Facebook executives: Zuckerberg rules 2 billion people

“The king is not as powerful as his!” An executive of the American social media giant Facebook said a lot of Zuckerberg bad things to undercover reporters, and even called for the federal government to step in and “split” the Silicon Valley giant.

American Fox News reported on the 16th that the executive “fished” by the undercover reporter was Benny Thomas, the head of Facebook’s global planning department. During several weeks of unannounced visits, Thomas “hooked” many times. For example, he accused Zuckerberg of overwhelming power: “There is no king in the history of the world who can dominate 2 billion people, but Zuckerberg did it… This is counterintuitive.” In his opinion, Facebook is under the command of Facebook. The well-known Internet social platform Instagram and other platforms should be independent companies, “(If I have that power) I will not only split these companies, but also deprive Zuckerberg of the CEO position.”

Thomas also said that the development momentum of companies such as Facebook and Google should be curbed, because their scale has long surpassed the category of “companies” and become “empires.” He even claimed that Facebook is now wreaking havoc on the world, revealing that Zuckerberg has crossed borders into industries such as healthcare and gene editing. Thomas said this can “make the world a better place.”

According to “Russia Today”, Thomas is not the first individual to call for greater control over Silicon Valley giants. The Republican Party of the United States has long criticized such companies for engaging in “Internet hegemony” and crowding out conservatives. The Democrats have also proposed “Amazon and Facebook split plans. “. The undercover reporter is from the “Truth Project”, a conservative non-profit organization in the United States.

The results of a study jointly conducted by the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom and the Brno Global Research Center in the Czech Republic showed that in recent years, Europe has experienced unusually high summer temperatures and the worst drought since 2110.

Agence France-Presse reported on the 15th that scientists analyzed the annual ring data of 147 European oak trees and found that Europe has been in a state of drought for a long time. The research team believes that the abnormal dry weather is likely to be caused by climate warming and ocean current changes caused by human activities. Researcher Bentegen said: “The more frequent extreme weather, this will cause devastating damage to agriculture, ecosystems and even the entire society.” Another researcher said, “I am worried about agriculture and forestry.”

Agence France-Presse stated that global temperatures have risen by 1°C since the industrial era, and the extreme high temperature in 2003 caused 70,000 deaths in Europe. Since the signing of the Paris climate agreement in 2015, countries around the world have experienced the hottest five years in history. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations has also issued a warning that food production has become “extremely sensitive” due to climate change.

In order to get her daughter’s rival out of the game, the British “Times” reported on the 16th that a woman in Pennsylvania, the United States, forged nude photos of many people and sent anonymous text messages to induce suicide.

The mother’s name is Rafaela and she is 50 years old. The British “Daily Mail” said that Rafaela’s daughter had a dispute with three of his cheerleading teammates. In order to “avenge” her daughter and help her ascend to the throne of the captain, Rafaela forged nude photos of the three people and pictures of smoking and drinking, and sent them to their coaches in an attempt to get these girls out of the cheerleading team. More than that, Rafaela also sent them anonymous messages to coerce them to commit suicide. Later, the police tracked the IP address of Rafaela’s home through the number and found evidence of the crime on his smartphone.

“I don’t know what prompted her to get to this point,” a girl’s father said. “As a father, I feel very upset about it. The content in the photo is not true at all.” The cheerleaders involved in this matter Said that the organization has a “very strict anti-bullying policy.” They added, “All athletes involved in this matter are no longer part of our organization.”

“Russia Today” reported that Rafaela was arrested on March 4 and is currently facing multiple allegations of harassment. According to court records, her daughter did not seem to know about it.

India’s Zee TV reported on the 16th that Gujarat state legislator Vimar Chudassama was expelled recently for wearing a T-shirt to attend the House of Representatives, causing widespread concern in the Indian media.

According to the report, in fact, the Speaker of the Gujarat State Assembly reminded Vimar the week before that he should not wear a T-shirt to the Parliament. But the speaker again found him wearing a T-shirt to attend this Monday, and immediately asked him to go back and change into a shirt or suit jacket. Vimar was very unconvinced with the speaker’s request. He thought that wearing a T-shirt was no problem, and he was wearing this T-shirt to participate in the election and won the election. He called it a “certificate” given to him by the voters. It does not respect the voters. The speaker was unmoved, insisting that “this is not a playground” and that you can’t wear what you want. Later, Vimar was “escorted” out of the parliament by three or four soldiers under the instructions of the speaker.

The matter quickly turned into a partisan dispute in the parliament. After Vimar retired, a BJP congressman proposed to expel Vimar for three days on the grounds of “arguing with the speaker”. Opposition leader Paresh Danani stated that legislators have the freedom to choose clothing, and that banning legislators from wearing T-shirts is an infringement of constitutional power.