The Blue Kerr Mystery Case, Fires a Documentary

Lan Keer: born in 1991, Chinese Canadian, student at the University of British Columbia. During a trip to Los Angeles in 2013, he died in the water tank on the top floor of the Cecil Hotel where he lived.

Eight years ago, on February 19, a 21-year-old Chinese Canadian girl, Lan Keer, was found. She died in a water tank on the roof of a Los Angeles hotel. The body was naked. The cause of her death is a mystery. Eight years later, Lan Keer’s death still confuses many people. What did she experience before she died? Are there any doubts in the police’s conclusion?

A few days ago, the documentary “Crime Scene: The Cecil Hotel Disappearance” launched by Netflix was launched. The creative staff interviewed the police, the coroner and many other parties, trying to answer the questions that have lingered in people’s minds for eight years. The film quickly attracted global attention, but the answer still seems unclear.

Strangely missing in the “Death Hotel”
On January 28, 2013, Lakker from Vancouver arrived at the Cecil Hotel in downtown Los Angeles.

Since its opening in 1927, this hotel has had dozens of homicides and suicides, and it has been called the “Death Hotel”. There are people who have just been released from prison in the hotel, and those who take the elevator with you may have a history of sexual crimes. Locals say this is “a place where the murderer can rest. For example, Richard Ramirez.”

Ramirez is a mysterious serial killer in the 1980s, known as the “Night Stalker”. He likes to sneak into the victim’s home at night, shoot or strangle adult men, rape and kill women and children, and leave an inverted five-pointed star sign after committing the crime, some on the wall, on the mirror, and some on the dead . It is said that one day Ramirez returned to the Cecil Hotel covered in blood, but no one had any reaction to this.

On the day Lan Kerr checked in, the hotel manager was Amy. She has been a manager for 10 years and has called numerous police calls, calling this hotel the “kingdom”. “What kind of kingdom is this? Oh, I also call it a zoo. You never know what will happen one day.” Once she met a police sniper in the corridor and shouted to her with a sniper rifle: “Go back to the room! Someone stabbed someone with a knife, and I haven’t been caught in the hotel now!”

Amy remembered that Lan Keer, who came to travel, had to stay for 4 days, first staying in room 506 of the upper and lower bunks, and later changed to a single room because of “disturbing other travelers”. On February 1, Lan Keer, who was supposed to check out, disappeared. There was a mess in her room, but her wallet, clothing, etc. were all there. The room also showed no signs of forcible break-in and no drug-related items. The police checked the hotel surveillance video and did not find her leaving the hotel. Where is she? Hidden in the closet? Or was it killed and shipped out in a trash can?

The police dispatched police dogs and smelled the hotel all over. On the 5th floor, the police dog smelled the smell of Lan Keer’s room and walked west along the corridor to a window outside of which there was a fire escape route. But the smell disappeared there. The police brought police dogs to the top of the building to search, and then dispatched the police air support unit to turn on the searchlights to find clues, but found nothing.

A weird video of Lan Kerr in the hotel elevator.

During the investigation, the police found a weird video of Lan Keer in the elevator. She walked into the elevator, bent down, put her face close to the elevator buttons, pressed all the buttons in the middle row, and stood in the corner again, looking relaxed. Then, she put her head out of the elevator, quickly looked to the sides, and then stepped back and hid in the corner. After that, she went to the elevator entrance and looked out constantly, looking at the corner on the right. She suddenly jumped out of the elevator and walked in and out of the elevator many times in a step like a square dance. What’s even weirder is, “She waved her hands like a spirit, or gestured at someone, and then she started counting with her fingers.” After that, she left from the left side of the elevator and disappeared.

Unable to find a clue, the police released this video to solicit clues. The video spread widely on the Internet, sparking speculations. Someone found that the video had been edited, and 53 seconds were missing. Amy responded by saying: “We gave all the videos to the police and no one has edited them.” “Some people think that some of us have moved their hands and feet. It is their choice that they are willing to think this way.” Others suspect that that day was there. There is another person outside the elevator, because there is a foot in the video, they think it is not Lan Keer’s foot.

At that time, the Cecil Hotel was half transformed into a budget hotel for tourists, Stay on Main (the hotel was booked by Lan Keer), and other floors were filled with “frequent visitors”. These two groups of guests share the elevator, which is one of the reasons why Lanker’s elevator video shocked the entire network. When everyone was guessing where she was, unfortunate news came.

On February 19th, hotel guests reported that the water pipe was blocked. While the staff was repairing the water pipe, a naked body was found in the water tank on the top floor of the hotel. The police confirmed that this was Lan Keer who had been missing for many days.

People flocked to the hotel in anger and sympathy. Did anyone kill her and throw her body on the top floor? The forensic examination concluded that Lan Ke’er had no marks of gunshot wounds, stabbings or strangulation on his body, nor any signs of sexual assault. There is no evidence that any internal or external injuries caused her death.

Many doubts are hard to explain
Netizens always think there are doubts about Lan Ke’er’s death. For example, the elevator that Lan Ke’er took was on the 14th floor, because only the button on the 14th floor was not lit. When you get out of the elevator, turn left and go forward, you will see a beam of light, which is through the fire escape exit. She may have passed there to the top floor. In addition, a staircase can also reach the top of the building, but then the alarm will sound, and the hotel staff said that the alarm did not sound that night. Some people have speculated whether it was a hotel employee’s work case, and the hotel lied to hide the truth?

