Russia reduces Twitter’s “domestic operation speed”

Russia has further tightened its controls on social platforms. According to Itas News Agency, the Russian Federal Telecommunications, Information Technology and Mass Media Supervision Bureau stated on the 10th that due to violations of relevant laws, the speed of access to US social media Twitter in Russia will slow down. If Twitter still does not start to comply with Russian laws, Russia will block the platform. Russian Presidential Press Secretary Peskov said on the 10th: “No one wants to block anything, but it is completely reasonable to take measures to force these companies to comply with our country’s laws.”

According to reports, all mobile devices and 50% of fixed devices in Russia will be affected by the above regulatory requirements. The Russian Federal Telecommunications, Information Technology and Mass Media Supervision Agency stated that since February, a newly effective law stipulates that all online social platforms are obliged to identify and block content that is prohibited from disseminating. However, Twitter did not delete any information that incited minors to commit suicide and contained child pornography and drug use since 2017. If Twitter continues to provide the above content, it will face tougher sanctions and even be completely blocked in Russia to protect Russian citizens. At present, the bureau has issued more than 28,000 requests for the removal of illegal links and articles. On the 9th, the Russian government sued a number of social media platforms including Facebook for allegedly “not deleting posts urging teenagers to participate in illegal protests.”

According to Russian News Television, according to the “Sustainable Internet Law”, Russian telecom operators use DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) equipment installed on their own websites to achieve the purpose of slowing down the operation of Twitter. This technology has been used by Russian telecom operators to limit users’ Internet speed.

Peskov emphasized on the 10th that if Internet companies operate in Russia, they are obliged to abide by Russian law.