Perverted common sense

Can really communicate with dreamers
A group of scientists found a way to enter other people’s dreams like the dream maker played by Leonardo in Inception.

On February 18th, scientists from France, Germany, the Netherlands and the United States jointly reported in the academic journal “Current Biology” under “Cell” that for the first time they realized “real-time dialogue” with dreamers, allowing 36 volunteers to sleep in their dreams. To answer questions or do mathematical operations.

In the experiment, 18% of people gave correct and clear answers, 17% of people gave vague and incomprehensible answers, 3% of people gave wrong answers, and about 60% of people gave no answers. Many experimenters can recall their interactions with researchers after waking up.

To interact with the dreamer, it is currently necessary to train the dreamer to enter the state of “lucid dreaming”. Lucid dreaming refers to the state of being able to realize that one is dreaming in a dream. In reality, 50% of people have experienced lucid dreaming, and about 10% of them have experienced lucid dreaming at least once a month.

After entering the lucid dream, scientists from different teams tried to ask the dreamer questions by playing sounds, flashing lights, or tapping with fingers. The dreamer responds with eye movements or facial muscle contractions based on prior training.

Some cognitive neuroscientists have pointed out that sleep is traditionally defined as a state in which the brain is “disconnected” from the outside world. However, “this study challenges the basic definition of sleep”, which shows that we can actually receive and process complex things while sleeping.

Try the upgrade gameplay of Werewolf?
If you are a fan of werewolf killing, you might as well try “Among us” developed by InnerSloth Game Studio, also known as “Space Werewolf”. This is a multiplayer online game. Players can connect on Steam, iOS and Android systems across platforms. The game takes a spaceship as the stage, and a round can accommodate up to 10 people. Most of the people play the role of the crew, and the rest play the inner ghost. The player’s core goal is no different from that of a werewolf: the crew members will win when they vote for the inner ghost after completing all the tasks, and the inner ghost will assassinate the crew and hide their identity.

Due to the addition of missions, this game is more fun to operate. Under the guidance of the system, the crew can complete tasks such as swiping the card in the management room and calibrating the switchboard in the power distribution room. The inner ghost will give the crew a “strip”, such as pulling down the switch to make the crew lose sight, or trigger a trap to open the countdown. Of course, the biggest fun of this game is still reasoning and voting. Since players can quit at any time during the game, the experience of random grouping by passers-by is not good. If you want to try it, it is more happier to ask your friends to open black together.

In addition to “Among us”, the two stand-alone games “Reversal Referee” and “Danganronpa” can also satisfy your desire to play a detective. Both are classic IPs in Japanese text reasoning games. For example, in “Danwan Lunpo”, players can find the inner ghost based on evidence and dialogue. The complexity of the script adds a certain degree of difficulty to the puzzle, and reasoning fans can boldly try.

These voices are also worth listening to
Only open markets and cross-industry cooperation can drive economic growth on the basis of a global structure. The coexistence of competition and cooperation is the root cause of the telecommunications industry becoming the world’s largest industry. Any measures to restrict competition will bring risks to delay the development of the industry, and confrontation and differentiation cannot make the world safer.

—— Ericsson President and CEO Borje Ekholm (Borje Ekholm) said through a video speech at the “2021 GTI International Industry Summit”.

At the moment when the mutated virus is spreading around the world, we believe that the new coronavirus vaccine is likely to need to be re-vaccinated every year, or re-vaccinated every autumn to enhance its effect, just like we are vaccinated with ordinary flu vaccines.

——Zahavi, the official in charge of vaccination in the United Kingdom, said in an interview on February 4. On the same day, he announced to the outside world that there are approximately 400,000 new coronavirus variants in the world. However, he also mentioned that injections may not be the only option for vaccinations against the new crown in the future. The UK has already begun to develop other forms of vaccines such as capsules.

The large technology companies that made a lot of money during the new crown epidemic did not play a big role in fighting the epidemic. Perhaps this is why the public still resents technology companies.

——The words are from the British “Financial Times”, “Why are the tech giants still the target of public criticism?” “An article.

This is an extremely inefficient way of trading, and the energy consumed to process these transactions is staggering.

——On February 22, US Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen commented on Bitcoin in an interview with The New York Times. But she also said that digital currency is likely to exist forever, and “digital dollar” can become a more convenient payment system for many Americans who do not have a payment channel.

In response to the current epidemic crisis and economic crisis, large companies need to think about how to continue to create job opportunities through the corporate ecosystem to help the working class find jobs and maintain a better standard of living.

—— Coca-Cola Chairman and CEO James Quincey said at this year’s “Davos Agenda” dialogue.

Jeff Bezos: Farewell Letter
On February 2nd, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos announced that he would no longer serve as Amazon’s CEO from the third quarter of this year and was transferred to the chairman of the board. After announcing that he is about to bid farewell to the CEO position, he issued an open letter explaining the focus of future work and summarizing the experience of running Amazon:

“This journey started about 27 years ago, but Amazon was just an idea, without a name. At that time, the question people asked me the most was:’What is the Internet? Fortunately, I haven’t explained it for a long time.

“Today, we have 1.3 million talented and dedicated employees who serve hundreds of millions of customers and companies and are recognized as one of the most successful companies in the world.

“How did this happen? Invention is the root of our success. We have done crazy things together, and then turned them into normal. We have created customer reviews, one-click, personalized recommendations, and crazy fast delivery of Prime. Goods, Just Walk Out ShoPPing, Climate Promise, Kindle, Alexa, Marketplace, Infrastructure Cloud Computing, Career Choice, etc.

“Of course we did the right thing. In the years after these amazing inventions, these new things have become the norm.

“We are preparing some shocking things. We provide services for individuals and businesses, and have created two complete industries and a whole new category of equipment.

“From machine learning to logistics, we are pioneers in various fields. If Amazonians’ ideas require a new institutional skill, we have enough flexibility and patience to learn. Continue to invent, don’t look at the original idea. Feeling desperate when you are crazy. Remember to broaden your horizons and let curiosity be your compass. It’s still the first day.”