A safer and more convenient system

Last time I reviewed Mi 11, except that the system has not been updated, other functions have been tested and I shared my feelings with you. This time, I finally waited for MIUI 12.5. Is this Lei Jun Amway’s new system really so good at the press conference? Hurry up and try it out.

MIUI 12.5 first experience
After upgrading my Mi 11, I used the MIUI 12.5 internal beta version. It is said that the final version will be officially released in April, and everyone can experience it by then.

MIUI 12.5 brings a comprehensive upgrade, so there are certain requirements for the performance of mobile phones. MIUI 12.5 classifies models according to high, medium, and low levels, and optimizes each level separately. This ensures that MIUI 12.5 can run smoothly regardless of the performance of the phone.

MIUI 12.5 is optimized for the background memory, which reduces the background memory usage of system applications in the MIUI 12.5 system by an average of 35%. For example, the background memory usage of Weather, Xiaomi Community, and Xiaomi Pictorial has dropped by more than 60%. At the power consumption level, the system application power consumption of MIUI 12.5 dropped by an average of 25.7%, and the power consumption of the super wallpaper dropped by 40%.

MIUI 12.5 also greatly simplifies system applications. Except for 9 application icons such as phone calls, text messages, cameras, and photo albums, which cannot be deleted, the icons of the rest of the system-level applications can be deleted from the main interface, and the user’s autonomy is higher.

The new live wallpaper is more cool
The MIUI 12.5 version system provides brand-new animation special effects. The light cone architecture has made a big breakthrough in the motion effects and the movement of the physics engine, making the presentation of dynamic effects smooth and natural. The new special effects will have the greatest visual effect in the flagship machine of Mi 11, after all, performance is not a problem for Mi 11. At the same time, Xiaomi has also upgraded the processing efficiency of motion effects. Compared with the previous upgrade of MIUI’s single-core computing to multi-core parallel computing, the rendering capacity has been increased by 20 times, and it can present faster and smoother visual effects than before.

The function that best reflects this aspect is the super wallpaper of MIUI 12.5. This time the newly added snow mountain super wallpaper uses a complex model to restore the natural scenery, and adds cloud and weather effects to the wallpaper, and finally renders the picture in real time. It’s like a beautiful artistic photo. In addition to the snow mountains, there are also several super wallpapers of Geometry, Saturn’s rings, Earth Home and Red Mars to choose from. Each wallpaper has a different style, but the screen effects are amazing. Geometric wallpaper allows you to experience the changes in the space structure. Saturn’s ring wallpaper has the urge to explore the universe. The earth’s homeland can enjoy the magical natural scenery. Red Mars is full of human yearning for the universe.

Super wallpapers have unique dynamic effects, real-time rendering, and 3D visual effects are obvious. Take the Snow Mountain Super Wallpaper as an example. It is taken from the main peak of Siguniang Mountain in Sichuan. After very detailed modeling, the wallpaper is just like the real shot, very real, and the rendering effect of clouds and fog is added, and the light and shadow changes are like a stretch. Time photography works. In the off-screen display state, what is presented is the silhouette of the snow-capped mountain, which will naturally transition to the entire snow-capped mountain panorama after the screen is turned on. With the page turning operation, the snow mountain will continuously rotate dynamically, and the visual effect will be more vivid.

More super wallpaper applications will inevitably bring cooler choices to mobile phones and achieve a stronger three-dimensional visual effect, but at the same time it also brings a greater burden on the battery, and excessive power consumption is inevitable. Take Xiaomi 11 as an example. Its battery capacity is only 4600mAh. After using the super wallpaper and the screen display, it is difficult to support a day of normal use, so if you want to use the super wallpaper, I suggest turning off the screen display. And always have a charger or power bank ready for emergencies.

Fingerprint unlocking is the norm when using mobile phones. MIUI 12.5 also made an article on this action. It provides five different dynamic fingerprint unlocking effects of streamer, starlight, aurora and pulse, making you more ritual and fresh when unlocking. sense.

It’s a mobile phone, it’s also a natural museum
MIUI 12.5 not only improves the visual experience, but also brings us unexpected effects in terms of hearing. MIUI 12.5 established a natural museum. Through cooperation with professional researchers, the sounds of animals from nature were recorded, and these sounds were integrated into the MIUI 12.5 system to become the system’s prompt sound.

