The major awards in the United States can’t get around the “race barrier”

“The Grammy Awards have changed. Women won the awards and embrace the black movement.” South Korea’s “Joongang Daily” commented on this year’s Grammy Awards. In recent years, race and gender have always been topics that cannot be avoided in major American ceremonies and awards/nominations. This year’s Grammy’s best single of the year, “I Can’t Breathe”, is dedicated to female singer Brieira Wilson. Created for George Freud, a black man who was killed by the police on his knees last year. “I can’t breathe” is Freud’s last words, and Grammy rated it as the best single of the year, also to show that it is involved and valued in sensitive social topics in the United States.

The storm of “black life is also life” triggered by the Freud incident sweeps across the United States in 2020, and the entertainment industry cannot ignore it. At the Golden Globe Awards ceremony at the end of February, 3 of the 6 performance category winners were African Americans, including “The Queen of the Blues”, “U.S. v. Billie Halloder”, “Judah and the Black Messiah” and the best animation The winners of “Spirit of the Soul” are all black subjects, and “Minari”, which won the best foreign language film, is also focused on Asian Americans in the United States. However, the “Hollywood Foreign Press Association”, the organizer of the Golden Globe Awards, caused a lot of controversy after being exposed by the media due to the lack of African-American judges.

Another authoritative organization in the industry and the Oscar organizer, the “American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences” in recent years, in order to get rid of the criticized “old white man” image, a large number of minority and female members have been expanded, and some foreign filmmakers have also been invited to become members. , Bring more “diversified” breath. Last year, the Oscar for Best Picture was awarded to the Korean film “Parasite”, and the MTV Award for music also awarded BTS four awards including best pop music and best combination. Nowadays, black people winning prizes in major awards seem to be somewhat politicized, and the breakthrough of Hallyu in the mainstream American cultural circle seems to be more biased towards entertainment itself.