An Anecdote of White Supremacy Dating Sites

At first glance, “white dating” sites are very common, and the home page is no different from a general dating platform. The website reads: “We know where we come from and where we belong, and we want to share this feeling with like-minded partners.” The words “for European singles” beside a pink and purple love image hint at the truth of this website. Goal: Let white supremacists who try to use love and reproduction to maintain the status of white people find each other.

The homepage of the website is decorated with photos of elegant white couples, which implicitly conveys an outdated and rigid gender concept: “We follow the traditional role of men and women: strong men give orders, and elegant women obey the rules.” As a possessor Special accounts, anti-racists and Jewish feminists who are keen on verbal communication. I have seen the extreme and angry words of white supremacists.

I entered the “White Dating” website. This page was created in 2017. Co-founder Liv Heide said that he is from northern Germany and currently lives in Paris. In 2019, she published a racist book called “American Renaissance”, encouraging awakened Americans to view humans in the same way that animal breeders view animals.

“White dating” sites are extremely lacking in female users. In order to attract more women, the website issued an appeal: “Men are pioneers, which is also reflected in the ratio of men to women on this website. So gentlemen, don’t be shy, invite those white women with traditional virtues around you to sign up!” The website encourages The user printed out a small leaflet and wrote: “You look like one of us, come and join the white dating site! Our survival is as important as the survival of the Siberian tiger.” The site even gave instructions on how to display ads to women I gave a suggestion and wrote: “Before showing the small flyer, smile and say hello, let the ladies read and remember the content, and then take it back.” The target user of the website is white supremacism who desires to open up to women By. Here, what are their chances of meeting the white women of their dreams?

In order to find the answer to this question, Ashlyn came into being. I imagined her out of thin air, she perfectly meets all the expectations of a white supremacist, and her name is the most white-like name I can think of. As for her image-I found a social media account that belongs to a European hunting enthusiast, wearing a camouflage uniform, carrying a long gun on his shoulder, long blond hair and a girlish smile. The background in the photo is forest and wheat fields, which have no special features, so it is difficult to locate them. I carefully cropped the photos to ensure that they would not be searched on Google. Then all I need to do is wait for the little fish to get the bait. Thousands of men are active on this website, and dozens of them have sent messages to Ashlyn. A man named “Gene Savior” admitted that he was a little overweight, but was trying to lose weight. He wrote to Ashlyn: “I wish you my best wishes. I hope you can find a white husband and have children with him. Which gun do you like best?”

These men come from all over the country, and the diversity of their geographic distribution makes the rumor that “white supremacists are limited to Republican-controlled states” is self-defeating. Men in Democratic-controlled areas such as New York and California even feel that they are warriors against mainstream culture. The degree of resentment is even higher.

On the “white dating” website, most of the avatars are white men: bearded, unbearded, thin, muscular, green-eyed, brown-eyed, blue-eyed… these people who love white women Men work in warehouses, farms, military bases, or construction sites, and many are software developers. The diversity of their occupations also shows that the assertion that “extremists are unemployed, incompetent or gnawing at the old” is wrong.

Many people mentioned that some YouTube celebrities made them join the white supremacist movement, and some people mentioned divorce or the 2016 election. “We were deceived in almost everything: from our origins to who is fighting for us today.” North Carolina native John wrote, “Needless to say, I fell into the abyss so fast.”

A man wrote to me and told me: “I don’t mind being called a’racist, because it’s just a word made up by false prophets. I think African Americans are very annoying, so I don’t want to stay next to them. If this is a racist , Then I am.”

In the letter to me, my suitors mentioned their cats, their love of Xbox games and the price of gas, and also wrote a lot of gun-related content. What is striking is that they not only desire to maintain the purity of white people, but also expect women to tolerate them.

“I only eat beef, eggs and pineapple. But on date days, I will expand my food so as not to look’very weird.'” said a suitor named Karamazov. “I like to watch old movies from the 80s at home and socialize in bars, but this is mainly because I don’t have a family.” A suitor named Marti wrote, “When you say the word’Jew, you change Became the most beautiful woman in the world.” That’s me, who once publicly condemned the “Jew”, the most beautiful woman in the world, who was scornfully called. The truth I discovered is that no matter how bad people are, they are still humans. Their humanity cannot be ignored, but this cannot forgive their sins.

Finally, I asked them to write a love letter. Since they consider themselves to be the heirs to the noble European heritage of the Romantics, I think this will be a good way to understand their thoughts. I asked them a simple question: If you could write a love letter to your future white wife, what would it be? As a result, the style of the letters in the letter is like Nicholas Sparks’s pure love novel “My Struggle”. For example, the following one.

Dear Ashlyn:

I am very happy to receive your reply and the photos you sent. It is really beautiful. I want to tell you that I like your looks very much. I am very happy to see fields, trees, hills and green eyes, which reminds me of where I live in Iowa.

I have to think about your question. I think the appearance of marriage is a bit unimaginable, and the feeling should be unparalleled. Are you looking forward to getting married? I think my answer is yes. If I could live with a great woman and see her every day, I think it would be a very beautiful thing. Especially marrying a racial realist, because I want my wife to teach our children to stay away from black people and marry white people when we grow up, because that is how we continue our lives. She will also tell the children that some of us will build a racist country in the future.

When I saw the photos you sent me, I said to myself, I want to walk towards you, give you a big hug, hug you off the ground, and keep turning in circles. I want to look into your eyes, your face, and imagine kissing you in that field. Maybe we can go for a walk, talk about life, and deepen our understanding of each other. I think it will be very beautiful.

Love letters to white women of childbearing age around the world, and of course there are more. These letters tell us how these men’s fantasies about reproduction, fertility, and racial continuity are actually realized, that is, with the help of white women’s wombs. Their romantic rhetoric is inseparable from their desire for segregation and cleansing. They want a submissive partner, and they want their wives to teach their children to stay away from Marxists, Jews, and blacks. They see women as pure reproductive machines, and their love is closely linked to their hatred of modern women.