The South American rainforest version has the calls of jaguars, sloths, honey bears, macaws, and lashing hawks; the East African grassland version has the calls of lions, spotted hyenas, grassland elephants, black rhinos and baboons; the Australian version has platypus , Tasmanian, kangaroo, kookaburra and green water cock; in the Arctic version, there are moose, polar bears, seals, walruses and horned whales.

I personally feel that this setting is more humane and full of knowledge. After all, most of these animals know them, but the full names of these animals are unknown, and many of their voices have not been heard before, and they have learned a lot. In addition to sounds, we can also view information about these animals, just like an animal encyclopedia. But why shouldn’t the lion’s roar resemble the roar of a king? How did it become a husky duck called?

Of course, you can also custom mix and match these sounds, which is very personalized. Many of the animal sounds collected by MIUI 12.5 are endangered species. This is also an advocate for the harmonious relationship between humans, animals, and nature, which is of great significance. Personally, I think this design is quite interesting. I am used to the commonly used prompts, and changing the sound from time to time can keep it fresh.

More rigorous privacy protection
With the popularization of smart phones, people use their mobile phones to connect to the Internet for various operations, such as inquiries, positioning, and payment… Our personal information is exposed to a very high risk, and most of the time it is inadvertently or completely unaware. Just make your personal information public, and criminals steal other information in your phone, such as photos, itineraries, passwords, etc., which will cause you even greater losses. Therefore, many people are now beginning to pay attention to their privacy protection, but the protection of some mobile phones needs to be set up with some functions, and they are not comprehensive. MIUI 12.5 has been upgraded again for security, and the privacy protection for users is more complete.

MIUI 12.5’s flares function completely records the sensitive permission behavior of all applications, enabling users to comprehensively monitor application permissions. First of all, MIUI 12.5 adds clipboard protection. Now many software reads the user’s clipboard information privately. The address information, phone information and even some more private information we copied may be used by other applications. Collect quietly. MIUI 12.5 can prompt for the behavior of reading the clipboard, and the user can choose whether to allow the app to read the clipboard. MIUI12.5 can determine whether the content in the clipboard is what is needed. If it is, MIUI12.5 lets the app read it; if not, the app’s reading will be restricted to protect the user’s clipboard content .

I tried it with Kuaishou. In the privacy protection function of Xiaomi Mi 11, we can see the invocation of all permissions. It reads its own password when reading the clipboard, which is very reasonable for this. Clipboard call, MIUI’s smart permission function can be successfully recognized. This kind of reasonable permission will be used directly by the system without popping up a dialog box again to let the user decide whether to authorize.

Another feature worthy of praise is fuzzy positioning. MIUI12.5 adds the world’s first fusion fuzzy positioning based on differential privacy, which can obfuscate the precise positioning of users. Software such as news information does not require ours. For precise positioning, we do not need to provide precise positioning information, so Xiaomi’s fuzzy positioning is used in such scenarios to better protect our location information. Here we can use the fuzzy positioning function, so that the application can only know the approximate range where we are. For applications that require precise positioning information, such as navigation and maps, we should give them the right to precise positioning.

When we install software, we often see “read and write phone storage” requests. If we do not agree, we cannot install the application, because most applications need to store data in the phone. For this reason, MIUI 12.5 can isolate and protect “album” and “social application files” when reading and writing mobile phone storage, so that applications cannot read this part of the content, thereby protecting the security of users’ private information. Some software can be used normally without reading photo albums and social application files, so the option should be turned off at this time.

In particular, many users have discovered that they have just searched for something on one software, and the other software will soon push the corresponding link or product. This is because they share a mechanism called a web tracker. , And now such mechanisms are restricted. MIUI12.5 protects the privacy of the browser, supports Internet anti-tracking, eliminates trackers in web pages, and prevents users’ information from being collected through the Internet. It can also block malicious downloads to prevent us from downloading applications unknowingly.

New upgrade of note function
MIUI 12.5 has made huge changes to sticky notes, renamed to notes, which not only optimizes the display effect, but also brings new functions. After turning on shorthand in the note settings, a small span will be added to the upper left area of ​​the phone interface. We can swipe to the inside of the screen to click on the note extract function. After opening, the system will record your subsequent copy, screenshots and other information , Organize it and collect it, and pack the content after the excerpt is over, so that we can find it and use it later.

