Luxembourg’s “Cinderella”: the princess who cleaned herself out finally meets true love

On December 31, 2020, on the New Year’s Eve, the former Princess of Luxembourg, Tessie Anthony, announced her engagement on social platforms, sent photos of her close cuddling with her fiance, and wrote down her expectations for the future, which attracted the blessings of many netizens. . Tessie, a commoner, had a very legendary experience. She was the only female soldier in the barracks. She fell in love with the prince at first sight. Later, she fought against one of the richest royal families in Europe alone. thing? How did she, known as the “strongest commoner princess”, stand up and attack?

The prince and the female soldier fall in love
In 1985, Tessie Anthony was born in a poor family. His father was a roofer and his mother was a housewife. There are 5 children in the family, and Tessie is the youngest daughter. She grew up on a farm, has a cheerful and lively nature, feeds chickens and cats, takes care of herds, and spends a hard childhood.

Tessie once studied in a technical middle school, but was unable to continue his studies because of his poor family. When she was 18, her father sent her to the army. Originally, this was a helpless move for life, but no one expected that this experience as a soldier would become a turning point in Taixi’s destiny.

The environment in the army is very difficult, but Tessie never complains, and his performance in the team is no worse than that of male soldiers. She worked hard to practice shooting, drill in the mud, and received training from combat troops, and soon obtained the rank of corporal. At the same time, she also learned to drive large trucks and armored vehicles in the barracks.

Before long, Taisi volunteered to join the peacekeeping force, stationed in Kosovo, responsible for escorting peacekeeping supplies. That is a place where you need to welcome real guns and live ammunition. Tessie is the only woman in the Luxembourg army who has joined the peacekeeping force. For her outstanding work performance, she received the Medal of Honor from the United Nations.

However, as the only woman with good looks, Tessie is too conspicuous. At that time, an officer became interested and tried to occupy her through authority and violence: “Tessie, you should surrender to men and surrender to me.” When Tessie heard this, he became very angry: “No, I won’t let anyone succeed. “As soon as the voice fell, she fisted over, broke the officer’s nose, and escaped. Tessie had learned how to protect herself a long time ago.

After returning from Kosovo, Tessie was assigned to the Army Infirmary. Unexpectedly, right here, Tessie met the 18-year-old Prince Louis by mistake. Prince Louis is the third son of Grand Duke Henry of Luxembourg and Grand Duchess Theresa. At that time, he had come to visit the army. Unexpectedly, there was a sudden eye problem, so I went to see a doctor in the infirmary.

At that time, it was Tessie who helped Louis do the eye examination. They met in the infirmary and fell in love at first sight. Although their identities are very different, the young couple fell in love desperately and soon had children.

In 2005, the 20-year-old Tessie gave birth to his first son, Gabriel, for the 19-year-old Louis. They became the youngest parents in the modern royal family, and it was not until then that Louis let his family know about the existence of Tessie. Because Louis knew well that in the conservative Luxembourg royal family, he might not be allowed to marry Tessie, but depending on the children’s affection, he hoped that his parents would give more consideration and approve their marriage. However, they did not expect that the prince and the civilian female soldier had a first pregnancy after being unmarried in Europe, which angered the conservative members of the royal family. On the other hand, because of this incident, Tessie and her family have also been under unprecedented pressure, and they have been insulted and cast contemptuously.

Tessie realized that maybe she really couldn’t marry Louis. But Louis refused to give up and encouraged her to cheer up: “Tessie, no matter what, I will marry you.” In order to marry Tessie, Louis made a major decision: negotiate with his parents and give up his right to inherit the throne and his descendants. Seeing his persistence, his parents had no choice but to agree with his decision and choose to bless.

Tessie and Louis finally got married as they wished and held a warm wedding in the country church. After marriage, the two are more affectionate. Tessie didn’t care about not having the title of princess, and lived happily, and gave birth to his second son, Noah, on the first anniversary of their marriage.

In just three years, Tessie added two grandchildren to the Luxembourg royal family, and Louis’s parents were very happy. Therefore, on the Luxembourg National Day in 2009, it was announced that Tessie was crowned princess, her two sons also officially became princes, and Louis’s inheritance rights were restored.

“My dear, I am so happy!” Tessie was very happy, hugging Louis and said, “I feel that my marriage and family are complete.” Louis was also very happy, smiling and asked her: “So, what do you want to do next What?” “Study, I want to learn.” Tessie answered without hesitation. When she was a child, she dropped out of school due to poverty at home, always trying to make up for this regret.

Louis promised her, and the two embarked on the road to school together. After studying aviation in the United States, they went to London to study international relations and diplomacy until they got a master’s degree. In addition, they often take their sons to participate in royal activities, and the family enjoys themselves well.

