“Killing people with ghosts”, the ghosts of Indian castles are actually a trap

There is an old castle from the 17th century in the Yamir Mountains in northeastern Punjab, India. Professor Somm of the University of Delhi was invited by the female student Sangli to explore the various strange incidents in the castle together. Unexpectedly, Som entered a trap, fell into a terrible crisis, and almost died. However, just when Sangli thought her criminal purpose had succeeded, she did not expect her trick to be exposed!

Go to the castle to explore the weird legend
Som, a professor in the Department of History at the University of Delhi in India, loves adventure. One day in the fall of 2019, he received an email from a female college student named Sang Li whom he had taught. Sang Li said in the letter that she is now working in a TV station, mainly engaged in news investigation. Not long ago, Sangli went to the ancient castle in the Yamir Mountains, where not only many mysterious phenomena were discovered, but also some incredible horror photos were taken.

Somme couldn’t help being taken aback when he saw the photo for the first time. I saw a vague human face faintly appeared in the dark corridor of the castle passageway, but the facial features were distorted, like a terrible ghost.

But Somm quickly smiled indifferently. He, who had never believed in ghosts and gods, didn’t believe that there would really be any ghosts in the world, thinking that there must be some unknown puzzle in the castle. Sangli’s email aroused Somm’s great interest in expedition. He immediately wrote back to Sangli, saying that he would leave immediately to explore the mystery hidden in the ancient castle.

A week later, Somme rushed to the Yamir Mountains and saw Sangli as scheduled. Sang Li met the university teacher who had been away for many years, and once again enthusiastically introduced what she had seen and heard in the castle.

According to Sang Li, the castle was indeed controlled by some mysterious force. Not only did many modern detectors fail inexplicably, but also tragic wailing and weird sounds could be heard. What’s more troubling is that there will be white shadows that look like images of human faces wandering around. Sang Li has seen it with her own eyes and took photos of it.

Somme listened to Sang Li’s introduction, instead of showing signs of timidity and retreat, he encouraged Sang Li to believe in science and go with him to uncover the quirks. Seeing that Professor Somm was full of confidence, Sang Li gradually dispelled his worries and came to the old castle surrounded by mountains with the teacher.

Under the guidance of Sangli, Somm met Palobu, the gatekeeper of the castle. He lives in another house outside the castle. After talking, Somm learned that Palobu’s ancestors have guarded the castle here for generations, so Palobu inherited this work, but there are too many puzzling bizarre phenomena in the castle, and Palobu is usually outside. Guarding the castle, under normal circumstances, he dare not venture into it at will.

When she heard that Sang Li was going to accompany Som into the castle again, Palobu’s face became ugly, and he blamed it in a complaining tone: “Last time I advised you not to enter it rashly, but you didn’t. Listen, fortunately, I was not noticed by the ghost wandering in the dark, otherwise I would be sucked up and killed in vain!”

Then Parobu told Somm that the British soldiers killed so many people here, so that the souls of the dead turned into bloodthirsty ghosts everywhere. Once some people who were keen on adventure entered the castle, but never came out alive, obviously they were killed by those ghosts strangely.

Horror scary soul out of the body
Although Palobu repeatedly discouraged Som from entering the castle to anger those ghosts, Somm shook his head disapprovingly: “Young man, I advise you to go outside to study for further studies. Only by mastering scientific and cultural knowledge will you not believe it. Those frightening rumors are fictitious.” Som not only insisted on visiting the castle, but also asked Palobu to help lead the way, and promised to give a reward afterwards as a thank you. Palobu gritted his teeth and agreed.

The three of them pushed open the old mottled door of the castle and entered it carefully. Parobu held a candle and walked ahead to lead the way, while Somme and Sangli turned on their portable flashlights and followed them.

The air in the castle was extremely unpleasant, and there was a sickening smell of mildew everywhere. The narrow and cramped corridors twisted and twisted, so the three of them did not find the end after turning several times. Somm proposed to look at the large and small rooms on both sides of the corridor. However, as soon as they entered the first house, Sang Li screamed and covered her eyes, because there were more than a dozen two-pointed skeletons lying on the ground!

Somme took a hard breath and leaned down to look at the skeletons. There are obvious traces of knife piercing on the dead bones, and the time of death was at least one or two hundred years. It is estimated that they were captured by the rebels slaughtered by the British army. Then the three people looked at some other rooms again, and they were all too scarred and horrible. Seeing this scene, Somm couldn’t help but indignantly said: “Those damn British guys are really crueler than wild beasts. I don’t know how many insurgent soldiers have been slaughtered here!”

