01TikTok new radio

On TikTok, something different is happening. There, records like the old rock band FleetwoodMac and videos that record samples of rap songs from decades ago are likely to hit the charts. This scene is the same as listening to songs on Top40 radio. Over the past decade, a large number of familiar songs have become popular again with the rise of TikTok. In this era of fiercely competitive streaming media services, you can enjoy several hours of digital media services with just a single click. The randomness and openness of the fun makes a large number of songs and videos on TikTok continue to spread. TikTok makes it easy for users to make their videos visible through index tags, song selection and user names, so that when the content uploaded by users is republished on other online platforms, accurate materials will not be lost source. For savvy users, it is necessary to use these tools to increase the visibility of content. Obviously, TikTok uses popular music not only to catch or follow the trend, but also to motivate users.

02 How viruses shape our current world

Humans cannot continue without the virus. If there were no viruses, we would not have been born out of the ancient silt. Two pieces of human DNA originated from viruses and now exist in the genomes of humans and other primates. Surprisingly, without these two pieces of DNA, pregnancy would not have occurred. Even more shocking is that in the genes of terrestrial animals, there is a virus DNA that can help the brain pack and store memories. And this virus exists in tiny protein bubbles. In addition, other genes co-opted from the virus help embryos grow, regulate the immune system, and fight cancer. These important roles have not been discovered until now. Facts have proved that viruses play a vital role in triggering important evolutionary changes. If all viruses are eliminated, the huge biodiversity on the planet will collapse like a wooden house with every nail pulled out.

03 Can Peloton keep rising after the epidemic?

Perhaps no one is more comfortable now than Peloton and its investors. Peloton is an American interactive fitness platform company. During the COVID-19 pandemic that began last year and the resulting blockade, connected bicycle manufacturers quickly became the biggest winner of the pandemic. Those who can’t go to the gym can meet their fitness needs through Peloton’s home equipment and APP. As a result, the company’s stock price rose sharply. Since its listing in September 2019, Peloton’s share price has increased six times to US$147.17 per share. But Peloton will face the most severe challenge. As more and more people are vaccinated against the new crown, more gyms are gradually opening up. The tide of home fitness is facing “cooling down.” At the same time, following the pace of Peloton, many companies from Apple to Akcome and its subsidiary Nordic are making their way into the fitness market. For Peloton, this is a critical moment to prove that he is more than just a fashion at home.

04 The last bastion of idealism in the Internet world

Although Wikipedia has become the seventh most visited website in the world by 2020, it still seems to be different. It is the only non-profit platform among the top ten most visited websites in the world, and there is no advertising, no data collection, and no billionaire CEO. Thousands of volunteers maintain and create pages without any payment, correct each other and maintain the impressive truth. As early as 2005, “Nature” magazine confirmed that the accuracy of Wikipedia was “close” to the online version of Encyclopedia Britannica. This upset the editors of Encyclopedia Britannica at the time. At the time, the young Wikipedia had 4 errors per scientific entry, while the Britannica had 3 errors. Its famous founder, Jimmy Wales, gave Wikipedia an ideal: to be a place where everyone on the earth can get all the knowledge of mankind for free. Although the current Wikipedia may not achieve this ideal, it is not far from the goal. In February 2020, Wired magazine called Wikipedia “the only best place left on the Internet.”

05T cells are more resistant to variant viruses than antibodies

T cells cannot prevent infection. They only begin to function after the virus invades the body. But they are important for clearing virus infections that have already occurred. Annika Karlsson, an immunologist at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, said that as far as the new coronavirus is concerned, the degree of T cell function may mean the difference between a mild illness and a severe illness that requires hospitalization. She said: “If T cells can kill virus-infected cells before the virus infects the upper respiratory tract, it will have an important impact on the disease.” T cells are more resistant to invading mutant viruses than antibodies. Immunologist Alessandro Sette of the La Jolla Institute of Immunology in California and his colleagues found through research that people infected with the new coronavirus usually produce T cells that target 15 to 20 different protein fragments of the new coronavirus. However, the target protein fragment varies from person to person. This means that a cell population will produce a large number of various T cells to capture the virus. According to Sette, this makes it difficult for the virus to escape cell recognition through mutation.

06Global joint production of new crown vaccine

The integration and progress of biomedicine, computer science, engineering science and other disciplines have brought antigen and vaccine research and development into a new era. The combination of high-performance supercomputers and machine learning with structural modeling may greatly accelerate the identification of common antigens. The animal isolation gene bank of the new coronavirus can be used to simulate the evolution of the virus. The current discovery of how the immune system functions in elderly patients can improve the effectiveness of vaccines on the weakest patients. In general, studies have shown that the global joint production of vaccines is scientifically feasible. This must be a global cooperation. There is an urgent need to draw up a core roadmap, establish a funding framework, and share information, data, and resources. In the early days, it is very necessary to establish a global surveillance system for animal infection of the new coronavirus. In addition, a global effort is needed to identify broadly neutralizing antibodies specific to the new coronavirus.

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