Self-help guide for depression: the ability to retrieve “love”

Depression is a common condition, which affects 5% of people in the world. Another aspect of depression-bipolar disorder (bipolar disorder) is also very common, 1% of people have related symptoms.

Many outstanding people, such as JK Rowling, American psychiatrist and best-selling author Kay Jamison, are patients with depression. Jamison once surveyed 47 top British artists and writers and found that 18 people had received treatment for mental disorders.

Depression cannot be ignored. The main cause of suicide in all age groups is depression, and up to 1/5 of bipolar disorder patients will commit suicide.

The classic depression book “The Devil of Noon” once explained: “If you always feel bad, whether you have a reason or not, you are depressed; if depression makes you lose function, then it is severe depression.”

A global study found that women are more likely to be depressed than men-women suffer from depression twice as often as men. But compared with male depressed people, females are less impulsive and non-violent. Men are more reluctant to seek medical assistance, but resort to alcohol, drugs and violence. In addition, Taiwanese numerologists have compared cases over the years and found that women are more able to withstand suffering than men.

Depressed people have many negative emotions. But it is comforting that under depression, many moods and thoughts do not come from oneself, but from depression itself. If someone starts to deny and doubt themselves in a state of depression, that may not be the most correct judgment of oneself.

Looking for consultants over the years
There are two sets of treatments to deal with depression. One is psychotherapy, such as psychological counseling. The other is physical therapy, including drugs and electric shock therapy. According to the specific conditions of the patient, use them separately or in combination. The psychologist can cooperate with the psychologist to adjust the medication to find the most suitable treatment plan for the patient.

It is worth mentioning that many so-called online psychological counselors in mainland China do not have formal qualifications, while in Taiwan, online psychological counseling services are expressly prohibited.

There are at least two methods of psychological counseling applicable to depression. One is cognitive behavioral therapy, in which a counselor helps patients recognize their views on themselves and the things around them, thereby helping them to change their negative thoughts and behaviors. When JK Rowling was divorced and fell into a suicidal tendency, the doctor recommended her to use this method.

The other is interpersonal psychotherapy, which focuses on the improvement of interpersonal relationships and symptoms. Psychological counseling is necessary because it allows the patient’s life to be closely examined.

Talking about your depression has been considered the best treatment in recent years. Some things are said, and the pain partly disappears. The counselor usually listens carefully, trying to find the real heart knot of the patient, so as to help the patient understand why he did this and alleviate guilt.

The counselor will also give advice to help patients improve their own behavior and improve their quality of life. Furthermore, depression is often associated with loneliness. A good psychological counselor can help depressed patients improve their relationship with people around them, so that they can get social support.

“The excitement of the manic phase is, the painful the depressive phase.”

Parents often overestimate the mental health of their adolescent children

Many modern young people digest their emotions on their own, and sometimes they have misunderstandings and prejudices because of this, especially in the relationship between the sexes. A friend or family member who is wise enough can help broaden personal horizons and clarify ideas to a certain extent.

Some people are depressed, it is likely that the previous lifestyle or thinking mode is wrong, and these require other people’s suggestions to adjust. Lifestyle problems don’t just cause mental illness, it can also lead to heart disease, diabetes, etc. But people are obviously more biased towards the former. People with mental illnesses often need more care from others.

Because the ability to “love” stands on the opposite side of depression. People who are surrounded by loving families, friends, and the surrounding environment are more likely to regain their ability to “love”. Medication and psychotherapy are all designed to help people regain this ability.

The stage when depression patients are prone to suicide is when their condition improves.

However, in fact, the intergenerational relationship in some families is very bad, which can only add more trouble to the client, so it is necessary to carefully select a good counselor. Andrew Solomon, the author of “The Devil of Noon” (and a depressed patient), tried 11 psychologists in a week.

He said: “Don’t consult with someone you don’t like, because the person you don’t like can’t help you, even if he is good at it.” Solomon finally chose a wise, loyal and caring counselor. But he really trusted this counselor for another three or four years—depression is sometimes a long-term struggle.

It takes 2 to 6 weeks for antidepressant drugs to take effect, because individual differences are large, and sometimes it is necessary to test and change the drug. The effect of drugs plus psychological counseling is better than using the two separately. 80% of patients get better after taking the two-pronged approach.