Just when Somm felt deeply sorry for his compatriots who died, suddenly something unexpected happened! I saw a strange wind mingled with miserable wailing, not only blowing out the candle in Palobu’s hand in an instant, but even the torches held by Som and Sangli were inexplicably malfunctioning, and the three of them seemed to fall into the deep. It’s like a dark hell without a bottom, and it’s no longer possible to distinguish east from west to north.

Sang Li tightened Somme’s hand nervously: “Professor, will anything bad happen?” Although Somme was suspicious, he tried to comfort him: “It doesn’t matter, don’t you have a lighter in your pocket? ?”

Sang Li fumbled for a long time before pulling out a lighter. The moment the faint flame ignited, Sang Li was suddenly blindfolded! She hid behind Som, and pointed to the front shiveringly and said, “Professor, what do you think is that?” Somm looked intently, and a floating white shadow loomed in the dark corner. Gradually, it turned into an image of a woman’s face, with loose hair and blood on the corners of her smiling mouth.

“Honorable guests, how are you, welcome you to come here, I haven’t tasted human blood for a long time, today you finally sent a young man, enough to make me greedy, haha…” After a burst of terrifying laughter, the image of the woman suddenly disappeared. Som boldly took Sang Li to take a look, and there was nothing in the corner except for the gray-black cobwebs. Som was puzzled: Is there really a ghost here?

At this moment, Sang Li looked around, because she found that Palobu, the gatekeeper, had disappeared quietly for some time, so she hurriedly informed Som of the matter. Somm called out Palobu’s name loudly, until the call was dry and there was no answer. Sang Li reminded with trepidation: “Will he be hurt by the ghost?”

Not Rongsom replied, and suddenly heard a dull sound from the direction behind him, as if the gate of the castle was heavily closed. Knowing that Somm was feeling wrong, he hurriedly picked up Sangli and fumbled back along the way he had come. But when they finally found the doorway, they could no longer open the heavy door.

“Oh my god, it must be the ghosts, they want to control us and trap us alive!” Sangli’s face was pale, and if it hadn’t been for Som to hold her hand tightly, she would have been sitting on the ground. Seeing that the way back had been cut off, Somme simply jumped out and pulled Sangli to continue to the depths of the castle, trying to find an exit from another direction.

The castle is full of murders
After the two men turned along a stone spiral ladder to the second floor of the ancient castle, Sangli’s hand holding the lighter trembled violently again: “Professor, you see blood on the ground!” Somm looked down and saw that there was indeed a drop of blood. It extends to a room in the front left. The two followed the bloodstain and came to the room with only windows and no doors, and took a closer look. Even Somme couldn’t help but breathe in the cold. What appeared in front of them was a corpse with a separated head and body, and There was a black hole in the chest of the deceased, and the small amount of blood flowing out hadn’t dried up yet, but the rest of the blood was missing, as if it had been sucked away by some elf. What frightened Somm and Sangli the most was that with the help of the faint light, they finally realized that the dead was actually Palobu!

“He must have been killed by the ghost’s blood sucked away. It seems that we are also in catastrophe!” Sang Li threw himself into Som’s arms and sobbed helplessly.

Somme tried to comfort Sang Li for a while, and promised to find an exit to escape this place of right and wrong. He tried to communicate with the outside world on his cell phone, but found that there was no signal. The two had to fumble and bump again, but they couldn’t find an exit until they were exhausted.

At this time, there was a gust of wind in the old castle, and there was another sad and miserable howl, as if countless ghosts were crying and complaining. Sang Li couldn’t walk anymore, her legs were weak and she finally slumped on the ground, almost causing Somm to fall. Seeing this, Somm had no choice but to sit down with her. Just as the two were panting heavily, another horrible scene was staged on the front wall again!

I saw two little girls covered in blood holding hands and slowly twisting and dancing, and they were singing vague ballads: “We were killed here… The only companions are endless darkness. Drink enough blood…The soul has a chance to regenerate. Now someone takes the initiative to send it to the door. We first kill a young aunt with a dagger, and then let the aunt kill the old man next to him…”

After the images of the two little girls gradually disappeared, Somm suddenly felt Sangli’s body sink suddenly, looked down, almost screamed in horror! Sang Li’s lips were blue, her eyes widened and she couldn’t speak anymore, and there was a sharp dagger stuck in her chest, and the gurgling blood was pouring out.

“Sangli, wake up, wake up! God, what is going on!” Som shook Sangli’s body and called in grief, hot tears streaming down. Just when Som fell into despair, he suddenly felt a chill in his chest, and at the same time a strong pain hit his whole body, making him almost fainted. Somm put his hand in his hand and found that hot blood was flowing out, only then did he realize that he was also hit by the knife.

