Boxer’s secret

Thomas is a professional boxer who has participated in many competitions. But since he had a lively and beautiful daughter, he was tired of this dangerous sport. Just when he was about to withdraw from boxing, unfortunately, it happened: his daughter actually suffered from a terrible and rare disease, and it would cost $100,000 to cure it!

Just when Thomas was desperate, he suddenly heard news that a boxing ring competition was being held in a neighboring city, and the boxer who won the championship would receive a generous prize of $100,000.

Thomas’ eyes flashed with hope, after all, his daughter was saved. As for the severity and danger of the game, Thomas doesn’t care at all. Thomas is not actually a top boxer, but after he signed up for the competition, he seemed to be an extremely brave tiger. In a few days, he beat many famous boxers.

Finally, in the final finals, in order to get a prize of $100,000, Thomas refused the advice of good-hearted people despite his physical injuries and barely got up to the boxing ring. The audience in the audience stared at Thomas’ opponent, Paul, and couldn’t help but secretly worry about Thomas. Because Paul looks half head taller than Thomas, is extremely sturdy, and has participated in many national competitions. It seems that Thomas is hardly his opponent.

When the referee blew his whistle, the game began. Although Paul is tall and powerful, he does not seem to be as flexible as Thomas when launching an offense. Thomas seized the favorable opportunity and knocked Paul to the ground with a few heavy punches like lightning.

But in the second round, Paul learned his lesson and adopted a steady and steady tactic. As a result, the situation became unfavorable for Thomas. A few days ago, he was always fighting on the boxing ring, with great physical exertion, and the injury on his body was also aching at this time. As a result, he didn’t pay attention and was knocked down by Paul’s right hook. Paul obviously won the second round.

The final round of competition finally kicked off with the whistle. For Thomas, it was a fatal blow. He braced his body and came to the stage. In order to make himself confident to defeat his opponent, he yelled every time he punched.

But he knew in his heart that fighting his opponent would definitely not be able to consume his energy, and he had to make a quick battle in a short time. The opponent Paul seemed to see Thomas’s mind, and has always adopted a tight defensive position, deliberately teasing Thomas to attack from time to time in order to consume his energy. Sure enough, Thomas felt a little dizzy after launching several consecutive onslaughts, and the momentum of the offensive was greatly reduced.

“Thomas, come on!” Many of the audience shouted at Thomas. But the physical exhaustion prevented Thomas from launching a strong offense. Instead, Paul turned from the defensive to the offensive. He became more courageous in the war and knocked Thomas to the ground several times in a row. The referee squatted in front of Thomas and counted loudly: “1,2,3…” Thomas can always stand up hard, regain his spirit, and continue to fight.

When Paul’s punch hit Thomas in the jaw, Thomas fell weakly on the stage and no longer had the strength to stand up. At this moment, Thomas’s heart was twisted like a knife, and tears overflowing from the corner of his eyes flowed through his painful jaw. Thomas knew with frustration that he had lost the game and there was no way to raise money for his daughter’s life-saving treatment. He barely endured the pain, and went back to the place where his daughter was hospitalized in despair.

The moment before entering his daughter’s ward, Thomas’ heart was extremely heavy. However, when he plucked up the courage to push open the door and looked up at the room, the scene in front of him couldn’t help but stunned him!

Paul, the opponent he hated so much, was sitting in the hospital room and talking with his daughter with a smile on his face. Thomas’s wife was on the side, her face filled with excitement. She also held a check in her hand. The number on it was faintly visible: $100,000.

Thomas and Paul looked at each other, staring at each other, obviously both stunned. Then they finally figured it out. It turned out that Paul felt deeply sympathetic after seeing Thomas’s wife’s request for help from Thomas’s wife.

When Paul heard that a boxing ring was held in a neighboring city, he rushed over to participate, hoping to get the $100,000 donation to the sick girl, but Paul didn’t even know that the sick girl’s father was Thomas!

After the matter was clarified, the two men who had fought to the death for the $100,000 in the boxing ring hugged each other tightly, tears rolling down their cheeks!