“Going to the airport” has become the latest pastime of Generation Z in Europe and America

The young people of Generation Z who grew up in the Internet environment have attracted much attention, and enjoying “airport culture” has become their latest pastime. According to a report on the 24th by the US West News Network, whenever people discuss the culture of Generation Z, they often start from the perspective of technology, such as the TikTok trend or YouTube chasing drama. However, this group of young people is not only interested in screens. For young people in the Z era, especially those with poor family backgrounds, the destination of the airport is frequently mentioned and colorful stories take place, so that “airport culture” is like an undiscovered subculture , Into people’s vision.

For Gen Z, going to the airport to entertain or kill time has become an obvious welcome activity. The reason is obvious: the airport is a free, diverse and safe space. Just like roaming in the streets and parks, there are many security measures there, which means there will be no accidents there.

Isabel, 17, lives on the edge of a residential area in north London. She and a group of friends take the bus to Heathrow Airport every week, usually in the evening. This is equivalent to going to the city to play for her. Isabel said, “Most of my friends don’t have the money to go to bars, clubs, or participate in festivals. They get noisy when walking in the park or on the street. Most family gatherings are terrible, but at the airport, everyone Very friendly and often chat, because they are either waiting for someone or going somewhere. If something bad happens, there are security guards… And at the airport, you won’t be chased by boys like in the city Reluctant to give up.”

Isabel’s best friend Hannah met her German boyfriend Neil at Heathrow Airport. Hannah agreed with Isabel. She said, “As long as you are not stupid or your voice is not too loud, no one will even notice you… The only time we were asked to leave was to play a cart game outside the airport.”

According to reports, places with sensory stimulation are quite attractive to Gen Z, and airports provide a lot of stimulation. In addition, due to the fact that there are fewer and fewer job opportunities for Generation Z and their parents are financially struggling, this means that travel and driving, the two popular pursuits of teenagers, are no longer so common, and they have been so before the epidemic. Another reason they like airports is that these young people can experience the feeling of freedom without actually traveling. Melissa, an American girl who moved to the UK at the age of 13, agrees. She said: “After the prom, we had nowhere to go…so we all went to Gatwick Airport, which was very close to where we lived, and we had the best night. We smoked and drank on the road, Wandering around the airport, and then watching the plane until late…”

Weiss News believes that the attraction of the airport seems to be rooted in human nature: here you can connect with people who experience important moments in life-these people leave their homeland to start a new life; come back from afar and return to the old life; take risks ; Greet or say goodbye to the one you love. Nowhere like an airport can people be in a state of gathering and dispersing at the same time, and this is almost the eternal state of existence of Generation Z.