MIUI12.5 has also upgraded the graffiti in the notes. There are four brushes (pencil, pastel pen, marker and pen) to restore the real brush strokes. And for the problem of inaccurate drawing, it provides a quick drawing function, including the recognition and correction of regular graphics (straight line, arc, polyline, circle, three-shape, rectangle, pentagon, five-star), and the dynamic connection of straight end points. 5 Taking full account of the limitations of finger drawing, complete standardized graphics. For example, if we want to draw a circle, triangle or square on the screen, we only need to do graffiti with our fingers in the notes. After finishing, press and hold for 1 to 2 seconds, and the system will intelligently recognize the graphic and perform standardized graphic processing. You can also use your fingers to control the position and size of the graphics.

Seamless intercommunication between mobile phone and computer
MIUI 12.5 also has a very innovative feature that breaks the barrier between mobile phones and computers, which is MIUI+. This is the feature that I look forward to most. It opens up the connection between the mobile phone and the PC platform, so that the mobile phone and the computer are completely connected. I use the RedmiBook 14 Ryzen version, install MIUI+ in the computer, and use the camera function of the phone to scan the code to connect. At this time, I need to remind you that scanning the code is not using the WeChat scan function. The upgraded MIUI 12.5 has the option to recognize the QR code in the camera function. Select “Photo”, align the QR code, and the two will appear in the lower right corner. You can scan the code after clicking the logo of the dimension code. When the mobile phone is connected to the computer, we can use the computer to process the content in the mobile phone.

The phone interface is all copied to the computer, and the operations between the two are completely interoperable. That is to say, if you operate on the phone, the interface on the computer will change accordingly. If you operate on the computer, the phone will follow. The changes are completely synchronized. When I enter information in the note-taking function on my mobile phone, the contents of the notes appearing on the computer are also synchronized. Similarly, when I operate on the computer, the same contents will appear on the mobile phone. As far as typing is concerned, I still prefer computers. After all, computer keyboard input is much faster than mobile phone input.

There is also a more convenient function, the copy and paste between the mobile phone and the computer realizes the intercommunication. The content copied in the mobile phone can be directly pasted in the computer for editing, and the content in the computer can also be copied to the mobile phone for operation. Before MIUI+, if I want to copy the text from my phone to the computer, first open the WeChat computer terminal on the computer, synchronize with the phone’s WeChat, and then copy and paste the content on the phone to the “File Transfer Assistant” in WeChat. “, then copy it in the “File Transfer Assistant” on the computer, and finally paste it into the file I need. Now this function of MIUI+ greatly shortens the transmission path of text information.

In the past, when we needed to transfer files or pictures from the computer to the mobile phone, it was quite troublesome. Connect the data cable, open the folder of the mobile phone on the computer, find the corresponding location, and then copy the file or picture into it. The operation on MIUI+ is very simple, just drag the pictures on the computer to the picture folder and it is done in one step.

MIUI+ allows mobile phones and computers to communicate with each other. When we need to bring work files to home or other places to continue editing, we previously needed to copy them to a U disk or the cloud, and then open them on another computer or There are certain risks in downloading. Now with MIUI+, we can directly copy files on the company’s computer to the local mobile phone, and then use MIUI+ on other computers to open and directly edit and save, so that the operation does not need to copy the files to the local of another computer, which avoids The risk of leakage, the editing and saving of files are all performed on the mobile phone, which improves security and convenience.

In addition, MIUI+ has also done a good job of privacy protection. When I log in to the account and enter the password on the mobile phone, the computer side completely changes an interface, which safely guarantees that my password will not be leaked. This is very practical.

Write at the end
MIUI 12.5 is the end of the major version of MIUI 12. The changes made are actually quite large. The performance and visual optimizations have enabled all MIUI users to get a full experience. This is very worthy of recognition. More fashionable and more convenient is my objective evaluation of the MIUI 12.5 system. Although some details need to be strengthened, the flaws are not hidden. MIUI 12.5 has taken a big step towards the domestic customized system, giving users a brand new and better one. Use experience.