From the gangster lover to the princess of the Netherlands, this woman is not easy

In August 2020, Princess Marbel of the Netherlands rarely accepted a birthday party for her by her two daughters, and smiled and accepted the blessings from people she had helped from all over the world. Princess Mabel is different from ordinary princesses. She graduated from the world’s top universities and worked in the United Nations. Even Margaret Thatcher is also a member of the NGO she founded. When she was young, she was the lover of the famous gang boss, and the Dutch prince was willing to give up the throne for her. But Mabel’s life is not smooth, and even since 2014, she has refused to celebrate her birthday. What exactly is going on? What extraordinary experience has she had over the years?

Young and frivolous
In August 1968, Mabel was born into a prominent family in Pinak, Holland, and lived a good life in the upper class. At the age of 9, her father unfortunately passed away in a skating accident. Three years later, her mother took her and her sister to marry a bank executive, and her life was still prosperous. But after all, the stepfather is different from the biological father. Mabel must work very hard to get the attention of his parents in the family.

Fortunately, Mabel is talented and smart, coupled with hard work, successfully admitted to the world’s top university, the University of Amsterdam, to study economics and politics. In this talented university, Mabel is still very eye-catching, beautiful and charming, with excellent grades. At this moment, the young Mabel began to become a little frivolous.

In the summer of 1989, Mabel met a man with a flamboyant personality during a sailing sport. The two hit it off and liked each other. The man invited her to eat and spend the night on his private luxury yacht. Mabel did not refuse. After boarding the ship, she knew that the man she was dating was the largest drug lord in Europe at the time, with a daily transaction volume of millions of Dutch guilders, and Brusma, known as the “Godfather of Amsterdam”. In addition, he also intervened in the porn industry, amassed a lot of ill-gotten wealth, and lived a sensual life on luxury cruise ships.

After Mabel learned of Brusma’s true face, Brusma smiled and asked her, “Are you afraid to be my woman?” Mabel shook his head, “This is a cool thing!”

However, Brusma’s good days soon came to an end. Half a year later, the Dutch police discovered his flaws and seized 45 tons of marijuana worth 150 million pounds from the Brusma Group. This case became the largest drug case in Europe at the time. After the incident, Brusma’s position in the gang was severely reduced, and his deputy seized his position by the opportunity.

Due to the debauchery and long-term use of cocaine, Brusma’s mental problems began to appear and his reaction became slow. On June 27, 1991, Mabel and Brusma walked out of the hotel after having dinner at the Amsterdam Hilton Hotel. At this moment, Brusma quarreled with Mafia member Martin, and Martin shot Brusma in anger. Later, Martin was also killed by Brusma’s men.

Mabel, who had witnessed the murder personally, screamed and fell ill afterwards. Mabel finally wakes up, the romantic days obtained by crime will eventually disappear like fireworks. She is determined to bid farewell to the years of youth and frivolousness, stay away from all gang members, and return to the right path. As she approached graduation, she chose to go for an internship at the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and was later recommended to work at the United Nations because of her outstanding ability. During her work, she also learned many languages.

Both her stepfather and mother supported her to continue working in the United Nations after graduation, but Mabel said: “During this period, I found that my theoretical knowledge was not enough, and I wanted to study further.” So she resigned and pursued a master’s degree. During this period, she founded her first non-governmental organization in the Balkans, the European Peace Operations Council, to call for peace. Marbel actively promoted the organization and did a brilliant job, including Margaret Thatcher and the former French president as members of the organization.

In the second year, Mabel and his friends set up a Dutch War Children’s Fund to improve the lives of children under war, and launched the “Girls Not Brides” organization to end child marriages around the world and put an end to the scourge of child marriages. She gradually showed her ambition and ability in charity and human rights, and was once regarded by the Swiss World Economic Forum as one of the 100 “Tomorrow’s Global Leaders”.

When the career is booming, love also comes quietly.

In 2000, at a gathering of friends, Mabel’s younger sister-in-law Laurentin introduced a single son to Mabel, Prince Frisso, the second heir to the Dutch royal family. Frisso’s first impression of Mabel was very good, with a pleasant smile and approachable. He admiredly said to Mabel: “I have heard of your deeds. You have made a great contribution to charity and human rights. You are an amazing woman.” Mabel raised his glass and smiled slightly: “I hope we can have something in the future. Cooperation.”

During the dinner, Laurentin quietly told Mabel: “Friso is not a simple prince. After getting a degree in economics from the University of Rotterdam, he has studied for an MBA and worked as a vice president of an investment bank. He is also the largest low-cost airline in Eastern Europe. The founding shareholder of the company. I think you are quite capable and a match made in heaven.” Marbel couldn’t help laughing.