Just when everyone thought that Louis and Tessie would be with each other for life and make a love story between the prince and Cinderella, their marriage reached the tenth year, but their love came to an end.

Ten years of marriage
For a long time, although Louis has studied with Tessie, after completing his studies, Tessie graduated with a master’s degree in thesis and actively devoted herself to work, often participating in charitable organizations and non-governmental organizations, and serving people with special needs. At the same time, she is also a global advocate for young women and girls of the United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS, a newly appointed sponsor of the United Nations Association, works for the Royal Institute of International Affairs in the UK, and also speaks for women and encourages women to defend themselves.

And Louis was spoiled since childhood, didn’t want to work at all, doing nothing and making fun all day long. As time passed, the two people shared less and less common language, and their love weakened in the distance. Just after they finished their 10th wedding anniversary interview, Tessie could no longer bear to show affection and harmony in front of outsiders, so he proposed to Louise the intention of divorce: “We should divorce. There is no love and no love between us. Common ambition.” When Louis heard this, he was furious: “Are you asking a prince for divorce? Don’t forget, I brought you the title of the princess.”

“You are simply unreasonable. I don’t care about the title of the princess.” Taixi slammed the door and left.

Since January 2017, Tessie and Louis have been separated from each other. She tried to discuss the divorce with Louis peacefully, but Louis was ashamed of this. He couldn’t accept the ending of being abandoned by a commoner princess, drinking and having fun all day long, and refused to meet with Tessie for various reasons. In desperation, the courageous Tessie applied to the court for divorce on the grounds of Louis’ “behavior is unreasonable” and demanded Louis to pay 1.5 million pounds alimony and to buy a new house for her and her two sons.

The Luxembourg royal family believes that in order to avoid damage to the royal family’s reputation, they must never agree to Tessie’s request, otherwise it is equivalent to admitting that Prince Louis’s behavior is problematic. Tessie was not convinced, so he had to go to court with Louis. Louis called Tessie: “Do you have to do this? You will lose miserably!”

Indeed, the Luxembourg royal family is one of the richest royal families in Europe, with more than 4 billion pounds in assets. Louis directly hired a team of elite lawyers to defend himself, while Tessie defended himself, alone against the richest royal family in Europe. Tessie believed that she just wanted to get a proper divorce, and she would surely get her wish. This divorce case caused a sensation in Europe, and Tessie was once called “the strongest commoner princess” and dared to single-handedly fight the royal family.

However, Tessie underestimated the power of the Luxembourg royal family. The royal family cooperated with the media to discredit Tessie as a “gold-worship girl”. When she was young, she relied on Prince Louis and her children to take the position. There was even a magazine teasing her that she “is always the daughter of a roofer”. When Tessie saw all these remarks, he was very angry and tried to reprimand him, but he was weak and useless.

This divorce lawsuit lasted for more than a year and did not end until 2019. As a result, Tessie was disappointed. The court ruled that Louis paid only £4,000 a year to support two children, and issued a “permit to live in an old London residence” to Tessie and the children until the youngest child completed his studies. After ten years of marriage, Lao Yan separated. She did not get a new house, and the alimony she received was less than one-tenth of what she had imagined. Taixi took the verdict and sat at the door of the court for a long time. Louis came up silently and said to her indifferently: “I said long ago that you would lose miserably.” Tessio stood up: “I will never regret this decision! Leaving the royal family, my children and I will also You can live a good life.”

Although Tessie was struggling with her lips, she was extremely lost at that moment. She married into the royal family from a time when she had nothing, and now she has nothing to do when she leaves the house. The fiery love in the past was like a beautiful firework. After waking up from the dream, one has to move on.

News about Tessie’s divorce came all over the world, and the media kept sarcasm about Tessie, saying that she would do nothing after she left the royal family. When Tessie appeared in front of people, she could feel the strange look of others and the pointing of her. Tessie felt distressed, and slowly, she became afraid to go out and hid at home all day. Fortunately, the two sons are very sensible. They comforted Taixi and understood her practice of “leave without love”. The sons also said: “Mom, you don’t have nothing, you still have us. The knowledge you have learned will not betray you.”

With a word awakened the dreamer, Tessie cried with joy while hugging her two sons. Although she has cut many of her jobs and activities because of the fallout with the royal family, she still has a job with an annual salary of about 650,000 yuan. With this job, she can support her two children. She has to work harder to give her children a better life.

After Taixi figured it out, he adjusted his mentality, continued to work, and continued to carry out charitable causes to speak for women.

At this moment, a man approached her quietly.