When Som was panicking, he saw Sang Li stand up and stood up: “Professor, you are fooled, I finally got angry for myself, haha…” In Sang Li’s sinister laughter, Som was surprised to find her She was unscathed, and the dagger that had been inserted into her chest had been transferred to her.

“Sangli, you… what are you doing?” Somme forced to hold back the severe pain, and asked angrily and puzzledly.

“Anyway, you are going to be the wronged soul in this old castle, just let you die to understand a little…” Sang Li said coldly.

Somme is a professor who is upright by nature and never favors students’ mistakes. Therefore, a few years ago, Sangli’s graduation file unceremoniously wrote about her cheating in exams, her narrow-mindedness, etc., so that Sangli used this file to repeatedly run into a wall in the job search process, and finally she had no choice but to enter a salary. Very low TV station work. Sang Li blamed Somm for all her resentment and decided to retaliate.

So she took advantage of the opportunity to investigate the supernatural phenomenon in the ancient castle in the Yamir Mountains, and bought the castle gatekeeper Palobu, and painstakingly arranged the phenomenon of ghosts. The image of the woman’s head and the two little girls that Somm saw was a remote projection and recording prop set by Sang Li in the dark. As for the so-called dead body of Parobu, it was actually just a plastic doll painted with blood. .

Sang Li carried a dagger before entering the castle, and tied a pocket filled with chicken blood to her chest, pretending to be assassinated by the ghost using a nursery rhyme spell, and then took out the dagger and stabbed Som into her chest when Som was not ready.

The truth comes to light
“Are you too despicable and cruel to do this? Sooner or later, you will be severely punished by the law!” Somme, who was surprised to learn the truth, struggled hard, and asked with angry flames in his eyes. Sang Li said triumphantly: “Professor, you are wrong. Palobu is a simple-minded guy who only knows to search for money, but I don’t know that I will secretly use those rumored ghosts to get rid of you. That’s it. Will naturally work with me to transfer the murderer to the ghost…”

Sang Li stopped at this point, her mouth wide open and stood there blankly. Because the figure standing not far in front of her is Parobu. It took a long time for Sang Li to ask in a trembling tone: “Palobu, you…Didn’t you close the gate of the castle and leave according to our prior agreement? How come you will also be here?”

Palobu answered calmly: “Miss Sangli, you were also fooled. In fact, everything you did was filmed by the video equipment.” Palobu shouted at this point, “You all come out. The time has come to clarify the truth thoroughly!”

With the voice, some dazzling flashlight light was projected from the dark corner one after another, and then seven or eight people walked out. When Sang Li carefully saw the familiar faces of these people, she screamed again and sat on the ground. She turned out to be her colleagues at the TV station in front of her. Only then did she finally figure out the real story.

It turned out that the economic performance of this TV station has been poor, and the leader decided to make a horror reality show to attract audiences who like thrills, so he first sent Sangli to the castle to investigate the so-called supernatural phenomenon.

But Sangli used this machine to buy the gatekeeper Palobu and set up props and sounds in the castle to intimidate Som, but Palobu didn’t know that Sangli would have another murder plot.

The TV station boss has long seen Sang Li’s selfish and narrow character, and the reason why she is entrusted with the task of investigating is actually a test. So he contacted Palobu with Sangli behind her back and agreed to ask for more rewards. Palobu would plan to cooperate with the TV station in order to shoot completely real horror scenes.

With the assistance of Parobu, the TV station sent staff to hide in the walls of the castle, and secretly placed micro-cameras in every corner. But Sang Li didn’t know all of this, she still carried out the murder conspiracy step by step according to the original plan. Of course, Sangli’s final killing of Professor Somm was completely beyond the expectations of Palobu and the TV station staff. This is also an unexpected gain for them.

Due to the timely rescue, Professor Somm was finally out of danger. He used scientific facts to prove to the world that there are no ghosts in that old castle, but because it was closed for too long, it was dark and damp, so that a large number of poisonous mosses grew in the corners. These poisonous smells stimulate the human brain and nervous system. , Resulting in various hallucinations.

Of course, Professor Somme filed a lawsuit with the court for Sang Li’s vicious murder, which caused her to be punished. At the same time, he also lodged a serious protest against that TV station’s irresponsible and secretly filming a terrorist reality show, demanding that it also bear legal responsibility. While people were shocked to know the truth of these things, they were all very emotional: It seems that people who are distorted by various evil thoughts are often more terrifying than so-called ghosts!