After the party, Friso would never forget the confident and beautiful Mabel, calling her from time to time, asking her for dinner and watching movies. After he confessed to her sincerely, Mabel also tried to communicate with this gentleman.

Their love affair is sweet and warm, but it is not easy for Mabel to become the princess of the Netherlands.

Don’t love the country and love the beauty
In 2003, after the two were in love for three years, Prince Frisso decided to marry Mabel.

One morning, when Mabel opened the door of his house, his eyes were straight, and he saw Frisso appear at the door. I saw him solemnly put on a pure white suit, holding champagne and a bunch of red roses in his hand. Suddenly, he knelt on one knee and looked at Mabel with scorching eyes: “My dear, marry me! I hope you can become my princess and let us spend our lives together.” Mabel nodded excitedly with tears in his eyes. Yes. The two embraced into the living room and opened champagne to celebrate the successful marriage proposal.

Soon, Prince Frisso followed the royal practice and publicly announced his engagement with Mabel to the people of the whole country. For a while, Mabel felt that she was the happiest woman in the world. However, this feeling of happiness did not last long, and soon their marriage was blocked.

When Mabel appeared in the public eye as the future princess, the Dutch media could not wait to learn more about Mabel. Through various inquiries, they found an “explosive” news-Mabel used to be the lover of the gang boss Brusma. Frisso refused to believe that Mabel, who has been committed to charity for many years, will have ties to the gang. In the face of the media, he angrily and firmly denied: “I just want to say that slandering the kind-hearted future princess is not interesting.” At this time, the media not only published old photos of Mabel and Brusma, but Brusma’s former bodyguard also ran out to confirm the identity of Mabel. He plausibly said: “Yes, she is his girlfriend.”

Faced with conclusive evidence, Mabel frankly explained this past and mental journey to Frisso. “That’s all in the past. Everyone had a time when they were young and frivolous. Since Brusma passed away, I have nothing to do with the people in the gang anymore.” Mabel said. Frisso was taken aback, but he loved and believed in Mabel and was willing to accept her past.

At a critical moment, Frisso tried his best to defend Mabel. But the Dutch people were very resistant to Mabel. They believed that Prince Frisso’s marriage to Mabel was to discredit the royal family. The Dutch media nicknamed Mabel as the “gangster bride” and “Miss Mafia”, and rumors about Mabel and the gang were heated.

Mabel was very distressed. She said to Frisso painfully: “Is it right to be a princess without the qualifications to be young and frivolous? But when I was young, I didn’t know that one day I was going to be your princess.” Frisso hugged her: “My dear, don’t worry, all storms will pass. In any case, you are my only princess. This is something that no one can change!”

Things backfired, and the storm did not gradually subsided over time, but intensified. In the Netherlands, there are clear regulations that all heirs to the throne must be approved by the cabinet before they can get married. Once the cabinet disagrees, the prince is not allowed to marry freely. The Prime Minister of the Netherlands was worried that the marriage between Frisso and Mabel would have a negative impact. To quell public anger, he did not discuss with Frisso and announced on national television: “The cabinet will not approve the marriage of Frisso and Mabel. .”

As soon as the news came out, both Friso and Mabel were stunned. “I can live a good life without being your princess.” Mabel left Frisso’s house sad and angrily. Frisso called Mabel many times and repeatedly stated that he did not know the Prime Minister’s decision in advance and promised that he would communicate with the Prime Minister again and that things would turn for the better. Mabel listened in silence. The Prime Minister had already publicly stated her position. She didn’t think there was a chance for the marriage with Frisso.

“Impossible, just go ahead, let’s stop here!” Mabel said calmly with tears. Friso on the other end of the phone became anxious: “My dear, don’t say such a thing, I will prove to you that I love you.”

For the next half month, Frissault has not contacted Mabel, and Mabel is not thinking about eating and drinking all day long, and his heart is cooling down bit by bit. Just when she thought she would never see Frisso again, Frisso suddenly appeared on TV and the headlines of major newspapers. It turned out that after Frisseau’s negotiations with the Prime Minister were fruitless, he took the initiative to marry his beloved Mabel. Announcing the abandonment of the right to the throne, leaving the royal family, and demanding that all investigations on Mabel be stopped. For a time, Frisso became a typical example of “not loving the country and loving the beauty” in people’s mouths.

Mabel was shocked, and when he fell into Frisso’s arms again, he felt that he had received the most precious love in the world. Frisso touched her golden hair and said: “I said, you are my only princess, this is something that no one can change! My dear, I will give you a grand wedding.” Mabel Smiled happily.

However, their wedding is still not going well.

