The situation in Armenia escalates, Russia is worried

The political crisis in Armenia continues to ferment. On the 10th, Asian Prime Minister Pashinyan announced the dismissal of Gasparyan, Chief of Staff of the Army. Subsequently, Asian President Sarkisian filed a lawsuit with the Constitutional Court for this decision. Gasparyan also stated that he would refuse to leave unless the prime minister resigns and is re-elected. The leadership of the runner-up unanimously expressed support for Gasparyan’s request. The complex situation in Armenia has aroused concern in Russia.

According to the Russian “Viewpoint” on the 10th, Pashinyan issued a statement on the same day, saying: “Considering that the president did not sign the dismissal decree submitted by the prime minister within the time limit set by the “Military Service and Status of Military Personnel Act” and did not file a complaint with the Constitutional Court, Since March 10, the Chief of General Staff Gasparyan was removed from his post in accordance with the law.” Subsequently, Pashinyan applied to the President to appoint Davkiyan as the Chief of General Staff. Davkiyan served as Chief of Staff from 2018 to 2020.

Gasparian challenged the decision of Pahinyan to the court. He said that the Prime Minister’s statement and the entire process of his dismissal were unconstitutional, and recurring incidents confirmed that the current crisis could only be resolved after the prime minister resigned and the general election was held in advance. The Press Office of the General Staff of the Second Military General issued a statement on the 10th, stating that the military leadership agreed with Gasparyan’s statement and recognized his assessment of the domestic situation. There is only one solution to the current situation.

Russia’s TASS news agency reported on the 10th that Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Rudenko said that day: “We think this is Armenia’s internal affairs. We do not interfere and we have no position. But we hope that the situation will return to normal as soon as possible, which is beneficial to everyone. “According to the “Moscow Communist Youth League” reported on the 10th, the former mayor of Yerevan, Armenia’s capital, Gegamyan, said that the dismissal of the chief of staff may be a factor in the civil war. All this was planned by the British and American intelligence agencies. , Its purpose is to expel the Russian army from the country.