Taunting “a small town as a writer” reveals a sense of vulgar superiority

Some people on the Internet refer to successful people who come from poor families and work hard to get rid of family difficulties as the so-called “small town writers.” It seems that they do not have much abilities, but just adapted to the test-oriented education. Compared with the original situation Yan achieved a little success. The public opinion that opposes this view believes that these children have no other resources and can only change their destiny through the relatively fair selection mechanism of the college entrance examination. This is almost the only growth path left to them by the society.

In fact, behind the public opinion’s ridicule of the “tester” is also an irrational “emotional reflection” on the “sea battle” in the traditional Chinese education system and the examination selection mechanism. The college entrance examination is a pure land in the entire social justice system. Out of respect for this selection mechanism, public opinion has always given basic affirmation to the college entrance examination and exam-oriented learning mode. At least it feels that this is a helpless choice to maintain fairness and justice. . Under the envelope of this “just sentiment”, society has gradually lost its reflection on the education behind the “professor” and the evaluation and selection of talents, which has also led to the lack of motivation for the reform of education and talent selection mechanisms.

It has always been a major feature of Chinese education to advocate doing questions. In our country’s three-year high school system, in fact, the teaching tasks are basically completed in a hurry within two years. In the third year, it is almost done repeatedly with teacher guidance to improve test-taking skills. In some high schools, students do different tasks within one year. The superimposed test papers are more than 1 meter high, and it has become the most direct pursuit of education to train students to become “veterans” in the test in order to obtain better grades.

Training students to become “problemists” through “problem sea battles” has almost become the internal mechanism of education operation. Teachers, students, and parents target scores. The government assesses schools around examinations and advancement, and the entire school education is transferred around scores. Examination was originally an educational evaluation mechanism and a way of selecting talents, but it has become the ultimate goal of education. Examination and higher education have kidnapped education. Modern education has never opposed examinations, but is committed to the scientificization of the examination system to facilitate the growth of talents. The practice of overemphasizing the fairness and irreplaceability of the current examination system, ignoring the existing problems, and covering up the irrationality behind it with connotative morality should obviously be questioned.

Behind the problem of “workers” also reflects the defects of the learning mechanism. my country’s basic education has long been unable to get rid of the tradition of emphasizing memory and understanding, cognition and practice, and inheritance and creation. In teaching practice, teachers’ lack of professional accomplishment, lack of curriculum resources, lack of enlightenment in teaching methods, and despising the training of scientific thinking methods have always existed. The resulting “shallow teaching” has become a common phenomenon in rural and county-level schools. In the face of these problems, the simplest and most effective way of school education is to make up for the inherent shortcomings of shallow teaching through “question sea battle”. The “Sea Battle” reflects that education in many places is far from reaching the professional standards of modern education. Pay attention to the memory and copy of knowledge, regard standard answers as supreme, lack of encouragement for questioning, inquiry and innovation, and insufficient training of students’ scientific spirit and rational thinking. This is an important reason why education has been difficult to cultivate high-level talents for a long time. The root cause of the lack of creativity of the public is contrary to the requirements of education that my country has put forward through innovation to promote industrial upgrading. Of course, learning and talent training must be “problem-making”, but to become a “problem-maker” through problem-making, or to become a “problem-maker” through constructive deep learning. This is the true meaning of thinking about problems.

What needs to be pointed out is that some public opinions despise rural areas and call rural children the so-called “professor”, which is an inexplicable expression of self-superiority. In fact, urban and rural areas have “problemmakers”. Many children from rural areas have demonstrated strong learning ability and development potential through their diligence, and have achieved outstanding results

His achievements have long since gotten rid of psychological sadness and depression, and have surpassed the “questionist”, and deserve the respect of the society. Some schools have deviated educational goals and distorted their perspectives on talents. They regard encouraging students to leave agriculture, escape from rural areas, and enter big cities as the only way to “rise” and change “destiny” of the so-called class. This phenomenon is worrying. If children learn to despise agriculture and depreciate the countryside through receiving education, that is the sadness and failure of education. The modernization of a country will inevitably be accompanied by the modernization of agriculture. my country now attaches great importance to rural revitalization. China’s agricultural and rural modernization requires a large number of professionals. After receiving education, students return to the countryside to promote agricultural development. This is what China’s agricultural modernization and overall modernization should do. The logic of this, is our education ready for it? Is the social class “lowering” to become the talents needed in agriculture and rural areas?

It is reasonable and justified to achieve a staged goal of life development by doing questions and examinations, but the development of young people should also have a “transcendence” goal. In the process of human development, there is a new “starting line” every day. In the university, some students stopped working hard after reaching their test-taking goals, thinking that they had entered a new “class”. In fact, a good school only increases the “probability” of a person’s success, and cannot ultimately determine the so-called “class” of a person. Human growth requires sustained effort. There is less talk about class “solidification” and not so much “solidification”. No starting point can determine a person’s final destiny in life. Exam-taking is an instrumental method. Public ethics, physical and mental health, professional standards, and innovative ability are the core elements of constructing a successful life. Being a small “problem expert” can not take on the great task of national rejuvenation. This is the “anxiety” we should have about education and the evaluation of talents in the face of the changing tide of the times today.