The water tank of the hotel where Lan Keer died was about 3 meters high and 1.37 meters wide, and could store at least more than 3,000 cubic meters of water. At that time, the water tank was about 2/3. Usually the corpse will float to the surface after being in the water for a period of time, but Lan Kerr’s corpse sank to the bottom when it was found. The authorities sent more than 20 firefighters to participate in the salvage. The water was discharged first, and then the side of the water tank was cut with an electric saw before the corpse was retrieved.

There are 4 huge water tanks on the top floor of the hotel.

Did Lan Kerr who got into the water tank take drugs? Half a block from the hotel is the largest open-air drug market in the western United States. Did someone give her a large dose of hallucinogenic drugs? But Lan Keer once wrote on social media that she does not touch drugs or drink alcohol, or even attend those meaningless parties.

Netizens also know what kind of girl Lan Kerr is through through her online diary. “She posted a lot of artistic things, including old photos of David Bowie, cool paintings and artworks.” “She is a fan of “Harry Potter”.” “She is amazing “Gatsby” is very obsessed.” “I can see that she is more introverted, often writing, creating and thinking.” Netizens also found that she has been looking forward to this trip for a long time. School studies put a lot of pressure on her. She “want to leave, want to escape!” She persuaded her parents to let her travel alone, and after obtaining permission, she made a plan to roam the west coast of the United States.

Netizens discovered that Lan Keer suffers from bipolar disorder (bipolar disorder). She was very excited for a few days and very depressed for a few days. Sometimes she feels, “This world is so big, what I see is only a small part. I’m going to see a new environment, hoping to meet some interesting people”. Sometimes she blames herself, “I have done too much, I can say whatever I want, and I always make the worst mistakes at the worst.” She brought prescription drugs with her and encouraged herself like this: “I am strong, capable, and special.” So, did she commit suicide due to bipolar disorder? “If you commit suicide, you can just jump off the building. Why do you want to do this? Why take off your clothes? How did she put on the metal cover?”

There are also some “weirds” that are not unattached. For example, Lan Keer went to a bookstore before he died. The registered mailing address of the bookstore has a zip code. After entering Google Maps, it appears in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada, which is the place where Lan Keer was buried. During her stay at the Cecil Hotel, tuberculosis broke out in the vagrant alley near the hotel, and it spread to the hotel when she was found missing. At that time, a test for tuberculosis was called Lam Elisa, which was the same as the English name of Lan Keer. Some people even suspected that she was “controlled by an extremist organization.”

Drilling into the water tank is to “hide”
On June 21, 2013, the police concluded the case and determined that Lan Keer died of accidental drowning and was related to his bipolar disorder. There is no evidence that Lan Keer abused alcohol or abused any illegal drugs. Forensic medicine only detected drugs used to treat bipolar disorder, but the content was far below the dose she should have taken. This became a clue for the police to solve the case. According to the police, Lan Keer stated in his online diary that he hated taking at least 4 kinds of drugs a day, and always believed that he was as normal as others and could travel alone. During the trip, she stopped taking the medicine for some reason. The police found that the number of pills in her medicine bottle was more than the remaining amount of medicine calculated based on the prescription date. In this way, emotional behavior is possible.

A policeman said that after arriving in Los Angeles, Lan Keer had participated in the recording of TV programs as a live audience. She wrote a long letter requesting it to be handed over to the host, but was eventually driven out by the security guard. At the Cecil Hotel, she was complained of “leave a note on the bed of other guests, “Go out, go home”. She would not open the door when other guests came back. Amy also said that she had seen Lan Kerr open her hands in the lobby and said: “I’m crazy, but Los Angeles is crazy too.”

“Crime Scene” did not find any new evidence of murder, but disclosed a lot of first-hand witness testimony, showing that Lan Kerr was indeed more likely to die of a mental problem than a terrorist killer. The detective who handled the case made it clear that she drowned in an accident. The documentary is also trying to answer some questions. For example, someone suspected that a singer from a German heavy metal band killed Lan Keer, but the documentary showed that the singer was in Mexico at the time. Forensic psychologist He Zhudi said that Lan Keer suffers from severe bipolar disorder. Her sister Sarah said that her sister sometimes had hallucinations, thinking that someone was following her. Investigators believe that her actions in the elevator are a manifestation of hallucinations, and that she climbed onto the roof and got into the water tank, possibly trying to avoid the fanciful stalker.

However, there are still many people who would rather believe that someone killed Lan Kerr. Some netizens said that there was a problem with the police autopsy report. In the column of death results, the autopsy officer checked “Uncertainty” first, then crossed it out and checked “Accident”. “They are concealing something.” In the eyes of skeptics, Lan Kerr’s death in an accident is even more unacceptable. “She is too pitiful.”

Lan Keer once left a paragraph on the Internet: “If someone tells you that they are suffering from depression, don’t ask why. Tell them every day that you love them so much that they will get better.” Many people came to Lan. Kerr’s parents opened a restaurant near Vancouver and put flowers at the door to commemorate her. Many people visit her in the cemetery, and some people say that giving more care to people with mental illnesses such as bipolar disorder is a better memorial to her.