In the fall of 2004, just one month before Frisso and Mabel married, Frisso’s grandmother died forever. Just after the funeral, in order to respect the deceased, Frisso had to terminate the “grand wedding” plan. He felt sorry, but Mabel understood it: “It’s okay, as long as my husband is you.”

This wedding was not as grand as the previous weddings of the royal family, but Frisso was extremely careful, as far as possible to make Mabel no regrets. He prepared a special crown headdress for Mabel, which was designed by the famous French jeweller Melério several centuries ago; Mabel’s wedding dress was also ingenious, which was made by four people in 600 hours. There are several big bows on the tail, which are very different.

The whole wedding ceremony was warm and touching. Frisso made a promise to protect his beloved wife forever.

After their marriage, Friso and Mabel left the Netherlands and moved to London. With a stable love and marriage, their work is also handy. Frisso became the general manager of a private investment company, and Mabel became the president of Mandela International. Therefore, even without the support of the royal family, with the strength of the couple, they lead a prosperous life.

With the support of love and economic strength, Mabel gave birth to two lovely daughters in a row. Frisso treats them as jewels in his palm, teaches them to learn, and takes them to play. He doesn’t like socializing, and gives almost all of his free time to his wife and daughter. The family of four is sweet and happy, and envy others.

Unfortunately, this happy life came to an end in 2012.

Birthdays and deaths
In February 2012, Frisseau looked at the good weather outside the window, hugged a pair of daughters, and suggested to Mabel: “Shall we go skiing? Don’t waste such good weather!” Before Mabel’s approval, the two daughters have already They danced and discussed enthusiastically what kind of clothes to wear. Mabel smiled and agreed, and the related clothes were ready, and the family set off happily.

They came to a resort to ski as they did in previous years. But unexpectedly, an accident came quietly.

Just as they were skiing happily, an avalanche occurred suddenly. Mabel and her two daughters were fine, only Friso was completely buried in the snow. Mabel immediately called the staff and called the police, hurriedly looking for Frisso. The two daughters also burst into tears. With the assistance of the police and staff, it was not until 25 minutes later that the buried Friso was found. After being buried for a long time, his brain was severely deprived of oxygen and fell into a deep coma.

“When will Friso wake up?” Mabel asked the local doctor anxiously. The doctor could not answer her, he was not even sure that Frisso would wake up. Mabel tried his best to save Friso and took him to and from several top hospitals, but all had little effect. Finally, she took Friso back to a hospital in London closer to home. In order to take care of Frisso wholeheartedly, Mabel gave up her career and guarded her husband, looking forward to a miracle.

In a blink of an eye, a year and a half passed. Frisso was still lying on the hospital bed quietly, like a sleeping child, without any signs of being awake.

On August 11, 2013, Mabel celebrated its 45th birthday. The daughters prepared a small cake for the frowning mother. Without a husband by his side, this birthday was a dull day. Not wanting to brush her daughter’s kindness, Mabel barely blew the candle and made a sincere wish: “I hope a miracle will happen, and my dear Frisso can wake up and reunite with us.”

Early the next morning, Mabel was awakened by a rapid phone call from the hospital. At that moment, Mabel’s heart was pounding, thinking that her birthday wish had come true. Unfortunately, the miracle did not happen, and what the hospital told her was the bad news of Frisso’s death. Mabel collapsed to the ground…

Frisso died in his sleep the day after Mabel’s birthday, at the age of 44. Her birthday is linked to his death day, and since then, Mabel has refused to celebrate his birthday again.

The death of her husband took away the smile on Mabel’s face, and the two daughters were also depressed. The mother and daughter stayed at home and did not go out for 5 consecutive months. The younger sister-in-law Laurentin thinks that if this continues, the situation is not good, so she takes Mabel’s two daughters to a friend’s house to play, and then brings Mabel to a concert held by the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra in London. Laurentin said worriedly: “You are old and haggard now, and the children will also be affected. You have to cheer up, Friso doesn’t want to see you like this. Don’t forget, he was so beautiful at the beginning. , Kindness and courage.” Mabel smiled bitterly and nodded hard.

Although his life has been hit hard, Mabel is destined to be someone who will not be easily defeated. She began to change slowly, taking care of her daughter while adjusting herself, continuing to contribute to charity. Among them, her most concerned project is to give voice to “child marriage girls”, try to end gender violence and teenage pregnancy, pay attention to education, and protect children and women. When the project progressed smoothly, she finally had a long-lost smile on her face.

On August 11, 2020, Mabel, who has always refused to celebrate her birthday, rarely accepted the birthday party held by her daughter for her. The daughter opened the video on the phone and said: “Mom, you have helped many people, and they are blessing you.” Mabel watched the video and smiled and accepted the blessings of people from all over the world. At this moment, she completely put aside the past, and will work hard to go on with more strength.