concept.” Former Australian Prime Minister Turnbull told Australia on the 9th The broadcaster said that the Harrys during the interview supported his view that Australia should cut off the constitutional link with the British monarchy: “Do we really hope that the king or queen of England will automatically become our head of state?”

The leader of the British opposition Labour Party, Stammer, said on the 8th that the allegations of racism and mental health in the interview need to be treated “very seriously”. He said: “In a sense, this is not just a matter of the royal family.” When British Prime Minister Johnson was asked at a press conference on the 8th whether he should investigate the Harrys’ allegations against the royal family, he refused to take the Queen’s question. “I have always admired the Queen and the role she played in our country and the Commonwealth. As for other things, all matters related to the royal family, I will not comment, and this is true today.”

The natal family “supports”, the in-laws “angry”

Contrary to Downing Street’s caution, the White House has openly supported the “married daughter”. On the 8th, White House Press Secretary Psaki said at a press conference, “Obviously, many of us have seen this interview.” She praised Meghan’s frankness, saying “Anyone will stand up and talk about their struggle with mental health issues. , It takes courage to tell your own personal affairs, and Biden certainly thinks so too.” She said that since the Harrys are now ordinary residents living in California, the White House will not make further comments. Psaki also emphasized that the “firm and lasting special partnership” between the United States and Britain will “continue.”

The Harrys’ confession won a lot of sympathy in the United States. Actress Arquette praised Harry for breaking free from his native family: “Prince Harry gave up everything in order to protect his own family and to ensure Meghan’s real safety and happiness. This is the real prince.” Zeng at Biden Gorman, a young poet who recited poems at the inauguration, praised Meghan as “the greatest opportunity for the British royal family to change, rejuvenate and reconcile in the new era. They didn’t just abuse her, they missed it.” Actor Jordan shouted to Megan: “Come back, baby. In the United States, there are more people who can live the life of a queen than in the United Kingdom.” CNN said that Megan and her prince’s experience of getting married is clear. Explain how dangerous and wrong the story of Cinderella marrying the prince is.

The voices in the United Kingdom are relatively antagonistic. The British Sky News quoted poll data on the 9th as saying that after the program was broadcast, 38% of the respondents expressed different degrees of sympathy for senior members of the royal family, while 45% believed that they did not. Need or not deserve sympathy. But at least a considerable number of Britons believe that “the couple put personal happiness above public responsibility”. “What they did is infuriating,” Sky News said on the 9th that Harry and Meghan’s big reveal interview was a “very selfish and narcissistic gimmick” with the purpose of “humiliating” those who manage the royal family. “They are a very naive couple who can’t handle stress well at all.” According to the report, the couple may feel the need to please the world, but “threw the queen and the 1,200-year-old royal family under the bus in London.” British TV host Morgan also said that the couple were “selfish, lying, controlling and untrustworthy”—“I’m going to get angry today. I was disgusted by what I saw just now. This is two hours. The rubbish marathon conversations attacked our royal family, monarchy, and the queen’s hard work. All this was done while Prince Philip was still lying in the hospital.” Royal expert Jobson called this interview ” A great insult to the British people. They dropped a huge grenade on the royal family and the monarchy.” Another royal expert, Levine, predicted: “Harry will regret accepting this interview in a few years. They have no emotional intelligence.” The Financial Times said that Harry and Meghan’s remarks also weakened the royal family’s role in the United Kingdom. Encouraged the independence movement in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

“Versailles Pain” was teased

In addition to the tit-for-tat public opinion on both sides of the Atlantic, people from various countries also have unique perceptions and different perspectives on what the Harrys did. After watching the talk show, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zakharova ridiculed the “democracy with the characteristics of the British monarchy” on Facebook on the 8th. “This is not a scandal, this is the collapse of democracy.” She also denounced “collusion between the British ruling group and the media”, “As the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have confirmed, any problem may be turned black and white by the British media under the instructions of those in power. Rezovsky, Skripal, White Helmet and other incidents have had this experience more than once.”

Bell, a historian at Queen Mary University of London, told the Financial Times on the 9th that these controversies may contribute to the cultural war that has erupted in the UK since the Brexit referendum, and provide some politicians with “ammunition”: “If they can combine Meghan and Harry Princes and princesses depicted as opposed to other royal family members and powerful groups, they will do so without hesitation.”

“Is Meghan the second Princess Diana?” The New York Times said on the 9th that British tabloids like to portray Meghan as the Duchess of Windsor-a divorced American woman who was abducted in 1936 They lost their king and lived a miserable life in exile with him. However, Megan seems to be positioning herself as “the Diana of today”, a woman who has been abused by her in-laws, not only has no guilt, but is also the abused party. Harry also thinks this way, comparing the experiences of his mother and his wife, and saying that he “felt her (Diana) presence throughout the process.” According to the report, this gives people “the feeling of a Shakespearean drama.”

U.S. Political News Network on the 8th satirized Meghan’s statement that his “painful life” in the UK was somewhat “Versailles”. “Although Meghan said that now that all of us have gone through the blockade during the epidemic, she will have a sense of her pain. But in fact most of us have no chance to be trapped in a mansion with 9 bedrooms and 16 bathrooms.”