Global luxury travel agency “abandons” Trump hotel

Virtuoso, a global luxury travel agency, has quietly removed the Trump Hotel’s name from its partner list, and the Trump Hotel’s photos will no longer appear on its website. .

The travel agency issued a statement stating that “The Trump Hotel is no longer part of the Virtuoso network.” The company did not disclose the specific reason for the delisting, but only stated that it “has carried out various considerations” and will not make more comments. According to CNN, Virtuoso is headquartered in Texas. It mainly provides luxury travel services for high-end customers. It has more than 1,100 travel agencies and 22,000 travel consultants in 50 countries. It has cooperation with hotels, resorts, airlines, etc. The partners re-evaluate.

According to the Washington Post, in April 2016, Virtuoso announced a high-profile partnership with Trump International Hotel in Washington, DC. Guests who book Trump Hotel through Virtuoso can enjoy room upgrades, free breakfast for two, and $100 massage. Concessions such as fee reductions and exemptions. At that time, the company issued a statement stating that “The Trump International Hotel will soon be among the most respected landmarks in our nation’s capital”. At present, guests can still book rooms at Trump Hotel through Virtuoso, but they do not enjoy any preferential services.

Hartwilt, a senior travel industry analyst, said that Virtuoso is very respected in the industry, and its decision to terminate cooperation with Trump Hotel is likely to trigger a chain reaction. Some travel agencies that are still waiting and entangled are likely to make the same decision. .

According to US media reports, before Trump left the White House, the new crown epidemic had already had a significant impact on the operations of his group. Since the Capitol riots, many of Trump’s former business partners and customers have drawn a clear line with his company. In January of this year, the Trump Organization’s golf club in New Jersey was disqualified for hosting the 2022 PGA Championship. Some people who want to please Trump for political gain no longer frequent his hotels and clubs. The British “Guardian” recently reported that the once bustling Trump International Hotel in Washington is now exceptionally quiet and deserted.

Although some public opinion ridiculed that business was not doing well after Trump stepped down, in fact, even when he was in office, Trump’s hotel was affected by his radical remarks and policies. The Trump Group has more than 40 property projects worldwide, among which the hotel brand Trump International Hotel Tower has been stationed in New York, Las Vegas, Chicago, Hawaii and other places. However, after Trump became the President of the United States, the room prices of the hotels under his name have dropped all the way.

What are the characteristics of the most common criminals in Russia? Recently, a set of data released by the Russian General Prosecutor’s Office provides the answer: ages between 30 and 49 years old, no fixed source of income, and no higher education.

RIA Novosti reported on the 25th that data from the Russian General Prosecutor’s Office showed that in 2020, most male criminals in Russia have the following characteristics: In terms of age, men between 30 and 49 years old account for the highest proportion, reaching 53.9%; in terms of education It can be seen that criminals with secondary general or secondary vocational education accounted for the highest proportion, respectively 34.6% and 34.8%; in addition, 69% of criminals had no fixed source of income.

Female criminals and male criminals have similar characteristics: women between 30 and 49 years old account for the highest proportion, reaching 58.7%; those without a fixed source of income account for 67.8%. In addition, 93.3% of all criminals were Russian citizens. In terms of gender, criminals in Russia 8 become men. In addition, criminal history and alcoholism are common to many criminals. Some illegal acts are carried out when the criminal is drunk.

The data also shows that the number of crimes committed by adolescents aged 14-15, people over 50, citizens with higher education, officials of state agencies, and entrepreneurs is far less than that of other social groups.

the New Zealand Parliament passed a bill on the 24th to allow women and their partners affected by miscarriages and stillbirths to take 3 days of leave.

According to the report, this bill was submitted by Congressman Ginny Anderson, called the “Holidays (i.e. Abortion Leave) Amendment”, which stipulates that women can take three days of bereavement leave due to miscarriage or stillbirth. This new holiday will apply to affected women and their partners, as well as parents who want children through surrogacy. However, this bill does not apply to women who terminate their pregnancy through abortion.

After the passage of the bill, Ginny told the media that in New Zealand, one in four New Zealand women had a miscarriage. “Abortion seems common, but it is not easy for women. Many women pretend that they are not painful, but In fact, it is not without pain. Not only that, in addition to physical injuries, some women will also suffer emotional injuries due to this. The purpose of the bill is to allow women and their partners to have time to repair the trauma without having to take up sick leave. “.

Ginny also said, “The passage of the bill shows that New Zealand leads the world in compassionate legislation and has become one of the few countries in the world that allows leave due to abortion and stillbirth.” In fact, both China and India allow women to take leave due to miscarriage. But because the vast majority of Indian women are engaged in informal work, few people can use this kind of vacation