When it comes to delivering talents, CUBA is far from enough

“March Crazy” is coming! On the 14th, the NCAA (North American University Athletic Association) trials kicked off; on the 18th, the NCAA playoffs known as “March Madness” will start, and the top 68 will start a fierce battle. Coincidentally, the CUBA (Chinese University Basketball League) All-Star Night came to an end in Chongqing on the 13th. Quietly, this top college student league in China ushered in its 23rd year.

For a long time, CUBA has been trying to refer to the NCAA across the ocean. NCAA’s “March Crazy” began in 1939. It has a long history that surpasses the NBA, and its attention and ratings also exceed the latter. It is one of the most important sports events in the United States. Every year, the NCAA finals are stopped by the NBA The game makes way for it. The CUBA started in 1998, and its attention and importance are far less than that of the CBA (Chinese Men’s Basketball Professional League), and its impact on the professional league is currently not comparable to that of the NCAA.

The NCAA has long been the NBA’s most important talent pool. About 80% of the players in the NBA’s annual draft come from the NCAA. Among NBA players in the 2019-20 season, 422 have experience playing in the NCAA, accounting for 85% of all players. In last year’s NBA Draft, a total of 60 people were selected in two rounds, of which 51 had played in the NCAA, which is 85%.

The number of players from CUBA in CBA is also increasing year by year, and the proportion is getting bigger and bigger. In 2015, only one college player was selected in the first CBA draft but was quickly eliminated. In 2019, 6 CUBA players were selected by the CBA team. Last year, this number reached 11, accounting for 16 of the selected players. 68.8%. Not only that, the role of college students in the CBA is getting more and more important, and many people have become important members of the rotation. Players such as Wang Shaojie, Zhu Mingzhen, and Zheng Qilong have performed very well in the past two seasons.

But compared with the impact of NCAA, CUBA still has a big gap. Because of the high abandonment rate in the CBA Draft, 22 draft picks have been given up every year in the past two years. Like last year when the CUBA was selected to a record high, if it was diluted to a total of 38 draft seats, the percentage of college players selected would plummet to 28.9%.

Moreover, NCAA players have a high probability of becoming NBA league superstars and team stars, and it is still an isolated phenomenon for CUBA players to excel in the CBA. In addition, CUBA players basically participate in the CBA draft after graduation and have passed the golden period of stadium development, while NCAA players participated in the NBA as early as the freshman and sophomore seasons, highlighting the gap between the systems and concepts of the two leagues. Therefore, some people in the industry have called for talented players to enter the CBA earlier, and to provide more convenience at the level of withdrawal and retention of student status.