The ghost circle appears again

On October 23, 2019, Rodfieldland in Dickborn, Hampshire, England, where a very strange phenomenon appeared in the wheat fields.

On July 16, 2019, a beautiful 3D square circle with 27 triangles gathered in the center appeared in the area. After that, in September, the local area began to harvest wheat. The wheat stalks left in the field gradually stained the ground with brown, but a very bright green circle appeared in the middle. And it is exactly the same shape as the strange circle in the field before the wheat harvest.

The name of the person who discovered the strange circle is Nick Blu. On October 23 of the same year, he posted the image taken with the drone on YouTube, which sparked a wave of discussion.

This time, the strange circle that appeared again was named “the ghost circle” by an American journalist, Linda M. Howe. She has pointed out before that “a field with a strange circle will appear again after the harvest, with a shallower strange circle of the same shape”. “Because it is perfect to present the same shape again, this phenomenon should be called a ghost circle.”

As shown in the posted image, the growth pattern of the bright green wheat almost perfectly reproduces the shape of the strange circle that appeared before the harvest. What is even more incredible is that although the time has entered October and the cold winter is approaching, the wheat in the strange circle seems to be unaffected by the season and grow strong. In sharp contrast, the wheat in other locations has basically not grown and changed.

What exactly is the ghost circle phenomenon? What is the reason for the strange circle?

Perhaps there is a deeper connection between the ghost circle phenomenon and the crop circle. In fact, there have been fields where the wheat field has strange circles, even after the wheat harvest is completed, the shape of the strange circles will still remain in the ground. But like this time, there was only one case of wheat growing in the pattern of a strange circle again in 1992. It is really a very rare situation.

Researchers once put forward the argument that “the formation of strange circles originates from unknown energy”, which may once again arouse the attention of the world.