France holds Europe’s first space military exercise

Paris announced that France will hold its first space military exercise! According to French “Le Figaro” and many other media reports on the 9th, French President Macron, who “does what it says”, announced on the French National Day in 2019 the establishment of a space command and the development of an “space force”. This Friday He will sit down and watch the first French space military exercise called AsterX.

According to Le Figaro, this space military exercise was held in Toulouse, known as the “Air France City”, in the form of a virtual exercise. The reason for naming the exercise AsterX is to pay tribute to the Gallic hero Astérix (the hero of the famous comic book “The Adventures of Gallic Hero”) and the first satellite launched into orbit by France in November 1965. In addition to the 60 soldiers of the French Space Command, the US Space Command and the German Space Agency were also invited to participate in the exercise.

General Friedlin, the head of the French Space Command, revealed that the exercise will run from the 8th to the 12th. This is the first time that the French army has carried out military training in space and the first time in Europe. The main purpose is to test the stress resistance of the existing system, evaluate the areas that need to be improved in the future, and promote the construction of the space command. Friedlin said that the exercise simulated a crisis between a country that has signed a military assistance treaty with France and another country with military capabilities in space. “The situation created by a series of events may threaten our (France) space capabilities.” The so-called “event” can be the enemy’s approach to “our strategic satellite,” or it can be a spacecraft entering the atmosphere. At this time, it must be tracked and the citizens must be alerted when necessary. He also emphasized that virtual media and virtual social networks will play an important role in the exercise.

Agence France-Presse stated on the 9th that the events to be simulated by the French military in this space military exercise were not based on fiction. In 2017, the Russian spy satellite Louch-Olympe tried to approach the French-Italian military satellite “Athena Fidos”. Cause controversy. In 2020, the United States accused Russia of testing anti-satellite weapons in space. In order to “improve space attitude”, France formulated a national defense space strategy in 2019 and decided to invest nearly 5 billion euros during the effective period of the Military Planning Act (2019-2025), of which 3.6 billion euros will be used to improve the provision of optical surveillance And the ability of military satellites to ensure communications. At present, France has 10,000 satellites orbiting orbiting space flying objects. France plans to have laser weapons that can force some “overly curious” foreign flying objects to keep distance by the end of the 1920s, as well as patrols equipped with cameras. satellite.

“Voice of Germany” reported that the military exercise is part of France’s strategy to build the world’s third-largest space power, but the French people have a different attitude towards the government’s display of “space ambitions.” Some netizens said that the military exercise made science fiction 30 years ago a reality. Soon, the French space commandos will intercept bad guys who want to destroy the information system, and “French James Bond” will appear soon! There are also comments that France is trying to show its status as a major power, but leaders who use this method to achieve self-satisfaction will plunge the country into a debt crisis.