Beethoven and Mozart suspected of racism?

Does Mozart and Beethoven’s classical music have “white supremacy”? According to a report by the New York Post on March 30, influenced by the “Black People’s Fate” movement, professors at the Oxford University School of Music suggested to stop music scores and “drive out” famous musicians such as Mozart and Beethoven. classical music.

According to the report, these professors believe that only in this way can the diversity of music courses be improved. They believe that the works of Mozart and Beethoven “are too concerned about the European white music in the slave period”, and teaching these works in class is “reviewing colonial history”, which is “a shame” to some students. In addition, the college advises students not to learn music skills such as memorizing scores and playing keyboard instruments, because these skills are at the “core of white European music” and will cause “serious frustrations for students of other races” and “mostly teach music skills” All of the teachers are white.”

This remark was immediately ridiculed by netizens. Some netizens commented: “It’s ridiculous. This time Beethoven, Mozart and music scores are banned. Next time, should I also ban the alphabet?” Others commented: “How miserable it is to listen to Mozart. Is music with Beethoven racially discriminated against?” More netizens criticized: “Oxford University has always pursued rigorous scholarship and academic excellence. As one of the top universities, it should not peddle such things as’classical music suspected of racism and’ lack of music scores. Inclusive nonsense.”

Although some teachers teach “non-European” music such as hip-hop and jazz, the professors still question the curriculum structure as “supporting whiteism” because “almost all white teachers are teaching white music.” Therefore, the professors suggested that more attention should be paid to various forms of music such as African music and popular music to eliminate colonial elements on campus.

At present, the controversy over this curriculum reform at Oxford University continues. Some people think that it is unfair to be boycotted because these works were created by white musicians, but some people think that if we continue to study European classical music works, the racial debate on European musicians will continue.

The new crown epidemic has greatly changed the reading habits of French people. The National Library of France released a 2020 “French and Reading” research report on March 30. The report pointed out that contrary to popular expectations, the French reading volume during the epidemic has not increased, but the number of readers has decreased by 6% compared with the previous year.

French News Radio reported that, according to 1,000 interviewees over 15 years old, the decrease in daily reading places was the main reason for the decline in reading. Due to strict epidemic prevention and control measures, French people have fewer opportunities to take transportation, and public places such as libraries and bookstores have also been forced to close, and everyone has a lot of places to read books.

Some interviewees also said that due to the increased time spent working remotely or attending classes at home, the time spent on reading for work and study has been lengthened, and then reading leisurely makes them feel “powerless”. In addition, the increase in time spent watching dramas, the high prices of paper books in physical stores, and the psychological problems caused by the epidemic have also indirectly affected the reading habits of French people.

It is worth noting that even though the number of readers has decreased compared with previous years, 80% of respondents have read at least one book last year, and they believe that reading is still an extremely important part of their lives.