Separation of first lady’s eldest daughter in France is hotly debated

Lawrence, the eldest daughter of French first lady Brigitte, has been officially separated from her husband by a French magazine recently. This news has attracted the attention of French “meat-eating people”, and the scandal between Lawrence and French President Macron has also been brought up again.

According to a French “Voici” magazine reported on the 15th, Brigitte has to face another bad news while enduring the heavy pressure of the new crown epidemic (because of the quarantine last year, she has not been able to meet with her grandchildren and granddaughters). The beloved eldest daughter Lawrence and her husband Guillaume separated. Although they haven’t talked about divorce, the two have decided to end their 15-year marriage. The media revealed that “the breakup was carried out in a very peaceful manner.” Brigitte and her ex-husband Ozier have two daughters and a son. The eldest Laurence is 44 years old this year. He looks good and has a temperament similar to his mother Brigitte.

It is reported that Lawrence was a veritable academic hegemon in her school days. As a cardiologist, she supported Macron during the 2007 presidential election. Before breaking up with her husband, Lawrence also experienced a major blow from the death of his biological father Ozier at the end of 2020.

French magazine “Oh! “Mymag” disclosed on the 15th that Lawrence and Macron, who are the same age, were classmates in a high school in Amiens. Before Brigitte coached this class, because he was attracted by Macron’s intelligence and talent, Lawrence often mentioned him to his mother at home, saying that “Macron who knows everything in the class is really a lunatic”. Later, Macron also participated in theatrical performances organized by Brigitte with Lawrence. Because the two people had similar interests and got close, there was a scandal of “Macron and Lawrence” in the school. But after a while, some students discovered that “the person Macron really likes is Lawrence’s mother”, but they dare not directly ask Lawrence for confirmation. And when Macron’s parents finally realized that their son fell in love with his teacher and not his teacher’s daughter, they were also shocked.

Although at first they were confused about the love between their mother and their classmates of the same age, Lawrence and her siblings finally chose to support this kind of love that is somewhat alternative in the eyes of the world. Two years after his marriage, Lawrence expressed his blessings to Macron and Brigitte’s marriage. So far, “stepfather” Macron has a harmonious relationship with Lawrence and his siblings, and he cares about his “grandchildren.” Some critics say that in the love long-distance race, Lawrence’s mother seems to know more about business and has endurance than her.