12 constellations in life

People always ask me how to know the 12 constellations and how to dig out the unknown side of them. When you find that a constellation is particularly difficult to understand and complex, don’t go to the horns anymore. The best way is to zoom in on one of the most prominent characteristics. The more you zoom in, the more you can see the truth, and the more you understand those. Questions you don’t understand. So, let’s learn about the life tactics of the next 12 constellations.

Aries: naive
Some people say, how can Aries meet things like this? Wouldn’t they think more about it? I want to say, no, they didn’t think too much, or they didn’t think about it at all! The childishness of Aries is like a waywardness that stays in the lip period, full of what I think, I am happy, and I hate. It’s as if you thought you went to the Olympics to participate in the 100-meter race. If your opponent is a big Aries, it’s like talking to a kindergarten kid about the rules. Before they can say anything, they ran out, treating the rules as nothing! You have nothing to do with your anger and hatred, and they didn’t provoke you, cheat you, or harm you, right? Childishness is their ultimate strategy in life.

Taurus: Stingy
Needless to say, the stingy of Taurus, this universally recognized theorem will sooner or later be written in textbooks. But the question is, what’s wrong with stingy? If you dislike stingy, is it possible that you want to take advantage of others and hope that others will unconditionally give you a golden mountain? It is precisely because of stingy that they know what is pro and what is sparse; what is true and what is false. Their standards for measuring things and human relationships are uniform and specific, and they don’t want to be hurt for no reason. If someone treats them well, they will never turn a blind eye. Again, Taurus’s picking is only for those who don’t care, there are so-called people, they have integrated themselves with each other, mine is yours.

Gemini: pure play
As the head of the Life Pure Play Group, Gemini’s title is lifelong. The great scene is like a flat map. I experience my entertainment, and I am not afraid of playing. There are always people who complain that Gemini has no sense of responsibility, has no idea, hot and cold. But think about it, when you go to the amusement park to ride the Ferris wheel, do you still think about taking the courage? Included in the relationship, what Geminis want is to be relaxed and happy with a heart-to-heart connection. They can tolerate a lot of things and don’t care about a lot of things, but if they make them feel bound and tired, then it’s not fun.

Cancer: Hold up
Cancer’s life is basically a big move in a few years, but the most funny thing is that they often do it unintentionally. Sometimes they drive others crazy and drive away, and they finally win. So, keep it up! Take it hard! It’s their big move. Cancer always has a shell on his back, and would rather stay in this shell all the time, be aggrieved, and be uninterested, and will not change. Change is a particularly insecure and directionless thing for Cancer. He knew that it was the worst now. Once he turned, he didn’t even know where the worst was. Don’t look down upon this kind of persistence, it’s this kind of hard-boiled “holding up” quality that allows Cancer to survive from desperation and exchange the desolate night scenes of others for their land. And the more you stand up, the better your mentality, the more you stand up. “Buddha”.

Leo: Hard
Big move? The lion is full of great tricks, because as long as they speak, move, and move, they have a very fierce power that makes people dizzy. The fire-shaped Leo doesn’t know what is mean. Their love, hatred, love and hatred, joys and sorrows are very emotional, they have added countless exaggerated special effects, regardless of work, life, or love, they also go all out. As long as the lion does anything, it must produce results, and it must be seen by others.

Virgo: more true
When zombies come on a large scale, which of the 12 constellations can escape? The answer must be Virgo! Because even if others were scared, and when they fled for their lives, they were still truthful: the zombies’ appearance route was wrong, their outfits were not standard, and their voices were very unprofessional…So, the zombies fled one after another. Virgo’s truthfulness is true everywhere, and it has become the main reason why they are criticized and criticized. He was originally a wise man ruled by Mercury, but he had no choice but to fall into the position of the earth, so he could only use this kind of cleverness to pick the bones in the egg. As the leader of the true school, Virgo’s life is truly successful and true to failure. Many Virgos are outstanding talents in a certain field, and they are really gifted, but I want to say that this is okay for yourself, and for others, leave a way out.

Libra: Disguise
If Libra says he is second in the disguise list in this world, then no one dares to claim first. Libra’s camouflage stems from their easy-going nature. They are not so dogmatic and will naturally follow other people’s opinions. Moreover, for them born in the seventh house of the zodiac, interpersonal harmony and external reputation cannot be more important. Innately like to be a star and persistently love praise, so how can you get what you want if you don’t pretend to be, and unkindly “please” the target person? Besides, Libra is not confused. They are always awake and “following the trend”. On the surface, they are peaceful, but in fact they are just standing at a height to “let you”.

Scorpio: Dissatisfied
Generally, when the weather is bad, we are not afraid of thunder and rain, but we are afraid that a “monster wind” will blow over, and then your brain will be blank and there is no way out. Yes, Scorpio is the frightening demon-wind lord in the weather forecast, who specializes in all kinds of dissatisfaction. These weird people under the rule of Pluto are born with a sense of opposing people. For example, they will think more and deeper than others than others. Ever since, reflected in behavior and doing things, it will become very cold and reserved. This is why the Scorpio we know is always so tired and always against the world, because what people want is the ultimate!

Sagittarius: Confidence
You see, they are indeed the little angels guarded by Jupiter, and the Sagittarius is so beautiful even for life’s big moves. People live with confidence. It’s not unreasonable that the archer often lay down and win, and often take good luck. Because they are unwilling to be true, unwilling to twist, and live very much into the world. Believe that you can do it, believe that you can survive it, and believe that even if it doesn’t work now, one day it will do it. With such a very casual attitude of joining the world, you will see more truth and focus your energy and effort on The most effective place.

Capricorn: Endure
Capricorn’s patience is beyond the scope of human beings, and you don’t even know what he does for endurance, and why he can obviously live a little more stretched out, but it has to be particularly hard. Think about it later, because people enjoy this feeling. Capricorn does not like to take the easy way by nature, and does not know how to cherish what is easily obtained. He always feels that he must go through eighty-one difficulties to get value and meaning. That’s why there are so many Capricorns who can endure what ordinary people can’t bear, and have reached a height that ordinary people can’t match. But don’t be so mind-blowing. The more you carry and the more you fight, the more tired you will be.

Aquarius: Hu Lai
Hulai of Aquarius is manifested in all aspects. If you are not in love and talk about it, you have to disappear from time to time; if you don’t study well, you are always interested in the side knowledge that is not mandatory; if you don’t work well, you always think about doing something part-time and making a lot of money. In the head of Aquarius, there is an entire outer space filled with flying saucers arranged in sequence, and one can make humans surrender. So their nonsense is full of wisdom and enlightenment. As far as Aquarius is concerned, the greatest joy in life is to be the “first”, in any field, just don’t eat what others leave.

Pisces: Thinking about it
People under the rule of Neptune are best at: thinking blindly and letting others think blindly. It’s not that they hypnotize you and fool you every day, but their behavior and ways of doing things will make you confused and thinking. Therefore, Pisces’s fancy thinking, saying that it is small is a life adjustment, and that it is big is a feat to change human society! Steve Jobs founded Apple out of blind thoughts, and Einstein discovered the photoelectric effect out of blind thoughts. What could be more convincing than this? So Pisces, really don’t waste your thoughts. Although you are ordinary or helpless now, but if you carry it forward and hold on, you will find that you have become particularly great and strong.