After repeated boycotts, the Grammys are really “shady”?

The 63rd Grammy Awards ceremony was held on the 14th. Taylor Swift won the best album of the year, and Beyoncé won 4 awards including the best music video of the year and the best rapper. There have been 28 Grammy trophies. In addition, Lady Gaga and “Sister A” Ariana Grande teamed up to win the Best Pop Duo/Combination Performance Award. After the 00s, Billie Eilish won the Best Production Award of the Year, and the song of the year was spent. Falling HER (formerly known as Brieira Wilson)’s single “ICant Breathe (I Can’t Breathe)”.

Beyoncé won a record

Beyonce, who has 28 Grammy trophies, became the most awarded female singer in Grammys, setting a record. Prior to this, she was not only the most nominated female singer in Grammy history, but also the first artist to be nominated in the fields of R&B, rock, pop and Rap at the same time. Affected by the epidemic, this year’s Grammy Awards ceremony was held in the outdoor venue of the Los Angeles Convention Center. Only winners, performers and a few media were invited to attend.

As far as the audience is concerned, each Grammy will not only see singers attending the awards ceremony, but also enjoy the stage shows of popular singles and popular singers. This year, “Ma Dongmei” Megan West Starrian and Cardi B, who won the Best New Artist Award, sang “WAP”, and “Mars Brother” Bruno Mars and Anderson Parker sang the temporary single “Leavethedooropen”. , But not all singing programs are live performances, some are recorded in advance and then placed in the ceremony to play.

Wiken: Grammy has “corrupt” shady

Although the awards ceremony was very harmonious, this year’s Grammys have experienced upsets since the day the nomination was announced. First of all, Wiken, a popular Canadian singer and nicknamed “Bonsai Brother”, announced a permanent boycott of the Grammy Awards because of his “zero nomination”.

Viking’s new album “After Hours” last year was quite successful. The main single “BlindingLights” was on the “Billboard” list almost all year round, but it didn’t get a Grammy nomination, which made it 3 in 2016 and 2018. Wiken, who was holding the Grammy trophy, was extremely angry. In an interview with the “New York Times” and posting on social media, Wiken stated that the Grammys are “corrupt” and that he will permanently boycott the Grammys and will not let record companies sign up for Grammys in the future. Mei, the outside world also speculated that Viking’s experience may be related to his previous choice to perform in the “Super Bowl” instead of the Grammys.

In the face of Viking’s resistance, Harvey Mason, the CEO of the Grammy organizer, the American Academy of Recording Sciences and Arts, responded: “This year the competition is extremely fierce. Viking’s music is great. We understand that he was not nominated. Disappointed. Congratulations on his performance in the Super Bowl, and the Grammy nominations were confirmed long before he announced his participation in the Super Bowl.” Although another popular singer Justin Bieber was nominated, but because of his album The awards shortlisted were not satisfactory, and he also expressed that he would ignore this Grammy.

“Obviously Grammy lost BTS!”

Because Viking is Canadian and has African descent, Grammy’s neglect of him is also suspected of racial discrimination. The same situation happened this year with two other singers of color who were not nominated-Haier. Xihe “Spicy Chicken” Nicki Mina. An angry Mina complained on social networks. The Grammy organizers would rather award the best newcomer to a white singer than to herself.

A similar situation happened again during the Grammy Awards this year. Although the Korean group BTS was shortlisted for this year’s Grammys, they lost to two mainstream European and American pop singers at the “Best Pop Duo/Group Performance Award”. LadyGaga and Ariana Grande. According to the ABC report, after the results of the awards were announced, fans of BTS flocked to social media: “Who said that BTS lost the Grammy? It is obviously the Grammy who lost the BTS!” Mei just wants to rely on BTS to increase ratings!” “The judges didn’t even think about what this meant for BTS!”. There are also more sane fans who are optimistic about BTS’s Grammy path: “I was a guest last year and was nominated this year. We will definitely win next year.” BTS also said in an interview, thanking the fans for their support, “Next year we will take Come back with better music and performance”.