How do young people move towards a future without being “trapped”

Recently, an online video entitled “Young People Trapped” has attracted attention. What’s interesting about the video is that it provides a vivid description of some of the subtle and specific difficulties encountered by contemporary young people, and also summarizes some of the statements that have been discussed more recently on the Internet. Among them are the identification of young people, such as “small town”, “985 waste introduction plan team”, and “beating workers”, as well as “inner roll”, “egg shell explosion thunder” and “debt alliance” which are suitable for certain situations. description of. The author concludes at the end of the video: “For many people, life is no longer a sprint to change fate and class, but a long climb.” Worrying about falling has become the anxiety of young people. “Trapped”. Some people summarized that the video reflects that contemporary young people have confidence in the future of the country, but lack confidence in their own prospects, and feel that they are “trapped.”

“Young People Trapped” attempts to portray the “general conditions” of young people in the middle class, but it also makes the conditions of young people one-sided. The saying that young people are “trapped” carries a certain social reality and psychological basis, revealing certain aspects of society. But on the other hand, the statement that young people are “trapped” is also in the so-called “information cocoon”, which is limited by the vision and mentality of the describer, thus simplifying and magnifying the problem. The society should pay more attention to various specific problems encountered by young people and help them solve them effectively. At the same time, young people also need to understand themselves and society more accurately.

“Young People Trapped”, while extremely specializing some of the troubles and problems encountered by contemporary young people, and describing them as specific problems that plagued a generation, it also romanticized the lives of the previous generation. It seems that the parents are full of all kinds of opportunities and possibilities despite the lack of material, while the young people of this generation have more than enough food and clothing, but the relative lack of life is serious and they lack opportunities. This is a very simplistic description, which is actually very similar to the self-imagining of some young people in the early 1980s. In the fifth issue of “China Youth” magazine in 1980, two young people wrote to the editorial department under the name “Pan Xiao”. The title is “The road of life, why is it getting narrower and narrower”. It can be seen that the similarity of the term “trapped” has also sparked a lot of discussion at the time. In “Young People Trapped”, it is described that young people are troubled by housing in big cities and trapped by “a house of more than ten square meters”. In the novel “Kite Streamer”, Wang Meng described the situation in which two young people had no personal space at all and could not reach the top of the building to fall in love. It could be said that they wanted to be “trapped” and not available. Nowadays, it is often said that the fierce competition for further studies and work is the so-called “internal scroll”. In fact, the competition for the college entrance examination back then was far more intense than it is now. One of the most basic facts is that it was relying on the efforts of countless young people that most of the problems of the year were solved and surpassed. Most of the new problems encountered by young people today are not more difficult to overcome and solve than in those days. On the one hand, the so-called “trapped” has social background factors; on the other hand, it is also not mentioned in the video. Some young people themselves trap themselves in small spaces. Many problems are mentioned in the video. The solution of these problems not only requires social efforts, but also the self-expectations and self-struggle of young people. The so-called “home”, “mourning” and “waste” mentality are not unique to today, but have different performances in different environments, but today there are far more opportunities and possibilities to surpass these negative mentalities than in the past.

From a longitudinal comparison, there is no doubt that the living conditions of contemporary Chinese young people have generally been improved, with unprecedented platforms and possibilities. From a horizontal comparison, the deepening of globalization and China’s rapid development have provided young people with more opportunities, and the development opportunities that Chinese young people have are also rare in the world. The expression “no choice in mediocre life” mentioned in the video is exactly the cognition gained in a certain “information cocoon room”. The whole society and young people themselves need to be aware of many real “trapped” problems and face them seriously, but at the same time, “trapped” itself is already on a larger platform, with more than “trapped” problems. “Realistic opportunities and possibilities.

In fact, in the modern middle class society, any child born in an ordinary family will generally need to go through about 15 years of struggle to solve the various difficulties faced in his life and obtain a relatively stable life. This is common in all countries. Universality and similarity. Today, young people don’t really need to envy the opportunities of their parents. When they were young, they changed their lives through struggle and created a broader space for the growth of other individuals in society and the country as a whole. This generation of young people also needs to experience such struggles and efforts.

There are countless opportunities in China that are waiting for young people to discover, and countless possibilities are waiting for young people to work hard to create. China is moving towards a great future, and it is also giving young people the possibility to surpass their troubles and anxiety. Inspirational culture should not be the “chicken soup” to be ridiculed, but the inherent requirements provided by social reality. The society should take care of the specific situation of young people with the greatest enthusiasm and kindness, and create conditions for them to go beyond “trapping.” At the same time, young people also need to use their courage and strength to use their creative spirit to break out of the “trapped” situation and move towards a broad future where they are not “trapped”.