The inherent logical contradiction of universalism

The various internal divisions in the United States due to the recent elections have shocked the world. Looking deeper, the current state of division in the United States is caused by the internal contradictions of so-called universalism. The true classical source of universalism is called “cosmopolitanism” in English, which literally means that the entire universe is a big city state. Therefore, all people are citizens of the earth, and every citizen of the world should determine himself without discrimination. Development methods. The philosophical school that truly promotes this universalist spirit is Stoicism, and the corresponding social and historical reality is the long-term and stable rule of the Roman Empire over the surrounding areas of the Mediterranean. According to the teachings of Stoicism, the entire universe is a burning fire, and each of us is an inseparable part of this unified process. Therefore, it is difficult for us to divide between this group of people and that group of people. To draw a boundary, just as drawing a boundary between the various parts of the flame is doomed to be futile.

However, although this theory is beautiful, it violates the principles of thermodynamics in its bones. The operation of any political system is essentially a material operation, and this operation obviously needs to obtain energy from the outside to maintain itself, and it is impossible for a complex system to still emerge under conditions of zero energy exchange. However, Stoic universalism presupposes that there is no relationship between domination and being ruled, or seizure and seizure between nations. This actually used a wonderful ideological lie to cover up the economic essence of the operation of the Roman Empire.

It is precisely in this negative aspect that today’s America has inherited the shortcomings of Rome back then, that is, ideology itself completely distorted reality and even undermined the Americans’ own cognitive structure. The reality of the United States is economic hegemonism supported by the hegemony of the U.S. dollar: for example, in the historical context of the current pandemic, the U.S. government can release money by printing the U.S. dollar on a large scale, and use the U.S. dollar as a world currency to make The entire world is under unreasonable economic pressures—in contrast, the discourse structure of the United States is universal, that is, it is its responsibility to care about the human rights of all people in the world. The conflict between the two lies in the fact that the hegemony of the dollar itself is a tributary system in the context of capital, which itself contains huge inequality, and the discourse structure of universalism has to do its best to smooth out this inequality. .

To make this obvious contrast less eye-catching is to use the psychological strategy of “attention wars” to invent a set of complicated words that make the public’s attention turn to some relatively lesser American society. The important injustice issue, thus “losing the pawn to protect the commander”, allows the real energy capture mechanism to continue to suck blood. However, due to the global and non-national nature of the capital plundering mechanism, this clumsy deception strategy cannot conceal the general bankruptcy of the middle class in the United States and the increasing difficulty of blue-collar workers, and the fact that the gap between the rich and the poor in the United States is increasing is also convenient. The historical conditions have been prepared for the rise of the spiritual force opposite to universalism—Trumpism. Trumpism is undoubtedly a crude and unrethinked primitive class consciousness, but in terms of pointing out the shamelessness of universalism, this grassroots thinking is not without any positive meaning. However, Trump’s lack of political experience, his own naive trust in the U.S. constitutional litigation system, and the perverted hatred of the entire U.S. conservative team towards Marx’s ideological resources of historical materialism all made Trump and him In the face of the backlash of the capital giants, the tens of millions of supporters lack both feasible counterattack strategies and solid guiding theories.

However, from a larger historical context, this internal tear in the United States has also made more people see the illusion of universalism. Moreover, the Democratic Party is not a victor in this struggle. In order to not only maintain the operation of the economic grabbing machine, but also allocate more energy to the disguise of universalism, their only strategy is to expand the scale of grabbing on the one hand, and to “wash out” more illegal immigrants on the other hand. Balance internal interests. This will obviously lead to a wider economic distribution imbalance on a global scale, and make the scrapping period of the aforementioned grabbing machines come earlier. In short, one’s personal wisdom cannot be deceived, and people are ultimately unable to beat the laws of thermodynamics.