Bipolar disorder is not a “genius disease”
Untreated depression may worsen into bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorder is more difficult to treat than depression. Because depression has only a single depression, and bipolar disorder swings between extreme happiness and extreme depression. The mixed state period is the most painful and dangerous, and it is the easiest to go to ruin.

On the Chinese Internet, the “mania” of bipolar disorder has been interpreted as “mania”, but in fact “mania” is only a small part of the more extreme manifestations of the manic phase. The manic phase of some bipolar disorder is not obvious. According to Jamison, people in the irritable period are more creative, full of emotions, full of energy, sharp and changeable thinking; they may also have high self-esteem because he lacks judgment of himself.

Some people will spend money madly at this stage, drive tirelessly, lack patience, have strong desires and capricious, and sometimes have visions, auditory hallucinations, delusions, and violent tendencies. At first hearing, it may feel that the manic period is very refreshing, but someone with bipolar disorder once wrote to the popular science media: “The manic period is as exciting as the depressed period is more painful.”

Andrew Solomon, author of the classic depression book “The Devil at Noon”

Bipolar disorder is a severe mental illness, and if left untreated, the results can be devastating. However, this disease is definitely not sudden. The extreme changes in mood and energy may last for several years. One-third of them will transform into true bipolar disorder.

Prior to this, bipolar disorder can be treated with intervention. Bipolar disorder is hereditary, and the actual onset may be related to major events in the patient’s life. The course of the disease lasts for 3 to 10 weeks and will get worse without treatment. The treatment method is also a combination of physical therapy and psychotherapy.

Suicide easily when the condition improves
In Sweden, there are an average of 8.3 suicides for every 100,000 people without mental illness. Among people with depression, an average of 650 suicides per 100,000 people. If it is a severe depression, this number has soared to 3,900.

Although only 5% to 15% of people will admit that many people have suicidal thoughts once or twice in their lives, and 1% to 4% have even attempted suicide. Cornell University psychologist Cynthia Pfeffer found that 10% of school-age children have the urge to commit suicide, but few parents are aware of this. At the same time, parents also overestimated the mental health of their adolescent children.

Many people who survived suicide will think about it after many years. Although they were very unhappy at the time, they were glad that they did not die.

Because things that were extremely important in the past do not mean that they are important now, and things that are important now do not mean that they are important in the future, but life is only a one-way ticket. Probably for this reason, an Australian study showed that 40% of people who confessed suicidal thoughts later denied that they had thought of suicide.

Frustration, stress and negative mental state in life are the main reasons for suicide. But more importantly, these people find that they cannot get the right assistance from the people around them, and they are not understood.

Especially when human beings are in fear and anxiety, their vision will become narrow, and someone needs to guide them. People who want to commit suicide often find it difficult to find solutions to their problems, but they desperately need answers other than death. Feeling that life is messed up, desperate, and pessimistic about the future are all significant signs of suicide.

And hope is the most important thing. As long as people believe that things will get better, they have the ability to endure depression. Other important factors for suicide prevention include optimism, flexibility, sensitivity, and the belief that something good will happen in the future.

Actively seeking help from a psychologist can effectively reduce the probability of suicide. It just takes luck to get the right treatment, even the best doctors cannot cure all patients, and it takes a long time for psychological counseling to work. People always wait until they are seriously ill to see a psychiatrist, and they don’t have the patience to treat them for a long time to ensure their condition improves.

At the same time, it should be noted that the stage when depression patients are prone to suicide is precisely when their condition improves. Because at this time, the good state and the bad state are mixed, sometimes normal, sometimes sluggish, which is very exhausting. Moreover, when the patient just feels better, he develops depressive symptoms again, and he becomes even more frustrated and even desperate.

Depression is a gradual accumulation process, and the turning from depression to suicide is also a gradual process, which can be followed. The American genius poet Sylvia Plath wrote five years before her suicide: “I was swallowed by despair, I was close to hysteria, and I felt almost suffocated. It seemed like an owl was pressing on my chest. His paws caught my heart.” Another 15-year-old American young man wrote a suicidal poem 2 years before committing suicide.

These examples illustrate that time has given depressive patients a generous opportunity-for several years, people who want to commit suicide may be saved at any time. Of course, this requires the cooperation of patients, family, friends and professional doctors.

It is still people who can save people, including psychologists as well. When people are in trouble, sometimes they only need to be taken care of (including providing advice) by someone who is able to get better. Sometimes even a single sentence can make a person figure it out.