Trump’s “sadest homecoming” was greeted by only one supporter

The former US President Trump returned to his hometown of New York for the first time after leaving the White House. Only one supporter greeted him. This was the “most sad home”. In addition, a group of protesters asked him to “get off”. According to sources, Trump has not seen any accompaniments on this trip, only security personnel. He will stay in New York for only two days before leaving.

Trump arrived at Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan in a black SUV at 9 pm local time on the 7th. According to the British “Guardian” report, as early as the 6th, there was news that Trump may return to New York, arriving as early as Sunday night. With the increase in media reports, the police are also preparing to be near Trump Tower. Increase security forces. According to reports, since he ran for the presidency, and after the riots on Capitol Hill on January 6 this year, it has always been extremely lively outside Trump’s New York home, and it is therefore also a key area for police deployment. For this reason, on the evening of the 7th, the US Secret Service and the New York City Government deployed police forces outside the Trump Tower. Roadblocks were set up around the building and parking was restricted. However, according to related videos, Trump’s return on that day seemed particularly deserted. According to the New York Post, only one supporter greeted Trump alone on the side of the road, and Trump waved to the only person in the car who cheered him up.

According to the Huffen Post, on the 8th, sporadic supporters outside the Trump Tower expressed support for Trump to fight for the 2024 presidential election. At the same time, a group of protesters appeared and they erected a huge Trump inflatable. The doll, holding banners with the slogans “Arrest Trump”, “Sue Trump”, and “Roll Back to Florida” yelled at Trump (pictured) and told him to get out of New York.

It is reported that Trump returned to New York this time to deal with family business matters. According to the New York Daily News, people close to Trump revealed that Trump wanted to see for himself what his group and employees are now, and he missed the company. There is speculation about whether Trump wants to go back to his old profession and become a businessman again. However, he may need to deal with legal issues first. The British “Daily Mail” stated that Trump is facing criminal proceedings against him in a business transaction in Manhattan, and the investigation has gradually expanded to include suspected tax, loan and insurance fraud by the Trump Organization.

Trump was born in Queens, New York, and later became a real estate developer in Manhattan. In October 2019, he changed his address to his Sea Lake Estate in Florida. Since leaving the White House on January 20 this year, Trump has been living in Sea Lake Manor, but he still owns a luxurious apartment in Trump Tower. After Trump stepped down, members of the Trump family have also moved to Florida.