Anglo-European statement that intends to resolve the vaccine conflict is accused of “empty”

In the past few days, the European Union and the United Kingdom have criticized each other and openly exchanged views on the issue of the new crown vaccine. On the 24th local time, the European Commission proposed to issue new regulations to further tighten vaccine exports, which are considered to be mainly aimed at the United Kingdom. What is quite dramatic is that a few hours later, the EU and the UK issued a joint statement stating that they would strengthen consultations and strive to create a “win-win” situation.

According to a Reuters report on the 25th, this statement to release the cooperation signal is very brief. The statement stated that under the impact of the third wave of the new crown epidemic, the EU and the United Kingdom need more “cooperation” than usual. Create a win-win situation and expand the supply of vaccines to all our citizens”. The statement also said, “Ultimately, the openness and global cooperation of all countries will be the key to defeating this pandemic and ensuring a better response to future challenges. We will continue our consultations.”

The European version of the US Political News Network commented on the 24th that the joint statement of the United Kingdom and the European Union expressed the intention of mutual benefit and win-win results, but “no specific solution was specified.” European Commission President Von der Lein said on the 24th that the EU has exported 43 million doses of vaccines to 33 countries since the end of January, of which 10.9 million doses were exported to the United Kingdom. The European Union accused the United Kingdom of not exporting any new crown vaccines to it, and the two sides did not have equal and reciprocal benefits. French government spokesman Attar on the 24th condemned the British company AstraZeneca for failing to fulfill its commitment to the European Union on the delivery of the new crown vaccine. According to the new regulations proposed by the European Commission, the EU will ban the export of domestically produced vaccines to countries with “high vaccination rates” and unwilling to “reciprocate” vaccine exports in the next six weeks. The US CNBC website reported on the 25th that the leaders of the 27 EU countries will discuss this new regulation at the video summit that day. According to reports, the United Kingdom, as the largest beneficiary of EU vaccine exports, will become the country with the largest losses after the introduction of the new regulations, followed by Canada and Israel.

The Guardian reported on the 25th that British Prime Minister Johnson reiterated that he does not want the EU to impose a vaccine export ban on the UK. He has been seeking dialogue with European leaders in the past few days. Johnson also said that the export ban is actually detrimental to the EU and will have a negative impact on the EU’s future investment attraction.