Israeli Prime Minister Blasted to Visit UAE

According to Israel’s “Jerusalem Post” report on the 10th, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu will fly to the UAE this Thursday. This is the first visit since the two countries have normalized their relations. According to reports, Netanyahu and UAE Crown Prince Mohammed of Abu Dhabi will meet at the airport. Some UAE officials worry that Israel will hold its fourth general election within two years on March 23, and Netanyahu may be considering canvassing votes during his visit.

Earlier this year, Netanyahu planned to visit the UAE and Bahrain, but the trip was postponed three times due to restrictions on the prevention and control of the new crown epidemic.

After lunch the whole gang went to the sandbar in search of turtle eggs. They rummaged through the sand with sticks and wherever they found a hollow place they dug with their hands and often found fifty to sixty eggs in a hole, round, white, nut-sized things. In the evening they prepared a delicious meal from the baked eggs, as well as a delicious breakfast the next morning, a Friday. Then they went to the sandbank, swam and romped around in the water and, for a change, rolled around in the hot sand in which they literally dug themselves. Suddenly the thought occurred to them that the unclothed state in which they found themselves was most similar to the jerseys of the circus heroes. Immediately a circle was drawn in the sand, which must represent a circus,

When this pleasure was savored to the full, Huck and Joe jumped into the water again. Tom did not dare to go inside, as he discovered that he had lost his rattlesnake rattles when he took off his pants. Only by a miracle was he until now at risk of spasms while swimming[147] escaped without the mysterious protection of this magic drug. He searched eagerly for it and when he finally found it, the magic clatter, the others were tired of swimming and needed to rest. They strolled along the bank, became silent, brooded, one behind the other, and everyone found himself staring longingly into the distance, where the home nest lay sleepy in the sunburn. Tom suddenly realized that he was writing “Becky” in the sand with his big toe. Angry at his unmanly weakness, he wiped it out, but in the next moment nonetheless drew the same magical lines anew, almost against his will; he couldn’t help it. Again he put them out and then evaded the temptation,

Joe’s spirits had meanwhile sunk so much that it seemed almost impossible to get them up. He was so homesick that he could hardly bear it anymore because of his misery. Treacherous tears were close to overflowing. Huck, too, had become melancholy. Tom was also very depressed, but tried hard not to show it. There was a secret in his chest that he didn’t think was ripe for disclosure. If, however, this rebellious dejection could not be banished, he would have to come out with it in the end. With artificial merriment he suddenly exclaimed:

“I’ll bet, boys, there were pirates on this island before we did. Let’s go through everything again. Maybe they have hidden treasure somewhere. It would be a lot of fun if we suddenly came across a rotten box full of gold and silver, wouldn’t it? ”

This prospect, however, was able to arouse only a weak enthusiasm, which immediately died away without arousing an echo[148] to have. Tom tried two or three other tempting suggestions – it was a wasted effort. Joe sat poking around in the sand with a stick and looked very grumpy. Finally he exclaimed impetuously:

“Boys, let’s leave it alone. I want to go home, it’s so lonely here. ”

“Oh, Joe, wait a minute,” said Tom, “you’ll soon think differently about it. Just think about fishing alone! ”

“What do I care about fishing? I want to go home!”

“But, Joe, where can you find another place to swim like here?”

“I don’t care about swimming. I don’t care anymore, since nobody’s there to forbid it. I want to go home.”

“Oh papperlapapp! Baby! Want to see his mom, don’t you? ”

“Yes, I want that too! I want to see my mother, and if you had one, so would you. I’m no bigger baby than you are! ”And Joe sobbed a little to himself.

“Fine, fine! Let the child go to his mama, is it Huck? Mama wants to see the poor little baby. Should have it, poor little thing. You like it here, Huck, eh? The two of us are staying, aren’t we? ”

Huck let out a very dubious, drawn out “yes-a-a”.

“As long as I live, I’ll never talk to you again,” with that Joe got up and began to dress.

“As if I cared about it!” Said Tom disdainfully, “we don’t need you. Go home and let yourself laugh at you. You are a beautiful pirate, you! Huck and I, we’re not screaming kids, we’re staying here, is Huck? He can run wherever he wants, want to finish without him! ”

But Tom wasn’t very comfortable with the matter[149] and restlessly he watched as Joe stubbornly continued to dress without a word. It also frightened him to see Huck carefully following Joe’s preparations while observing a threatening silence. Immediately, without a word of farewell, Joe began to wade towards the Illinois bank. Tom’s heart sank down to the tip of his toe. He cast a searching look at Huck. The latter could not bear the gaze and lowered his eyes. Then he said:

“I want to go too, Tom! It was lonely before and now it’s getting worse. Come on, we’ll go with you! ”

“I’m not going. You can all go if you want. I want to stay. ”

“I, I think, I’m going!”

“Always, who is holding you?”

Huck began to gather up his clothes. He said:

“Tom, I want you to go with me. Think about it. We’ll wait for you over on the bank for a while. ”

“Well, you can wait there until you go black, I can tell you!”