Like-minded lover
That man is Frank, the banker. He has a master’s degree in electrical engineering from the Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, and he has taken the Master of Entrepreneurship program at MIT. He is the president and chief operating officer of the financial company CBA, working between Zurich and London. His two companies have been in business for 16 years, and they have grown from 3 employees to 600 people. They are typical “high, rich and handsome”.

Tessie has had intersections with Frank in some workplaces. One day, the two met again at an event. Frank couldn’t help but look at Tessie twice: “Tessie, you have lost a circle. It seems that the matter with Prince Louis has added a lot of trouble to you. I thought you would no longer appear in public. “Unexpectedly, Tessie smiled indifferently: “I am not someone who can be easily knocked down. I love life and I am willing to start again.” Frank couldn’t help giving Tess a thumbs up, admiring her, and voluntarily asked her to play tennis.

Frank exercises all the year round and keeps his figure very well. The two have deepened their understanding of each other while playing tennis. Tessie was once a princess, worked hard, and accumulated a lot of high-end network resources, and she found that Frank is very good at managing organizations, so she concluded that the two can work together afterwards. Frank sweated and smiled as bright as the sun: “Of course, I hope we can cooperate seamlessly.”

After a while, after all of Tessie’s work was on track, she began to co-found the non-governmental organization “Professor Without Borders”, invited Frank to serve as a committee member of the organization, and attended the event as one of the four speakers to talk about passing the enterprise Training adds points to the future of young people. Since then, the two have worked together frequently.

In October 2019, Tessie and Frank launched a fundraiser for NGOs and partnered to participate in a 300-kilometer cycling race. Before the trip, Frank was worried that Tessie’s body would be overwhelmed, so he bought her the best equipment and prepared various medicines. Tessie felt warm and moved, but couldn’t help laughing: “I used to be a female soldier. How could I not suffer from this bitterness?” “Be prepared.” Frank shrugged and laughed.

During the ride, an unexpected scene happened. Halfway through the journey, Tessie accidentally fell off the car. Because of the excellent equipment, Tessie was fine, only sprained her foot. But Frank confessed to her anxiously: “Tessie, you are so careless, let me take care of you from now on! Look, can you?” Tessie was stunned, and his tongue was gaping. Frank took the opportunity to say: “Tessie, I admire your decisiveness and bravery. We know each other and are like-minded. I think we might as well give each other a chance.”

Tessie couldn’t help but smile. In the close cooperation, the two have long been in love with each other. On this ride, Tessie not only received fundraising, but also gained a brand new love. She happily told her friends: “After every relationship is over, it takes a while for a broken heart to heal. For me, it’s really wonderful to realize that I can trust and love again. It’s great to see Life goes on.”

At the beginning of 2020, the new crown pneumonia epidemic broke out and swept the world. Frank worried about the separation from Tessie, and immediately took her and her two sons to Switzerland to live in. At the beginning, Tessie was a little worried: “The children still have to go to school in London.” Frank insisted that there was a serious epidemic and the children only needed to take online lessons. Since it is an online class, it doesn’t matter where you take it. But Tessie frowned again and said that Frank and the children are not yet familiar with each other, and it might be counterproductive to live together rashly.

At this time, Frank looked at Tessie sincerely: “Give me a chance to be their father?” Tessie was completely moved and followed Frank to Switzerland without hesitation.

During that period of isolation, Tessie lived extremely happily. During the day, the children have online lessons, and Tessie and Frank read books, play chess, or study cooking together. After the children were over, Frank took them to play games and talked with them about current affairs. They seem to be a warm family.

Occasionally, Frank would take Tessie’s hand and lead the two children for a walk in the nearby grove. As the days slowed down, Tessie felt that living in Switzerland was like living in a paradise, better than before when she was a princess.

Two months later, Frank took Tessie and them to another place. Tessie thought it was a fun place, but Frank said seriously that he was going to take them to see his parents. Tessie’s eyes widened in surprise, and Frank smiled happily: “I see you as family members, and my parents are my family members. Family members should always meet each other.” Tessie happily nestled in Frank’s arms. in.

What makes Tessie more satisfying is that Frank’s parents are dignified, elegant and approachable, and they are very satisfied with Tessie. As long as she and Frank love each other, they will sincerely wish them a long love and praise Tessie for taking good care of their two children.

On December 31, 2020, on the New Year’s Eve, Tessie Anthony announced his engagement with Frank on the social platform, which attracted the blessings of many netizens. She sent photos of her fiance cuddling intimately, and wrote down her expectations for the future below, preparing to welcome the new year and a new beginning at the famous ski resort hotel in the Swiss Alps.