Sorrowful Huck turned away and Tom stood and watched him go, while the ardent desire to follow the two almost squeezed his heart off. But his pride wouldn’t let that happen. From moment to moment Tom hoped the boys would stop, but they waded forward resolutely without looking back. Suddenly the consciousness of how quiet and lonely it had become seized him with crushing violence. He passed one last bouquet with his pride, then rushed after his comrade, shouting after them:

“Wait, wait, I have to tell you something!”

They stood still and turned. When he reached them, he shared his secret with them. They listened sullenly;[150] but when they realized what he was aiming at, they let out a shrill howl of war and declared the plan to be a capital pass. If he had said that right away, they would never have run away, they assured us. Tom talked his way out as best he could. In truth, however, he had feared that even the disclosure of this mysterious plan would not keep her on the island for the length of time, and that was why he had wanted to save this as a last resort in case of extreme emergency.

The boys wandered back merrily and threw themselves on the game with renewed energy, the whole time discussing Tom’s great plan and admiring his ingenuity. After a delicious lunch consisting of fish and eggs, Tom declared that he now wanted to learn to smoke. Joe liked the idea that he wanted to try it too. So Huck prepared two pipes and stuffed them. The two newest disciples in the art of smoking had until now only tried their talents on chocolate cigars, and that was by no means evidence of mature manhood.

Now they stretched out in the moss and began, somewhat hesitantly, to steam off, evidently not too confident in their abilities, contrary to their usual way of doing things. The smoke also had an unpleasant taste, they had to keep clearing their throat, but Tom said:

“Oh, that’s very easy; if I had known that earlier, eh, I would have learned it a long time ago. ”

“Me too,” said Joe, “that’s absolutely nothing.”

“Well, how often have I watched someone who smoked and wished if only you could, but never thought that it would be possible,” said Tom. “But that’s how I am. Not Huck? Don’t trust me! I’ve felt this way a hundred times, have you, Huck? ”


“God knows, I thought so too,” he confirmed.

“Just like me,” cried Joe, “this has happened to me a thousand times. Do you remember, Huck, that time at the slaughterhouse, the others were all there, Bob and Johnny and Jeff too, there – ”

“Yes, that’s it,” said Huck, without waiting further, “it was just the day I lost my beautiful white stone ball – or the day before.”

“You see,” cried Joe, “the Huck remembers. – I think I could smoke this pipe all day long, I don’t feel a bit sick. ”

‘Oh, neither did I,’ said Tom, ‘I could go on smoking all day. But Jeff Thatcher, I wanted to bet everything, he couldn’t. ”

“Jeff Thatcher! Lord God, it would have been delivered in two trains. He should just try it, he’d get something nice to see! ”

“I think so too – and Johnny Miller – well, I’d like to see him doing it.”

“Well and me!” Laughed Joe, “he can’t do it better than anything else he can – and he can’t do anything! All he needs to do is smell it and he’ll be gone! ”

“God knows that’s how it is. I only want one thing, Joe, I want the boys could see us like that! ”

“And me first!”

“Tell me, boys, we don’t talk about it at all and when we’re all together I’ll walk up to you, Joe, and ask: ‘Do you have a pipe here, Joe? I would like to smoke. ”And then you say, very carelessly, as if it were nothing:“ Yes, I have the old one and my new one too, but my tobacco is not very good. ”-“ Oh, it does nothing, ‘I then say,’ if only he’s strong enough ‘. Then you out with[152] the pipes and put on, – Lord God, they will be amazed! ”

“It’s going to be wonderful, Tom, if only it were that far.”

“Yes, and then we say, we’ve learned everything about how we moved out as pirates, and then they are all the more bursting with envy.”

“So what! It’s going to be splendid, Tom! ”

So they chatted and bramar-based, but gradually they grew quieter and only occasionally dropped a comment. The pauses became more frequent as a strange spit increased. Every pore inside her mouth seemed to be a trickling fountain. They were hardly able to empty the cavities under the tongue quickly enough to prevent flooding. Small effusions down the neck occurred in spite of all the haste, each time followed by a slight fit of choking. Both heroes now looked rather pale and miserable. Joe’s limp fingers sank the pipe, Tom’s pipe followed. The waterworks and pumps worked with power. Finally Joe said in a weak voice:

“Lost my knife somewhere. I’d rather go and look. ”


Tom gasped with trembling lips:

“I help you. You go there, I’ll go after the source. No, Huck, stay, you don’t have to come, we’ll find it! ”

So Huck sat down and waited about an hour. Then he found it boring and went looking for his comrades.

He also found her far apart, in the middle of the forest, both very pale, both asleep. But something around them proved to him that if they had any inconvenience, they had gotten rid of it once and for all.

At dinner they weren’t too talkative, had a somewhat dejected expression, and when Huck took out his pipe for dessert and showed himself ready to fill theirs too, they thanked them, said they weren’t quite comfortable, they had to have something at lunch not be good.